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Ritual for the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21: Consecrate Your Actions to the Heart

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2017

Solar Eclipse Ritual - Heart-Centered Action

The will to act is an important human power, and so is the energy of our hearts. We tend to think of the two as separate, parking our kindness in passivity and depriving our actions of the divine results that can only come from love.

When we act to serve, the love may be for others, for the planet or a higher power. And many times we need to act from love for self, our family or personal community.

Heart-centered actions sometimes require limit-setting; they may not always seem nice on the surface.

For those who choose to embark on this evolutionary adventure, there will be times when we’re not sure whom to direct our intentions towards. We might then act in a spirit of love for all involved.

Anyway, the intent to love can never bring harm, but will always be used by the Universe for good, opening us to the best and highest results.

The following ritual, invocations, affirmations and interactive visualization are designed in resonance with the present Solar Eclipse New Moon, to return our will to act to its divine center in the heart.

Have on hand:

A sheet of white paper.

3 drawing implements, felt-tip pens, crayons or colored pencils, 1 each pink, purple and red

A stick of rose or lilac incense

The ceremony:

  • Light your incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for the angels, dakinis and spirit guides of love, whose vibration I invoke to fill my heart and awareness, and to help reconnect my will to act with the center of my heart. Please root my actions in love –for others, for the planet, for Spirit and for myself, as is most appropriate to each situation.

  • Light the pink candle, gaze upon its translucent light, then close your eyes for a minute and imagine a pink glow warmly radiating in your heart.
  • Holding to this image, repeat during five minutes:

Like this flame, the light of love burns in my heart…, radiates to enfold and heal me…, extends out to others…, and embraces the planet now.

  • Light the red candle, gaze upon its bright glow, then close your eyes and feel how this red light rises up from the earth, through your feet, filling your body and finally mingling with the pink glow in your heart.
  • Hold to this sensation, as you repeat during 3 minutes:

I am filled by a power to act, that mingles with my love energy. I bring reconnect my impulse to act with my heart center now.

  • At the top of your paper, use your pink and purple colors to draw a heart, and in its center a red symbol of Mars or some other that you associate with action (it could be a symbol of a project or intention you have that you wish to act on in love).
  • Under the heart, write a consecration, with words like those that follow:

I am determined to center my actions in my heart. My intention of heart-centered action mingles with similar intentions everywhere, and the angels use this energy to empower the will to act kindly around the planet now.

Follow up:

For the next 28 days, look at the colored heart, read your consecration and repeat steps 3 and 4 before organizing your day and imagining yourself going about each activity with an appropriate intention to love.

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