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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, July 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on July 1, 2017

Free Daily Astrology Forecast, July 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, July 2017

Saturday, July 1

For the most part, spiritual and/or individual creative projects
are more satisfying than encounters with others or high energy outings. We may prefer sleeping in as Moon connects with angel planets Jupiter and Neptune this morning, and analyzing our dreams, meditating, or connecting with light beings.

From midday on, a series of tense lunar aspects could morph into belligerence. It’s best to putter around the yard, work on something creative, or sit on the deck or by the window enjoying a good book.

Tensions subside after 8:47 pm (11:47 ET), when Moon sextiles Saturn. If a sudden surge of productivity comes over you, try staying up to direct it. To offset tomorrow’s intense opposition from Mars, the challenger, to Pluto, the invincible, organize tomorrow’s intentions in writing, tonight.

I affirm and visualize harmony, and harmonious outcomes flow naturally, here and now.

Sunday, July 2

An early opposition from determined Mars to powerhouse Pluto may move us out of bed early. This contact awakens the spiritual warrior and makes us feel invincible. But this pair is not exactly a salesman-of-the-month combination, and yesterday’s low-profile guidance is doubly true today. If you do go out, leave the superhero cape at home, avoid walking down dark alleys, and steer clear of potentially rowdy settings or activities. If you happen to be a crisis worker, save dealing with perpetrators for another day.

Blind dates are also better almost any other weekend.

The positive potential of this aspect is that it can help us awaken to a more active role in the process of change and healing that Pluto—currently retrograde—is generating wherever it happens to transit our birth chart at 18 Capricorn. Mars in maternal Cancer calls us act on our inner needs for nurture, both giving and receiving, in ways that will contribute to Pluto’s ultimately empowering influence. (See our Monthly Influence section for more details by sign.)

At 6:16 am (9:16 ET), Moon goes VOC in Libra on an opposition to rebellious Uranus.

She enters Scorpio at 9:59 am (12:59 pm ET). With Mars and Pluto–the planets in opposition—as her co-rulers, the rest of the day is good for inner or group work around blockages to assertiveness, such as a fear of conflict or an attachment to the approval of others. Focus on something you want to do–or stop doing—but that you tend to procrastinate on for reasons like these.

Another effective way to direct this energy is to make a written commitment to yourself to act.

I am made in the image and likeness of power, and I’m determined to live the power that I am now.

Monday, July 3

Without throwing yesterday’s cautions to the wind, today can bring harmony, healing and breakthroughs. Intuition and confidence run high. With a trine from Moon in deep Scorpio to Sun in sensitive Cancer, followed by another to psychic Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule, we can perceive a deep level of feeling and express it well.

Now is the perfect time to journal, empathize, listen to others and to our inner selves, and–while keeping an eye on our egos and steering clear of potential jeopardy—apply this day’s power window to creativity, business, or people connections.

Venus sextiles Chiron, emphasizing the healing power of love in relation to someone else or to ourselves.

The power continues to flow through the night, as Moon harmonizes with its co-rulers, Pluto and Mars.

I am not alone or subject to any harmful or limiting influence. The Divine Companion is with me. Its presence fills my home and my world and It is transparent, sincere, helpful, loving, productive, guiding, promoting and enriching, now and always.

Tuesday, July 4

We’re still in the field of the recent Mars-Pluto opposition. If you handle fireworks, take special care; and avoid potentially rowdy crowds.

Morning is the best time for activism, social connections, pushing through blockages or promoting your services, ideas or art.

Today is also the end of Venus’ stay in earth sign Taurus, her ruler. At 29°, the so-called anaretic degree, of the sign of self-esteem, values, and prosperity, Venus now accents our intuition and can help us smell out our unconscious blocks—or on the contrary, positive paths—to increasing prosperity.

So try to make some downtime to work on these areas, or make yourself a power-parchment, pasting images of your goals for success on a forest-green or gold poster board. On it, also write affirmations that accent your sense of worthiness.

At 5:11 pm (8:11 ET), Venus enters Gemini, moving us to express our affection and generate verbal and mental connections with others. However, these connections are more stimulating than sweet, since Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, makes a thorny square to Uranus in pugnacious Aries. It’s a great time to read or write alternative news or hang out with an Aquarius or otherwise eccentric friend.

Just keep your hands off the firecrackers, physical or proverbial.

Things cool down after Moon goes VOC on a trine to Mercury at 6:34 pm (9:34 ET), though a contact to Chiron and a Jupiter-Neptune quincunx continue to favor low-key and centered activities over more lively or boisterous situations where liquor or other mind-altering substances flow. It’s the perfect opportunity to go to a 12-step group, use mantras, affirmations, metta, or your own favorite technique to radiate healing energy to the country and planet.

At 10:08 pm (1:08 am ET), Moon enters jovial Sagittarius, where it makes an enchanting but tense opposition to Venus, planet of love.

Mindfully, I hold to my intention of wellness, and I connect with the Universal forces of healing now.

Wednesday, July 5

Moon in Sagittarius likes outdoor activities, and combines with the adventuresome spirit of today’s number 5 to favor trips. This urge could also be satisfied by taking a course, particularly in something mind-opening, like philosophy, shamanism, metaphysics or for that matter, publishing and marketing.

After Mercury enters Leo at 5:20 pm (8:20 ET), we can give our communications a magical touch. Evening is great for contacting light beings, consulting a favorite oracle or medium, or sharing compassion and empathy.

There is only one Mind, so in my inner and outer travels, I can only move in Love, now and always.

Thursday, July 6

The spirit of adventure continues with Moon in Sagittarius ruled by fortunate Jupiter, as are both Thursday, and today’s number 6.

Especially effective activities today include joining with family or friends, attending a metaphysical or cultural event, and using the last effective day of the waxing Moon to move on the intentions or goals we set at the New Moon in Cancer of June 23.

With our nighttime luminary in quincunx to both Sun and Mars, we must tread lightly to avoid the preachy side of Sagittarius, or slipping into an ego trip.

At 8:34 pm (11:34 ET), Moon joins constructive Saturn. This transit in visionary, optimistic Sag can help us organize for success and align our discipline by taking a concrete step. Steer clear of guilt trips and focus on building what you want.

Life loves me, so unexpected blessings flow from all avenues to me, here and now.

Friday, July 7

We should do today’s socializing this morning, in resonance with the wonderful sextile from Mercury in expressive Leo to sweet Venus, who is herself now ruled by the messenger planet during her transit of wordy Gemini.

Send a missive of love or gratitude, design an advertisement, share a romantic breakfast, or approach a potential love object.

In fact, any people connections that need to be happy, expansive or just fun, will be better if done before 10:45, when Moon leaves jolly Sag and enters Capricorn the serious, in approach to tomorrow’s fullness.

A lunar trine to Uranus favors connecting to a positive support group and establishing our intent on the threshold of this lunation that is rather intense and is sure to be transformational. A door knocked on now might just happen to spring open.

At 10:45 am (1:45 pm ET), Moon enters focused Capricorn, making minor, tense aspects that favor independent work to tie up details, particularly in communications or advertising.

If we can find time in the midst of practical activities, these influences also favor preparing a ritual for tomorrow’s Full Moon. (For personalized details, read tomorrow’s influences, as well as our tips for Monthly Influences.)

There is an invisible presence of love that joins me to the right people in the best ways for our highest good now.

Saturday, July 8

On the threshold of tonight’s Full Moon, lunar contacts to Jupiter and Neptune, both planets of angels, invite us to connect with light beings and forces of spiritual protection.

The portal perfects at 9:07 pm (12:07 am ET). With Moon in Capricorn conjunct powerhouse Pluto, the lunation triggers the Mars-Pluto opposition of July 1. This showdown between tough guys may seem ominous; yet it can also rouse our courage to break out of ruts that keep us from participating in Pluto’s promise of empowerment.

Dynamic Mars in Cancer, sign of nurture, prods us to become activists for the inner child and also the inner mother. Since 2008, Pluto in Capricorn has been tying us to our work, goals, public life and/or responsibilities with borderline obsession. It’s been fascinating yet stressful. Mars now calls us to step in, set limits and do something bold in support of our sensitive, inner self, with its need for emotional awareness and connection. Check our tips for your sign in our General Influence Section.

Reflection, meditation, sobriety, introspection… these are the keys that will help keep us out of potentially problematic exchanges that could otherwise be loaded with noxious projections and violent temper outbursts.

As we take bold action to face and defend our needs for emotional wellness, we can find new balance, and use Pluto’s evolutionary potential to build soul-centered authority, an intention suited for this Wort Moon (“wort” is an ancient synonym for “plant”), traditionally associated with themes of reincarnation.

The Sabian symbol seems to underscore the apparent contradictions in this lunation’s aspects:

THE UNION JACK FLIES FROM A NEW BRITISH DESTROYER. Extreme objectification of inner resources. Challenge to life. Splendid self-realization. Full awareness of competition.

I honor and act on my soul needs, and karmic attachments are dissolved, here and now.

Sunday, July 9

Today’s transits resonate with the energies at play in last night’s lunation.

Active Mars makes a quincunx to Saturn, ruler of the Moon in Capricorn, triggering action, effort, and karma. Then Luna herself opposes the warrior planet. Continue to move on your needs for nurturing. Today’s number 9 guides us to share the energy, perhaps by moving to help someone else who seems to be in need.

At 7:12 pm, (10:12 pm ET), we can finally unplug and enjoy the moment, although an opposition from Sun to Pluto keeps the Full Moon cauldron boiling and in need of stirring.

At 10:35 pm (1:35 am ET), Moon enters Aquarius. The airwaves lighten but a rebellious spirit keeps the flame of resistance alive.

I don’t wait for circumstances to favor my well being, I act to do what makes me feel good, now and always.

Monday, July 10

We can breathe deep and enjoy the fresh air of Moon in Aquarius. She contacts sweet Venus in facile Gemini, as well as her ruler Mercury in expressive Leo. It’s time to crawl out of our weekend cauldron, open our eyes to the sunshine, reconnect, and share our light.

It’s a great time to return calls, give form to ideas, and transmit them and to gather together the ribbons that connect your personal soul group—those friends and associates who share your evolutionary path.

I share my light, and my soul connections naturally awaken and surface, here and now.

Tuesday, July 11

Social connections continue to thrive, as does inspiration under the light of Moon in Aquarius. Lunar contacts to purposeful Sun, constructive Saturn and dynamic Mars favor concentrated efforts to produce tangible results.

The numerology of today’s number 11 suggests a vibrational high that benefits the collective when combined with metta or compatible meditations, mantras and prayers to radiate unconditional kindness.

I radiate love to all and release my interactions to divine justice, here and now.

Wednesday, July 12

Early this morning, we can enjoy the friendly, freeing energy of Moon in Aquarius, who goes VOC near sunrise after a sextile with ruler Uranus. This is a great time to read a mind-opening book, or have breakfast with a friend who stimulates our independent side.

At 8:51 am (11:51 ET), Moon enters Pisces. If we can seize the moment, it’s a great time to nclutter our home, desk or space, work on forgiveness, engage in a preferred inner practice, or any kind of creative project.

It’s a time to reach out to someone to smooth ruffled feathers.

The waters of love pour through my being and connections, soothing and healing them now.

Thursday, July 13

This morning, Moon in Pisces connects with Mercury in artistic Leo. Write prayers, poetry, publicity, or a love letter.

At 11:27 (2:27), she joins her ruler, Neptune, triggering the doors of our psychic perception, which remain open for the rest of the day as Moon connects with angelic Jupiter and harmonizes with deep Pluto.

It’s time to visit a therapist or channel, contact an angel, write in a journal, transmute a belief, listen with empathy, or express our healing process in art.

I am not alone in my intention to recover my power. Positive spiritual forces are with me, guiding me and assisting me in whatever ways are necessary now.

Friday, July 14

Moon in intuitive Pisces trines Mars the mover in sensitive Cancer: let us provoke a pause and listen within, then act on our hunches.

We can take daring, direct action to capitalize on our talents and build for independence, as Sun in savvy Cancer connects with Saturn, planet of effort, in visionary Sagittarius, while Mercury the messenger sextiles Jupiter, planet of optimism, teaching and promotion.

On our own and with others, our focused communications and disciplined efforts can generate positive, lasting results.

At 4: 52 pm (7:52 ET), Moon enters Aries, where she accents the adventuresome spirit of the day’s numerology of 5. It’s time to go dancing, or sleep outdoors.

I am made in the image and likeness of divine activity, and I move in confidence and joy now.

Saturday, July 15

What a great day for business or pleasure, as Moon in restless Aries connects with the two benefics, Venus and Jupiter, who also happens to rule today’s prosperous number 6 Today is a day to take our love object to lunch, make a sales call, launch a promotion, or send a donation.

This evening, we should avoid unnecessary arguments.

I allow myself to receive all the joy and prosperity that the Universe has for me now.

Sunday, July 16

With today’s numerology of mental number 7 plus a contact from Mercury the thinker to penetrating Pluto, we can come up with answers and find information that had previously eluded us.

In addition, Moon in Aries emboldens us to look in new or complicated places and think in new ways. She trines Saturn this morning, producing good results from research and practical actions on long-term goals.

At 12:26 pm (15:26 ET), she reaches her Last Quarter. The Sabian symbol (25° Aries) is:

A DOUBLE PROMISE REVEALS ITS INNER AND OUTER MEANINGS. Fortuitous cooperation between inner and outer elements of being. A sense of responsibility to self or society.

The “cooperation between inner and outer elements of being” invites us to connect with our authentic self, in resonance with liberating Uranus in Aries, sign of being, which happens to conjunct this lunation.

The Last Quarter helps us begin a week of tying things up and releasing in preparation for the upcoming New Moon of next Sunday, July 23.

This symbol, along with the Moon-Uranus connection and this afternoon’s bold and somewhat antisocial influences, give a special flavor to the Last Quarter transit. We can declutter, journal to connect with our authentic self, attend a 12-step group, retrieve our true voice, or do armchair activism. Save efforts at PR, diplomacy or cuddling for another afternoon.

As for key actions and purchases, as of 7:19 pm (10:13 ET), the VOC Moon guides us to put them on hold until after 10:04 pm (1:04 am), when Moon enters prosperous Taurus, sign of its exaltation.

I am made in the image and likeness of truth, and I enjoy aligning with my true self now.

Monday, July 17

Artwork and visualization flourish, with Moon in creative, tactile Taurus and her ruler Venus connecting with imaginative Neptune, followed by a Lunar sextile to Neptune. We can direct this energy in a project requiring inspiration, or clear out our space while we begin to imagine the new furnishings, decorations, equipment or other desires that will soon arrive in response to our imaginations.

If you have a dream board or similar visualization tools, this is a good time to review them and clean out images and materials that are worn out or no longer in step with your desires, as you mentally prepare to gather new ones to put them together at the upcoming New Moon.

Mars in Cancer, sign of imagination, will embolden such vision and actions, making us impatient to express our authentic selves as it squares Uranus the liberator.

In this sign of personal feelings, the warrior planet may take things the wrong way, and as it rubs against Uranus, fly into a rage. Don’t try to prove your point, except to your own inner nature. With this pressure on Uranus the unpredictable and Neptune the slippery, we should take special care while driving or operating machinery, and avoid risky or dubious situations of any kind.

It’s a great time to enjoy a garden, or your living room.

My dear ones and I are surrounded by the bright light of Spirit, into which nothing negative can enter, and from which only good can come.

Tuesday, July 18

Although communications could be prickly, morning is great for interpreting dreams, undergoing minor surgery to remove tissue, an acupuncture treatment, or making strides with inner healing.

At 11:44 am (2:44 pm ET), contacts from Moon—exalted in Taurus—to confident Sun and constructive Saturn compliment a wonderful trine from ruler Venus to fortunate, expansive Jupiter. Communications, promotions and work in general produce good results. In addition, the numerology of today’s number 9 highlights efforts directed toward the common good, such as teaching, blogging or networking for a cause.

At 11:11 pm (2:11 am ET), Moon goes VOC in Taurus, where she continues to perform. She does this on a sextile from Mars. If you happen to be awake, you can enjoy this galvanizing aspect. In contrast with recent, stressful aspects, the planet of action can propel us forward now. This energy is perfect for decluttering space, moving furniture, or defending a loved one or vulnerable group, either actively, or in prayer while calling on spiritual warrior forces.

I invoke Archangel Michael (or your favorite spiritual warrior) to surround (name a person or group), and shield her (him, them) with his luminous hosts, here and now.

Wednesday, July 19

There is a bold confidence about this day that can help us push to finish something or get through to someone connected to our long-term goals for work, creativity, well being or relationships.

The pioneering energy of today’s number 1 gives a touch of dynamism to Mercury’s trine to constructive Saturn. It urges us to take a step towards a dreams or strategy, close a cycle or finish paperwork, firm up key contacts, and otherwise tie up loose ends.

Mercury, the planet of speaking, in Leo helps us voice our needs for pleasure, creativity, positive recognition or something related to our offspring.

With Mars at the anaretic degree of 29 Cancer, pausing for intuitive guidance in actions is particularly useful.

The waning Moon is propitious for moving on intentions and projects seeded previously.

The Universe guides me to speak and act effectively, and I move on its guidance now.

Thursday, July 20

We feel like connecting today, and can, but should plan our day and focus our intentions, since Moon in dispersed Gemini makes aspects that can be eloquent but also harsh.

Venus connects with Pluto, helping transmute our way of manifesting love and prosperity, and align our affective connections and financial activities with our needs for empowerment. Check Pluto’s placement in your chart as it transits 17 degrees Capricorn for additional insight about these needs.

Lunar aspects indicate depth and clarity of thought, but also potential conflict. If we wish to connect, or have to work something out, we should do it at or shortly after 3:04 pm (6:04 ET), when Moon makes its only easy aspect, a sextile to Mercury.

Otherwise, play it safe and dodge the impact of a square from Sun in defensive Cancer to Uranus the rebel in pugnacious Aries. If you’re absolutely decided on eliminating an alliance, this could be the time. If you’re concerned about the fallout, use these influences in an independent, thoughtful manner, in preparation for changes ahead. Get papers in order for pending bureaucracy.

I face my need for change, and release familiar ties and circumstances to the Universe now.

Friday, July 21

Today’s energies suggest that we write in our journal, visit a therapist or support group, or somehow act on our need for inner healing. This will channel the early trine from Moon in sensitive Cancer to Chiron, the wounded healer, in a way that allows us retrieve the authenticity and freedom required by Uranus in Aries in the wake of yesterday’s square from Sun in Cancer.

Business, creativity and family concerns will then flow.

When alone or connecting with others, I recognize my need for emotional freedom, and this awareness heals me now.

Saturday, July 22

Unless you’re an opera singer, you may need a way to transmute your inner drama today. Moon in emotional Cancer makes tense aspects to heavies Jupiter, Pluto, Saturn and Uranus!

We can avoid victim trips by scheduling a therapy session, journaling, or taking some quiet time in nature to connect with the soothing energy of plants.

These aspects work with the balsamic Moon phase to facilitate release; but keep a low profile. Choose another day to enchant your honey, promote your ideas, products or services, or clean the knife set.

I release people and situations that are not part of the divine idea for my life. People and situations that are not part of the divine idea of my life are now guided and moved to release me. I give thanks for the doors of new good that open for me now.

Sunday, July 23

Today’s lunation, the last New Moon before Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow in two days, is exact at 2:46 am (5:46 ET), and is great for writing down intentions and starting something. In Leo and applying a conjunction to go-getter Mars, it’s particularly propitious for something that requires confidence and decisive action.

However, the New Moon’s Sabian symbol at 1 Leo calls for equanimity:

UNDER EMOTIONAL STRESS, BLOOD RUSHES TO A MAN’S HEAD. A basic symbol of man: forceful, dangerous entrance into the Soul realm. Irresistible outpouring of self. Activity per se.

We can clarify our intent to act with decision and diplomacy, to keep our pride in rein, to develop a habit of wise action. Mars newly into Leo gives a push to self-expression—we could intend to do this consciously, too.

Other areas to renew include: a project related to art, creativity or offspring, a hobby, healing of a heart condition, or the retrieval of romance, good fortune or the ability to enjoy the moment.

Another sign that we need to keep our feet on the ground is the approaching opposition from Venus to Saturn.

The impulse of today’s lunation is best applied in long-term intentions or endeavors, and with realism about the need for preparation and discipline. If you’ve already been doing the groundwork, a breakthrough may come, but continued diligence is called for.

My clear intent opens the path to manifestation, and I am guided in wise action now.

Monday, July 24

The prospering energy of today’s number 6 works with today’s transits to favor action on New Moon intentions.

An opposition from Venus in Gemini, master of detail, to Saturn in visionary Sag, helps us get real about the importance of others in what we are building for. Look at Saturn’s placement in your chart as it transits 21 degrees of the sign of the archer to remember what area of your life these goals apply to.

Gemini helps us focus on that day-to-day connections that sometimes get lost from the Sagittarius archer’s celestial gaze, and that are even more important as Saturn’s ruler, Jupiter, is now ruled by Venus as it transits Libra. The placement in your chart of the love planet as she transits 21 Gemini will bring to light the kind of relationship to tend. Whether you are seeking or striving for warmth, altruism, family, independence, business or in some other area, whether the contact involved looms tall and imposing or small and unassuming, reaching out to her, him, or them is actually required to meet these goals.

I accept my connectedness, and reach out to those who are part of my divine network.

Tuesday, July 25

The emotional intensity of the last few days subsides, as the numerology of 7 favors rational activities and cool-headed communications. Mercury rules this number, and also the Moon, which by sun-up will have entered Virgo.

Mercury follows suit this afternoon. It’s time to edit your copy, posts or other communications, and to get your space and papers in order to make the most of tomorrow’s assertive energies.

Angels of organization, please help me put my space in order now.

Wednesday, July 26

With diligent effort and humble confidence, today has breakthrough potential.

Today’s number 8 is about success and promotion; it can push us up a notch. Sun in confident Leo feels like no wall is too high to scale as it joins with warrior-planet Mars. If you see someone jump off a cliff, try to resist jumping to save them, at least until you put your parachute on.

The aspects are not so great for diplomacy or PR, and can definitely come on strong, but they do favor pushing ourselves to give concrete form to something important we’ve been postponing or let our insecurities hold us back from accomplishing.

If, before acting, we pause and listen to Moon in diligent, humble Virgo, connect with the intention of service, and visualize our desired outcome, walls may tremble and even fall as our way is open clear to manifest intentions that were set on or before last Saturday’s New Moon.

Put that idea together one more time! Call that number that never answers! Push that baby through!

I am made in the image and likeness of confidence, and seize the moment now.

Thursday, July 27

With today’s numerology of 9, this morning’s VOC Moon is good for analyzing last night’s dreams, doing some rich reading, and provoking a pause for inner healing.

The fun starts at 8:37 am (11:37 ET), when Moon enters Libra. Now this is a day for bold yet effective diplomacy and PR, connecting with people in relation to New Moon goals, and even love and sex.

Use your talents (doesn’t have to be sex) for personal, business or altruistic purposes.

I invite the Divine Heart to prosper through me now.

Friday, July 28

The numerology of today’s entrepreneurial 1 helps us close the week with vibrancy and even pick up anyone we may have bruised along the road during the last couple of weeks, including our own heart. Morning favors creativity, inner work and psychic activities like oracle consultation or contacting angels.

An afternoon conjunction from Moon to Jupiter, planet of expansion and fortune, puts the spotlight on the windows that the planet of fortune has been opening as it transits the sign of love, justice and partnership.

Our interactions naturally take on an empathetic tone. Connections for business, teaching, love or helping someone flow fortuitously. Teaching, publicity and promotional activities can be exceptionally effective.

Check the planet of expansion’s placement in your chart as it transits 16 degrees of Libra to see whether you can do something related to that point, or simply become more aware of how to use this energy over the next couple of months, before it exits the most social of all signs and dives into Scorpio’s depths.

I am intuitively connected to the force of love, and I give thanks for its power in all I do now.

Saturday, July 29

Through early afternoon, today is good for people-connections, thanks to Moon in social Libra in harmony with constructive Saturn and Venus, planet of love. We can reach out to someone, improve our image, connect with someone from the past, write words of love.

We should make these connections well before 2:00 PM, as the harmony fades as Moon goes VOC on an opposition to rebellious Uranus. Take a break now, and save key actions or purchases for after 5:23 pm (8:23 ET), when Moon enters Scorpio. Enjoy a deep talk under the stars or out on the deck.

As I raise my vibration, I connect with others in higher ways, now and always.

Sunday, July 30

Morning may be tense, with a potential for power struggles as Moon in tough Scorpio makes early squares Sun and Mars in Leo.

A sextile from Venus to Uranus is great for breakthroughs in creativity, love and connections. We can focus on those that resonate with our ideals and freedom. This lovely transit can open doors and—combined with reaching out to others—heal the bumps and bruises caused along our road to freedom.

The benefits are clearer this afternoon and evening, as Moon chills out on a trine to harmony-freak Neptune.

The Sabian symbol for today’s First Quarter Moon at 8 degrees Scorpio says:

A HIGH MOUNTAIN LAKE IS BATHED IN THE FULL MOON LIGHT. Illumination of the soul by transcendent wisdom. Quiet touch with strength or wayward moody effort at greatness.

I am open and receptive to the joy that flows to me, through me and as me, here and now.

Monday, July 31

Moon in Scorpio goes VOC on a sextile with ruler Pluto, and will be so all day. We should save key outer actions and purchases for tomorrow, and use this energy now to probe in the depths of our minds, consult oracles or apply our inner practice just for fun.

Venus contributes to the healing energy as the love planet enters nurturing Cancer.

I release myself from pressure to perform. I am made in the image and likeness of power, and I naturally radiate power now.

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