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Receive the New Year with Cleansing Bells

by Crystal Pomeroy on December 30, 2016

Welcome the New Year with Bells - New Year's ritual

This simple and effective ritual integrates the power of sound, intention, water and light beings to renew the energy of your home and receive the best and highest of the New Year.

Have on hand

  • A broom
  • A glass or bottle (non-plastic) of water
  • A bell
  • Metal pans, pots and spoons (or similar objects for banging and making noise)
  • More bells, pleasant music (optional)

 The ritual

  • Make your own holy water by holding a glass or bottle of H2O in your hands, as you repeat at least three times, slowly,

I recognize the Omnipresent Good that fills this water, glowing in every molecule and using it to cleanse and bless everything it touches.

  • Sweep your entire house (or apartment or room) as you repeat,

Out! goes the dust of doubt, the energy of arguments and the shadow of insecurities. My space is clean and ready for new good!

  • Walk through the house (or apartment or room) clockwise, imagining that hundreds of angels (dakinis or devas) fly with you. In your mind’s eye, see them pouring water all over the surfaces and washing out every corner. As you do, sprinkle holy water on the walls, floor, corners and ceilings, and repeat,

The angels (spirits) of water wash away any energy unlike divine good.

  • Walk around the house, banging on pans or anything that makes a loud, metallic cacophony. Household members can all participate in this. As you make the noise, speak words of banishing, in a loud, firm voice. For instance:

Be gone, all that needs to go to make room for new good. Be gone, effects of harsh words or thoughts! Be gone, ideas of scarcity! Be gone, illness or weakness! Be gone, envy directed towards or from this place! Be gone, resentments! Be gone, false humility and guilt! Be gone, sense of unworthiness! Be gone insecurities! Your time is up, obsolete attachments! Disappear now, excessive seriousness! Nothing will limit our new good!

  • Walk around the house once more, this time with a bell and/or playing harmonious, pleasant background music. Your mantra this time is:

Welcome, angels (devas, forces) of new good, please fill our space. We (I) see you rushing in with gifts of joy, light, wellness and prosperity.

Wishing you and all beings a happy, healthy, safe, fulfilling and prosperous 2017.


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