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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, October 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on October 1, 2017

Free Daily Astrology, October 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, October 2017

Sunday, October 1

Need a boost? You got it! Assertive Mars in diligent Virgo trines powerful Pluto in Capricorn, sign of progress. Coupled with the confident numerology of today’s number, 1, this transit helps us move through blocks.

For best results, look at the area of your chart where Pluto is transiting at 16 Capricorn and focus your initiative on something you’ve been striving to empower in relation to that degree.

Moon in Aquarius accents creativity and favors altruism, web activity and people connections. Morning is better for independent creative work, and afternoon for business or something requiring practical, applied effort.

I give myself permission to release distractions and move on my path of power now.

Monday, October 2

With Moon in idealistic Aquarius going VOC on a trine with expansive Jupiter, early morning favors reading fiction, watching comedy, and clowning around. If you happen to be in a mystical vein, it’s great for connecting with angels, praying and repeating mantras to elevate the collective vibration.

At 7:26 am (10:26 ET), Moon enters dreamy Pisces. In the wake of yesterday’s trine from Mars to Pluto, the rest of the day favors visualizing and also acting on our dreams.

Use it well, before the Moon’s upcoming shift from its waxing phase to the portal of fullness.

I don’t wait for circumstances to show me the way, I connect with my dreams, see them as true, and act on them, here and now.

Tuesday, October 3

This is one sexy Tuesday, with Moon in romantic Pisces connecting with ruler Neptune, passionate Pluto and charming Venus.

Besides injecting life into hormonal systems, a trine from relational Venus in diligent Virgo to obsessive Pluto can help us review our fixation with work and power, and realign such tendencies with our values and desire to serve.

Also propitious are: couple’s therapy, and healing patterns and dynamics related to sex, love and money. Connections focused on service empower our evolutionary goals.

Morning and midday are more harmonious than late afternoon.

I love walking my path of power, and I allow myself to do it now.

Wednesday, October 4

Mystical and practical forces mingle on the doorstep of tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Today’s numerology of 4 helps us focus on building greater wellness for ourselves and others as Moon in Pisces contacts wounded-healer Chiron and angel planet Jupiter. Adding to this vibe, Neptune, Moon’s ruler, receives a quincunx from Sun in creative Libra.

Morning is best for inner work and visualizing. As for action, save it for after 1:40 pm (4:40 ET), when Moon enters restless Aries.

Evening is highly romantic. Visualize what you want and steer clear of addictive ambiences or temptations.

I am a power dreamer and I enjoy visualizing and acting in this certainty, now and always.

Thursday, October 5

Venus, planet of love, joins sizzling Mars, making for a passionate, creative morning. The sexual intensity of this aspect is considerably cooled in the sign of Virgo, which can help us harness these vibrant energies and make headway on a creative project. The energy of chastity imbues this conjunction with devotional overtones that can make for great and tangible progress in labors of love and service.

In fact, if we can manage to keep our (Virgo) snit wand zippered in our pockets, this union of masculine and feminine energies increases our charisma as well as our efficacy for just about anything we apply it to.

The play of opposites continues with Venus ruling the Sun in Libra, and Mars, the Moon in Aries. The two luminaries oppose one another just two hours later, at 11:40 am (2:40 pm ET), to give us the first Full Moon since the Equinox, a portal known as the Harvest Moon.

In Aries, the sign of individual essence, it puts the spotlight on our own individual identity as an indispensable factor in connection with others—a connection brought to light by Sun in Libra.

This Aries-Libra Sun-Moon axis form a T-square with pushy Pluto, enhancing today’s revolutionary energies.

At 12-13 Aries, the Sabian symbol sounds rather frustrating. Applied to our personal and political objectives, it may just guide us to a timely increase in savvy:

AN UNEXPLODED BOMB REVEALS AN UNSUCCESSFUL SOCIAL PROTEST. An immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo. …Resolution by violence fails because the ego power… is far too strong. “The State” thwarts attempts at popular revolution because these are premature expressions of a consciousness which is not yet free, but can only react “wildly” to constraint and to a central ruling power. A negative attempt at reconciling the spiritual ideal and … earthly reality, denying the validity of the latter.

Make a special effort to stay calm, and avoid dark alleys, rowdy gatherings or a potentially belligerent confrontation. It’s advisable to increase the love vibration, focus on service, healing and diligent, judicious efforts to ground what really matters to us.

My intention to serve resonates with like intentions everywhere, weaving a web of lovingkindness around the planet now.

Friday, October 6

Yesterday’s revolutionary Full Moon is still alive and well. She continues in Aries, contacting Uranus and Jupiter, planets of freedom. Rebellion is in the air, yet so are the more subtle effects of mental Mercury in quincunx to mystical, magical Neptune.

Morning is high on creativity and short on patience. Make a dream board or notebook, plan for manifestation, work on art, push to finish an independent task, write to an angel.

At 11:58 am (2:58 pm ET), Moon goes VOC on an opposition to bigshot Jupiter, fueling confidence and filling hot air balloons. Keep a low profile and hold off on key purchases, actions and interchanges until after 3:38 pm (6:38 ET), when Moon enters Taurus. In this, the sign of her exaltation, she favors a sensual dinner and combines with the prosperous energy of today’s number 6 to spark success in business or charity connections.

I tend the fires of inner power, and success and happiness unfold naturally now.

Saturday, October 7

Morning, midday and late tonight are today’s most opportune windows.

Moon in abundant Taurus sextiles Neptune in imaginative Pisces, great for visualizing prosperity and universal wellness. In combination with the intellectual gifts of today’s number 7, it also favors creating a business strategy, and moving on it, as well as writing a letter to Congress in support of universal healthcare.

The afternoon and early evening, enjoy an art exhibit or a romantic film.

Taurus Moon’s ruler, Venus, approaches a square to serious Saturn, making us sit up straight and take a sober look at relationships. We can work on issues of co-dependence, set a limit, and most of all, release guilt or blame that could dim our experience of intimacy or self-esteem.

A late trine in earth signs from Moon to Pluto helps us get in touch with our feelings, generate empowerment, make a key investment or purchase, and organize for success.

I recognize my mental gifts and use them fully now.

Sunday, October 8

Although it’s Sunday, to rest would be to waste a cosmic opportunity for personal and collective benefit.

Today’s number 8 blesses our concentrated efforts with finished results. Creative Venus rules Moon in fertile Taurus, which squares demanding Saturn, producing tension that can be channeled in concrete results.

Moon goes VOC this morning, although in Taurus, she still performs. Her connections with Venus, Chiron and Jupiter emphasize healing, helping others or participating in ecology, transformative art or consciousness.

This afternoon, lucid Mercury joins Sun in judicious Libra, excellent for a meeting of the minds. Despite its cute exterior, with ruler Venus squaring serious Saturn, this conjunction favors shared endeavors more than tenderness; legal matters, purposeful missives and negotiations over romantic tea for two.

At 6:44 pm (9:44 ET), Moon enters Gemini: we can organize our week, as we do, write down the results we wish to manifest.

I invite the Divine Mind to serve and prosper through me now.

Tuesday, October 10

The numerology of today’s “1” favors beginnings. Jupiter, planet of expansion and meaning, begins anew today, making a sign shift from clear Libra to deep Scorpio. This transit lasts for about a year, but during Autumn holds particular promise for examining and transmuting our beliefs (see more on it in our Monthly Influences).

Despite its facility for connection, Moon in Gemini makes numerous, tense transits, fueling anxiety that doesn’t favor effective conversation. Also, pushy Mars is moving to square tough Saturn, and we’re apt to feel slowed down somehow.

What does work right now is acupressure, shiatsu, writing affirmations, tapping, practicing mudras, or anything creative involving our hands and/or words. In addition, love-planet Venus perfects an opposition to Chiron, facilitating work on relationship patterns or self-esteem.

Moon goes VOC on a sextile to restless Uranus at 3:25 pm (6:25 ET), favoring crossword puzzles, Scrabble, and reading or writing for fun. We get into the flow again at 8:38 pm (11:38 ET), when Moon enters cuddly, savvy Cancer.

I love myself, and I go within to retrieve my wellness now.

Wednesday, October 11

Today’s numerology of 11 marks special portals when angels work to increase humanity’s love vibration. Let’s do it, each of us in our favorite way: with mantras, affirmative prayer, metta, meditation on compassion, or sending heart energy to a nearby woods or plants.

If we can do this this morning, we’ll help diffuse the frustrating effects of this morning’s Mars-Saturn square. Our harmonious vibration will also keep us calm in the face of a pause that may be put on we’re trying to do.

Also, relational Venus in quincunx to fly-or-die Uranus can use all the harmony it can get. To ease this transit, we can journal, regroup and review our approach to progress, and focus on healing, art and beliefs around money.

Differences may seem disproportionate large, so tussle with your partner another day. Instead, make a donation with no strings attached.

My heart is a portal of luminous love that I radiate to myself, to others and to all sentient beings.

Thursday, October 12

Moon in savvy Cancer brings out the business sense of Mercury, as the messenger planet sextiles builder Saturn. Today is productive for promoting wares, negotiating, and even closing a deal. Writing and design are also propitious.

We should avoid pickiness and a tendency to argue, especially this morning, when Moon in sensitive Cancer squares Sun and Mercury in fussy Libra.

If we think before speaking, refrain from taking things personally, and carefully edit any sales pitch or copy, we can make notable headway.

After 9:00 pm (12:00 am ET), have a cuddly or hot encounter, when Moon makes a sensual sextile to Virgo.

I am made in the image and likeness of success, which shines through all I do now.

Friday, October 13

Romance and excitement are in the air, as Moon in dramatic Leo squares Jupiter, planet of strut. This aspect can be fun for partying, or taking in a play or film. But the constructive numerology of today’s number 4 also favors practical progress. We can put a touch of flare in promotional, altruistic or creative efforts, or light a spark in personal or professional connections.

I am the power to elevate my world, and I move to express it, here and now.

Saturday, October 14

Venus makes a sign shift and enters Libra, bringing a reprieve from the compulsive diligence of Virgo. The holiday spirit begins to call. This is a good day for organizing a Samhain fest, making plans for Christmas or a Winter Solstice ritual and, with the dynamic numerology of today’s 5, beginning to shop.

With Mercury, planet of lower mind, building to an opposition with Uranus, orb of genius, originality distinguishes our ideas and interchanges. In addition, Moon in vital Leo harmonizes with Sun and constructive Saturn, enhancing our work projects.

Enjoy, produce and shop before 10:28 pm (1:28 am ET), when Moon goes VOC in Leo.

Sunday, October 15

A wee-hour Mercury-Uranus opposition is high on inspiration and low on diplomacy. Apply this genius influence privately, to touch up a text or presentation.

But however bewitching mental activities may seem, don’t spend the day parked behind a computer or book. This morning, an opposition from Mars to Chiron, along with Moon in Virgo, sign of health, in sextile to athletic Jupiter, bring the healing power of exercise into relief. Hike to the beach, go swimming, take a brisk walk, pick up the trash in the park, clean the yard, or get moving in a local, volunteer effort—we’ll derive special benefit and satisfaction from taking brisk, healthful action.

Explore, enjoy, energize, but with the Mercury-Uranus opposition, save hang-gliding and other extreme sports for a less risky day. Romp with caution!

I am an active expression of life, and I enjoy expressing it now.

Monday, October 16

The mental gifts of today’s number 7 help us use today’s window of promise wisely. A sextile from Sun in social Libra to constructive Saturn in visionary Sagittarius helps us direct our intent and will in productive efforts and connections related to a long-term goal for independence.

More than new beginnings, waning Moon favors finishing something. Today’s waning Moon in organized Virgo trines Pluto, master of transformation: we can effectively release attitudes, situations, stuff and papers that clutter our lives.

I release attachments and things that hold me back, and welcome the new good that in my world now.

Tuesday, October 17

This morning, Moon VOC in Virgo favors meditation, and pausing to relax, either in the company of trees or in your own space with the phone and internet turned off.

At 1:35 pm (4:35 ET), Moon enters Libra, imparting the mental clarity to use the forces of change that were unleashed in the wee hours, when mental Mercury entered Scorpio, sign of alchemy, and brave Mars made a quincunx to freedom-loving Uranus.

Write down what you wish to eliminate from your inner and outer life. Then find a way to step forward on this intent. Even an apparently simple initiative will trigger the cosmic forces of release.

Angels of release, please help me let go of obsolete attitudes and conditions, and push me to move on these changes, here and now.

Wednesday, October 18

Both the numerology of today’s 9 and the balsamic Moon phase favor release, following through on the energies of the last two days.

Interaction with others, unless it’s for an altruistic or spiritual cause, may be confusing or tense. What the stars do favor is journaling, deep healing, forgiveness, and making a donation.

I release resentments, attachments and toxic shame, and bless myself and all involved now.

Thursday, October 19

Today’s New Moon favors beginnings (Libra, 12:12 pm PT, 3:12 pm ET). Its opposition to Uranus and conjunction with Jupiter facilitate a new level of freedom. In Libra, this Moon empowers our intentions in relationship. We can manifest a new partner or improve a current tie.

However, this particular Moon-Uranus opposition is anything but warm and fuzzy. Since 2011, Uranus in Aries has been helping us release limits on authentic self-expression. This portal then, is particularly propitious for manifesting ties that allow room for all involved to be themselves.

Have you been relinquishing selfhood to please others? Have you fallen into co-dependence, weak limits, or some other stifling sort of rut? Would you like to try an alternative style of partnership? Could you find greater empowerment in connections that are closer to your ideals?

Asking ourselves questions like these and daring to create an intention for new and freer partnership provide a way of participating in this portal’s archetypes that can help release its tension and hopefully diffuse collective crises that are apt to precipitate freedom in less conscious and more upsetting ways.

The most powerful time to write down and move on our intentions is from 11:30 am (2:30 pm ET) until the New Moon portal is precise at 12:12 pm (3:12 ET), when she happens to go VOC. Or align with her spirit after 6:41 pm (9:41 ET), when she enters Scorpio and moves to perfect her conjunction with fortunate Jupiter.

Today’s numerology of 1 enforces this portal, favoring not only new intentions but also bold action.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon is:

AN AIRPLANE SAILS HIGH IN THE CLEAR SKY. A consciousness able to transcend the conflicts and pressures of the personal life… the capacity, latent in every individual, to contemplate the stress of existence in our world of duality from a higher level… Through the use of his or her mind, backed by the efforts and struggles of past generations the individual can gain new perspective on problems and reach freedom and peace in a supernal realm of being.

I can have relationships that are fulfilling and freeing. I take my freedom and give others their freedom now.

Friday, October 20

Moon in Scorpio joins Mercury, planet of mind, precipitating revelations from last night’s dreams. It also helps us glean any additional clarity we may need in our relational intents (see General Influences for October 19).

Deep thinking goes deeper as Moon trines Neptune in imaginative Pisces, great for coming up with graphic images and making a dream board of the results we desire, particularly in connection to yesterday’s New Moon intent(s).

Also favored are therapy, journaling, calling on angels, transmutation of thoughts and feelings, empathetic listening and coaching or motivating others.

I am an agent of divine power, and I co-create good for myself and others now.

Saturday, October 21

Moon in transformative Scorpio harmonizes with wounded healer Chiron. Connect with the transmuting forces of autumn by sweeping or brushing aside fallen leaves and watching your cares, guilt and fears fall away.

Today is propitious for: a psychic reading, a dream group, mirror work, thinking of something kind to say, and calling or visiting someone. Anything creative or calming should go well. Avoid feeling harried, and toxic environments.

Omnipotent good sweeps through my life in a healing stream, and frees me of inner and outer blocks to wellness now.

Sunday, October 22

With Moon in expansive Sagittarius, hot Mars entering love-sign Libra, and Sun entering lustful Scorpio, now’s the perfect time to have a spiritual or romantic adventure.

Today’s master number 22 favors group interactions, and causes or business initiatives of potentially massive reach.

I give thanks for my freedom and use it to open new horizons now.

Monday, October 23

Moon in Sagittarius, sign of spirit guides, connects with Venus and Neptune, planets of art and higher and lower love, which in turn later connect with each other. Today is pregnant with new images, inspiration for design and art, romantic yearnings and angel connections.

Light your inner fires, listen to your soul, and use the dynamic numerology of today’s 5 to act on its dictates.

I visualize the highest and the best, and act on my inner guidance to manifest it now.

Tuesday, October 24

This morning, inspiration and intuition continue to flow, thanks to a trine from mental Mercury to psychic Neptune in deep waters signs, and a harmony from receptive Moon to Uranus, the cosmic antenna.

At 9:44 am, Moon in fortunate Sagittarius goes VOC, where it still performs, entering driven Capricorn at 5:12 pm (8:12 ET). She then squares Mars and sextiles Sun, pushing us into action for a restless, potentially productive evening. If you can’t get to sleep, take advantage of being awake.

I make a space to listen within and act on my intuition now.

Wednesday, October 25

The numerology of today’s 7 accentuates our perceptual gifts.

Moon in Capricorn harmonizes with magical Neptune and mental Mercury. We can productively focus on business, video or audio production, or study; beautify our space and organize a Samhain fest or ritual.

I am a clear channel for divine inspiration and I work to share it now.

Thursday, October 26

Apply the organizational, executive abilities of Moon in Capricorn to tackle some work you’ve been putting off or take on a new challenge. The numerology of 8 increases our success potential, and the union of Sun and fortunate Jupiter in Scorpio, sign of power, favors positive results in anything we set our minds to.

At 10:22 pm (1:22 am ET), Moon goes VOC.

I dream and act boldly, and the Universe enjoys supporting me, here and now.

Friday, October 27

At 5:59 am (8:59 ET), Moon leaves her VOC and enters Aquarius, where she can help us break out of a rut. Her subsequent contacts to Mars, Jupiter and Sun can embolden us to try a new approach or project.

Venus squares Pluto this evening, increasing creativity but creating tension and potential power struggles. It’s best to save key dealings for another day.

The time is ripe to think through a financial challenge, review habits to make sure we’re not neglecting affectionate ties or other values, and work on healing beliefs around money, love or sex.

Mid-morning and early afternoon are the best times to act. Independent initiatives and web work go better than personal interaction.

At 3:22 pm (6:22 ET), Moon reaches First Quarter, triggering the Sabian symbol for 4-5 degrees Aquarius:

A COUNCIL OF ANCESTORS IS SEEN IMPLEMENTING THE EFFORTS OF A YOUNG LEADER. … The whole past of humankind stands behind any individual effort, especially in times of critical decisions.

This rather ominous description alerts us to stand ready to invoke our spirit guides and support a youthful leader or leaders.

I’m not alone or without financial support, the Divine Supporter is with me, making my supply flow in easy ways that free me to focus on my wellness and mission, here and now.

Saturday, October 28

Moon in Aquarius favors group efforts, independent creative work and joining with friends. As she trines sweet Venus in relational Libra, Moon accents our ability to give and receive affection. Her evening square to Mercury brings out our rational skills, helping us see how things are affecting us. Favored tonight: analyzing oour options, reading fine print, and reconsidering agreements.

I recognize the best and highest in others, and attract the highest and the best relationships, here and now.

Sunday, October 29

Moon in lucid Aquarius, sign of friendship, harmonizes with co-ruler Saturn, accenting this morning’s constructive potential. Share an early breakfast or a walk with friends; tackle a bit of work, art or an activist initiative.

Use this energy while you can, as Moon goes VOC at 9:22 am (12:22 pm ET), on a sextile to Uranus the liberator in Aries, sign of the inner child. After that, we’ll feel more like enjoying a good read, watching a funny movie, or freeing our inner child by playing the dirt (an activity that has been scientifically proven to improve both mood and immune function).

At 4:46 pm (7:46 ET), Moon enters Pisces. We can enjoy music, or helping someone. The numerology of 11 combines with the fish’s mystical inclinations, accentuating intuition—it might be time to get a psychic reading. The number “11” also marks days when angels are working to elevate humanity’s vibration in love. If so inclined, collaborate by practicing metta or another type of compassionate meditation, mantras or affirmations.

The healing heart of the goddess radiates love for me, in me and through me now.

Monday, October 30

Moon in Pisces accents creativity and subtle connections. With this Pisces Moon in trine to Sun in deep Scorpio, and conjunct Pisces’ ruler, Neptune, our intuitive aptitudes flower. Favored activities: a past life or childhood regression, inner or creative work, forgiving yourself and others, and settling a dispute.

I love and forgive the good in you, and the good in you loves and forgives the good in me.

Tuesday, October 31

Moon in receptive Pisces makes today’s veil between worlds even finer than usual at Hallows Eve. This was actually first day of the Celtic New Year, and Samhain is the name of the goddess who rules this portal.

Communications and people connections go well this morning, and this afternoon favors constructive results from practical initiatives. Although Moon goes VOC, in Pisces she continues to perform, entering Aries at 11:43 pm (2:43 am ET), when ghouls may become more rowdy and you may prefer to turn in.

Now is the perfect portal to pray for dear ones who have moved on before you, and for those thousands of souls who have made their transition in the recent meteorological and seismic events.

Light a yellow candle to guide them with its light, and a blue one for protection of your space.

Those who have made their transition are not alone or without guidance and protection, the love of Spirit surrounds them and the Light of Spirit guides them and shields them in the present phase of their eternal existence, now.

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