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Solstice Full Moon June 05

by Crystal Pomeroy

Summer solstice is one of the two main energy portals of the year in the Northern Hemisphere; at one time it may have been the primary one. It is the only season when the Earth and Sun combine in bounty, reflecting the Mother-Father’s generosity, while the Moon reasserts her dominion as chief luminary and the nights once again begin to lengthen.

The magic of this crossroads brightens hearts and sweetens the air like the honeysuckles now giving up their ripe essence to June bees. In pre-Christian times the June Full Moon was known as the Honey Moon, from which the contemporary reference to nuptial passion was derived. Her reign was considered a blessed time to wed.

The current configuration now intensifies even further the solstice interplay of masculine and feminine, as the Sun is in the Moon’s sign, opposite the Moon in the sign of the Father. The themes of joy and fertility are strong, yet so is the theme of work.

In her book, The Craft, Wikkan Priestess Dorothy Morrison points out that solstice does not only presage the coming harvest, but also sheds light on the work we have yet to do to insure that harvest’s success. And Annette Hirshaw, in Earth Time Moon Time, calls this the Mother Moon, emphasizing the connection between work and self-esteem brought forth under her light. In the Daily Success Guide, Maya Del Mar points to the transcendent energies connected to this lunation. The work we plan or carry out now goes beyond the drudge of trivial tasks.


You can align with the theme of Sunlight-Moonlight by using yellow and silver colored candles, clothing or other ritual décor, as well as deep blue or black to welcome the mystery of lengthening nights. The wee folk are especially receptive now. Access them by calling on the positive fairies.

The veil between dimensions begins to thin with the Moon’s resurgence at Solstice, and will reach maximum subtlety by Sanhain. Along with invoking good fairies, pagan tradition now calls for the banishing of less kind little folk by the burning of fresh herbs, which you can use instead of incense for your solstice ceremony. Call upon all the nurturing forces of the terrestrial and stellar environment to strengthen the joy and confidence necessary to complete our work, leading to the harvest of our goals.

Meditation for the Solstice Full Moon

1) Review the most visionary inner and outer goals you had set at or around the year’s beginning, and ask yourself: Are there initiatives you have left pending because of lack of self-esteem? List actions which come to mind, that you may be postponing or stalling for that reason. Examples might include:

  • phone calls or other communications with key contacts,
  • bureaucratic requirements
  • creative work or research
  • visualization or any other action necessary to assert responsibility for your goals

2) Repeat the following words several times, or any compatible ones that surface in your mind as you read them:

The full light of Midsummer Moon and Sun clarifies the bounteous assistance now flowing to me from the visible and invisible dimensions. I give myself the time, love and permission to receive this assistance and this bounty now. My initiatives in support of inner and outer work now affirm my conviction in my right to manifest the full fruits of all intentions and efforts.

3) Continue to enjoy this portal’s power, repeating the above words several times daily, giving yourself whatever kind of moral and physical support you need to do your work, and heeding the signs from the little ones and herb spirits.

Merry Solstice and Happy New Lunar Year!

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