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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 1–30, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on June 1, 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, Free Edition

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, June 2017

Thursday, June 1

The entrepreneurial spirit of Number 1 gives added punch to our efforts today, which can be focused and productive as Moon in Virgo, sign of the worker, reaches her First Quarter.

It’s the perfect time to eview the intentions we seeded at last Thursday’s New Moon, regroup and move for progress.

Today’s lunation, at t 11-12 degrees of Virgo, triggers the Sabian symbol:

A BRIDE, LAUGHING, SCOLDS THE GROOM WHO LIFTED HER VEIL. Disclosure of the hidden fruitions of nature to him who dares and loves. Full appreciation of life. Penetration.

Pour love and creativity into your efforts. They can lead to prosperity, as opulent Venus trines Saturn, planet of work. Venus is also approaching a conjunction with innovative Uranus, so we should remember to listen to the artist within and express our most daring side.

This evening favors a wedding or handfasting ceremony, a sensual massage and emotional healing.

With a trine from Moon to Pluto, stay sober and avoid dense surroundings or gatherings.

I put forth my best effort, and the Universe returns its best results to me now.

Friday, June 2

As the week comes to a close, may it catch us moving on something that matters.

Steer clear of defensive responses and guilt trips, and use the promise of Moon in Virgo to focus on something that matters.

Independent creative efforts or connections from a distance are more promising than one-on-one calls or encounters.

We should act before 2:48 pm (5:48 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a testy square to Mars. The moment favors keeping a low profile, exercising at home, connecting with the plant spirits in the garden, tending a beehive, decluttering the garage or refrigerator, or exchanging a foot rub with someone harmonious.

At 5:04 pm (8:04ET), Moon enters sociable Libra, perfect for a date or romantic walk, or for taking in a sweet movie. Connections for romance or, for that matter connections of any kind, are apt to be exciting, as we build to a midnight conjunction from Venus to Uranus.

I am not subject to the forces of the world, I am the force that creates my world now.

Saturday, June 3

This is a day for breakthroughs. A wee-hour conjunction from Venus, planet of love and beauty, to Uranus, orb of freedom and surprises, is followed by a morning trine from Sun to Jupiter, planet of promotion and fortune.

We can make headway by publicizing our creative work or authentic project, or by knocking on the right doors. Moon is in socially adept Libra, and she conjoins fortunate Jupiter and trines Sun, adding three extra toppings to this already promising plate.

It’s time to move on a personal dream or activist concern, particularly related to women. We can use the whole day for this, or work in the morning and use the afternoon and evening for one-on-one fun.

I am irresistibly attractive to my highest good and in that certainty, I move with confidence on my dreams now.

Sunday, June 4

If you’re looking to persuade your beau or enjoy a social brunch, choose another morning. An early square to intense Pluto brings out the feistiest, most resistant side of the Libra Moon. Next comes a square from Sun to slippery Neptune, not auspicious for clarity or satisfaction. These energies favor keeping a low profile and enjoying calm spiritual practice and music.

Now it’s time to put our thoughts and plans in writing, before Mars leaves the shiny skies of Gemini for the grey-green waters of Cancer, where, for the rest of month, it will soften our vigor and diffuse our impulse to direct action. (See more comments on this transit in our June General Influences section.)

If you have someone to call or work to do, an evening trine from Moon in Libra offers a window of satisfaction. Use it early, as a late opposition from Moon to Uranus can flip us into freedom-fighter mode.

Or, use the trine to organize your space and week.

I loosen all ties, release all people, and give thanks for the doors of new good that open for me now.

Monday, June 5

Even if you didn’t feel like hugging her or him last night, don’t be surprised if you wake up on the verge of a tantric grapple with your honey.

That’s only part of the action promised by a trine from Moon in passionate Scorpio to co-ruler Mars.

Today’s energies suggest that we take a brisk walk or renew our program at the gym, or take action on behalf of a loved one, women, children or the nation.

If we pause to listen to our intuition, and direct our arrows in accordance, we can make not one mark, but a chain of them, in a surprisingly short time.

Spirit’s results are always complete, and Spirit generates complete results for me and through me now.

Tuesday, June 6

Today is a power day for personal change, family, romance, spirituality and business. We should make good use of this influence now, since Moon will be VOC this evening and most of tomorrow.

Well before dawn, Venus enters Taurus, prosperous and creative earth sign of her rule.

Moon in Scorpio, towards the end of her waxing phase, can help us make a drastic decision or cut loose from a situation, relationship or location in order to commit to the change we long for.

In case we wonder just how to apply it, Moon harmonizes with Neptune in sensitive Cancer, accentuating the psychic powers of its placement in Scorpio. Read the symbolism of last night’s dreams and consult your favorite oracle, angel or guide.

This sensual transit also favors brunch in bed with someone cute.

Mars-ruled Tuesday gives us the courage to act, and number 6 throws in a pinch of gold dust and supports family connection.

New health treatments and even surgery can go well, particularly for tissue or tumor removal.

At 3:15 pm (6:15 ET), Mercury enters its ruler, airy Gemini. Once again we seem to speak the same language as our companions. Communications, promotions and self-expression flow naturally.

We should get key actions, connections and shopping done before 5:35 pm (8:35 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a sextile to its ruler, psychic and sexy Pluto.

This is not a “light” evening but it can be great for: attending a 12-step meeting, laying around in scant clothing, doing psychic work, practicing forgiveness, journaling, incubating a power dream, or any kind of emotional healing.

Affirmation to incubate a dream of power (repeat ten times before going to sleep):
Under the protection of Archangel Michael (or name your own favorite protector/s), I will have a dream of power that stirs the divine force that I am, and I will remember and understand it on waking.

Wednesday, June 7

Moon continues VOC, and in Scorpio brings out the deeper side of mental number 7. It trines Chiron, the wounded healer, so we can get a lot of mileage out of last night’s dreams, meditation, and creative reading or writing.

Take time for yourself, and if possible, leave practical actions and purchases for after 3:59 PM (6:59 ET), when Moon enters expansive Sag.

Contacts to social Venus, loquacious Mercury and eager Mars favor creative communication, but since they are tense, initial enthusiasm could precede a frustrating outcome. Instead of jumping into the fray, work independently and prepare your ideas or messages.

Tomorrow will be better for sharing.

I invoke the angels of focus to surround me and shield me from interruption or distraction now.

Thursday, June 8

Number 8 helps ground the success potential of today’s Moon in optimistic Sagittarius. It favors work on research, or something that requires tact or diplomatic skill.

A cultural, spiritual or activist endeavor can flow nicely. We could even begin a new relationship. (It could be long term, in the portal of tomorrow’s Full Moon conjunct Saturn, planet of permanence.)

These fortunate influences are accentuated this evening, when Moon sextiles ruler, noble Jupiter, who also happens to rule Thursday.

My attention is in the present, and I now use this golden moment well.

Friday, June 9

Today’s lunation, the last Full Moon before Summer Solstice, is known as the Mead or Honey Moon. These two products of apiary labor resonate with the fertile, transmuting energies of approaching Summer.

Released from the demands of cold and dark here in the Northern Hemisphere, nature takes advantage of the warm hours of light to stretch out in all her golden glory. Intuition surges, and efforts in creativity and prosperity can more easily reach fruition.

Before breaking out the mead, however, bee-lovers take note: the stars are not all flow, feel and party. Serious Saturn happens to join this Moon, reactivated by the trine with Uranus, planet of freedom, that has characterized this year since last Winter Solstice.

Luna shines her golden rays on that area of our charts and lives where we’ve been restructuring for greater autonomy, whether or not we want to be doing that work.

Now, a sextile from Venus the artist to active Mars increases our vitality and lends a touch of excitement, charm and even hot love to the mix.

Jupiter helps us ground Saturn’s call to involuntary diligence. The planet of fortune stations and turns direct today. Situations that somehow seemed stuck since early last February, especially relating to vision, higher education, promotion, charisma and luck, can somehow start moving.

(See our June General Influences for tips for your Sun and rising sign.)

The Sabian symbol resonates with this apparent contradiction:

PELICANS, DISTURBED BY MEN, MOVE TO PLACES UNKNOWN. The protective agency which safeguards the free behavior of individuals. Vivifying contact with collective life energies.

On the one hand, the symbol’s protagonists must adapt to difficulties imposed on them. But, unlike the common human, neither do they languish or lay waiting for the spontaneous return of their familiar world. Following the pulse of life within them, they move their tails towards new horizons.

This action changes apparent tragedy into a “vivifying contact” with collective, e.g. transpersonal energies.

I entirely release familiar forms of good. Unfettered by remorse and blessed by grace, I persist towards new horizons now.

Saturday, June 10

Saturday, “Saturn’s Day,” relates to Saturn, which rules today’s Moon in Capricorn, carrying over yesterday’s serious glow. The numerology of confident, entrepreneurial “6” helps translate the pressure into action.

As sensitive Moon opposes feisty Mars in defensive Cancer, the warrior spirit could enter overdrive. Defend a cause or dear one, plan or work on promotion. In this diplomacy desert, independence is favored over cooperation, and acting from the armchair or keyboard is safer than close up.

As of 1:42 pm (4:42 ET), contact with others becomes easy and can lead to prosperity, fun or a lustful encounter, as Moon trines romantic Venus in Taurus, earth sign of its rule.

This evening, a contact from Moon to Mercury in Gemini, the air sign of its rule, favors conversation and promotional activities. Or enjoy comedy and a table game.

I am naturally connected to the right people and I give thanks for my divine connections now.

Sunday, June 11

Lunar contacts to Jupiter and Neptune favor connecting with light beings, visualization, and enjoying a mind-expanding concert.

This evening, we’ll do better to keep a low profile and use the contact from Moon to intense Pluto for journaling, research and emotional healing, particularly of family programs.

Today’s number 11 expands the impact of inner work on forgiveness, metta and compassion towards ourselves and others.

I radiate love to myself, to others and to the planet, and I connect with the healing light that surround all beings now.

Monday, June 12

With Moon in control-freak Capricorn squaring rebel Uranus before going VOC, today’s ideal activity would be to hole up and watch comic films or polish your jokes (Capricorn’s light side includes dark humor).

A sextile to Chiron can also abet inner healing.

At 4:45 pm (7:45 ET), the clouds disperse as Moon enters Aquarius, sign of clear skies. The water bearer’s electricity brings new life to connections with friends, an activist or cultural initiative, or a creative endeavor.

I hold to the intention of healing, and all my situations and activities create wellness, here and now.

Tuesday, June 13

As the sun rises this morning, so do our inspiration and ability to connect, and they continue high all day.

Moon connects with charming Venus early this morning, followed by a trine from communicator Mercury to Jupiter and another from Moon to Jupiter,  planet of teaching and media.

We can use these energies to focus on something that requires an flexible mind, a kind attitude, and personal or public favor. Inspire someone, ask for support, paint your ideas on a big wall.

The evening energies are more subtle but equally creative. Have a mindful conversation with someone you love and/or wish to help.

The Universe wants to speak through me, and I give it my words, here and now.

Wednesday, June 14

Moon in Aquarius, sign of genius, trines Sun in communicative Gemini, favoring creative work or reaching out to someone and expressing ourselves in a way that calls for confidence.

At 4:49 pm (7:49 ET), Moon sextiles organized Saturn. We can focus on finishing something tangible in the area of life we’re currently restructuring. (For additional precision, check placement of Saturn at 24 Sag in your natal chart.)

Sun happens to be nearing an opposition with Saturn, bringing to light our unconscious need for and simultaneous fear of recognition, and the balance between healthy self-expression and the impulse to hog the spotlight. It’s a tense influence whose best effects are to make us look at what we need to do in order to consolidate our purpose, and organize and persist in effective effort.

At 10:40 pm (1:40 am ET), Moon goes VOC. Tonight will be great for viewing the Saturn-Sun opposition, one of the year’s main astronomy spectacles. It perfects at 3:18 am (6:18 ET). For a few hours around the aspect’s perfection, it may exhibit what’s known as “the Seeliger effect”, when it’s rings are apt to appear luminous due to the angle of sunlight reflection from below the horizon. Even a small telescope will make this a worthwhile experience.

I work to share my light and allow myself to shine, here and now.

Thursday, June 15

Benign and prosperous Jupiter rules both Thursday and Number 6, softening the stress of the early opposition from Sun to Saturn.

Make a ritual of organizing to focus and consolidate your true work. Create a written commitment to yourself, followed by a symbolic action: something major like hiring a housecleaner, disconnecting the internet, establishing a pre-dawn discipline or a message-free slot in your daily schedule.

Moon in Pisces favors mystical connection. As it trines dynamic Mars, it increases the already strong intuitive base for our actions provided by the red planet’s transit through Cancer.

Late night favors a sweet encounter. Lay with your honey, call someone just to be present, and do inner work focused on connectedness, such as writing to an angel.

At 10:35 pm, Mercury, planet of mind, connects to deep Pluto. If you can stay up for it, focus on research and transmutation of your thoughts and inner dialogue.

I am determined to manifest my life’s work, and the entire Universe supports me now.

Friday, June 16

Sensitivities flower. We can interpret our dreams, enjoy music, work on art, receive a message from the beyond and do effective visualization.

Number 7, number of perception, accentuates all things mental today, emphasizing the extra-sensorial abilities of Mercury’s wee-hour conjunction to Pluto, Lord of the Deep.

Moon in psychic Pisces also connects with deep Pluto, as well as Jupiter and Neptune, planets of angels. In the afternoon, she squares Mercury, joining thought and feeling in yet another sensitive aspect that, in cardinal signs, could also exacerbate neurotic attitudes.

Be as selective as possible in where you go and whom you relax with. Take one or more pauses to clear your head, clear your intuition and work with your thoughts. It’s best at this time to keep a low profile and avoid substance abuse.

In the One Mind, I am already connected to what I need to know and who I need to contact now.

Saturday, June 17

If you’re up early to enjoy it, you’ll see the silver crescent Moon in the early sky, as she reaches her Last Quarter. It’s a good moment to make space to consider progress on intentions seeded at the Gemini New Moon of May 25, to release distractions, and begin to plan for the new cycle ahead.

The Sabian symbol seems to offer us a second chance, reminding us to use our subtle potential.

At 26-27 Pisces, it says:

THE HARVEST MOON RISES IN THE TRANSLUCENT AUTUMNAL SKIES. The power of creative visualization by which great Dreamers transcend outer reality. Complete dominance of circumstance.

At 4:33 am (7:33 ET), Moon goes VOC on her Last Quarter. In Pisces, she still performs, joining Chiron to favor spiritual healing. Make a special effort to remember last night’s dreams and be mindful of their messages. This is the perfect time to send healing energy to the planet and take an action on its behalf.

At 10:55 am (1:55 pm ET), Moon enters Aries. Its courageous attitude can help us stand up for something we believe in, say something long due, or close a cycle.

Aries Moon also favors weeding, cleaning the garage, going through boxes, or getting rid of some object that just isn’t for your space and you’ve postponed having it removed.

I call on Power Dreamer angels, to build and direct my magical imagination.

Sunday, June 18

The stars give a transpersonal and restless flavor to Father’s Day. Live it mindfully and it will renew your spirit in preparation for tomorrow’s breakthrough influences.

Morning is the best time for fun and people connections. If you’re not involved with family celebration, this is a good time for breathing life into an activist or creative project.

A morning opposition from Moon to Jupiter is adventuresome but can lead to overdoing it. Caution is wise when climbing on a rocky coast, navigating a foggy road or after a circuit of wine tasting, particularly with Moon in impatient Aries.

Surprises can come at midday as Sun sextiles Uranus, which can precipitate the opening of doors and of Dad’s mind.

Both Jupiter and Uranus relate to freedom and can fuel altruism, in resonance with today’s numerology of 9.

If you are celebrating a father, consider joining with other families or getting involved with a group picnic or (not extreme sports) activity, or even a cause.

Adventure makes way for circumspection at 12:07 pm (3:07 ET), when Mercury opposes serious Capricorn. Avoid arguments and guilt trips. If you have a legal case to plan or a work project to structure, now’s a great time.

You can also make a mental map or organize papers and the week ahead.

One way or another, plan to take some time for yourself and use it in a focused manner. The morning’s euphoria does not return, as today’s last aspect is a lunar square to heavy Pluto, appropriate for journaling, meditating on forgiveness and release, and inner healing.

I bless fathers and the positive fathering forces throughout the Universe now.

Monday, June 19

Moon in courageous Aries makes a chain of dynamic aspects to Saturn, Mercury, Uranus and Sun. We can get a lot done this morning, particularly in relation to work, communication, people and creativity. Waning Moon invites us to use our nerve to finish things rather than beginning something new.

At 12:42 pm (3:42 ET), Moon goes VOC. Leave pending actions and purchases for after 2:53 pm (5:53 ET), when Moon enters Taurus, where it’s exalted.

Her energy opens the way for two approaching sextiles (which will perfect after midnight):

  • Venus, planet of prosperity, in Taurus, the earth sign of her rule, sextiles imaginative Neptune in mystical Pisces.
  • Mercury the thinker sextiles brilliant Uranus.

Sextiles trigger opportunities, and this mix favors mental and creative work, and people connections.

The Master Creator finishes everything she starts, and I give thanks for her finished results, here and now.

Tuesday, June 20

Today, Mercury the thinker squares Chiron, the wounded healer. This square offers the perfect opportunity for a thought-healing session, enriched by a recent dream, a talk with a therapist, counselor or wise confidante, a journaling session and positive affirmations.

Do this early, and you’ll be ready to use and receive today’s excellent influences, including:

  • Sun on the magical, intuitive Gemini-Cancer cusp.
  • Moon exalted in prosperous Taurus.
  • A chain of lunar aspects accenting creativity, luck and readiness to act.

These influences help us make the most of this morning’s wee-hour sextiles involving Mercury and Venus (as described for yesterday). We can apply them in mental and creative work, or to knock on a key door, do something related to prosperity, or connect with fun friends for a Solstice Ceremony or picnic (see tomorrow’s influence for suggestions).

At 9:24 pm (12:24 am ET), Sun enters Cancer, triggering the Aries point at zero degrees of cardinal signs and marking the Summer Solstice—an important portal to bless the earth, restore our intuitive awareness and manifest our soul path.

Just two minutes later, Moon in fertile Taurus trines Pluto the powerful, presaging a prosperous summer season ahead, where mother-energies can help us ground our personal transformation processes and in the political arena, and make alliances with the inner forces.

Tonight will be the shortest of the year. The mingling of sunlight with the realm of night is a high point of intuition and sacred feminine power.

As light moves through the darkness, the Mother’s magic prevails, here and throughout the world now.

Wednesday, June 21

After last night’s Solstice, celebrations continue.

The Druids devoted the day to the Great Mother. In her book, A Harvest of Festivals, Marion Green notes that they would bless water in her name, “so that the link between Earth and Humankind may be renewed and strengthened.”

Check our special Water Blessing Solstice Ritual below.

As for today’s stars, Sun at the critical 0 degree of Cancer gives a lightning-like power to our bold intentions and assertive actions, while Moon in Taurus favors all things related to manifestation.

Mercury joins Sun in Cancer: intuition and reason join in a surge of brilliance.

At 3:44 pm (7:44 ET), Moon enters Gemini. Although the spell of Solstice fades, with the Moon in her balsamic phase, we can focus on finishing up all things Gemini—an article or blog posting, a sales pitch or presentation, a contract, organizing papers or computer documents, buying or fixing computer equipment, cleaning up the inbox, following-up on ideas or proposals that have been presented to colleagues.

The last days of the Old Moon are also good for simply resting. Gemini, however, can’t really disconnect. So if you can, take some time off and retreat from the world while you deepen your practice of mantras or positive affirmations.

Affirmation (to bless water while holding a filled vessel in your hands):
I recognize the Omnipresent Good that fills this water and uses its liquid molecular structure to bless and purify whatever its droplets touch. So it is and so mote it be. Thank you, Divine Mother.

Thursday, June 22

With Moon in loquacious Gemini in trine with optimistic Jupiter in Libra, sign of love, this morning is great for enjoying connections with others.

Master number 22 increases the likelihood of reaching the masses with our vibrations, work, and/or message.

Reach out to another for work or pleasure early in the day. At 2:18 pm (5:18 ET), Moon connects with Neptune, planet of fog, and later with intense Pluto. Under this influence, communications with others can be confusing or difficult, unless they happen to be angels, spirit guides, or an excellent healer.

I am a radiant child of Spirit, I am, I am, I am.

Friday, June 23

This morning, declutter and organize in preparation for tonight’s New Moon in Cancer. Your mind, ideas and communications may be bright, but from-a-distance is better than personal and close up.

Give yourself a break during the VOC, which starts on a sextile to Uranus at 11:45 am (2:45 pm). This aspect and a lunar square from Chiron are great for meditation and affirming release of whatever might hold you back from making a fresh beginning at tonight’s New Moon.

The Sabian Symbol at 2-3 Cancer says:

AN ARCTIC EXPLORER LEADS REINDEER THROUGH ICEY CANYONS. The pioneering, trail-blazing instinct urging man to get out beyond all things. Plunge into virgin possibilities of life.

This description evokes the symbol of the Full Moon of June 9, describing pelicans who are looking for new territory, leading to a “vivifying contact with collective life energies.” Coming just two days after the Solstice, it carries the magic of the Gemini-Cancer cusp.

In this lunation’s chart, 2 major aspects are moving towards perfection.

Venus in Taurus, the earth sign of her rule, trines intense Pluto in Capricorn, sign of structure. This is a promise of prosperity and empowerment through reworking connections, with ourselves and others.

Also, Mars the warrior is squaring Jupiter. Valor surges, timidity fades, we can challenge beliefs. Breathe deep, register your changes, do something private to affirm your assertive self. This aspect promotes a superhero syndrome and is prone to cross the line between bold and brazen, between confident and pushy. Try to wait a few days before acting on a sudden impulse to walk around with a poster outside a local church or mosque, tell your boss or teacher why you’re better than s/he, or jump from one building to another like Neo in The Matrix (remember, he had gone through full training). But do hold to the willingness to question that may be this aspects prime benefit.

These influences are strengthening and fuse with the Cancer New Moon to help pry the crab in each of us from its tight hold on a rock, and as she discovers her power, to find the inner security she’s truly searching for. Cancerian strengths such as wisdom, heartfelt emotions, empathy, business savvy, a harmonious home, and nurturance of all that’s good in ourselves and in the world can flower as we clarify the more subtle intentions indicated by this portal’s chart. For instance, we can ask to be released from our emotional impressions and dreams of the past, to get up-to-date with our evolving self, ideas and desires, to have the nerve to challenge what doesn’t resonate with our gut instinct, and to manifest empowering relationships with ourselves and others.

I call on the Dark Mother to dissolve from my memory any programs of vulnerability, so that I may be entirely receptive to the best and most empowering experiences life has for me now.

Saturday, June 24

Yesterday’s mix of empowerment and trigger-jumping continues.

Venus perfects her trine to transformative Pluto in the wee hours, and Moon in sensitive Cancer joins Mars, triggering the warrior planet’s square to puffy Jupiter.

Lunar connections with soulful Neptune, deep Pluto and sweet Venus make this afternoon and evening a heartfelt experience. Spend it with nature spirits, roast marshmallows or walnuts in honor of Fatima, representative of the ancestral Great Mother, who is celebrated on this day, or give yourself the gift of doing whatever you find truly joyful.

Avoid dense ambiences or anything that might distract you from your subtle processes.

I am aware of my power, and I use it mindfully, here and now.

Sunday, June 25

Mars perfects its square to Jupiter, fueling a spirit of adventure. But with Moon in Cancer, the tense nature of this aspect indicates that it’s safer and more pleasant to stick around home. Have brunch in the garden, or if you don’t have one, buy flowers and imagine that you do. Another way to apply this combination is through activism in favor of the sea, children, women, or the hungry or homeless.

At 6:06 pm, Moon enters Leo. Later tonight, Mars trines Neptune. Pour vitality into a creative project or get the materials together to create a treasure map or dream board.

Whatever you do, stay centered in harmony and avoid direct conflict, pushiness or bickering about beliefs.

My inner work insures the results of my outer actions, now and always.

Monday, June 26

Arrange a meeting with your intuitive self this morning, as Monday’s lunar connection accents the guidance received as Mars in Moon-sign Cancer trines Neptune in psychic Pisces. Signs from dreams may be particularly vivid, and some quiet time will help us connect with our gut-sense in directing this week’s actions.

It also favors making or finishing a dream board or similar visualization tools.

At midday to afternoon, a sextile from Moon in warm Leo to Jupiter in social Libra favors sharing our knowledge, positive recognition or a nice gift, and romantic or joyous connections with others.

This evening, creative juices flow, but interactions can be tense.

The Same Mind that knows the highest and best path for me, guides me and helps me live it now.

Tuesday, June 27

This morning’s influences multiply the results of our efforts, as Moon in vital Leo trines worker Saturn, giving us a chance to pour creative energy into whatever we are rebuilding (check Saturn’s placement at 23 Sagittarius in your natal chart). With Saturn in retrograde, we can follow through on something we started or planned in January, when Saturn last hit this degree.

At 11:21 am (2:21 pm ET), Mercury the communicator squares Jupiter the publisher. Use inner dialogue, mantras and affirmations to reprogram beliefs, focus on teaching, study, promotion, copy, a letter to Congress or creative writing, transmit a motivating message.

Do it before 2:12 pm (5:12 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a trine to Uranus the liberator. Take a break, play hooky and set your inner child free (with a lunar contact to Chiron, we should do this with a healing intent).

At 5:22, Mercury trines dreamy Neptune. Journal about dreams come true, write to an angel, enjoy music. This influence is good for creative messages or getting through to someone we wish to find or contact intuitively.

We can ground its practical benefits after 5:41 pm (8:41 ET), when Moon enters productive Virgo.

I give thanks that there is a divine idea for our connection, and that it manifests in harmony, for the good of all concerned, here and now.

Wednesday, June 28

Moon in focused Virgo sextiles Sun in fertile Cancer. Our confidence can lead to positive responses from those we connect with and good results in what we do.

This afternoon, Moon’s ruler Mercury joins Mars and Venus connects with Saturn. If we center in harmony and can avoid being snippy, our direct communications, daring words and promotional efforts can generate positive results.

The evening influences favor intuition, compassion and work on healing.

I radiate love to myself and others, and I serve as a channel for healing now.

Thursday, June 29

Rise early and focus your efforts: Moon in Virgo supports follow-through on good intentions. Do it in an organized fashion and avoid dishing out or absorbing guilt trips.

At 1:35 pm (4:35 ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Venus for the rest of the afternoon. Enjoy a healthful, pleasant meal and help someone by showing you care.

Mental Mercury opposes deep Pluto this afternoon. This is a great aspect for research, developing persuasive ideas and journaling, but not conducive to harmonious connections.

Save connections, purchases and key actions for tomorrow, when Moon will be in Libra.

I release my worries, and allow my good to flow through Spirit’s perfect channels now.

Friday, June 30

Moon in social Libra reaches First Quarter, offering a rest spot on the path that began at last week’s New Moon.

Early in the morning, review your intentions and regroup towards their manifestation. Make an extra effort to connect with people who matter, either for your goals, for your joy, or just because you care.

Once again, the Sabian symbol resonates with the idea of exploring new horizons. For 9-10 Libra it says:

A CANOE LEAVING NARROW RAPIDS REACHES CALM WATERS. The reward of all sincere and daring outreaching of self in life. A sure Destiny. Reliance on skill and circumstances.

The week and month close on a hopeful note.

This evening, enjoy connections with yourself and others.

Divine love expands and enjoys Itself through me and through my connections now.

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