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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, April 1–30, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 1, 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology Forecast, April 2017

Saturday, April 1

Waxing Moon in Gemini harmonizes with Sun in Aries, increasing the likelihood of fun repartee on this April Fool’s Day. This morning, a lunar square to Neptune can make for some effective tricks.

Although in practical transactions and communication can become confusing, this aspect favors dream interpretation, contact with light beings, metaphysical practice and creative expression.

The fog lifts this afternoon, thanks to a trine from Moon to enthusiastic Jupiter in relational Libra, great for communication, socializing, sales and promotion. With Mercury in pre-retrograde shadow and a contact to Pluto, we should focus on what we began before March 27 and on veracity, and resist the temptation to hype.

Spirit’s true and luminous thoughts flow easily to me and through me, here and now.

Sunday, April 2

At 7:43 am (11:43 ET), Moon in loquacious Gemini goes VOC in opposition to diligent Saturn, facilitating a few good hours to read non-fiction, organize our thoughts, do crossword puzzles, repeat mantras and write down affirmations and intentions.

Save key actions and purchases for after 11:27 am (2:27 pm ET), when Moon enters Cancer, connecting with Venus and Mercury to favor work on art, food, crafts, and business, as well as lunch at home or a backyard picnic.

This is a great time to watch and discuss a meaningful movie, clarify values, take initiative in communications, rework an agreement to make it harmonious yet empowering to us and what we really want, or scan communications to see if there is something we can ask for or need to say to honor our true values. Perhaps we need to follow through on a promise, set a limit, or ask for support or forgiveness. Now is the moment for finding a way to do this without confrontation.

Evening is particularly harmonious and intuitive as Venus leaves the competitive terrain of Aries and backs into the anaretic, most intuitive degree of Pisces starting at 5:25 pm (8:25 ET).

With Mercury in pre-retrograde storm, remember to focus on intentions and actions seeded before March 27. Tonight, with its  intuitive emphasis,  invites keeping a notebook on hand to write down dreams tomorrow morning.

Affirmation (repeat 10 times mindfully before sleeping):
Deep within, I know the best and highest path, and it appears clearly in a dream I’ll remember on waking.

Monday, April 3

Moon in sensitive Cancer harmonizes with Neptune, prince of intuition. This morning we can write down our dreams and analyze them for guidance, consult the I Ching, or pose a question to a favorite oracle.

At 11:39 am, Moon reaches her First Quarter. At 14/15 Cancer, the Sabian symbol says:

MERRY AND SLUGGISH PEOPLE RESTING AFTER A HUGE FEAST. A turning to superficial things for self-strengthening. Self-indulgence in sensation. Unintelligent satiation, dullness.

Intuition guides us to review our progress with intentions confirmed at the last New Moon Monday, March 27, and get on line with our life.

Afternoon contacts from Moon to Mars and Jupiter, planets of confidence, open a window for promotion, sales, activism and audacious action in general.

My true hunger is for Spirit, which is all that attracts me now.

Tuesday, April 4

This morning favors healing, particularly of guilt trips, with Moon in emotional Cancer contacting both Chiron and Saturn.

At 1:45 pm (4:45 ET), she goes VOC on a trine to sweet Venus. In Cancer, she still performs, favoring a late, romantic lunch, mediation on compassion, reaching out to another with kindness, and inspiration for business or creativity.

At 3:13 pm (6:13 ET), she enters willful Leo.

A quincunx from Mars to Jupiter generates extra energy. Rather than going bombastic, go for a swim or a brisk walk, preferably uphill.

I release any load of guilt I have absorbed from others and declare myself free now.

Wednesday, April 5

If we use it mindfully, today can be pivotal in our long-term direction. Saturn, planet of work and effort, stations and turns retrograde, opening a five-month portal to review and redo what we’ve been building in the area of our lives touched by 27 Sagittarius. We’re putting out the effort, but are we considering this for what it is: the groundwork for the next 28 years?

Today’s review deserves special attention, since Mars the mobilizer in fertile Taurus trines Pluto the transformer in Capricorn, sign of advancement.

Pluto has been pressuring us to release limitations, false ego, attachments and whatever else keeps us from taking up our power. If you look at the place in your chart that Pluto is transiting at 19 degrees of Capricorn, the sign of organization, you can get more personal insight into that pressure, and with today’s boost from Mars, take steps to act on it.

Let’s use it well now and tomorrow, since the next similar trine will be in six months.

Without reserve, I focus my thoughts and actions, and make this day an act of power now.

Thursday, April 6

Yesterday’s key influences and tips continue.

Also, Leo Moon trines exciting Uranus, making for creative breakthroughs and exciting people connections. Our results benefit from the vibration of Number 6, ruled by fortunate Jupiter, as is Thursday.

It’s worth making the effort to knock on that door, get the proposal sent even if it isn’t perfect, strut our stuff. It’s best to move before 5:16 pm (8:16 ET) on the second and final day this power portal, when Moon goes VOC. Then we can enjoy an evening of low-key fun before she enters Virgo at 9:20 pm (12:20 am ET).

I am worthy of success and I allow myself to focus and move on it now.

Friday April 7

Friday is ruled by Venus, but this Friday’s social energy is more for work and helping than for hanging out.

If you have something to do for yourself, do it early, when Moon in industrious Virgo trines ruler Mercury in earthy Taurus, helping us reorganize our space and review business projects.

This harmony also favors making a tangible expression of kindness, sending flowers or a gift or donating things to someone in need.

The call to altruism and even heroic acts of kindness continues throughout the day. Sun in Aries, sign of the warrior, opposes purposeful Jupiter in socially oriented Libra. Tonight, sensitive Moon in Virgo, sign of service, connects with compassionate Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule. Finish the kind gestures and actions begun earlier, or call someone who can use an empathetic ear.

I open my hands to give what the Universe sends through me, and to receive what the Universe sends to me, here and now.

Saturday, April 8

In the aftermath of this week’s action portal, heavies Saturn and Pluto get a new kind of stimulation. The planet of work is now retrograde, and together with the trine from Mars to Pluto, invited us to take up our issues of rebuilding and change. Now, each of these two boss planets receives a square from a personal planet: Venus in Pisces squares Saturn, and Sun squares Pluto.

In conjunction to Venus, Chiron gets pulled into the ring. With these two in Pisces, spiritual love and other subtle forces can be used for healing, releasing and giving ourselves permission to continue to rebuild the area of our lives now occupied by Saturn at 27 Sagittarius. This is a great weekend for therapy, forgiveness of self and others, calling on angels or spirit guides, following our intuitive leads despite the contrary opinions of others or our own mental noise, and taking a realistic look at what we need in order to accomplish our goals for greater independence.

As for the Sun in square to Pluto, with our local star closing on Uranus, this is a moment to see whether our we are listening to our own true voice in the midst of what may seem to be overwhelming evolutionary forces, and to put an authentic, free touch in our path of empowerment. This is the time to release roles, resentments, expenses, old guilt trips, submissiveness and any other load that hinders our progress.

Moon in focused Virgo trines Mars and Pluto, reigniting the waning harmony between the latter two in a grand trine configuration. In earth signs, we can ground the insights provided by today’s dynamic and creative squares.

I acknowledge my needs and limitations, and work with them to build my dreams and ground my power now.

Sunday, April 9

Moon in pleasant Libra eases the pressure and invites us to share simple pleasures like contact with nature or a romantic or friendly brunch.

As Moon makes a quincunx to Mercury in sensual but stubborn Taurus, we may find ourselves inadvertently switching to Libra’s feisty side. Instead, we can use the contact to make or enjoy art, or exchange a massage.

Mercury, planet of communication, stations to move fully retrograde at 4-5 Libra, triggering this Sabian symbol:

INSPIRED DISCIPLES LISTEN TO THE WORDS OF THEIR TEACHERS. Knowledge and experience put to the test. Greatness calling its own to itself. Distrust of appearances.

Divine light calls the light in humanity to itself, and we rise in radiance and victory now.

Monday, April 10

Creativity flows this morning, and dealings with others go well this afternoon as Moon in Libra joins Jupiter, giving us a taste of the generosity and good will activated by tonight’s/tomorrow’s Full Moon, which will be exact at 11:08 pm (2:08 am ET).

This Full Moon, at 21-22 degrees Libra, semisextiles last month’s Full Moon in Virgo, once again activating the Brexit point—related to England, the relationship between the UK and the US, themes of independence in general and financial independence in particular. That lunation was connected by minor aspect to the Jupiter-Uranus/Eris opposition, and the present one straddles it, strengthening a T-square the two planets of freedom are making with Pluto.

The Sabian symbol for this portal says:

CHILD LAUGHS AS BIRDS PERCH ON AN OLD FOUNTAIN AND DRINK. Intuitive understanding of simple souls in spiritual matters. Youthful life enjoyment. Fresh grasp of the soul’s needs.

In pagan traditions, this is the Hare or Pink Moon.

As Easter approaches, we can use this portal to connect with the bounteous and fertile energy of the Mother. With Sun still in Aries and a cardinal T-square, it’s not a portal to pick the flowers, but rather to move actively for a more abundant experience of love, success and self-expression.

Check our General Influences for more tips and ritual suggestions in resonance with the present lunation.

I thank the Divine Mother for multiplying the fruits of my intentions and actions, here and now.

Tuesday, April 11

Today, in the afterglow of last night’s Full Moon, Libra Moon’s opposition to rebellious Uranus in Aries perfects. We should avoid unnecessary confrontations, and focus on creative work, which will be quite inspired. Also favored: generating strategies for activism, and healing with loving kindness.

The latter applies to both personal and collective improvement. For instance, it favors therapy, journaling and affirmations to release co-dependence or a fixation with the approval of others. Meditation and mantras for forgiveness are also particularly liberating. After inner work, reach out to another to fuel the flame of connection, make a donation, offer help or somehow act to increase the vibration of universal good will.

The numerology of 11 combines with the love-vibration of Libra, increased by its close conjunction to expansive Jupiter. The kindness we generate today will help lift all humanity’s frequency, making this portal a potential milestone.

If we have something to buy or business to attend, it’s best to do it before 11:19 am (2:19 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC, or after 3:42 pm (6:42 ET), when she enters Scorpio, good for tantra and emotional exploration.

I allow myself to use this day’s magic and receive the best life has for me now.

Wednesday, April 12

The psychic potential of Moon in Scorpio flowers as she trines other-worldly Neptune. Intuition is at a high. If you’ve been thinking about getting a psychic reading, now’s a good time.

We can also: consult the I Ching or an oracle, share dream interpretation, contact our angels or spirit guides, recommence a healing treatment—spiritual, emotional or physical—or enjoy sex and romance.

In the wake of yesterday’s Full Moon and with Mercury now retrograde, the Scorpio-Neptune blending also favors closing a cycle.

I release people and situations from the past and present, and allow new good to flow, here and now.

Thursday, April 13

Emotions flow from deep to intense as Moon in Scorpio makes hard aspects to radical Uranus and reactive Mars, both in Aries, sign of battle.

Unless you are a professional wrestler, these influences do not favor interaction with others. They can, however, empower us to make hard decisions and get rid of those magazines we just haven’t had time to go through in the past ten years, along with that cabinet from grandma that blocks the entrance to the kitchen. So unclutter, do a gentle colon-cleanse, cut your toenails (carefully), drink ginger tea, and read up on the effects of chemtrails on DNA, or your own favorite fringe topic.

At 9:18 pm, Moon goes VOC on a trine to Venus, favoring pillow talks and eating dark chocolate.

Late tonight, the sky still rumbles as Sun joins Uranus the rebel in restless Aries, triggering our need for freedom.

If you happen to be up, journal, push through blocks to consolidation of a creative project and prepare to take decisive action tomorrow, when Moon will be in diplomatic Sag, or from Saturday on, when Venus goes direct, and interactions with others become easier.

I honor my need for renewal, and organize to act on it now.

Friday April 14

It’s Good Friday, and the archetype of rebirth is reiterated by last night’s joining of Sun with Uranus. We want to shake off the dry husks of routine and living our freedom.

Moon in optimistic, fortunate Sagittarius helps capture the dynamic spirit of today’s Number 5, empowering our audacious actions and, in quincunx to retrograde Mercury, helping us fine-tune our beliefs, communications, strategies and promotions.

If you happen to be on vacation, this energy is good for enjoying nature and relaxing with friends.

I am grateful for the opportunity to renew my connection with the divine, and I pause to use it now.

Saturday, April 15

Venus goes direct. What have you learned and restructured in love and money over the last six weeks since she went retrograde? We can begin to apply this wisdom as relationships, confidence, and financial plans get a green light.

Moon in enthusiastic Sag connects with subtle Neptune and visionary Jupiter. Both planets relate to angels, inspiration and faith. Let’s enjoy creative work, romance, a picnic, music, a shamanic retreat or another inspirational encounter.

I am the luminous child of Spirit, I am, I am, I am.

Sunday, April 16

Today is Easter Sunday. If you happen to feel ornery or antisocial this morning, take some time to journal, listen to inspiring music, and give yourself a foot rub.

Gatherings aren’t apt to be upbeat until after Moon trines Sun at 9:46 am (12:46 pm ET). Brunch (lunch, on Eastern Time) looks more promising as good cheer prevails until 11:26 am (2:26 ET), when Moon joins serious Saturn. In Sagittarius, the potential of this contact for guilt trips or sadness is reduced, but the serious mode is actually better for work than play. Or use it to call on an elderly relative or somehow direct the holiday spirit in a helpful, diligent manner.

Responsible vibrations continue to prevail when Moon enters Capricorn at 4:05 pm (7:05 ET), although a sexy sextile between lover Venus and hot Mars make the evening romantic, creative and exciting.

Whether we work or party, we can give the day the light touch so we can recharge our batteries in preparation for tomorrow’s productive energy.

I invite the power of resurrection to renew my life, my family and my true connections now.

Monday, April 17

A trine from Sun in vital Aries to Saturn in visionary Sag helps direct the inspiration of Spring in tangible progress on long-term intentions.

With the Sun about to leave the sign of action in two days, we’ll be well served by putting our shoulder to the cart and using this aspect and today’s numerology of 8 to make headway on our dreams.

Morning is most propitious for action, as an evening quincunx from Mars to Saturn is good to review and retouch what we’ve done, but can also indicate frustration when our efforts don’t go as planned.

A path of power calls me and I move to walk it now.

Tuesday, April 18

This morning, Moon in resourceful Capricorn can make the most of a conjunction with Pluto to help us get in touch with our power to transform, transmute, heal and change the area of life that Pluto, the mob boss of the solar system, happens to be transiting while it poises to turn retrograde at 19 degrees.

Make a space to look for elusive information or contacts and feel into the programs you need to transmute. Then put on your holster and use this day of power.

This afternoon, a square from Moon to Uranus favors release of attitudes, attachments and routines that are draining energy.

Evening favors healing, radiating love, and connecting with family, an elder, or a romantic prospect.

I allow myself to live with joy, power and meaning, here and now.

Wednesday, April 19

Before dawn, Moon reaches her Last Quarter at the highly intuitive, anaretic degree of 29 Capricorn, with the Sabian symbol:

THE DIRECTORS OF A LARGE FIRM MEET IN SECRET CONFERENCE. Activity of inner, formative elements of real personality. Massing of soul energies in an emergency. Spiritual leadership.

By daybreak, she’ll be in sharp Aquarius, giving us a chance to review our evolution since the last New Moon of March 27, release our results and regroup in preparation for the coming New Moon of Wednesday, April 26. And regroup we can, as Aquarius favors alliances.

At 2:27 pm (5:27 ET), Sun moves into Taurus. The airwaves become longer and the next four weeks will be propitious for consolidating the results of actions initiated during Aries season, and calmly connecting with the Source of abundance.

I do my best and release the rest to my Higher Power, here and now.

Thursday, April 20

Just as Sun was marching into magnetic Taurus like a diva, intense Pluto stops her on the runway, taking center stage as he turns retrograde.

The planet of depths digs in his heals to turn even more deeply in what is one of the most transformative of all transits. Wherever 19 Capricorn triggers your chart will be a starting point for profound inner work and a six-month chance to heal whatever seems to keep you from walking your path of power. (See our General Influences for a tip for your sign.)

Although the waning Moon and Pluto station are energies to pause for, Mercury’s entrance into out-there Aries and a trine from Moon to Jupiter give an upbeat tone to what we communicate, teach or promote, with prosperous results from our requests and messages.

Share the word on things begun any time before March 27.

The healing power within me is greater than any appearance of the world, and I unleash my healing power, here and now.

Friday April 21

This is the morning to advance with communication, promotions and people connections. Moon in friendly Aquarius sextiles ruler Uranus in Aries, sign of direct action. It’s ruled by Mars, who shifts from plodding Taurus to facile Gemini before dawn.

A square from love planet Venus to sober Saturn causes us to look at what we really value. Is all the effort worth it? Are we building something that matters or are we trapped in a sort of production line? Have we slipped from passionate endeavor into just another rut? Am I valuing my dreams and focusing my resources on what can fulfill me?

A coach or significant other can help us harvest the light from questions like these. If no one is available, journal a self-dialogue.

This influence holds a promise of beauty and creativity, but requires work. If we apply ourselves, we can improve our product or manifestation.

At 11:23 am (2:23 pm ET), Moon goes VOC, entering Pisces at 12:43 pm (3:43 ET). At midday, keep a low profile to avoid possible tensions.

This evening is perfect to enjoy music and a romantic dinner.

I review my direction and get on track with what matters, here and now.

Saturday, April 22

Take up something you started previously to help nature and the earth. We may feel moved to reduce plastic, write a letter to Congress, pray for the planet, or contribute to an ecological cause.

Today’s Master Number 22 sharpens intuitive guidance and improves the likelihood of reaching the masses with our efforts, so think big and get moving!

Tonight lends itself to sharing idealistic endeavors, a concert or an inspirational event with others.

My love for Mother Earth blends with the love of others, and we surround the planet with a luminous web of healing now.

Sunday, April 23

With Moon in Pisces in square to goody-two-shoes Saturn, morning is good for uncluttering, simplifying life, and organizing in preparation for the upcoming New Moon. This influence will help us give away books, clothes and other items that are getting dusty and taking up space.

This afternoon, the magic flows after 2:34 pm (5:34 ET), when Moon goes VOC in conjunction with sweet Venus, great for practicing metta, forgiveness, and self-embrace, enjoying or creating art, and sharing lunch with a love object or another dear one.

At 5:32 pm (8:32 ET), the tempo picks up when Moon leaves the calm waters of Pisces and enters active Aries. A nighttime sextile to ruler Mars only makes things all the more restless. We can use energy playing a living room game, cleaning the attic or a closet, going dancing or to the gym, and organizing the week ahead.

The joy of Spirit fills my world. I see it, I believe it and I receive it, here and now.

Monday, April 24

We finally get a Monday that understands about work!

Mercury in active Aries trines persistent Saturn. With both planets retrograde, we have a chance to take up our lives and deal things we’ve started and later neglected. These things could have to do with bureaucracy, taxes, a permit, or registration of some kind.

Put on that diving suit and oxygen mask and take the plunge.

This evening, we can use an opposition from Moon in go-getter Aries to Jupiter, sign of expansion, in relational Libra to rework a personal agreement, touch up or re-launch a promotional or publicity campaign, or share in a group meditation or activist effort.

I am part of the One Mind, and this awareness strengthens unity and dissolves walls and barriers between all beings now.

Tuesday, April 25

The last day of the lunar cycle is better for release than progress, and today’s Number 7 likes time alone to cogitate and develop theories.

If you must do something, do it this morning while Moon in dynamic Aries joins both Uranus and Mercury, planets of higher and lower mind. Thinking is sharp, but the belligerent spirit of Aries can overflow into our dealings. Try to work independently on something mental that calls for courage. Instead of pushing others, push beyond your own resistance and comfort zone.

At 2:53 pm (5:53 ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Saturn. Call Grandpa or your spiritual guide, and if possible take the afternoon off. Save key actions for after 6:56 pm (9:56 ET), when Moon enters Taurus. Begin to think about intentions for prosperity to seed at tomorrow’s New Moon.

I declare myself free from any unconsciousness attachments to scarcity and prepare for the riches that the Universe sends to me now.

Wednesday, April 26

The day begins with a wonderful New Moon in Taurus, sign of plenty. Today’s Number 8 puts the focus on success. Rather than beginning an entirely new project or intention, Mercury retrograde favors follow-through on something we began before March 27. The influences favor your intentions for consolidation of a project, perseverance, artistry, determination, singing or public speaking, self-worth, prosperity, or releasing attachment to the familiar.

Lunar contacts to Neptune and Jupiter, planets of light-beings, enchantment and vision, remind us to call on angels and spirit guides, to use a touch of charm in whatever we do or promote, and to apply ourselves with creative visualization.

The Sabian symbol for 7/8 Taurus is:

WOMAN OF SAMARIA COMES TO DRAW WATER FROM THE WELL. The gaining of perspective by a return to ancient sources of being. Introspective approach to collective unconscious.

Divine substance responds instantly to my visualization of success and prosperity (name your New Moon intention), generating perfect results quickly, easily and in peace.

Thursday, April 27

We can use the morning for concentrated effort, and evening for connecting with others.

Freshly waxing Moon in Taurus empowers our progress on yesterday’s intentions. At 2:09 pm (5:09 ET), when Moon sextiles Chiron, focus on healing whatever’s necessary to manifest your intent. This may mean caring for your body or attending an emotional wound. Focus on this for a bit, and then use a contact from Moon to Saturn to take executive action.

An evening sextile from Moon to Venus is nice for romance, cuddling, reaching out to someone and beautifying the sanctuary of your space. At 6:39 pm (9:39 ET), Moon enters Gemini, and sweetness morphs into loquacity.

The love I radiate to myself and others harmonizes my heart and heals my world now.

Friday April 28

The week comes to a close, but we’re just getting warmed up!

  • Moon makes an early conjunction to hyperactive Mars in busy Gemini.
  • Ruler Mercury joins wild Uranus in feisty Aries.
  • Venus, planet of love and money, backs out of easy-going Pisces into the sign of the ram.

If that weren’t enough, the numerology of today’s “1” presses for a new beginning. We use all these energies to seize the day and close the week, and month, with force.

The evening sky sports a trine from Moon to Jupiter, great for relaxing, socializing, sealing the day’s initiatives harmoniously, or healing the toes we stepped on in the hustle.

Divine love fills my connections and they flow in harmony and fortune, here and now.

Saturday, April 29

This morning may be fun, stimulating and fortunate as Moon in communicative Gemini sextiles ruler Mercury and Uranus, planet of surprises, in revved up Aries. Patience will require special effort, but we can get things done.

The moment favors reviewing our ideas for activism, creativity, or key initiatives. We can look for and go over information or documents, or make a call to or knock on the door of someone we tried to reach or persuade for the first time before March 27. Things just come together.

If you prefer to socialize, brunch with friends or siblings can lead to happy surprises. But say goodbye or disperse the crowd early, as Moon goes VOC on prickly opposition to bossy Saturn at 2:28 pm (5:28 ET).

We can focus the fury on solitary, orderly pursuits—organizing papers, doing a crossword puzzle, having a deep read, or playing solitaire.

At 6:48 pm (9:48 ET), Moon enters Cancer, perfect for enjoying dinner with family or a cozy evening at home.

There is no need to rush, my good flows from Spirit in perfect order, now and always.

Sunday, April 30

Today, make a date with a coach or healer, or simply factor in some down time, as a midday square from tangible Saturn to Chiron, the wounded healer, may lead to a confrontation about our wounds and we’ll need a space to mend.

Come afternoon, the wrinkles get smoothed by connections from tender Cancer Moon to compassionate Neptune and kindly Jupiter. Socializing, altruism and promotional or devotional activities flow smoothly.

Grace pours through my connections, and they are joyful, harmonious and successful now.

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