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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, January 1–31, 2017

by Crystal Pomeroy on January 1, 2017

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, January 2017

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for January

Sunday, January 1

Happy New Year and triple 1 (1/1/2017=1)!

Moon in thoughtful Aquarius harmonizes with ruler Uranus and success planets Jupiter and Saturn today, making for a friendly time and one that can be more constructive than your typical, hangover-holiday.

While you slept—or partied—last night, assertive Mars sextiled misty Neptune in the sign of its rule. Avoid driving after drinking, any risky machine situations and substance abuse.

With Mercury retrograde, this isn’t a propitious window for making deals; but it’s great for applying intuition, reason and planning to New Year’s actions and activism.

Friendly gatherings are constructive.

The numerical alignment 111 makes this an angelical portal—with implications for the entire year ahead—a special door to synchronize Earth’s frequency to a higher love vibration.

The world centers in thoughts of beginning, and new doors of love, light and possibility open before us now.

Monday, January 2

We get an echo of yesterday’s influences as Moon joins Neptune and later Mars.

Moon enters Pisces in the wee hours, favoring a chart reading or psychic consultation. In the afterglow of the conjunction from energetic Mars to sensitive Neptune, seek guidance, and apply creativity to your line of action.

The Same Mind that knows the best way to manifest my intent also knows how to reveal it to me, and does this through infinite channels, here and now.

Tuesday, January 3

Venus has entered compassionate Pisces, complimenting sensitive Moon, also in the sign of the fish. Today, the planet of love receives a sextile from Mercury in constructive Capricorn. Our creative and relational circuits are activated.

With Mercury retrograde, pick up an artistic project begun before December 2, or direct today’s planetary influences by renewing a relationship connection.

Lunar harmonies with Chiron favor healing results.

At 5:33 pm (8:33 ET), a lunar square to stern Saturn breaks up the party. Focus on independent inner or outer work, make a dream board, or procure materials for visualizing the New Year’s goals.

There is an omnipresent force of love that guides me and helps me to renew my divine connections now.

Wednesday, January 4

Moon in mystical Pisces goes VOC on a square to Mercury in Sagitarrius, increasing our enthusiasm and producing sensitivity to angelic contacts, before going VOC at 8:14 am.

Six minutes later she enters Aries, favoring progress on short-term goals that require a stroke of bravery to break through and overcome challenges.

I am made in the image and likeness of confidence and I allow myself to radiate it now.

Thursday, January 5

Aries Moon wants action, and with Mercury retrograde, demands a recount of your results since the New Moon of December 28, as she reaches her second quarter in square to Sun in say-it-with-dollars in Capricorn.

The Sabian symbol describes:

BRIGHTLY CLAD BROWNIES, DANCING IN WARM, DYING LIGHT. Relationship between unconscious and conscious sides of life. Invisible assistance often entailing obligation to outer forces.

Review, retouch and rework.

As if we needed more pressure, this afternoon Moon squares pushy Pluto. Get an x-ray, watch a wrestling match, focus on deep introspection and healing, transmute mental blocks, or work on something creative.

Today’s easiest aspects take place when many people are sleeping. At 10:08 pm (1:08 am ET), Moon opposes expansive Jupiter, and soon thereafter trines Saturn, planet of manifestation. If you can, use these influences by organizing for success, working on a promotion, preparing class materials or publicity, writing a strategy, or a sending a letter of gratitude to a teacher.

Oh sacred Holly, Queen of the Forest, you who give forth your best fruit in winter, please strengthen me to press forward whether or not people or conditions favor me, here and now.

Friday, January 6

Friday’s Venusian vibrations mingle nicely with today’s prosperous number 6, to make the most of this morning’s Aries Moon. Act boldly and before 10:41 am (1:41 pm ET), when goes VOC, until entering Taurus at 12:18 pm (3:18 ET).

Besides being exalted in the earthiest of all signs, Taurus Moon sextiles Venus in creative, sensitive Pisces this evening. This is great for business, art and romance.

We move from efficacy to intensity as Sun joins Pluto, the power planet, in Capricorn. See tips for this compelling transit in our article on influences for 2017.

I am made in the image and likeness of power, and I work in whatever ways are necessary to demonstrate it now.

Saturday, January 7

This can be a highly constructive and creative day. Lunar harmonies with Neptune, Mars and Pluto favor breakthroughs and noble deeds. Obstacles can be overcome, actions produce prosperous and even heroic outcomes.

As for our interactions today, we should steer clear of dubious or hypnotic people, and select those who are clear and constructive.

I embrace the growth that’s taking place in [name the areas activated in your chart and life where Pluto is transiting at 17 Capricorn], and I act to promote it now!

Sunday January 8

This morning’s Moon is VOC in Taurus, where it still performs.

Mercury stations to turn direct today, although it will still be in post-retrograde shadow through Friday, January 27. Provoke a pause to ponder whatever inner activity, review and reorganization you’ve done since it entered retrograde on December 18.

Through midday, Moon remains in delicious Taurus. Enjoy nature, music and sensual brunch.

At 2:06 pm (5:06ET), she enters Gemini. With ruler Mercury still in shadow, organize your week and papers with an eye to progress on your New Year’s goals, and make connections with siblings or others pending from the holiday.

In harmony and success, I dance with the stars now.

Monday, January 9

Monday is “Moon day,” and our nocturnal light is in Gemini, ruled by Mercury in shadow, and her aspects are challenging.

The numerology of today’s date, 9, is about philosophy, metaphysics and altruism.

Instead of trying to push through challenges, we can use affirmations to transmute them. These are great influences for polishing writing or publicity and pinning it down with good research. It’s a good day to give away obsolete items, or even new ones, to those in need.

Nothing and no one can keep Spirit from unfolding my complete success in divine order now.

Tuesday, January 10

Moon in communicative Gemini blends with the impulse of Mars and the pioneering spirit of Number 1 to bless the results of direct communication. Contact a client, submit a proposal, review communications for business or study. With Sun squaring independent Uranus, focus on something related to your freedom and avoid unnecessary arguments.

Speak, ask and act before 1:38 pm (4:38 ET), when Moon goes VOC.

At 2:49 pm (5:39 ET), she enters Cancer. With Mars the warrior in harmony with Pluto the powerful, use the afternoon to renew efforts at home renovation, following a lead, finding new home or renovating the one you have. Begin a New Year’s intuition program—of dream work, divinatory study or metaphysics. Or, take heroic action on behalf of family or pets. (Remember to focus on what you began before December 2.)

Angels accompany and shield me as I explore new pathways of consciousness now.

Wednesday, January 11

Today is 1-11 of a 1 year–angelic frequencies respond more readily to our kind intentions. Moon in tender Cancer trines Venus and Neptune, planets of personal and spiritual love, while Sun in structured Capricorn squares Jupiter, planet of light beings.

Meditate on forgiveness, metta, or your preferred expression of kindness.

This evening, our protective instincts are awakened by contacts from Moon to Pluto the godfather and Mars the feisty. Send a letter Congress and defend homeless people or pets.

I am a clear channel of divine love and I radiate love to all people now. Angels weave these vibrations with those of others on this wavelength and work to heal the planet with a web of radiance now.

Thursday, January 12

The first Full Moon of the year, known as the Wolf Moon, is usually in Cancer, and today’s lunation is no exception. Like wild wolves drawing close in winter, Luna now brings our clan instincts to light. She complements the Capricorn Sun’s worldly focus with warm blankets, hot drinks and stories around the hearth. It is a time to reaffirm our roots—or the part of them we wish to perpetuate.

The Sabian symbol for 22-23 Cancer indicates that our clan is composed not solely of our genetic kin, but also of those who resonate with our higher inclinations.

A GROUP OF INTELLECTUAL INDIVIDUALS MEETS FOR DISCUSSION. Interchange of ideas among any elite as a basis for the cultural development of the whole. Mental or physical development.

The Full Moon will be exact at 3:34 pm (6:34 ET).

Bless your home, seek out dear ones or those who resonate with your calling and goals, offer to help, or encourage them to meet theirs. Intend, pray and act in whatever way you can, large or small, in support of families in crisis (in Syria, Africa or Haiti) and lost, abandoned or abused children at home or abroad.

I bless my family. I bless my point of incarnation. I bless the ancestors (name a particular relative or guide) and I bless my soul group now.

Friday, January 13

As it transits Leo, Moon’s creative streak shines bright. Contacts with artist planets Venus and Neptune further increase inspiration. These influences are also propitious for romance and fun, though with Neptune in the mix, and a contact with Pluto late tonight, keep your antennae turned on, shy away from substance abuse, avoid dark alleys, scan the city street before getting in your car, and be selective about who you hang out with.

I invite the artist within to enjoy the moment and express itself, here and now.

Saturday, January 14

A harmony from Moon in dramatic Leo to Jupiter the promoter is worth rising early for. Give roses in bed to your honey, contact a prospect for that position, or relaunch a promotion.

Talk, kiss or buy early, since at 7:17 am (10:17 ET), Moon goes VOC in trine to Saturn. Go back to sleep, or organize your closet and just have fun. Moon enters Virgo at 7:52 pm (10:52 ET). Straighten your bookshelf, get on track with that New Year’s diet, or reach out to someone who needs help.

My love, space and life are under spiritual law, so they manifest in perfect order now.

Sunday, January 15

Today’s vibrations are devotional, with Moon in Virgo making oppositions to mystical Neptune and loving Venus, both in mystical, compassionate Pisces.

Oppositions are illuminating but not always comfortable. Both Virgo and Pisces can be prickly. So choose emotionally comfortable spaces and company and enjoy your spiritual practice, altruistic efforts or artistic endeavor.

I am sensitive only to the good, and only the good manifests for me now.

Monday, January 16

Moon in picky Virgo confronts rebellious Uranus and pushy Mars, making this a good day for independent activities that require a questioning attitude. Some ways to direct it are to simplify personal space, clean your computer, and rework a strategy of defense or for promotion.

With Mercury retrograde (in shadow), lasting benefits come from taking an honest look at mental habits. The insights gleaned will prepare us take actions that are healing for ourselves and others when Mars joins Saturn at 6:14 pm (9:14 ET).

Night addicts lunar alert: She goes VOC at 10:09 pm (1:09 am ET).

My thoughtful, conscious actions produce healings effects for myself and others now.

Tuesday, January 17

Moon in Libra, sign of fairness and beautification, squares Mercury retrograde in structured Capricorn. Review your image, self-talk, or a matter related to justice, such as a contract or the rights to your brand, ideas or work, or those of others you wish to help.

Today’s number 8 lends its success vibration to initiatives taken on things begun before December 2, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow.

I am not alone or without assistance to defend my interest or the interests of others. The Divine Defender is with me, working in whatever way is necessary to produce just and beneficial outcomes in this and all my situations now.

Wednesday, January 18

Moon in sometimes defensive Libra makes tense aspects with ruler Venus, communist Uranus and determined Pluto, who happens to resonate with today’s Number 9.

Save negotiation, teamwork or conflict resolution for Friday, and instead focus on ways to leave a legacy, acts and thoughts of unconditional kindness, and studying metaphysical or philosophic topics.

I take a break from routine interactions, and in the void I radiate love to myself and others now.

Thursday, January 19

This morning Moon is VOC in Libra—it’s best to save key actions for later or tomorrow, when the influences are propitious.

Mars the mover squares stalwart Saturn. If progress seems to be delayed or blocked, don’t succumb to defeatism. Make a pit stop to reconnect with your intent and review your route and methods. Let your intuition guide you; with Mars in subtle Pisces and Saturn in diplomatic Sag, it can reveal some less direct and more strategic approaches.

At 1:24 pm (4:24 ET), Sun enters Aquarius, providing philosophical perspective.

At 2:09 pm (5:09 ET), Moon reaches its Fourth Quarter. At 0 degrees Scorpio, the Sabian symbol says:

SIGHTSEERS IN A BUS STRAIN TO SEE CROWDS AND BUILDINGS. The perspective which leisure gives to everyday affairs. Appetite for larger things. Seeing life as a whole. Social interchange.

Consult your guides, an oracle or a trusted friend for guidance on what you might release and reorganize in preparation for the first New Moon of the year, which comes on Friday, January 27.

No influence or circumstance can prevent the Universe from manifesting the fruits of my intentions, here and now.

Friday, January 20

It’s Inauguration Day, and Moon in Scorpio awakens our powers of transmutation. A trine from this intense Moon to sensitive Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule, and a sextile from Venus–also in Pisces—to transformative Pluto invite us to use love and compassion as agents of change.

On a personal level, these influences bring the week to a harmonious, effective close. Particular favored are healing relationships, empowering connections and lustful, mystical tantric encounters.

My attraction to peace and unity connect me with this impulse in all hearts, and we surround the earth with an irresistible force for oneness that dissolves any apparent walls between us now.

Saturday, January 21

Moon in deep Scorpio connects with Uranus, galvanizing our rebel instincts. A trine from Moon to mystical Neptune in Pisces facilitates results of prayer, meditation, dream yoga and connections to light beings.

This combination also favors creative work and oracle consultation.

Act, spend and merge with your lover before 5:24 pm (8:24 ET), when Moon goes VOC in Scorpio—good for getting a colonic cleanse, fasting, and meditating on forgiveness.

I am not alone in my efforts to manifest freedom. The Divine Defender is with me and It works in every way, through infinite channels, to achieve the results of my intentions, here and now.

Sunday, January 22

Master number 22 gives this day a special vibration and force for thinking big, service to the masses, and transmutation of apparent blocks.

The dark, post-inauguration stew gives way to a spirit of activism, as Moon enters Sagittarius early this morning. We can apply it with vision as Moon sextiles Sun in broad-thinking Aquarius.

New windows open as we travel or meet with friends or spiritual brethren. Promotion and publicity, whether for a cause or business, can be quite effective, particularly on the Internet.

I have come with a purpose and I act in this certainty now.

Monday, January 23

The workweek begins with optimism, as Moon in enthusiastic Sagittarius trines liberating Uranus and fires up our freedom impulse.

Nor is it all hot air. Mercury in practical Capricorn sextiles Neptune, planet of oneness. In post-retrograde shadow, this Mercury can help us reorganize for our dreams and apply intuition and creativity to communications, connections, visualization, bureaucracy and whatever else we have pending to manifest projects begun before last December 2.

I am naturally connected with whatever is necessary to manifest my dreams, and I act on the opportunities that appear for me now.

Tuesday, January 24

Moon is in jolly Sagittarius, but today’s energies are worth resisting party urge, and instead, making an extra effort. Act on the prosperous vibrations of number 6 and take whatever steps you can towards autonomy.

Moon in visionary Sag goes VOC on a square to dynamic Mars, Tuesday’s ruler, giving our actions a breakthrough edge.

At 2:43 pm (5:43 ET), Moon enters diligent Capricorn. The call of the wild subsides and constructive instincts kick in. Take charge of something in your life that needs order and direction.

I move in whatever way I can, and enjoy my self-dominion and now.

Wednesday, January 25

Moon in independent Capricorn makes tense contacts to Uranus and Jupiter, planets of freedom, and harmonizes with Chiron—tapping its healing gifts—and with Venus, planet of love. We feel like working for freedom, and our clear, independent initiatives can support our self-healing.

On this last day of Mercury’s post-retrograde shadow, pause to reflect what messages you are sending your deep self with your current line of action, or inaction. Realign them as you take whatever small steps you can now. If you can be up for them, the energies are even better late at night/early in the wee hours tomorrow, thanks to a trine from Moon in grounded Cap to Mars.

Independent initiatives are more satisfying than team efforts.

My authentic, clear actions are healing my inner child now.

Thursday, January 26

Moon is in constructive Capricorn, pushing us onward and upward. Yet the last day of the balsamic phase draws us to rest and retreat. Balance the two by taking it slow, and consulting an oracle, dreams, or spirit guides about how to heal, release and organize for tomorrow’s portal of beginning.

I am part of the One Mind, and it supports my healing, here and now.

Friday, January 27

Just as Mercury has finally emerged from its post-retrograde shadow, the Moon becomes new in Aquarius.

And Venus squares Saturn, giving us take a hard look at our attitudes toward money and relationships. Are they are aligned with what’s of lasting value? Are we adopting codependent attitudes or somehow undermining our self-respect? The benefits of this aspect include the possibility of creating a new level of discipline as we build self-esteem, tangible wealth, finished results of our creative efforts, and healthier ways of relating.

It can also trigger release of worn-out relationships, excessively serious attitudes, and the yoke resulting from patriarchal systems and guilt trips.

Mars is poised to exit Pisces. Since it first entered the sign of intuitive perception last December 20, the planet of action has been more sensitive to spiritual guidance. As a parting gift, in the chart for the New Moon it activates the so-called anaretic 29th degree, associated with psychic sensitivity. Before pressing forward and establishing New Moon intentions, pause to consider how your intuition has been guiding your actions for the last month, whether there are signs or sensations you need to heed, and what it tells you now.

The Sabian symbol for the lunation’s degree of 8-9 Aquarius is:


Whether or not it’s convenient or comfortable, I listen within and act on intuitive guidance now.

Saturday, January 28

Happy Chinese New Year! The Fire Rooster indicates an intense 12 months ahead that will empower our clear intentions, reward our diligence, and charge fees for our inertia.

On the portal of the New Moon in Aquarius, today’s transits favor new beginnings, as does the numerology of today’s number, 1.

Moon sextiles ruler Uranus, planet of genius and freedom, and trines expansive, prospering Jupiter.

Make people connections, knock on doors that call for serendipitous openings, connect with like-minded souls, and share your original ideas.

I give thanks for the new doors of good that open for me now.

Sunday, January 29

Moon is in Aquarius this morning. If you don’t sleep in, enjoy a book or journaling this morning. At 8:10 am (11:10 ET), Moon enters gentle Pisces.

Against this soft backdrop, Mercury joins Pluto. With the planet of thinking in conjunction with the lord of depths, hidden things can surface. Use this influence for research, transmuting mental blocks, or anything requiring deep thought and penetrating words. Avoid stressful situations or encounters.

My words burn through limitation and open windows of new life now.

Monday, January 30

If we succeeded in generating word-power yesterday, today’s aspects can open doors.

Moon in psychic sextiles Pluto the powerful and Mercury the communicator.

If we pay attention and use them, our consciousness and intuition connect us with the right situations and thoughts to make a difference.

Infinite Intelligence guides me to true perceptions and true connections and I act on them mindfully now.

Tuesday, January 31

Moon in Pisces increases empathy and can make for magical connections as it joins Venus. Use the constructive numerology of today’s number, 4, to focus on the healing, marketing, or just plain loving that you wish to consolidate.

At 1:46 pm (4:46 ET), Moon enters Aries and joins with ruler Mars, increasing our emotional independence, impatience and pioneering spirit.

Ride the wave of the waxing Moon to start something new, set a limit, defend a cause or assert yourself in a way that requires inner conviction. Just remember that no one has an exclusive on these vibrations and others may tend to respond energetically to perceived aggression, so the best way to apply this energy is in actions you take, write down, and work out by yourself for later negotiation.

With Mercury the messenger squaring rebel Uranus this evening, arguments can cause collateral damage. Write down your cutting-edge ideas and strategize for freedom or independence.

I am made in the image and likeness of freedom, and I allow myself to live it now.

This free forecast is updated for the upcoming week each Monday. Premium subscribers can receive the entire forecast package before the month begins.

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