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Daily Success Guide, August 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on August 1, 2016

Daily Astrological Forecast for August, 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for August

Monday, August 1

The stars burn with Summer’s heat.

Uranus in Aries is still hovering around its station to retrograde, spurring us to take inventory of our unmet needs for change. Sun in passionate Leo trines Saturn in enthusiastic Sag, helping direct our will to make concrete headway.

The numerology of today’s “1” resonates with Mars, increasing our nerve and the importance of Uranus in Aries, the sign ruled by the planet of motion, who also happens to pick up some charm from a midnight trine with Venus.

On this last day of the balsamic Moon, take a look at your goals for freedom. Close a cycle. Make a payment on a debt. Finalize a separation of some kind.

It also happens to be Lammas, the ancestral ritual of blessing the first loaves. It was believed that this act would bless all the loaves and supply in the remainder of the harvest season.

You can do a simple ritual of your own by making a list of all the blessings you have received this year. Putting your hands on it, give thanks for the divine power behind those manifestations. If possible, do this outdoors, on your own or with a group. Finish by writing down what you want to receive and consolidate from now until Fall Equinox. (See a more detailed version of this in our General Astrological Influences section.)

I praise all the good I have and all the good I have received and I give thanks that Source supplies the future good that I dare believe now.

Tuesday, August 2

Yesterday’s constructive impulse gets another boost as Mars, planet of action, leaves the deep, dark waters of Scorpio and enters progressive Sagittarius.

Moon in vital Leo trines Saturn: push forward on the decisions made yesterday. Organize your space and time for a ritual or session to set your intentions when the Moon becomes New at 1:45 pm (4:45 ET). Use it for what it’s worth, as it’s the last New Moon before Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow. Seed something related to creativity, fun, self-expression, your children, your own inner child or the transmutation of arrogance.

At 11 Leo, the Sabian symbol is:

CHILDREN PLAY BENEATH A HUGE OAK, SHELTER FROM THE SUN. The sustaining and protective power of ancestral background against emotions. Appreciation of inborn cultural restraint.

I seed the acorn of my intent, and trust the universe to see it through to fruition, here and now.

Wednesday, August 3

Sun in creative Leo connects with dreamy Neptune, while the newly waxing Moon connects with rebel-planet Uranus and wounded healer Chiron. Take a look a look at the intentions and goals you set at yesterday’s New Moon and ask what issues you can heal in order to empower them.

Apply your intuitive guidance in independent actions.

Whether or not others consider it acceptable or within my reach, I allow myself to move boldly, here and now.

Thursday, August 4

Moon in concerned Virgo helps solve problems and heal blocks to grounding our New Moon’s vision.

As she joins ruler Mercury and squares worker planets Mars and Saturn, she challenges the footloose attitude of expansive Sagittarius, their current sign.

Independent work is most fruitful, as we many have to avoid a tendency to excessive zeal in our efforts to get real or generate perfection. Do your best but don’t be too picky or stress yourself out.

In faith and action, I do my best and trust the results to divine love and justice now.

Friday, August 5

Today’s number, 5, pushes us forward, while Moon in Virgo keeps the tone practical, and can make for an effective morning as it harmonizes with Pluto the powerful in Capricorn, sign of manifestation. Schedule surgery or a trip to the dentist, close a deal, sign a contract, heal your prosperity programs, study your options and structure plans for financial gain as well as service activities.

Venus enters Virgo today, chastening the weekend’s party fever. This placement of the love planet can, however, favor more traditional encounters, with your own true love, in plans for commitment, or on a respectful, chivalrous date with someone new.

Key actions and purchases are best before 8:20 pm (11.20 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a conjunction with Jupiter, making for an evening of light fun.

I live and move and have my being in a field of divine substance, where only good can come forth, here and now.

Saturday, August 6

Avoid attitudinal ruts and doling out or receiving emotional blackmail. Save public relations for another day, as mental Mercury squares demanding Saturn in bombastic Sag.

The hex lifts a bit and connections flow more easily after 9:57 am (12:57 ET), when Moon enters Libra, and this afternoon interaction can be stimulating and even romantic thanks to a sextile to intense Mars.

However, Moon’s ruler Venus squares the warrior planet this afternoon.

If you want to kindle a flame before Mercury goes into shadow, make a lunch a date or go to a public place or activity you enjoy to meet someone new. Keep it short and light, since tugs-of-war could otherwise arise.

A field of love fills my life, and happy connections emerge naturally in it now.

Sunday, August 7

Use the combined force of this morning’s contacts from vital Sun to transformative Pluto, and from mental Mercury to mystical Pisces for: dream recall and analysis, art, introspection, therapy, healing and clearly uplifting spiritual activities. Put off potentially depressing or confusing interactions and the use of mind-altering substances for another day, and save socializing for this evening.

I care for my spirit and consecrate my week to wellness, here and now.

Monday, August 8

This is a morning worth rising for. Our clear intent, mindfulness or audacious creativity can go along way as Moon in Libra moves to oppose Uranus. Use it early: at 10:41 am (1:41 pm ET), Moon goes VOC on this contact.

After that, try not to push yourself or others. Seek out company and situations that put you in touch with your ideals and freest self.

If you have someone to share it with, wear your silky nightshirt to bed, or nothing at all, in preparation for tomorrow morning’s contacts.

I am grateful to be able to serve Spirit, life and others, and I follow my intuition to do this here and now.

Tuesday, August 9

Moon in lustful Scorpio makes a sensual sextile to Venus this morning—a lovely time to have breakfast in bed with your love object.

On a more platonic note, this influence favors a deeply loving encounter and prayers, metta or meditation of forgiveness or planetary healing.

I love and bless the essence of all beings, and this vibration harmonizes my heart and heals our dear planet, here and now.

Wednesday, August 10

Moon moves to Second Quarter as Mercury enters pre-retrograde shadow. Review progress on intentions and projects seeded at last week’s New Moon portal.

A trine from Venus in worker-sign Virgo to Pluto, Lord of Shadows, accentuates Scorpio Moon’s gifts of observation and perception. Give or receive deep therapy, talk to a confidante or coach, lend an empathetic ear to someone in crisis, work on your inner dialogue, or research elusive information.

This harmony favors organizing and working to manifest intentions like these. Choose your words carefully and share them with someone who can open doors.

At 10:22 pm (1:22 am ET), Moon goes VOC in Virgo.

At 19 Scorpio, the Sabian symbol for the Second Quarter Moon says:

A WISE OLD PARROT REPEATS THE CONVERSATION HE OVERHEARD. Dependence on inner or outer environment for the substance of understanding. Transmission of knowledge. Channelship.

The Same Mind that knows what I can do to manifest my dreams also knows how to reveal it and does this through infinite channels now.

Thursday, August 11

VOC moon in Scorpio trines Chiron, making this a good morning for psychic, spiritual and psychological transmutation and healing of undesirable thought patterns.

At 10:24 am (1:24 pm ET), Moon enters Sagittarius, making this a great time to work on negotiations that require diplomacy. This evening we can direct lunar tact to overcome a challenge as Moon joins fighter planet Mars, a combination also favoring sports or heroic team efforts of some kind.

I no longer wait for the perfect moment, I use my talents and abilities in whatever I can, here and now.

Friday, August 12

Creative vision can be channeled constructively as Moon in Sagittarius connects with Saturn and Neptune and the expressive vibration of today’s number, 3. With an opposition from Jupiter, planet of faith in health sign Virgo, to Chiron in mystical Pisces, we can get extraordinary results from healing efforts, starting with the healing of our beliefs.

On the other hand, with Moon conjunct Saturn, planet of effort, avoid depression and focus on organized efforts in whatever you do.

Working alone or with a well-coordinated team is easier than less directed interaction with others, unless it’s for bureaucratic or legal activities, which can go well.

I call on the angels and devas of healing, that they may help dissolve my fears and strengthen my conscious connection with Omnipotent Good here and now.

Saturday, August 13

This is not a fun-and-games type Saturday.

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, and as the teacher planet stations to go direct, it marks this day.

Provoke a pause and renew the lessons you have been processing internally over the last five months, particularly around discipline, order and sustained effort. What are we harvesting? What did we leave pending? What structures, limits or support do we need, and what do we need to release, in order to accomplish that?

This station, in the sign of the archer, gets a touch of fire and optimism, mobilizing Saturn’s potential for progress.

The Sabian symbol alludes to the ability to seize the cosmic forces available at the moment, and channel one’s creativity to participate in the play of life.

At 10 Sagittarius the symbol describes:

“A STAGE SYMBOLIZATION OF THE GODDESS OF OPPORTUNITY.” Power of creative significance as it transforms mere facts into universal symbols. Exteriorization of inner impulses.

Find a way to leave your mark by directing these energies with resourcefulness, creativity and concentrated effort.

Moon goes VOC at 10:37 am (1:37 pm ET), although in Sagittarius it still performs.

I don’t wait for life to become meaningful, I apply my current efforts and resources and make it meaningful now.

Sunday, August 14

Today’s keyword is art. Venus the beautifier in earthy Virgo opposes imaginative Neptune in Pisces, the sign of its rule. Both planets move on to receive harmonies from Moon in constructive Capricorn. This is the moment to consolidate a creative endeavor, anything from a painting or a text to a website. Film and post a video on Youtube. Organize your space with an eye for beauty. Make an altar or special corner devoted to compassion and universal love.

I consecrate my space to love and I thrive on the peace that I AM, here and now.

Monday, August 15

With a trine from Moon in constructive Capricorn to Mercury in applied Virgo, we can get a lot done.

Establish clear intentions and hold to them as you organize for a successful week, focusing on priorities, releasing the rest and putting your desired results in writing.

Tackle pending paperwork or bureaucracy, call your accountant, face a problem or concern that’s been sapping energy in a dusty closet of your mind.

At 7:45 pm (10:45 ET), Moon goes VOC on a trine to Jupiter—perfect for enjoying armchair philosophy or just relaxing.

I praise Spirit that there’s a perfect solution to this situation and it’s being revealed and facilitated, here and now.

Tuesday, August 16

As she nears the end of her cycle of growth, Moon in Aquarius opens our minds to a new range of possibilities.

Sun in vital Leo trines Moon’s ruler Uranus, giving us a look at what freedom really means, and how it relates to our current goals and intentions.

Are we giving ourselves permission to move towards these goals, or is a subtle concern for the approval of others limiting us? Are we allowing ourselves to release our creative genius? Is there a teacher, author or trend we’d like to explore, or a path our heart guides us to open? If we are already on track with our purpose, is there a quotient of authenticity we are holding back? What can we do to bring more joy into our daily lives?

Ponder these questions and move! On reaching Fullness in two days, our nocturnal light will begin her waning cycle.

Mercury in pre-retrograde shadow now favors review, renewal, reworking of previously seeded endeavors.

My heart moves me to authentic co-creation and I heed its guidance, here and now.

Wednesday, August 17

At the doorstep of tomorrow’s Full Moon, this last day of the waxing cycle combines with the success vibration of today’s number, 8. Push for results in ideals and dreams.

With an earth trine from sociable Venus to powerful Pluto, people connections flow–for love, success and finances.

Reach out to your highest and best elements of your network, and expand it with new connections.

With Venus in Virgo, remember that gestures of loving service can empower others and transform your world. The power lasts through the night.

I invite the forces of Universal Love to awaken my heart and beautify the world through me now.

Thursday, August 18

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, planet of philosophy and angels, and today’s number, 9, relates to metaphysics and transmutation. The transits support the call to provoke a pause for Spirit. Plan a personal or group ritual for the Full Moon, which is exact 2:27 am (5:27 ET).

Known as the Barley or Corn Moon, this is a time to honor the Sacred Mother forces, and their work in consolidating the cycle of life.

See our General Influences section for additional ritual tips.

At 26 degrees of Aquarius, the Sabian symbol describes:

A GARAGE MAN IS SEEN READY TO TEST THE BATTERY OF A CAR. Capacity of self to take up and deliver spiritual power. Controlled release of power through the emotions. Measurement.

Are we ready to test the battery of our spiritual powers? Whatever your spiritual goals may be: faith, universal love, positive imagination, mindfulness, illumination, healing your inner child, effective dream work or others, take stock of them this morning and recommit yourself in application.

Moon will be VOC until 9:34 am (12:34 ET), when it maintains the mystical tone by entering Pisces.

I am made in the image and likeness of potency, and I am ready to walk my path of power now.

Friday, August 19

Spend as much of this day as possible focusing on wellness. Moon in angelic Pisces joins ruler Neptune and sextiles transformative Pluto, while Mercury, ruler of hands in service-oriented Virgo, opposes Chiron, the wounded healer.

This combination particularly favors the following modalities: dream yoga and interpretation, therapy, deep forgiveness or metta, laying on of hands of healing touch, and writing about our wounds and fears to follow up with positive affirmations.

A midday contact from Mercury to Uranus, planets of lower and higher mind, sparks genius. Write down your ideas and do something to give the best ones tangible form.

I am not alone or without effective treatment. The Divine Healer is with me, attending me and healing me now. No occurrence or condition of the past or present can keep the Divine Healer from bringing forth my complete wellness, quickly, easily and in peace.

Saturday, August 20

Yesterday’s chain of wellness influences continues with early opposition from Moon in Pisces to both Mercury and Jupiter in Virgo, sign of treatment.

Write to the angels of healing and ask for their help for yourself or another.

At 12:18 pm (3:13 ET), Moon enters Aries. Go for a brisk walk, clean the garage, weed the yard or play a table game.

I invoke the angels of healing (and name your favorite spiritual healing guide), to help me release appearances and visualize only wellness for myself and others, now and always.

Sunday, August 21

Early morning is constructive for work or another activity requiring discipline.

However, this is not the day to do extreme sports or try to handle uncomfortable interactions, since Moon in defensive Aries squares Mafia boss Pluto. Perceived slights may be exaggerated—devastatingly.

Beautify the garden, paint the house, and take special care when using machinery or blades of any kind.

Spirit’s radiant good surrounds me and fills my world, and I am shielded from harm or limitation, now and always.

Monday, August 22

This is one of those Mondays when the stars don’t seem to respect the work week, unless your work is healing prayer or affirmations.

Mercury makes a wee-hour conjunction to Jupiter in Virgo, sign of treatments.

Since the time before dawn is most effective for angel writing, if possible, use it to contact invisible helpers and dissolve an apparently challenging situation or bless another.

If energetic Aries Moon and your schedule allow, sleep through her VOC this morning, which begins on a conjunction with upstart Uranus at 4:48 am (7:48 ET). If you must be up, provoke a pause to consider topics of freedom and individuality that have been playing out in your life since 2011 (when Uranus began to square Pluto) and took a new turn in 2015, when paradigm-shifter Eris began to join Uranus.

Affirmation to bless another: (Name of person) is not alone with her own limited thoughts, there is a great light with her and in her, and that light is showing her everything she needs to see about her attitude, wellness, happiness, success, and communication with me (add what you think she needs), and this light fills her with love and intuitive understanding now.

Tuesday, August 23

Moon in Taurus helps keep us grounded as she harmonizes with Neptune and Pluto, planets of magic.

Create graphic pictures of financial abundance. The ideal is to combine physical images that you cut out, download, Photoshop and print, with other images you generate in your mind. Spend some time getting into them, looking at them and experiencing them as though they had already materialized for you.

After doing this (which is actually a useful way of directed creative imagination and best used three times daily), review your investments or retirement plans with an eye on restructuring.

Create a garden altar or add a plant or flowers to your favorite meditation space.

After attending to your imagination and soul, get ready for tomorrow’s wee-hour conjunction of Mars to Saturn. Mars, the planet of action, fight and courage, can empower Saturn’s ability to produce lasting results, and find short-cuts to goals we tend to procrastinate on.

It opens a portal to move beyond the level of intent to that of commitment. This is comparable to the difference between the range of a local radio station and one with a giant satellite. Commitment, the firm decision and willingness to do whatever is within your reach to consolidate your intent, transmits a much greater signal. It goes into the depths of the multiverse and opens a broad path to achievement.

I commit with myself, with life and with creation to consolidate my intent. This strength of decision magnetizes support from all corners of creation. As I sleep tonight, my clear decision will magnetize support from all corners of creation, including the guidance to act effectively in whatever ways I can.

Wednesday, August 24

Before sunrise, Mars makes its biannual conjunction to Saturn. This combination of challenge and work that could be frustrating or it could help us press courageously through and level our limits, depending on how we use it.

First of all, clarify your intent and remember to hold to it. If something seems to block or create delays, don’t take no for an answer. Deny limitation, push ahead. As you would in a battle zone, put your talents fully to work. If one door is closed, search for alternatives.

Seize the moment, put forth heroic effort, and you will enjoy the fruits of this extraordinarily productive portal.

Avoid physical risks and as far as possible, open confrontation. Moon in magnetic Taurus harmonizes with three planets of connection: Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. An unassuming approach and persistent diplomacy will cool tempers, beginning with your own, and get you far.

Under the waning Moon and combined with Mercury in shadow, you can even rekindle an old flame or neglected clients, or obtain funding for a service project or healing intent.

Moon goes VOC at 12:38 pm (3:38 ET), although in Taurus she still performs. At 4:40 pm (7:40 ET), she enters Gemini, again emphasizing diplomatic communication.

Act before tonight’s Last Quarter Moon at 8:41 (11:41 ET). It will help us release what needs to go, but it’s not so great for advancement.

At 2-3 degrees Gemini, its Sabian symbol says:

LOUIS XV’S COURT IN THE GARDEN OF THE TUILERIES. A degree of genuine aristocracy and perfection of behavior. Self-fulfillment in form and tradition. Collective strength.

May today’s courage and action move us to a different kind of garden.

My wellness cannot be limited. My success cannot be limited. I am committed to victory, and I demonstrate it with decisive actions now!

Thursday, August 25

With Moon in Gemini we may feel like connecting. However, Moon’s chain of aspects to demanding Saturn, belligerent Mars, confusing Neptune and intense Pluto mean it’s better to keep a low profile. Put on the dark glasses, dodge your contacts and save your ability to promote, connect and argue for a more opportune moment, which would be almost any time but today or for that matter tomorrow, considering the hangover from tonight’s square between feisty Mars and foggy Neptune.

This tense connection will make green and poisonous cocktails by mixing bellicose or passionate feelings with fantasy and even deception. Practice mindfulness, avoid physical risks and excessive exertion, and watch out for the following: spiteful, resentful or vindictive attitudes, jealousy, trying to manipulate people and situations to get your way, con artists and Mr. Goodbars, and getting pulled into fights because of gossip or apparent injustices.

So much for the bad genie. How can you let the good one out of the bottle? Go on a spiritual retreat with a facilitator you know and trust (and not in a physically risky situation like a sweat lodge for hundreds). Work courageously on meditation and forgiveness. Direct your passion in a cause. Take responsibility for holding to your enthusiasm no matter whether circumstances shift and what people around you do or say.

The true essence and substance of my relationships is divine, and I give thanks that this divine substance actively produces good for all involved now.

Friday, August 26

Uranus gives us a wake-up call at 10:30 am, when Moon sextile the rebel planet. Presenting your ideas and wares can open doors.

Before speaking, take a moment to listen and then consider what you’re say.

At 5:30 pm (8:30 ET), Moon goes VOC. Save key actions and purchases until after it enters Cancer at 8:06 pm (11:06 ET), or until tomorrow.

Enjoy some comfy PJs and bedclothes and cuddle with a dear one or pet.

I share my ideas mindfully, and my connections are blessed with power, here and now.

Saturday, August 27

A conjunction from sweet Venus to generous Jupiter in Virgo mingles with the resonance of number 9, today’s number of selfless service, and combines with nurturing instincts of Cancer Moon. Focus on altruistic endeavors, particularly related to food.

Volunteer at a soup kitchen or feed the homeless, work on plans for an altruistic holiday project, petition and pray for children and their rights.

The object of your kindness may also be your own inner child or a family member in need.

I invite the angels of kindness to express their nurturance through me now.

Sunday, August 28

This morning favors spiritual healing.

Come midday, we may need a break from the pressure of a square between Moon in sensitive Cancer to Uranus in defensive Aries.

The evening is great for follow-up on yesterday’s activities or plans for service. Gatherings in general are pleasant as Moon harmonizes with benefics Venus and Jupiter as well as Mercury the connector. After that, the messenger planet moves to join Venus.

From the Sun of my heart, I radiate universal love to myself and others.

Monday, August 29

Balsamic Moon in Leo makes a constructive trine to Saturn. We can make headway on things begun before August 10, when Mercury entered pre-retrograde shadow. Particularly favored are intentions and initiatives related to romance, creativity, your kids or something you wish to get recognized for.

Today’s Master Number 11 points to special duties or obligations, intuition and spiritual growth.

Love connections and notable results are further indicated by the entrance of Venus in Libra, where the planet of partnership triggers the Aries point (first degree of a cardinal sign).

I invite Divine Love to prosper, serve and succeed through me and as me now.

Tuesday, August 30

Mercury stations retrograde this morning, digging in its heels at 29 degrees Virgo and intensifying the tendency of the last couple of weeks—favoring review of communications, plans and things begun before August 10. This so-called anaretic degree is associated with intuition, and also happens to trigger yesterday’s Aries point at 0 Libra.

So the current retrograde is connected to our love nature, intuitively guided, and worth paying particular attention to.

Leo Moon invigorates our will to consolidate things previously begun.

I visualize finished results and the Universe moves for me and through me to produce them, here and now.

Wednesday, August 31

VOC Moon in Leo makes early morning good for fun and just enjoying ourselves. At 8:22 am (11:22 ET), it enters nerdy Virgo, helping us clean the decks for tomorrow’s New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Go through your closet and drawers and desk. Give away clothing that you don’t really want or use. Throw out old papers and magazines. While you purge your space, visualize new energy and situations filling your life and repeat the affirmation shared a bit further down.

With ruler Mercury in retrograde and squaring Saturn in the Eclipse chart, its impulse for beginnings is somewhat attenuated.

The Sabian symbol for 10 Virgo says:

A MAN WITH TWO HEADS IS SEEN LOOKING OUT TO THE BEYOND. Consciousness functioning in inner and outer realms. Competence in understanding. Oversensitivity to life’s currents.

(See our August General Influences and September issue for more tips on this Eclipse.)

I release attachments and resentments and make space for the new good that rushes into my life now.

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