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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, May 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 1, 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast - Free! May 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, May 2017

Monday, May 1

Beltane has arrived, the traditional feast of the goddess’ appearance on the earth in her facet as giver of abundance.

In The Pagan Book of Days, Nigel Pennick points out that the name Beltane combines the root of solar deity and fire, energies that are in ascent as the Summer Solstice approach.

The modern May pole, stilled used in some European May Day celebrations, is a remnant of a much more ancient tradition, described by Erich Neuman in The Great Mother:

The central role of the Christmas tree and the May Pole in vegetation rites has been well known, [including] the cult pole of Asherah, the goddess of heaven, and the ritual cult pole around the tree.

In The Year of the Goddess, Lawrence Durdin-Robinson mentions various sources that speak of a May Day tradition of rising before dawn to touch, collect, drink and kiss the dew, and then wait to watch the sunrise.

As Adam MacClean puts it in his book The Four Fire Festivals:

The ancient people, with their deeper insight into the spiritual processes in nature, recognized this dew as a magical substance bearing the essence of the Earth.

If you’re up to rising before dawn, you can connect with the archetypal forces at work in the dew, and the spirits of ancestors and light beings who joined at this portal in ages past.

Flowers, sex and sacred fun are all connected to this celebration.

As for today’s stars, Cancer Moon makes a fertile backdrop for Beltane blessings. This morning, we’ll do better to avoid unnecessary confrontation and save PR efforts and key appointments for the afternoon, when Moon connects with constructive Saturn and trines Chiron, facilitating good feelings. Though VOC, in Cancer she still performs.

At 9:12 pm (12:12 am ET), Moon enters fiery Leo.


I bless the Mother’s living planet, and give thanks for her omnipresent abundance, here and now.

Tuesday, May 2

Sharing positive recognition and expressing appreciation and even passion will open the right doors, as Moon in radiant, romantic Leo sextiles Mars, planet of action who also rules Tuesday.

Take the cue and move! Do it this morning and afternoon, before Moon reaches her Second Quarter this evening in Leo at 7:47 pm (10:47 ET), inviting us to review and tweak our progress.

The Sabian symbol for 12-13 degrees Leo says:

OLD SEA CAPTAIN RESTS IN NEAT LITTLE COTTAGE BY THE SEA. Reward of growth from outward to inner realm. Serenity through overcoming of storms. Self-gained mellowness. Retirement.

I visualize happy and successful encounters, and my actions generate them now.

Wednesday, May 3

Mercury goes direct this morning, but is still in post-retrograde shadow.

Morning is best for inner work, healing and research.

Our creativity is unleashed at midday (afternoon on the East Coast), as Moon approaches its trines to Mercury and Uranus, planets of lower and higher mind, and Sun moves to sextile magical Neptune.

This inspiring fusion favors many activities, including: broadcasting, brainstorming, media or musical production, acting, and for that matter, all sorts of artistic expression. We can enchant others with our magnetism, kindness, work, and prayers.

At 9:35 pm (12:35 am ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Saturn, planet of elders. With a call, message or intention, we are favored in expressing our appreciation for a teacher or older relative.

I invite the solar angels to radiate love to others through my Sun-heart now.

Thursday, May 4

Moon in Virgo works well with the constructive resonance of Number 4 and Thursday’s prosperous planet Jupiter.

Today, we’ll be well served by eliminating distractions and focussing on practical organization and details of our goals. Also, making space for service.

Morning favors retouching minor surgery undertaken before March 27, reviewing negotiations and recommencing PR efforts.

We should strive to avoid being too picky or touchy.

An evening square from Moon to Mars isn’t propitious for interactions, though a game of Scrabble could be fun as long as we don’t get obsessed with winning and end up throwing the letters across the table at our opponent. Instead, we should go to the gym or work out at home.

Keep a journal on hand to write down dreams on waking.

I invite the Divine Mind to complete everything it starts in me and through me now.

Friday, May 5

This is a power Friday. An early opposition from Moon to Neptune favors writing down our dreams and interpreting their messages.

Moon, in grounded Virgo, goes on to trine Sun in prosperous Taurus and Pluto in persistent Capricorn. All manifestation circuits are activated. We should concentrate on consolidating our efforts. If taking a three-day weekend, do something—whatever you can—for an independent project.

And be sure to take a break to connect with Mother Earth.

The Source has all power to manifest my intent, and I hold my focus until it appears now.

Saturday, May 6

At 5:42 am (8:42 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square to worker planet Saturn before opposing Chiron, the wounded healer. It’s a great time to journal about past or present pain, and to self-dialogue to forgive and release it, before writing our new programs.

At 11:20 am (14:20 ET), the fog lifts as Moon enters sociable Libra, favoring lunch with a partner, love-interest or friends. If gardening is an option, plant flowers or vines.

Remember to focus on things begun before March 27, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow.

An evening opposition from Moon in hug-loving Libra to ruler Libra’s Venus in frisky Aries could make for a romantic interlude. Or it could be one of those nights where our dream of romance turns into a nightmarish spat. Enjoy, but have a Plan B and don’t lose your sense of humor.

The entire Universe is full of love for me, so only good is touching me, here, now and always.

Sunday, May 7

Today’s harmonious window can help us prepare for a potentially intense week. We now have the opportunity to synchronize with Moon in loving Libra and bless our minds, connections and world.

Morning is great for an early walk, swim or bike ride.

A midday connection from Moon to Neptune favors meditation or a preferred spiritual practice.

This afternoon, a conjunction from Moon to beneficent Jupiter blesses our generous, altruistic actions and contacts with angels and light-beings.

I invite Divine Love to pour through my heart, embracing me and filling my life. The love in my heart connects me with the love in hearts around the world, and we encircle the planet with victorious connectedness now.

Monday, May 8

The week gets off to a feisty start. Lawyers’ phones will be flooded and arguments can get sharp as Moon in Libra, sign of discussion, opposes loquacious Mercury and brilliant Uranus, both in Aries, the sign most ready to jump in the ring.

Today we can improve our strategies and negotiation ploys… and write them down, FOR LATER USE!

Things cool down later in the day, but with Moon going VOC at 3:49 pm (6:59 ET), we can use this afternoon to meditate, pray and radiate peace, and as we do, diffuse the potential for conflict later in the week.

The divine law of justice is working for all people and in all situations. In this certainty, I abide in gratitude and peace now.

Tuesday, May 9

We can tune into the combined power for transmutation of today’s number 9 with Scorpio Moon, by repeating yesterday’s affirmation this morning.

A trine from Sun to Pluto increases our willpower to work on change in the area of our lives and charts touched by Pluto retrograding at 19 degrees Capricorn.

With Sun in fertile Taurus, this can lead to a significant turn for the better, and even new prosperity.

But someone forgot to tell Mercury that we prefer smooth transitions. The planet of verbal expression joins rebel Uranus this morning. Brilliant thoughts can lead to willfulness, and especially in Aries, to hoof-in-mouth. We’ll do well to keep a low profile, work for our own healing, and unleash creative and mental processes. But hold off on the impulse to push something or someone.

Deep within, I know the best way to express my power, and it surfaces in a clear, positive dream I remember on waking.

Wednesday, May 10

Deep Scorpio Moon harmonizes with psychic Neptune and with Scorpio’s co-ruler, Pluto, making this morning and midday great for dream interpretation, consulting a favorite oracle or medium, and emotional healing.

If you need to produce or buy something, it’s best to do it before 2:42 pm (5:42 ET), when Moon goes VOC on reaching fullness.

This is one of the year’s most potent lunations. If you can, take the afternoon off and use it to intend and visualize. Direct your powers to solve a difficult problem or something related to passion, physical energy, prosperity, and completion of a project or miracle you’ve been working on.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation’s 20-21 degrees Scorpio describes:

A SOLDIER READY TO FACE CHARGES OF DESERTION FOR LOVE’S SAKE. Conflict between old and new perspectives. A willingness to face chaos for the sake of a new order. Yielding to emotions.

Peace, peace, peace. The peace of Spirit is at the center of my heart. The peace of Spirit is in the heart of all beings, and it guides us to release fear, enmity and intolerance and to express our irresistible unity, here and now.

Thursday, May 11

Jupiter, planet of angels, rules Thursday, and Master Number 11 fills out the promise of yesterday’s Full Moon by opening a window to increase humanity’s love vibration.

With Moon VOC in Scorpio, sign of the cauldron, and in trine to Chiron this morning, we can take an honest look at deeper needs for healing.

Today’s potent energies will apply in one way or another, and it’s worth our while to use them in journaling, therapy or spiritual practice.

Doing so will dispel the likelihood of toxic aggression indicated by warrior Mars as he squares Neptune, planet of mystery, bringing uncomfortable situations to the surface.

Avoid driving under the influence, save arguments and go easy on the liquor and other mind-altering substances.

A trine from mental Mercury to constructive Saturn favors organizing our work and restructuring publicity or something we’re writing.

It’s best to program worldly activities for after 9:58 am (12:58 pm ET), when Moon enters Sagittarius.

I open a door to my secret self, and the light of angels shines to heal my shadows now.

Friday, May 12

Thanks to a trine from Mars in communicative Gemini to Jupiter the publicist in enchanting Libra, this morning is good for sales, promotion, PR, and for that matter any interaction that requires confidence and charm,

Try to use it before 2:08 pm (5:08 ET), when Moon begins a series of potentially stressful aspects favoring independent creativity.

The Universe needs my energy and talents, and I dare to share them now.

Saturday, May 13

Confidence and inspiration flow as Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius with Sun and with exciting Uranus.

Morning can be fun for an adventure. With today’s constructive numerology of 4, and Moon’s afternoon rendezvous with builder planet Saturn, we can also make headway with pending work.

I am made in the image and likeness of confidence, and I allow myself to radiate and act in confidence now.

Sunday, May 14

Moon in dynamic Capricorn, along with the restless numerology of 5, ignite our entrepreneurial spirit. Make headway on a project—at home, or for business, altruistic, or political purposes.

As for Mother’s Day, these influences are too restless for a say-it-with-flowers kind of visit. Express your love with action, like helping Mom rearrange the furniture or fix a door. If you happen to be on the receiving end, ask or arrange for others to help you get something done, or if need be, do it for yourself.

The Divine Mother helps us in tangible ways, and I actively collaborate now.

Monday, May 15

We can use Mercury’s last day in Aries and today’s Moon in Capricorn as she joins with intense Pluto, to push through pending concerns. Particularly focus on: bureaucracy, research, divorce, separation, or connecting to an influential person.

This will put us on an apt level to take advantage of Mercury’s shift this evening, when the planet of thought enters Taurus, sign of abundance, beginning a 19-day cycle to work on our prosperity consciousness, mantras, and affirmations.

In resonance with the Infinite Source, my good flows abundantly, now and always.

Tuesday, May 16

This morning, VOC Moon in Capricorn sextiles Chiron, favoring inner healing.

If you have key actions, connections or shopping, schedule them for after 10:50 am (1:50 pm ET), when Moon enters Aquarius. The sign of the water bearer is smart… but not exactly flexible, particularly when Moon squares Mercury in stubborn Taurus. This influence is great for independent, creative work and art, but can lead to unnecessarily heated arguments.

Before falling asleep tonight, incubate a dream or contact spirit guides. Keep a notebook on hand to write down any messages you remember on waking.

I invite my angels and spirit guides to guide me to fulfill my mission in a clear dream I remember and understand on waking.

Wednesday, May 17

Make an extra special effort to recall last night’s dreams, as a quincunx between angel planets Jupiter and Neptune have opened a portal for spiritual guidance.

Moon in friendly Aquarius makes a rosary of harmonies to Venus and Jupiter, the two benefics, and Mars, planet of action. This alignment is great for all kinds of interaction, from fun and romance to promotion, negotiation and activism.

A contact from Sun to worker Saturn suggests that we’ll feel inclined to make something lasting of this highly propitious alignment.

I am naturally connected to the highest and the best people, and I appreciate and act on my divine connections now.

Thursday, May 18

Today, we can release something, and build for something.

The numerology of today’s number 9 works nicely with the Last Quarter Moon in Aquarius as it harmonizes with its ruler, detached Uranus. It’s time to let go of a distraction, tie, commitment or role that has been weighing us down. Maybe needs to be released is an offering or gift that we’ve been planning to share, or money or a book someone lent us that for one reason or another we have postponed delivering.

Soon after the Uranus sextile, Moon harmonizes with her co-ruler, constructive Saturn. A door we’ve knocked on previously can now open. We can polish our ideas and share them in the context of business, culture, activism or friendship.

Work, play and act before 5:33 pm (8:33ET), when Moon goes VOC on her 4th quarter.

At 28-29 Aquarius, Moon’s Sabian symbol says:

METAMORHIS COMPLETED, A BUTTERFLY SPREADS ITS WINGS. Immortality of the real self. Graduation into a new realm of being. Confident projection of self, or lack of self-confidence.

Take some time off to share an evening stroll or somehow enjoy nature and friends.

At 8:15 pm (11:15 ET), Moon enters Pisces.

The Universe needs my contribution, and I dare to share it successfully now.

Friday, May 19

The week ends with style, as diligent Saturn perfects his trine to wild Uranus. Theirs is an ongoing rendezvous that has been one of this year’s hallmarks. In enthusiastic fire signs Sagittarius and Aries, this connection helps us build for freedom.

Don’t miss out on what can be an extraordinary window! Make an extra effort and take definitive action to build the next step towards a life more authentic.

Moon in Pisces and an opposition from love-planet Venus to beneficent Jupiter help keep our doors open wide with the help of light beings and an attitude of unconditional kindness.

I release myself and others from the mistakes of the past. On the vibration of love, I receive the best and the highest that life has for me now.

Saturday, May 20

Moon in psychic Pisces harmonizes with Pluto, planet of dredging. It’s time to follow our intuition to get to the bottom of a dream we’re trying to interpret or a situation we wish to understand.

This is also a good aspect for forgiveness or getting through to someone influential we’ve been working to connect with.

Meditate and/or act early, since Moon moves on to square Pluto at 9:28 am (12:28 pm ET), and encounters at this time are apt to be defensive at best. This lunar contact is followed by her afternoon square to Saturn, when we’ll need to make a special effort to focus on personal reorganization, and avoid dishing out or ingesting the guilt pie that’s apt to appear on the table.

At 1:31 pm (4:31 ET), Sun enters Gemini, bringing our thought and communication processes to light, and stimulating our inclination to connect.

With Gemini’s ruler, Mercury, still in retrograde shadow, the best connections will be those we began before March 27. The introspective nature of the sign of the twins is accented, great for journaling and inner dialogue.

I release the approval of others, and work to receive my own approval now.

Sunday, May 21

Rise early and seize the day. Moon enters active Aries before sunrise, and moves to sextile Sun at 4:12.

This merger between vitality and purpose is great for carving out a different kind of Sunday. Explore the low tide, reclaim a morning spiritual practice, journal wildly, drive up the coast or to the mountains for brunch, or participate in a different kind of spiritual gathering.

This is a day to connect with others, and to do it in a way that honors your needs and authentic self.

Wherever I go, whomever I meet, I remember to honor my truth, today and always.

Monday, May 22

If you are blessed with a great lover or are working with an OK one to improve your sex life, enjoy the passion of Moon in Aries as she conjuncts romantic Venus early this morning.

Otherwise, we might consider making a dream board to manifest one. Get images of ideal intimate encounters, Photoshop or paste them with your loved one’s face, and glue them on red poster board, along with an image of goddess Venus or Aphrodite.

At 11:44 am (2:44 pm ET), things can get deep, but be on guard for unnecessary fights as Moon squares powerhouse Pluto.

The high energy continues this afternoon, although it can be more readily channeled. Moon sextiles ruler Mars in loquacious Gemini. Enjoy exercise or a favorite sport, or move on a connection, promotion, or communication that requires confidence. Today’s numerology of 22 increases the likelihood of reaching the masses with our efforts and ideas.

Mercury finally emerges from post-retrograde shadow, giving a green light on transmissions large and small. Since we are in the balsamic Moon phase, the emphasis is more on endings than beginnings. The latter will get a big boost with the New Moon on Thursday.

If we happen to be up late tonight, we can use Moon’s trine to Saturn to make headway with work, or anything requiring tangible progress.

At 11:59 pm (2:59 am), Moon goes VOC on a conjunction with Uranus. Leave online purchases for tomorrow when she’ll be in Taurus.

The Universe knows the best and highest ways for me to share love, and brings them forth here and now.

Tuesday, May 23

If we happen to be up before dawn, we can jump out of bed and seize this day ruled by Mars, as is the early Moon in Aries. We are empowered to act with energy and courage on something that requires a breakthrough.

By 5:33 am (8:33 ET), things cool down as Moon enters Taurus, the prosperous sign of its exaltation.

Moon conjuncts Mercury later in the day. We can find special rewards in enjoying nature and good food, giving and/or receiving a massage, and in decluttering our space.

As I move through papers, objects and disorder, I visualizing abundance filling my beautified space, here and now.

Wednesday, May 24

This is the last day of the lunar cycle, and Moon is in Taurus, as she was at the New Moon four weeks ago.

The current phase is of release, of rest and of closure. The tiny silver crescent barely scratches the sky, and we can more readily connect with the dark.

A sextile to compassionate Neptune and a trine to Pluto, planet of alchemy, point to forgiveness and facilitate a deeper look.

Try to get rest early this evening, but not before releasing some belongings and thoughts that could be limiting your prosperity.

Angels of freedom, please dissolve my attachments to limiting beliefs, situations, and belongings and move me to release them now.

Thursday, May 25

In the dark of the Moon, Venus squares Pluto this morning. It’s worth our while to journal about our self-esteem and programs of unworthiness, or visit a therapist or support group where we can discuss them.

These activities resonate with the mental gifts of today’s number 7, and prepare us for a fresh start at this afternoon’s New Moon, which perfects at 12:44 pm (3:44 ET), and triggers 4 degrees of Gemini.

The Sabian symbol for 4 Gemini says:

A RADICAL MAGAZINE DISPLAYS A SENSATIONAL FRONT PAGE. The compelling power of social propaganda. Exteriorization of emotional sympathy in organized reform.

Gemini is about thought and communication. This symbol expands the reach of our New Moon intentions to something larger than our personal sphere.

What is your special voice and how can you share it at this time of social and political upheaval? Perhaps you have a gift for one-on-one connection or access to a venue you can use to empower, mobilize or enlighten others. Maybe yours is the gift of prayer or of kind words that heal your world.

Whatever your intent around communication, study, thinking and siblings, clarify and write it down on this power day.

The Mind that knows what my talents are, knows how I can best use them, and guides me and supports me to do it, here and now.

Friday, May 26

Freshly waxing Moon in Gemini helps us move forward with something requiring study or communication.

Morning is best for inner work, quiet time and research. Reach out to your honey, clients, or other key persons after 12:49 pm (3:49 ET), when Moon makes an auspicious sextile to Venus.

Assertive requests prosper now, and remarks can hit the bull’s eye, when Moon joins Mars at 7:21 pm (10:21 ET)—not so great for pillow talk but fun for playing Scrabble, taking in an action film, or enjoying sports.

At 11:18 pm (2:18 am) Moon goes VOC.

I care for my inner self, and my life comes from a place of power now.

Saturday, May 27

Waxing Moon enters savvy Cancer at 4:25 am (7:25 ET).

Find a way to share your knowledge. The numerology of 9 calls us to center in gratitude give something back to life as part of the gifts we’ve received. It brings out the more universal inclinations of Cancer Moon’s nurturing instinct, as does a contact from Mercury the communicator to Jupiter the teacher.

Today’s influences also favor publicity, promotion and business activities. With Mercury in creative Taurus and Jupiter in aesthetic Libra, transmit beauty in whatever you do.

If your batteries can take it, stay up late to use the intuitive and spiritual benefits of this evening’s after-midnight transits. (See tomorrow’s Influences for details.)

I invite the angels of beauty to bless my inner and outer world, here and now.

Sunday, May 28

If you’re up to it, rise early to consult an oracle, contact light beings and apply visualization and/or a preferred spiritual practice.

A wee hour sextile from mental Mercury to psychic Neptune compliments the aspects triggered by Moon in sensitive Cancer. Moon also contacts Jupiter and Neptune, planets of angels, and a bit later Mercury and intense Pluto.

It’s a great time to stay at home or accompany our prayer, pagan, meditation, or shamanic group, and do whatever works to anchor harmony and peace. We can journal, affirm, use mantras, and connect with compatible others, including trees and other nature spirits.

This focus will help soften and transmute the impact of an opposition from restless Mars to stalwart Saturn. Their encounter perfects late tonight. The next couple of days may involve some frustration. Avoid getting involved with anger projections.

Use any setbacks to pause, regroup and restructure for lasting results. Save key dealings for tomorrow.

My progress is under spiritual law, so it unfolds in perfect order, here and now.

Monday, May 29

Not only is today prime for practicing metta or other meditation modalities centered on compassion and loving-kindness, it’s downright critical for collective wellness.

The numerology of 11 opens a door for angels to use our intentions and lift humanity’s vibrations. If you happen to be up, use the early hours for emotional healing.

At 5:12 am (8:12 ET), Moon enters warm Leo. People connections can flow, particularly this evening as Moon sextiles ruler Sun in communicative Gemini.

In the wake of last night’s opposition from Mars to Saturn, armchair, internet and snail mail activism look better than attending a physical demonstration, which could be co-opted to excuse a repressive agenda.

From a place of unconditional love, I am guided to the highest and most effective actions, and I move on them now.

Tuesday, May 30

Moon, towards the end of her waxing period, is in confident Leo and connecting to Mercury and Pluto. Speaking from the heart—rather than ego—can dissolve apparent blocks and have a lasting effect.

Best of all is a sextile from promoter planet Mars to free-flyer Uranus. Our direct actions can help offset the delays caused by Sunday’s showdown between go-getter Mars and stern Saturn. They can make up for lost time. If we boldly act on our intuition, they can even open doors that seem impossible.

Night workers and night-owls can make headway as lunar trines to creative Venus, constructive Saturn, and innovative Uranus unleash our inspiration and help direct in in lasting ways.

Infinite Intelligence shows me new ways of moving, and I act on its guidance now.

Wednesday, May 31

Following a bold harmony to warrior planet Mars, this morning Moon rises VOC in passionate Leo. Mercury the thinker then moves to trine powerful Pluto.

Thought goes deep, research can uncover jewels, and the transformative power of our words intensifies.

It’s time to transmute our thoughts, to write from within, and to put across a message we’ve been holding inside.

These gifts can be fun in the morning, and constructive after 9:16 (12:16 pm ET), when Moon enters diligent Virgo, combining with the earthy energy of the Mercury-Pluto trine, and the constructive numerology of 4 to propitiate a very constructive day.

I take the time to say what I really mean, and my words are charged with power, now and always.

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