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Daykeeper Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on December 1, 2016

Daykeeper Daily Success Guide, December 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for December

Thursday, December 1

After a five-month retrograde, Chiron goes direct, helping us look at healing issues that we have been going over and repeating during this time.

Today’s aspects favor audacious actions and progress, giving us a chance to apply a new level of confidence.

Assertive Mars in friendly Aquarius trines confidant Jupiter in social Libra, a yearly aspect that’s worth using. It can help us break through barriers with direct action, and—considering the signs involved—make strides in creative or people-related endeavors. It can also make us bombastic, argumentative or pushy, particularly with the warrior planet in opinionated Aquarius.

The numerology of today, 1, increases our leadership potential, while newly waxing Moon in constructive Capricorn helps us organize for results.

I ask for what I need and move for what I want, with or without the help or support of others.

Friday, December 2

Mercury the communicator helps bring us down to earth as it enters Capricorn. We can use it to plan our strategies, generate results to satisfy Moon in constructive Capricorn, and keep our communications on a wise note. This is especially important (and challenging!) in the midst of tense aspects to Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, the big bosses of the solar system.

This is not the best night for romance, unless you have the exceptional grace of being in love with a sensual intellectual who can easily move from argument to lust.

We might focus rather on organizing our space, tying up loose ends, getting a foot massage or warm bath, and resting early.

My life responds to spiritual law, so it manifests in perfect order now.

Saturday, December 3

Moon goes VOC in the wee hours on a conjunction to love-planet Venus, followed by a harmony from hot Mars to solid Saturn.

With Moon VOC this morning, we might choose relaxation, yet the contacts sound good for a sensual encounter with a stable partner, doing yoga or taking a brisk walk in the beautiful outdoors.

At 11:44 am (2:44 pm), Moon enters exciting Aquarius. Afternoon is great for joining with friends, visiting the Exploratorium, and enjoying a cultural activity.

I give thanks that I can work, love and play, and enjoy it all this winter day.

Sunday, December 4

The stars deign to deliver a Sunday that’s worthy of its name.

Moon in Aquarius, sign of friends and culture, sextiles Sun in enthusiastic Sagittarius, and moves to trine Jupiter tonight. Go off the beaten path: visit an unusual exhibit, buy an airplane ticket, take a hike to a new place, a trip to the city or—if you’re an urban dweller—go to the mountains or for a ride in a hot air balloon.

These energies are also great for promoting something on the web or any kind of cause. Avoid getting too intense with your opinions or sermonizing others.

If we manage not to get bombastic or upset by someone’s drama, today is actually great for almost anything. In fact, a late lunar harmony to productive Saturn makes tonight better for work than tomorrow, when Moon will be VOC for most of the day. So if you’re insomniac or restless, stay up and use it.

I try new methods and experiences, and new good enters my life, here and now.

Monday, December 5

At 3:23 am (6:23 ET), Moon in Aquarius goes VOC on a sextile to Uranus. Make a date with the artist within, find some way to allow your creative juices to flow, see an art film or read a good book. Enjoy your own company or that of friends who share your ideals.

At 8:31 pm, Moon enters Pisces. Meditate, program your dreams, get to bed early.

Affirmation (repeat 10 times before going to sleep):
I ask my angels and guides (name a particular one) to teach me what I need to know in dreams tonight.

Tuesday, December 6

Waxing Moon in Pisces harmonizes with powerful Pluto and mystical Neptune, strengthening our creative inspiration and increasing the power of your visualization of intentions set at last Tuesday’s New Moon.

Morning is particularly favorable for making a dream board, treasure map, or related tools. Meditation on forgiveness, metta or compassion will not only harmonize our feelings, but also our dealings tonight, bringing out the highest and the best of a sextile from feisty Mars to rebel Uranus in the sign of its rule. This aspect, if applied with tact, can open doors suddenly and serve as a short-cut to results from direct action. Drive with prudence.

Love, love, love, I center on the presence of love in my heart, mind and situations now, as it works to harmonize and healing them, here and now.

Wednesday, December 7

Moon reaches First Quarter in Pisces at 1:03 am (4:03 ET) before going VOC on a square to demanding Saturn at 6:05 this morning.

In Pisces, Moon still performs and brings out the potential for compassion of Venus as the love planet enters universal Aquarius.

This is a great day to declutter the desk, bookcase and space with an eye to consolidating the intentions we chose at last Tuesday’s New Moon. With Venus entering Aquarius, we can also declutter our social connections and turn to true friends, in line with an altruistic holiday project.

The Sabian symbol for today’s lunation is 16 Pisces:

IN A QUIET MUSEUM, AN ART STUDENT DRINKS IN INSPIRATION. Subjective source of strength around all manifestation. Communion with accumulated race power. Deep, vibrant realization.

I release and am released by conditions and connections that don’t resonate with my life mission, here and now.

Thursday, December 8

Moon enters Aries in the wee hours and today’s influences help us get on the good side of its verve.

With Thursday’s prosperous Jupiter vibration and today’s numerology of 8, an early sextile from Moon to Venus can be channeled by acting to revive something we had started before Mercury entered its retrograde shadow on December 2. It can be anything from a business to an altruistic project or romance.

Use the energy early—at 3:43 pm (6:43ET), Moon squares Saturn, good for demanding results from ourselves, though we should watch for belligerence and guilt trips.

I invite the Success Powers of the Universe to express themselves through me, here and now.

Friday, December 9

Confidence surges and luck brightens the sky as Sun in optimistic Sagittarius sextiles its ruler, fortunate Jupiter, in socially adept Libra. This aspect is highly propitious for promotion, education and publicity.

The brightest orb is also moving to conjunct Saturn, casting this fun aspect in a more serious light, and calling us to pour some energy into an area or situation where we have felt pressured this year. Look for the middle degrees of Sagittarius in your birth chart to confirm the connection.

Moon in go-getter Aries connects with success planets Jupiter and Saturn this morning, facilitating tangible results.

Plan and act before 5:06 pm (8:06 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a sextile to ruler Mars. Take a break to enjoy low-key physical fun: dancing, bowling, or a sports event.

Your sheets and covers may look normal when you go to bed tonight, but mental Mercury will sextile mysterious Neptune in the wee hours, opening unusually inspiring dream portals. Sleep with a note book by your bed to write down dreams on wakening.

Affirmation (sit on the edge of the bed and repeat several times before sleeping):
Deep within, I know how to strengthen my (mention area where Saturn is transiting your chart), and the way is revealed clearly in dreams I will remember on waking in the morning.

Saturday, December 10

It’s a bird, it’s a plane… it’s a power Saturday!

Check last night’s dream for guidance. Use the leadership numerology of today’s “1” and the Sun’s light and vitality as she connects with Saturn to inject new life and forge ahead in the area that Saturn has been transiting your natal chart (see yesterday’s influences).

This strategy and action can help you close the entire year on a more satisfying note.

Particularly propitious are concerns related to prosperity, creativity, romance, and connections with others.

I invoke the spiritual hero forces to meet this challenge boldly and from it emerge more luminous, here and now.

Sunday, December 11

This day is loaded with opportunities, both subtle and practical.

Do you have any business you can do today? Rise early and take care of it as Moon in abundant Taurus trines Pluto in builder-sign Capricorn.

If there’s no practical outlet for these energies, enjoy their sensual side by sharing a special breakfast, massage and whatever-happens-next in bed.

The 11th day is a portal to elevate humanity’s love vibration, and now, only one day before Guadalupe-Tonantzin’s feast day, this is the last such opportunity of the year.

Partake of a spiritual service or encounter, or simply meditate in a way that helps you achieve this wavelength.

A chain of lunar contacts to the orbs of success, Jupiter, Saturn and Sun, remind us that practical actions also can be sacred and today, especially productive.

At 8:04 pm (11:04 ET), Moon in creative but stubborn Taurus goes VOC on a square to bellicose Mars. Interaction with others can lead to explosive situations.

Also tonight, inspiration rises as Sun trines Uranus, planet of genius. Use insomnia to make headway with a creative endeavor or strategize for activism.

I am a child of Spirit, made in the image and likeness of love, and I radiate lovingkindness to myself and all beings now.

Monday, December 12

On this day of Guadalupe-Tonántzin, the archetypal Chaste Mother, we can begin a period of inner purification in preparation for tomorrow’s Full Moon, as well as the year’s season of darkness and the birth of the new Sun that will take place at Winter Solstice.

Moon enters Gemini at 4:41 am (7:41 ET) and moves to trine Venus in intellectual Aquarius. Use it on the last day of the waxing cycle to send key messages and focus on promotion and sharing your ideas—particularly in relation to the intention you set for the New Moon two weeks ago. This trine with charming Venus is propitious for both practical connections and socializing.

Connections may be less harmonious this evening as Moon squares sensitive Neptune, but this aspect is great for consulting the cards, I Ching or your own intuition, particularly on the doorstep of tomorrow’s Full Moon.

I am one with the Chaste Mother, and her light radiates through me, purifying, purifying, purifying my emotions and body, and preparing me for the coming birth of my free self now.

Tuesday, December 13

A morning trine from Moon to Jupiter makes it worth our time to use the last moments of the waxing cycle. Particularly favored are initiatives related to promotion, sales, communication or relationships.

An afternoon sextile from Moon to Uranus helps open doors. Prepare your mind and presentation and knock on them before Luna becomes full at 4:06 pm (7:06 ET).

This will be the last Full Moon of the year, known as the Hunting, Cold or Oak Moon.

The Sabian symbol for this lunation describes:

THREE FLEDGLINGS LOOK OUT PROUDLY FROM THEIR HIGH NEST. Conscious self-establishment in the soul and its three-fold nature. Innate self-confidence. Superiority of real being.

This image would seem to presage the birth of goddess forces, particularly coming as it does on the footsteps of Guadalupe’s Day, with its purifying gifts. The symbol also holds a fascinating connection to the meaning of December, described Nigel Pennick in The Pagan Book of Days:

December is named after the tenth month of the Roman calendar and the middle goddess of the Three Fates, Decima, who personifies the present.

In her book, Moon Magic, Dorothy Morrison says about the Oak Moon that this tree’s “trunk and branches rise high into the sky, while its roots dig so deeply into the earth that they were once thought to infiltrate the underworld.”

This is a portal “of equal growth on spiritual and physical planes… of prosperity, release and beginnings.”

Metaphysical tip:
Light a white candle and call on the spirit of the Oak Tree to help you release memories and obsolete ties, as you grow in spirit and plenty in this month of the goddess.

Wednesday, December 14

Moon enters Cancer at 4:09 am (7:09 ET), contacting Venus and Neptune and promoting empathy and tender connections.

The dynamic numerology of today’s number, 5, brings out the creative potential of these influences.

Find ways to nurture Full Moon intentions, family ties or a altruistic endeavor.

I am made in the image and likeness of Creativity, and I move to express it, here and now.

Thursday, December 15

This morning, we should avoid the temptation to binge or sermonize, as Moon in Cancer, sign of emotions and stomachs, squares Jupiter, planet of excess. Less than an hour later, Moon contacts Saturn; pass up the guilt pie.

At 1:37 pm (4:37 ET), Moon goes VOC on a square to Uranus. In Cancer, Moon still performs, and with this aspect favors an afternoon and evening of independent study or work for business, creativity or altruism.

I am a child of abundant good, and I dare to receive it, here and now.

Friday December 16

Moon in Leo fuses with the socially dexterous, Venusian energies of Friday and the mental vibration of today’s number 7.

Today is propitious for generating persuasive ideas, presenting a case, attending (or delivering) a theater or dance production and enjoying good company and conversation.

I am a clear channel for Spirit and I enjoy expressing love and intelligence now.

Saturday, December 17

Take some time for yourself this morning, when dramatic Leo Moon makes tense contacts that will be easier to take in the cool blue of solitude rather than in the shiny red of holiday rush.

Our power resurges this afternoon, as Moon makes a series of harmonies: to optimistic Jupiter, constructive Saturn and liberating Uranus. We can rebuild our world in shades of prosperous green.

This evening, Moon makes a tense contact to Chiron. Retreat once more and journal, meditate or otherwise work on healing.

I nurture my faith and care for my being, and my connections reflect this power now.

Sunday, December 18

If you feel on top of it this morning, work on your art or craft or enjoy a run or brisk walk in the sunrise. Moon in regal Leo gets extra shine from a trine with Sun, before opposing Mars (avoid road speed or other risks), and going VOC at 8:55 am (11:55 ET).

At 9:52 am (12:52 ET), Moon enters Virgo. We can almost hear her telling us: it’s time to get on track with a health regime, declutter, and organize the upcoming week.

I deserve to be radiantly well and I care for myself in that certainty now.

Monday, December 19

As Solstice approaches, our energies turn inward. Assertive Mars enters the soft and misty realm of Pisces, while Moon in Virgo opposes Neptune and trines Pluto, planets of all things hidden, and Mercury makes full submersion into retrograde.

In contrast to all this subtlety, the Sabian symbol for Mercury’s retrograde station evokes vital force. At 16 Capricorn, it says:

SCHOOLGROUND FILLED WITH YOUTH IN GIMNASIUM SUITS. Normal dependence upon physical stimulation. Robust enthusiasm in approaching life’s contests or immature impulsiveness.

The stars are guiding us to make time for inner work, to review the year and rediscover our center as the holidays approach. The Sabian symbol indicates that this year’s end is not a retirement, but a recharge. It also serves as a reminder to exercise and care for our health in the midst of vacation.

As winter nears, I care for my inner child and wellness, here and now.

Tuesday, December 20

Morning and midday favor healing and inner work.

At 5:56 pm, Moon reaches her Last Quarter, before going VOC. The Sabian symbol for this end-of-Virgo moon phase is:

AN EMERGENCY CALL FREES HOUSEHOLDER FROM ROUTINE DUTY. Joy of enlisting in a task that broadens the life horizon. Willing rising to the occasion, or escape from narrow destiny.

Moon happens to connect with the Sun, also at the end of Sagittarius, the so-called anaretic degree that accentuates intuition. Its Sabian symbol is:

THE POPE IS HOLDING AUDIENCE IN A HALL OF THE VATICAN. Wealth of spiritual resources that can be tapped for the glorification of every relationship. Concrete form of ideals.

Both symbols describe connection with something beyond our isolated self, a turning point in unity.

On this last and longest night of the solar year, we may review how we have felt isolated from—or connected to—others and to ourselves during the 12 previous months, and establish our intent for unity.

At 6:40 pm (9:40 pm ET), Moon enters Libra. We can make those calls and people connections we’d like to gather for our Solstice blessing.

At the door of a new cycle, I pause to give thanks for my earthly connections and those beyond. The Dark Mother releases me from those who need to go, and draws my new, true circle to me now.

Wednesday, December 21

Merry Solstice and Happy Solar New Year! Sun enters Capricorn before at 2:44 am (5:44 ET), beginning its slow climb from the south to the high point in the sky. Ancient traditions honored the return of the Solar Warrior, the heroic spark in all creation that applies itself to growing in the light.

Moon in Libra facilitates pleasant connections, beautiful surroundings and rituals involving flowers. But tense contacts to Neptune and Mercury indicate that intuition and music will be more fulfilling that verbal communication.

Saturn is getting moving to trine Uranus. This aspect will be exact to the minute on December 24, but is now in the same degree, indicating that the New Year is a great door for positive change. This joining of tradition with innovation presages a change in the Electoral College, along with other legislation that requires renewal.

Uranus can get fanatical, and Mr. Trump may try to alter Constitutional guarantees or the Social Security system. However, Mars entered Aquarius on Election Day, setting in motion a popular movement (as we predicted at time), and this aspect suggests that those who persist can open doors of freedom.

This is true in our personal lives as well—see the General Influences section for more tips.

I honor the spark within all beings, and commit to making the light of my true self grow in the New Year, now.

Thursday, December 22

Morning is great for a warm or even romantic Solstice brunch, a blanket drive, or for that matter any meaningful gathering, as Moon in sociable Libra harmonizes with sweet Venus and orderly Saturn and conjuncts Jupiter, the prosperous promoter. In fact, this window is better for partying and spontaneous communication than yesterday afternoon or most of Christmas Day, so we may want to focus some of our holiday socializing now.

The flow may freeze over at 11:31 am (2:31 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC on an opposition to independent Uranus.

Take some time for yourself this afternoon. If you must work, try soloing it, as feelings are apt to be touchy.

I bless the time I share with others and the time I devote to my own work and wellness now.

Friday, December 23

Moon in Scorpio makes for passionate undercurrents as it harmonizes with Sun in practical Capricorn and energetic Mars in psychic Pisces.

Act on a hunch to seek out an estranged relative or that elusive perfect gift, to reconnect with an old flame, excite the one you have, or even do some attractive business.

Beloved warrior within, please embolden and move me to act on my intuition now.

Saturday, December 24

Moon in Scorpio brings a touch of Samhain to this Winter holiday, and provides a somewhat retentive yet deep backdrop for the magical trine from Saturn, planet of building, to revolutionary Uranus. Our accumulated efforts can open doors. Although most of us won’t be focused on our long-term goals today, a pause can be a good idea at busy and emotional times like these. Make one for yourself, and while you enjoy it, pay attention to your feelings and consult an oracle, your spirit guides, or your own inner voice that shows you just how you can adapt your current train of effort to facilitate a breakthrough and build a new, and—with Uranus in Aries—more authentic life.

Some support may even come today, and if it doesn’t, we’ll have prepared the mental space that precipitates results.

In fact, with Mercury the messenger in sextile to intense Pluto, mindful words can have a powerful effect. Try to use them for healing, and avoid getting snappy or sarcastic.

On the threshold of the Solar Year, I build new paths with my mind, words and plans.

Sunday, December 25

Moon goes VOC in Scorpio, and hopefully we’ve already got our Christmas shopping and tasks covered.

Fortunately, loving Venus harmonizes with several planets: enthusiastic Jupiter, liberating Uranus and constructive Saturn. These contacts promote good will, fun and positive collaboration, and help balance the potentially brooding and reclusive atmosphere of Moon in the sign of dark.

Morning energy is particularly bright, as is tonight after 7:19 pm (10:19 ET), when Moon enters Sagittarius.

We join as one around the world, to bless the light that rises in our hearts and minds now.

Monday, December 26

Have a slice of yesterday’s leftover harmony pie, as today’s Moon in Sagittarius squares feisty Mars and slippery Neptune. More notably, Moon’s ruler, Jupiter, opposes Uranus.

Hopefully, you don’t have to work today, and can some time to yourself to clarify your beliefs. Are they freeing or limiting? What beliefs have you inherited or absorbed that could be up for revision?

Offbeat spiritual activities go nicely with this aspect. Shy away from situations or interactions you find confining, and avoid arguments, particularly about spiritual issues.

One good way to channel this aspect is by enjoying an art film, good book and most of all: music.

Channel an evening sextile between mental Mercury and absorbent Neptune by listening with empathy to someone who’s having a challenging holiday, consulting an oracle or the angels, messaging to support Standing Rock, promoting your image or using positive affirmations.

I now release any beliefs that limit my sense of worthiness, and I reclaim my natural connection to abundant good, here and now.

Tuesday, December 27

Echoes of Christmas Day sound, as Moon in Sagittarius triggers the same harmonies as Venus did two days ago.

The numerology of today’s “9” calls us to serve and share in the holiday spirit. Call on or help a person, group or movement, or somehow spread the cheer: follow through on your kindest intentions for this season.

Sun sextiles Mars, increasing our vitality to act in heroic and effective ways and as we do, close cycles, on this last day of the old Moon.

Morning is best for action, as people may be touchy this afternoon. However, harmony returns as Moon goes VOC on a sextile to Venus at 5:45 pm (8:45 ET).

I invite the goddesses forces to beautify my world through my thoughts and actions now.

Wednesday, December 28

This morning can be constructive, productive and even entrepreneurial after Moon enters Capricorn at 7:12 am (10:12 ET).

The numerology of today’s number, 1, resonates with the force of Sun, who joins with mental Mercury as he sextiles dynamic Mars, for a feast of confidence and mental energy.

Use it to clarify your intent for the late-night New Moon, and design a plan of action and communication to support that intent.

Remember that Mercury is retrograde; time to retrieve an intention or project seeded before December 2.

At 10:53 pm (1:53 am ET), Moon is born anew. Uranus is stationing to turn direct, so this portal will galvanize our freedom impulse.

As the first New Moon after Solstice, it indicates that this impulse will be flavor the entire year ahead.

The Sabian symbol for 8 Capricorn says:

A HEAVILY VEILED HEIROPHANT LEADS A RITUAL OF POWER. Gathering together the power of the group to one purpose and into an individual will. “Avatar-ship”. Responsibility.

The layers of this symbol can range from hidden manipulation of the masses, to a unified collective mobilization.

On a personal level, we are invited to strengthen the avatar within and assume the responsibility of congruence with our principles and mission.

The theme of power reasserts itself as this lunation makes a wide conjunction to Pluto. Between the Uranus station—still in orb of the trine from Saturn—and this lunation, we are up for a time of major change. 2017 is not looking like a year for sissies.

Check our December General Influences for more specific tips for Sun sign and rising.

I commit to self-mastery and my path of power opens, here and now.

Thursday, December 29

The New Moon themes of change, power and structure linger, as Uranus turns direct and Moon joins with Pluto, Mr. Intense.

The numerology of today’s 11 invites us to lift our personal and collective vibration by radiating love. Make a space for prayer or meditation and call on the light beings to help with this transmutation.

Capricorn Moon also facilitates results in business and practical affairs.

I release my doubts and labels, and radiate love to myself and all others now.

Friday, December 30

Save work, shopping and practical concerns for this afternoon or evening, as Moon goes VOC in Capricorn before dawn.

Sun sextiles Neptune, great for working on a dream board or working or generating some kind of visualization of New Moon/New Year’s intentions.

At 5:29 pm (8:29 ET), Moon enters Aquarius, and the festive spirit surges. This is a great time to connect with friends and plan your party to avoid mixing drinking and driving. (See tomorrow’s forecast.)

I open my imagination to the best and highest possibilities, and the best and highest doors open, here and now.

Saturday, December 31

Romping Mars joins dreamy Neptune, a potentially steamy combination that could favor a hot encounter at a sauna or Turkish bath, but also warns us to go light on liquor and avoid mixing drinking with driving, with operating machinery or for that matter with potentially boisterous attitudes and settings.

This combination can be well directed in taking some heroic action for a cause or person, like helping the homeless or volunteering to wash the dishes at a soup kitchen.

However you choose to celebrate, low-key and sober is probably safer.

I move beyond my comfort zone to reach out to another and the light of kindness grows in my heart. The kindness in my heart joins the kindness around the planet, and barriers give way to union now.

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