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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 1–30, 2018

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2018

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, June 2018

Friday, June 1

We can close the week with force and sweetness, as the pioneering numerology of 1 snaps us out of the pre-weekend lag, helping push through on key projects, promotions and connections.

Moon in Capricorn can make the most of this impulse: we can assume leadership over ourselves and our arena, move on a career goal, apply for credit, and—in the light of two wonderful harmonies—promote, promote, promote.

Even more energizing is a trine from communicative Mercury to active Mars; we can defy doubts or insecurities and speak with confidence. Softening the pushy side of these energies is a trine from Venus, planet of love and prosperity, to noble and generous Jupiter. The harmony between the so-called lesser and greater benefics pours a charm potion into our connections, to favor anything requiring people skills, harmony and diplomacy. Besides business, it favors altruistic initiatives, meeting new people, romance and even starting a relationship.

Around 9:57 am (12:57 pm ET), take a breather to recover your center and apply a gentle touch, as an opposition from Moon in firm Capricorn to Venus in soft Cancer may lead to imaginary insults. Aside from this potentially tense moment, today is even more worth using in the light of Monday’s all-day VOC. The next great public work day will be next Tuesday.

At 8:37 pm (11:37 ET), Moon goes VOC on a conjunction to Pluto. Put your microphone away and switch to low-profile mode. Relax at home, enjoy a good book, inner work, or a walk in the garden. Avoid iffy places and low-vibration company.

I help no one by denying my potential or hiding my light. I radiate the life and success that I am, now and always.

Saturday, June 2

With Venus in trine to Neptune, inspiration surges. Write down last night’s dreams, have brunch on the beach, make a vision board for romance, work on art, help somebody, contact the angels. Enjoy your private and mystical world, but avoid any potentially tense interchanges and leave key dealings for another day, as a quincunx from Mercury to Saturn can get picky.

We can resurface at 3:06 pm (6:06 ET), when Moon enters Aquarius. Her aspects, though, are best for working on ourselves or a creative project, reading the fine print to review an agreement, exploring options or otherwise focusing on the future.

Arcangel Jofiel, please send me a divine dream and help me remember and interpret it on waking.

Sunday, June 3

Moon in Aquarius trines expressive Sun and loquacious Mercury. Fun, communication, and contacts of almost any kind go great. It’s the time to connect with friends who put wind in our sails. We can try something different, fight for a cause, social group, go to the Exploratorium, an art exhibit or another cultural activity, promote a website, and find new ways of reaching out to others.

We should use these great vibes to move on something meaningful, since at 10:10 pm (12:10am ET), Moon goes VOC, and won’t enter a new sign until Tuesday.

Infinite Intelligence expresses Itself in new ways through me, and I enjoy it now.

Monday, June 4

The constructive numerology of 4 may be moving us to build for something, yet Moon will be in VOC Aquarius all day. If possible, take the day off. Do something altruistic, glut on a good read, journal and do inner work.

Save key initiatives and communications for tomorrow.

The substance of my life is divine, it is a loving, active substance that works for me and through me, now and always.

Tuesday, June 5

The numerology of 5 imbues the Moon in subtle Pisces with a burst of courage, creating a great combination to break through creative blocks and perfectionism and get our ideas or artwork out. Contacts from Jupiter and Sun to Jupiter, planet of angels, favor connections with light beings and also with humans.

Sun joins Mercury—we want to reach out, yet an opposition from social Venus to power-boss Pluto, suggests a potential for power struggles and obsessive attitudes. Work on forgiveness, go to therapy, journal about and transmute your beliefs in relation to love and money and stay mindful to avoid potentially dark occurrences in those areas. We should keep our hormones zipped, and besides inner work, focus on promotion, media production and creativity.

My joy and prosperity are not finite; they come from Spirit and flow without limits now.

Wednesday, June 6

Moon is in mystical Pisces, and Mercury the messenger squares ruler Neptune, heightening intuition and creativity. Confusion may arise, so morning doesn’t favor negotiation or activities requiring objectivity. However, with the help of a trine from Moon to expansive Jupiter, media productions and promotions can go well. Tackle them before 11:32 am (2:32 pm ET), when Moon reaches her Fourth Quarter and the energy becomes less propitious for outer progress and more about winding down.

Take some time to meditate, work on forgiveness and release, go for a swim, declutter, write to the angels or just write.

I give thanks for the merciful love flows to me and others, freeing us and forgiving us now.

Thursday, June 7

Through midday, Moon is VOC in Pisces, where it still performs. We can get caught up on our rest, meditate, analyze last night’s dreams, pray for others, consult an oracle or call on a psychic, declutter, and contact spirit guides… and, make a list of what we want to release or dissolve in preparation for next week’s New Moon.

At 2:26 pm (5:26 pm ET), Moon enters energetic Aries. Here she joins Chiron the healer, helping us feel our wounds around simply existing, and expressing ourselves. This is a good time to attend therapy, revive boldness, visualize success, finish a proposal or take a teenager to a sports activity. But we should avoid situations of physical risk and take special care when driving or using knives and mechanical equipment.

Angels of the morning, thank you for the new opportunity of this day.

Friday, June 8

Number 8 likes success, and today’s Aries Moon wants action. But her square to tough Saturn and a quincunx from Mercury the messenger to intense Pluto don’t bode well for harmony or charm. There is a certain focused intensity that we can channel in a morning jog, independent work and research, deep editing, creating a bold strategy or deciding on a limit we will set.

We should take care to avoid guilt trips and save negotiation, first dates and all but necessary dealings with others for another day.

I love myself, and I allow myself space to pursue my inspiration, here and now.

Saturday, June 9

With Moon in Aries in sextile to Mercury in air-sign Gemini, its ruler, this morning favors bold communications: close a deal you’ve been working on, create a press release, and contact siblings.

Do it before 3:37 pm (6:37 ET), when Moon goes VOC. Now, go for a walk or march around the house repeating thoughts of prosperity and success. Call someone just to comfort, cheer or listen to them.

At 9:04 pm (12:04 am ET), Moon enters Taurus, sign of sensuality. It’s time to enjoy music, share an opulent supper, make love.

Spiritual warrior forces, please direct me in bold, timely communications now.

Sunday, June 10

Moon is exalted in Taurus, sign of abundance. We can use the morning to recharge our batteries, or work in sync with Moon’s trine to Saturn by discarding worn-out visualization materials and considering those we’ll create at the New Moon portal of Wednesday, June 13.

At 10:21 am (1:21 pm ET), Moon squares Mars—watch for unnecessary belligerence. An outer irritation can create awareness of our need to set limits in a more timely fashion. On the other hand, a loved one’s call for help may require our active intervention.

This afternoon is lovely for enjoying music, singing, doing inner and magical work to improve self-esteem, enjoying food, nature, companionship, or reorganizing our stock portfolio or retirement plans.

I seek my own respect, so I come from a place of truth, now and always.

Monday, June 11

Days with the numerology of 11 are used by angels, who access humanity’s love energy to lift the planetary vibration.

This morning, direct that energy to yourself, as Pluto the transformer takes a trine from Moon in Taurus, sign of self-esteem and abundance, and gets a nudge from Sun in expressive Gemini. We can take a look at our deep emotions and the persona we’ve been developing, and release what disempowers us. We may do this on our own, with a journal, and perhaps guidance received from last night’s dreams, or with a therapist or a 12-step group.

Follow up by taking a bold step to close a cycle or a door, preferably tonight when Moon sextiles Venus in Cancer, holding kindness and facilitating harmony in business and personal interactions.

I love myself, so I look at whatever creates pain or discomfort, and work to heal it now.

Tuesday, June 12

On the doorstep of tomorrow’s New Moon, we have a tense morning whose transits aren’t so good for interaction but can help us declutter with an eye on making room for new good.

At 1:00 pm (4:00 ET), Mercury enters Cancer, activating the critical Aries point, and giving special power to our communications, mantras and affirmations. At that very moment, Moon—ruled by Mercury—trines assertive Mars. Avoid wasting time in trivial communications. Make a call that requires nerve, start a promotion, plan a trip or write down a bold plan of action in relation to the intentions you will seed tomorrow.

I call on the angels of action to move me to step in the direction of my dreams in whatever way I can, now.

Wednesday, June 13

Intuition runs electric this morning, as Mercury and Uranus—planets of lower and higher mind—make a fortuitous sextile. On the doorstep of today’s New Moon in Gemini at 12:43 pm (3:43 pm ET), this aspect can help us see the way to the change we seek. It also optimizes acuity, improves our writing, and can help open doors that we knock on to promote an idea, cause, or project. Share your enthusiasm, but also, mindfully apply diplomacy.

We should write down our intentions and take action before 12:43 pm (3:43 ET), when the New Moon is precise, but also when it goes VOC, not entering Cancer until after midnight. The next several days have tense aspects, so if there’s something to start or push forward, use the morning hours leading up to the lunation.

It’s a portal worth planning for, since it will be the last New Moon with Mercury fully direct from now until August, and also because it’s a Super-Moon, at maximum perigee (proximity to our planet) where its influence on earthlings is also at a high.

The Sabian symbol for 22-23 Gemini:

THREE FLEDGLINGS LOOK OUT PROUDLY FROM THEIR HIGH NEST. Conscious self-establishment in the soul and its 3-fold nature. Innate self-confidence. Superiority of real being.

The threefold nature is reminiscent of the triune Goddess tradition (latter assimilated in the Catholic trinity), while the proud fledglings speak to a kind of new birth, in this case from the soul. See additional tips for your sign and intention-magic at this lunation in our Monthly Astrological Influences.

I allow myself to live with spiritual awareness, with or without the approval or understanding of others.

Thursday, June 14

Moon in Cancer favors making a vision board to support New Moon intentions. (Find additional tips for effective visualization tools in our Monthly Astrological Influences.) The best time for this, and for communication with others, is this morning when Moon joins Mercury, planet of thought and communication.

At 11:09 am (2:09 pm ET), she opposes strict Saturn, followed by a tense aspect to warrior Mars. A bit later social Venus squares rebel Uranus. The rest of the day can present challenging situations with others.

The “other” might also be our inner self; if you’re feeling pressured or down, try looking at and transmuting your doubts and fears. We can also bless our space and money, develop a business strategy and work on art or home decoration. Save key contacts or negotiations you couldn’t tackle this morning for another day.

Divine love radiates in my home, finances and world, so only good can come to me now.

Friday, June 15

Dream interpretation, visualization, prayer… all things intuitive and healing flow this morning, thanks to the trine from Moon in sensitive Cancer to mystical Neptune in Pisces, sign of its rule.

Contacts with others, media production, and compassionate actions also go well, but only before 9:18 am (12:18 ET), when Moon opposes pushy Pluto, an aspect unfavorable for interaction but useful for breaking through our own inner resistance to decluttering.

These effects will subside by this afternoon, when Venus—lady of love and money—makes a trine to Chiron, the wounded healer. This aspect is nice for developing the healing power of love, reaching out to express affection, empathy or support, and journaling or therapy to heal feelings of unworthiness that tend to limit our ability to receive prosperity or happiness.

However, leave promotional or PR efforts for another day, as an opposition from Mercury to cold Saturn can lower the temperature of our interactions and reduce our charm quotient. The energy is perfect for organizing papers and a success strategy.

My heart beats with the energy of love, which flows through my entire body, filling my cells with pure good and renewing them now.

Saturday, June 16

This morning, Moon in romantic Leo joins Venus, planet of love. Take your honey to breakfast or give her or him flowers. If you wish to meet someone new, go on a first date or mingle.

The sweet-hot window doesn’t last long, as at 11:06 am (2:06 pm ET), Moon makes a tense aspect to prudish Saturn, followed by an opposition to belligerent Mars, who also takes a hit from Mercury the messenger. These influences are not conducive to harmony, but can embolden us to speak our mind, write a strong letter to Congress, set an overdue limit, get our act together to present a creative project, or break through insecurities that could delay progress on the intentions seeded at the recent New Moon. In general, it’s better for independent work or taking a long warm bath than it is for connecting with others.

I take time to work within, and outer conditions flow easily now.

Sunday, June 17

Father’s Day. Morning can be tense, as Moon in Leo makes quincunx aspects to slippery Neptune and mob-boss Pluto. Take a pause to ponder and avoid purely mechanical interaction, as these influences can also bring insight any issues we have around father, power and creativity. Journal, do a ritual to cut through them, participate in a mystical gathering or concert (music can take off some of the pressure).

Family gatherings and celebrations go better this afternoon. Moon in opulent Leo favors those done in style or with a dramatic, rich touch.

Angels of paternity, please bless the fathers of the world, help them in their mission and conduct them in a consciousness of love, here and now.

Monday, June 18

Moon in Virgo makes an early connection with Chiron—perfect for interpreting your dreams, participating in a 12-step group, scheduling a trip to the doctor or healer, having minor surgery or working on physical healing. The numerology of 9 gives special force to healing mantras and affirmations.

A midday trine from Moon to Saturn, planet of progress, favors initiatives to organize and ground intentions for work and wellness: creating a schedule that includes our own health needs, structuring and shopping for a new diet, contacting a powerful person, making a budget and planning for a financial goal, signing a contract, giving something the finishing touch. Try to avoid being too serious or hard on yourself or others and make a space for fun.

At 4:26 pm (7:26 ET), psychic Neptune goes retrograde in Pisces, sign of its rule; our intuition becomes less receptive to outward phenomena and more easily linked to our own inner world. This is a good afternoon to acquire a special notebook for keeping an intuition journal or dream diary, and then to devote the next five months of Neptune’s retrograde to that subtle journey.

This afternoon, a quincunx to antsy Mars brings out the picky side of Moon in Virgo, good for editing, cleaning up the yard or garage, pulling weeds; not so great for harmonious interactions.

The angels of abundance guide me to visualize, plan for and manifest wellness and prosperity, now and always.

Tuesday, June 19

This morning, take things slow and use a pre-dawn quincunx from Venus to Saturn. It helps us review our approach to work, beautify it, connect it with others, find ways to make it more lucrative and make sure we’re doing it with kindness to ourselves and others. Coupled with Moon in discriminating Moon, the aspect also favors taking a realistic look at our needs in relationship and finances, and making changes to build for permanence.

A mid-morning opposition from Moon to Neptune is good for healing, intuition, creativity and lending a compassionate hand, but in social or business connections, confusion could arise. Save key expenditures and agreements for this afternoon, when a trine from Mercury the messenger to fortunate Jupiter also favors sales, publication, media production, repeating prayers and mantras for prosperity, sharing words of motivation and encouragement and promoting a cause, services, or for that matter, promoting almost anything. In water signs, this trine makes connections flow.

With Moon in focused Virgo trine Pluto in ambitious Capricorn, we can ground something this afternoon.

Affirmation to bless your work:
I do my work in a spirit of love and blessings flow for me and all involved now.

Wednesday, June 20

Moon reaches her First Quarter before dawn, inviting us to review our progress on intentions seeded at last week’s New Moon.

At 29-30 Virgo, the lunation triggers the critical Aries point, bringing its importance into relief, as the Sabian symbol also seems to:

AN EMERGENCY CALL FREES HOUSEKEEPER FROM ROUTINE DUTY. Joy of enlisting in a task which broadens the life horizon. Willing rising to the occasion, or escape from narrow destiny.

On reaching First Quarter (3:51 am PT; 6:51 ET), Moon goes VOC, entering Libra at 5:29 am (8:29 ET). A series of tense aspects put a chill on the harmony usually ascribed to this placement. It’s a good interval to talk with a coach about life goals, focus on something intellectual, research a legal case or cause for social justice, break through resistance to clarifying that bank statement… somehow or another, boldly and independently apply our smarts to “broadening our life horizon”.

Leave spotless floors for next week, or your next life.

Prayers, inspiration and contacts come back online at 8:32 pm (11:32ET), when Moon sextiles ruler Venus in Leo, closely followed by a trine from Mercury in empathetic Cancer to mystical Neptune. Start a shared project, work on something creative, go on a first date , shop for quality clothing, make peace with an ex, wine and dine your cutey, strike a compromise or write to an angel.

Releasing the details, I act on my call to do something meaningful now.

Thursday, June 21

At 3:07 am (6:07 ET), Sun enters Cancer, signaling the longest day of the year and the beginning summer. It triggers the critical first degree of a cardinal sign, giving special power to intuition, feelings and what we begin today.

Starting with the fatal attraction of an opposition from flirty Venus to hot Mars, today’s contacts are high on creativity and magic, but low on relational intelligence.

Apply the full force of your intuition and skill to beautifying your work or space, invoking nature spirits, blessing the oceans, doing a Solstice Ritual on your own or with very harmonious company, or making a vision board for your dream partnership, garden, finances or intellectual project.

The Great Mother radiates her love through the oceans, and their waters are blessed with divine life now.

Friday, June 22

Moon in compelling Scorpio trines Sun in flowing Cancer, strengthening confidence in our intuition and pushing us to share nurturance in bold and powerful ways. Take the reins of self-healing, commit to a cause for ecology or to help the vulnerable, follow your bliss, converse with someone special, go deep with forgiveness, get surgery to remove tissue, or visit a positive psychic.

With Sun approaching a sextile to liberating Uranus, doors can open. Today’s Master Number 22 triggers the potential of our actions to touch the masses. The best action window is before 3:25 pm, when Moon opposes rebellious Uranus. With both in fixed signs, stubbornness can cause setbacks.

Keep a low profile and work on healing, until this evening when the airways are clear again.

I am determined to live my path of power, and goddess forces support me, here and now.

Saturday, June 23

This is a good morning to sleep in, take a hot bath or research something on the web. Until after her square to Venus at 9:34 am (12:34 pm ET), the aspects bring out the intense side of Moon in Scorpio, although even that contact could make for power struggles, so remember: breathe deeply and tread softly.

Moon’s contact with the love-planet is followed by a conjunction to noble Jupiter, making this afternoon the perfect time to kindle—or rekindle—a flame, have an intimate conversation, work on forgiveness, commit to demonstrating love for self and others, or leave a mark of kindness by supporting a cause.

Also favored this afternoon are healing and psychic readings.

I invoke the Spiritual Warrior Forces to share with me their breast-plate of love, here and now.

Sunday, June 24

If you have something purposeful to do, plan to rise early since Moon in Scorpio goes VOC at 7:00 am (10:00 ET), on a trine to Mercury.

The rest of the day favors enjoying music or your honey—in the raw—as well as gathering with harmonious others, or researching unofficial versions just for the fun of it. Or meditate, use mantras and affirmations for forgiveness, or pray.

Divine love pours through my life, touching all others through me, and touching me through all people and situations, now and always.

Monday, June 25

Moon in adventurous Sag connects with Sun in sensitive Cancer, awakening our instinct to expand. We can use it to direct the mental acuity of today’s numerology of 7 to think of new ways to use the tail end of Mars direct, and also the waxing Moon cycle (she becomes full on Wednesday).

Venus in hot Leo squares Jupiter in lustful Scorpio, adding to the mix a touch of charm, passion, and altruism. Steer clear of an unnecessary argument and watch for excesses in money or love.

However, do seize this highly creative moment to beautify a work or proposal, visualize effective connection with others, and—with the help of an afternoon sextile from Moon to Mars—act on this vision.

The power of success is with me. I feel it, I see it, and I move with it now.

Tuesday, June 26

An early square from Moon in Sagittarius, sign of teachers, to mystical Neptune in angelic Pisces, makes this morning apt for contacting light beings and reaffirming our vision for success—the numerological domain of today’s number 8.

But don’t stay stuck to your bed, couch or safu; get outward actions started before 2:04 pm (5:04 ET), when Mars, planet of action, dips into his retrograde phase, where he’ll be throughout the summer. During this phase, we can direct our assertive energy in a more inward manner: through self-dominion, getting on track with our exercise goals, coaching ourselves, and—with the red planet in Aquarius—taking a role of leadership in relation to our life mission.

I release the impulse to push circumstances or people, and direct myself in high vision and action, here and now.

Wednesday, June 27

Early this morning, spontaneous Sun in Cancer opposes border-guard Saturn in Capricorn. We may feel that our natural joy and self-expression is somehow dampened. Avoid potentially discouraging interchanges and self-talk. The value of this transit is the chance to clarify our relationship to authority. The boss-planet is retrograde, so the authority we seek is really our own. In a patriarchal society, we’ve been raised to project it onto specialists, or those in positions of power. Questions like these can help us clarify our issues around power and authority:

  • How can I release outer authority figures?
  • What has experience taught me about my own strength?
  • What aspect of my life purpose have I been putting on hold because I doubt my ability or perception?

Sun in Cancer is about our nurturing mother-self, while this Full Moon in Capricorn (exact at 9:53 pm PT today, and 12:53 am tomorrow ET) helps us retrieve the father side, taking up the reins of our direction.

The Sabian symbol for 6-7 degrees of Capricorn, the sign of climbing, is:

A HEAVILY VEILED HEIROPHANT LEADS A RITUAL OF POWER. Gathering together the power of a group to one purpose and to an individual will. ‘Avatar’-ship. Responsibility.

This is time to gather “the group” of our inner thoughts, abilities and resources and direct them towards our purpose. We’re used to thinking of responsibility as a drudge. Ruled by both Saturn and Capricorn, the word has its root in “response” and “ability”, or ability to respond to life’s situations. What abilities lay waiting for you to apply them to your life’s purpose?

A trine from Moon to Uranus helps relieve some of the pressure, and like souls can support our intent. Make a date with a coach, knock on a key door, or start a Master Mind group with movers and shakers who can support one another on your paths. Such initiatives are particularly promising from 12:41 pm (3:41 ET), when the trine is exact, and for the next few hours.

Not only can people help us, the Angels of Summer support us with vibrations of fertility and magic. Called the Strawberry, Honey or Mead Moon, Wiccan author Dorothy Morrison says about it:

The world is fluxing and flexing with change now, and all of Nature seems willing to comply… We find it easier to reinvent our lives, to become the people we were born to be… the metamorphical energy of the Mead Moon provides a perfect time for efforts involving personal transformation, a positive change of life circumstances… efforts that involve prosperity, inspiration and creativity also come to fruition now.

Speaking of magic, loving Venus makes a quincunx to compassionate Neptune shortly before Luna becomes exact at 9:53 pm (12:53 ET am), favoring contacts with light beings. It also reminds us of the Great Mother’s concern for all that needs nurturing—like kids that are in areas of conflict or situations of abuse, and the thousands of immigrant children who under Trump’s policies are being separated from their parents and put in camps. We can include them in our Full Moon intentions.

The Divine Mother sends angels to support us, and I visualize them with and near me, with and near children around the world now.

Thursday, June 28

Today’s numerology of 1 fuses with the Capricorn Full Moon portal (exact at 9:53 pm PT yesterday, and 12:53 am today ET), giving force to the steps we take on a new path. With Moon in Capricorn, we can strategize for and act on our long-term goals. Her sextiles to Jupiter and Neptune favor promotion and media production and help us garner support for our project or cause.

Tonight, she connects with flirtatious Venus in Leo, sign of the games, favoring romance or a pause for fun.

I release past experiences, and persist in faith on my new path now.

Friday, June 29

In the wee hours, Moon goes VOC for the rest of the day on a conjunction to powerful Pluto. Save key initiatives and purchases for tomorrow afternoon, and give yourself a break to enjoy nature, comedy, a soak in the hot tub, or getting your bedroom or papers in order.

Today’s numerology of 11 helps angels use our love emanations to heal the planet, so devote part of your down time to practice metta or meditate on forgiveness or compassion.

The love of the Goddess flows to me and through me to all Her children everywhere now.

Saturday, June 30

With Moon in Aquarius, the rebel surges, and a square from Mercury the messenger to Moon’s ruler, Uranus, doesn’t exactly smooth our feathers. We might visit an unusual exhibit, research or join an appealing cause, explore options, and read the fine print. Favored: searching for a new way to share our ideas or studies. Save situations requiring diplomacy for another day.

At 1:10 pm (4:10ET), a trine from Mercury to Chiron improves the results of journaling, creative work, therapy and healing and makes for the most harmonious window of the day. Yet with Chiron involved, we’ll want to tread softly and avoid situations that may in any way lead to wounding.

Afternoon contacts (evening, ET) from both Moon and Sun to Mars embolden the heroic side of Moon in Aquarius. We might write an impassioned letter to Congress or direct our fire to help a loved one or cause. Or, go for a brisk walk or vigorous swim.

Archangel Michael, please strengthen my will, increase my vigor and move me in meaningful, helpful actions now.

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