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Getting in Tune with Neptune

by Susan Pomeroy on November 1, 2016

Retrograde Watch: Neptune Direct

Neptune, the water planet, is in Pisces, sign of the fish, until 2025. During these next nine years, Neptune will continue to pulse in and out of retrograde on a yearly basis. We have nearly completed this year’s journey into the depths of Neptune’s visionary, imaginative waters. Now, on November 19, Neptune stations direct, and we begin to rise to the surface.

Neptune is the visionary, the artist, dreamer, imaginer. Neptune is also the planet of denial, of all things nebulous and unclear, of mist and fog and confusion and doubt. Pisces, ruler of Neptune, is the universal sign, the gentle, compassionate and spacious mind, the intuitive, the emotional. In Pisces, Neptune can rise to the heights of which it is capable: a deep and visionary connection with others and with the unseen, spiritual energies of life.

When Neptune is retrograde, we may all become more sensitive to the inner voices that we each, on some level, hear. These “knowings” may concern our own past; they may come in the form of intimations about others, or wisps of intuition about what path we, or others, should take. We may be seized with inspiration. On the other hand, we might more often than usual feel beset by confusion, indecision, paranoia, or a deep insecurity.

When Neptune stations direct again, the realm of action again becomes more open to us, and while we’re still attuned to those deeper visions and energetic flows and patterns, our focus subtly shifts beyond ourselves.

Over the next nine years, Neptune repeatedly pulses in and out of retrograde as it moves deeper into Pisces. We too will be pulsing in and out of deeper introspection. With each retrograde, we are challenged to enhance our deep water swimming skills; our ability to tune into intuition and inner knowledge without becoming awash in fear, denial, or overwhelm.

And with each direct station, we can take a bit of a breather from our inward delving, while we put find a place or form in the world and in our lives for the sometimes subtle and evanescent insights, feelings, intimations and visions we gained from the depths.

What treasures will you bring to the surface this November?

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