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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, May 1–31, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on May 1, 2016

Free Daily Astrological Forecast, May 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrology for May

Sunday, May 1 (Beltane)

The powerful vibration of Mother goddess Maia mingles with the leadership energy of number 1, energizing the earth and our capacity for bringing forth the fruits of our intentions, on this day known as Beltane.

Provoke a pause to honor Earth’s abundant beauty, and also the Invisible Mother’s capacity to bring forth beautiful results from and endless stream of divine ideas.

Moon in Pisces is apt for spiritual gatherings and group celebration. A sweet midday harmony to Sun’s ruler, Venus, is particularly propitious for practicing Metta or using other meditations, affirmations or mantras of compassion, creativity, and a romantic lunch.

We might wish to schedule some alone time tonight, in the light of a square from Moon in Pisces to Mars in Sagittarius. Both signs are related to angels, so we may use our solitude to contact light beings, or, considering the Archer’s vision, plan a line of strategic plan of action in defense of someone we love.

I praise Earth for her abundant fruits, and the Mother-Force that generates abundant good in response to my attention, here and now.

Monday, May 2

If possible, rise early. With lunar connections to Sun in prosperous Taurus and Jupiter, planet of angels, this morning favors contacting spirit guides, creative activities, and inner and outer progress for prosperity.

By late to mid-morning, we may feel pressured to produce. Use a square from disciplined Saturn to expansive Jupiter to take a break and organize for tangible results.

The afternoon is a powerful time for healing and creative breakthroughs. With the Moon waning and Mercury retrograde, things seeded previously are most propitious.

If you happen to be restless this evening, instead of squirming around in bed, try staying or getting up to use tomorrow’s early trine from Sun to Jupiter.

I am worthy of prosperity and success, and this certainty keeps me in the flow of my full good now.

Tuesday, May 3

Although Moon is VOC, in Pisces it’s still effective, and a wee hour trine from vital Sun in prosperous Taurus to Jupiter in practical Virgo gives us a charge to believe in and create wealth and wellness, and that’s worth rising early for. We’re in the Fourth Quarter Moon phase, which helps close a cycle and wrap things up.

At 10:04 am (1:04 pm ET), Moon enters Aries, so the rest of the day is good for exercise and beginnings—but the best ones aren’t entirely new, since both ruler Mars and messenger Mercury happen to be retrograde.

I look away from appearances, and make a space for wellness and wealth by visualizing them, here and now.

Wednesday, May 4

Waning Moon in Aries contacts the planets of freedom (Jupiter and Uranus) and of limit-setting (Saturn and Pluto), then combines with the current retrogrades to help us do a little mental surgery and cut through blocks to releasing.

We can scan our homes, closets and bookshelves and purge what’s taking idle space, and scan our minds and relationships and discover where we can loosen up a bit.

A trine from Moon to Saturn at 10:38 am (1:38 pm ET) is excellent for organization or constructive efforts on something we began before April 14.

In general, avoid unnecessary fights, take your time when driving or other mundane tasks and pay more attention than usual to what you’re doing, as these contacts can be explosive or accident-prone.

I release things and people, and my new good flows in divine order now.

Thursday, May 5

After the tensions of the last couple of days, this morning’s VOC Moon in Aries favors low-key activities, while a contact from Venus to ruler Mars can make for an enjoyable, romantic brunch in bed, perhaps with a side of tantra.

At 10:10 am (1:10 pm ET), Moon enters prosperous Taurus. Take some time to prepare intentions for tomorrow’s New Moon in the sign of abundance.

This evening favors altruistic endeavors and just plain fun.

The Universe wants me to live abundantly and is helping me prosper, here and now.

Friday, May 6

The week closes on a fortunate note, with trines from Moon in prosperous Taurus to lucky Jupiter and powerful Pluto.

Set like a jewel between them comes the New Moon in Taurus (4:28 am PT/7:28 am ET), great for breathing new life into a dream or project related to abundance that was seeded or started sometime before April 14, when Mercury entered shadow.

The Sabian symbol describes:

A SYMBOLIC BATTLE BETWEEN “SWORDS” AND “TORCHES”. Struggle between might and enlightenment, physical desires and higher inspirations. Self-orientation. Divine enthusiasm.

I pause and listen to the Master Within and follow Her guidance to choose the highest form of abundance, here and now.

Saturday, May 7

The day begins with Moon in Taurus, where it’s still effective although VOC, and where it extends the prosperous spurt of yesterday’s New Moon.

An early trine from Sun to Pluto, the powerhouse, makes this a day of empowerment. With its retrograde motion, Pluto favors deep healing, and in Capricorn can help us organize and advance on our New Moon goals in courageous, determined ways that are ultimately revitalizing.

At 9:35 am (12:35 pm ET) Moon enters Gemini. Push forward with communications and promotional projects planned or begun before April 14 and that are related to your New Moon intentions.

I am determined to direct my power and succeed in my life mission, and this decision attracts support from all corners of the Universe, here and now.

Sunday, May 8

May is the month of the Sacred Mother, and today we celebrate her human representative in our lives.

Gemini Moon helps us put our thoughts into an eloquent note or card and coordinate with siblings for today’s event, or, those of us whose mother has made her transition may wish to pay homage.

At 9:32am (12:32 pm ET), Moon opposes Saturn, good for working on ourselves and harmonizing our sterner feelings with forgiveness, particularly towards Mom or in relation to programs absorbed from her.

After that, the day is more propitious for sharing with others, and even discussing our feelings and healing processes.

I release my mother from her apparent limitations and thank her for giving of her life to birth me (and… add other blessings you can thank her for). My matri-lineage is healed as I hold only to its light, here and now.

Monday, May 9

Today is actually a power portal that can open our minds.

Readers on the West Coast can begin to observe one of the day’s three major events as the Sun is rising, when Mercury’s occultation of the golden orb begins its ingress, or approach, on our local star’s edge. Do this at a community site or on a telescope equipped with an adequate filter to ensure safe viewing. The transit’s potency will be exact a bit later, as we’ll see further on.

While this unusual transit is building, Jupiter the fortunate turns direct in Virgo. It gives a green light to healing, work and service concerns we’ve been cogitating about and reviewing since January 9. It cools off the inner critic and releases us to move forward on projects and intentions that have been stalled by our perfectionism. Retentive people may have played out part of that drama, and we are now freed from them. In general, it will make us feel like we can finally get off the airstrip.

Just a bit later, loving and lovely Venus harmonizes with Neptune, planet of compassion, a blending that will help us bring our ideals of kindness home to the heart.

Then, at 8:15 am (11:15 ET), mind-planet Mercury perfects its eclipse or occultation of the Sun. This fascinating line-up joins our mental powers to the light of being, permitting breakthroughs in whatever our line of consciousness expansion may be.

This will be a stellar day for meditation and inner work of any kind, and more specifically, to heal our issues around the Taurus concerns: values and money.

  • How aligned is our mind with what we truly value?
  • What false beliefs and labels around money are we ready to heal?

Questions like these help us get the clarity and freedom this merger promises.

The light that I am brings forth my true values and awareness, and my thought patterns are divinely aligned, here and now.

Tuesday, May 10

Schedule something extra-special this morning, since emotional, romantic and business connections flow beautifully by the light of waxing Moon in tender Cancer as it connects with Venus and Jupiter.

The latter also make a midday harmony: from afternoon on, all things related to love and money will flow well.

Later afternoon isn’t quite so cushy, though connections are still favored. Inner and independent work go particular well, though by evening, communications once again glow.

The love of Spirit pours into my world and blesses me with joyful connection now.

Wednesday, May 11

Moon went VOC in Cancer on a midnight square to Uranus in restless Aries, a transit that may have roused us early. In the sign of its rule, Moon still performs and the charge of that aspect awakens Cancer’s dynamic and independent side.

What does this mean for today’s events?

We can make headway in business or domestic concerns that we moved on before April 14. Do it before 2:32 pm (5:32 ET), when Moon enters Leo. The afternoon favors making or enjoying art, and also negotiation, if we can refrain from the pitfalls of pride.

Deep within, I know exactly what to do, and I act on my intuition, here and now.

Thursday, May 12

A contact with Neptune accents the creativity of Leo Moon, while a trine to builder Saturn brings out its more constructive side.

Harness your inspiration or theatricality by organizing a party or production of some kind.

Mercury, still glowing from its recent connection with Sun, trines powerful Pluto. Our minds acquire laser-like intensity. Sit down and apply it to some challenging project, negotiation, research or healing need.

I enjoy using my mind power to learn, to heal, and to create, here and now.

Friday, May 13

Moon in vital Leo harmonizes with Uranus this morning, making for high energy and a stroke of genius we can apply for exciting results before 10:02 am (1:02 pm ET), when Moon goes VOC.

Take the afternoon off and enjoy a massage and perhaps affectionate, even lustful exchanges, as Mercury the communicator joins love-goddess Venus in sensual Taurus and the latter then trines intense Pluto.

These same energies favor using prosperity mantras and affirmations and building our awareness of abundance.

Moon contributes to the theme of building, as she reaches her second quarter at 27 Leo. The beautiful Sabian symbol says:

IN THE EAST, LIGHT SLOWLY INCREASES, WIPING OUT THE STARS. Transforming power of creative impulses as they bring ideas to manifestation. Stirring to opportunity. Soul-power.

Spirit doesn’t make me depend on people for love and opportunities; It pours love and opportunities to me through infinite channels, here and now.

Saturday, May 14

Moon in alert Virgo squares restless Mars, making this a great morning to weed the yard or renew an exercise routine we had begun before April 14.

From midday on, use a harmony from Sun to Chiron and a contact from Moon to mystical Neptune and focus on healing in whatever way most suits you.

Great results can come from treatments or therapies of any kind, both those we receive and those we give.

We are not alone or without effective help to heal. The Divine Healer is with us, attending us and treating us. No occurrence or condition of the past or present can keep the Divine Healer from bringing forth our complete wellness in our minds, in our bodies and our lives, here and now.

Sunday, May 15

This is not just any Sunday.

Moon in diligent Virgo makes a series of highly productive trines: first to sharp Mercury, next incisive Pluto, and then creative Venus, for a touch of beauty.

If possible, get some time alone and work on a key project that will move you toward your dreams.

Save down time for this evening, which is good for fun and exercise.

I visualize my results, and the actions that follow are perfectly productive, now and always.

Monday, May 16

Moon went VOC on a wee-hours trine to Sun. In Virgo, this aspect favors journaling about dreams and feelings or reaching out to help someone.

Save key actions and purchases for after 10:33 am (1:33 pm ET), when Moon enters Libra, where she favors creating and enjoying beauty and connections with others, especially if we remember to avoid a tendency to nit-pick.

With Mercury retrograde: redecoration, renegotiation of agreements and editing are particularly favored with this Moon.

Later, Moon’s harmony to Mars in adventurous Sag favors an evening out, taking in a concert or community meeting and enjoying an exotic, foreign restaurant.

I resonate with joyful connections, and they manifest naturally for me now.

Tuesday, May 17

This morning favors meditation, quiet time, art, and healing others, as Moon in sweet Libra connects with Neptune, sign of compassion, accenting sensitivity, inspiration and kindness.

This afternoon, focus on people, prosperity or a creative project, as a sextile from Moon to Saturn in go-getter Sag helps generate tangible and charming results.

The Master Artist of all creation brings forth love, joy and beauty through me, here and now.

Wednesday, May 18

Moon is VOC in Libra most of the day. Her aspects are more creative than harmonious. Save key appointments for another day and focus on independent creative work, meditate on love, and visualize your perfect partner. We may also enjoy art and the company of a free-spirited, non-demanding woman or women.

I resonate with beauty, and this awareness naturally makes good things grow in my world now.

Thursday, May 19

The softer side of Moon in Scorpio is accented by harmonies involving sweet Venus, compassionate Neptune and healing Chiron.

The power of our prayers is deepened. We can especially direct this power in forgiveness, transmuting limiting beliefs, and healing.

Our ability to make meaningful connections is intensified: seek out dear ones or friends you may have neglected, as well as key contacts for progress.

Omnipresent Good flows through my memories and connections, and they are healed, here and now.

Friday, May 20

Use this last day of the waxing Moon.

Sun brightens our wits as it enters Gemini, while Moon in Scorpio helps us go deep as it harmonizes with ruler Pluto.

We can get to the bottom of what we need to know and transform in order to consolidate goals and intentions seeded before April 14 and/or renewed at the New Moon in Taurus of May 6.

I seize the magic of this day, and cosmic forces conspire to consolidate my intentions now.

Saturday, May 21

At 4:40 am (7:40 ET), moon goes VOC on an opposition to Venus that can help heal our emotional memories and issues around the sacred feminine, including love, sensitivity, mother, and eating.

With Moon in Scorpio, intuition runs high and power surges to help us prepare a ritual or intent for today’s Full Moon.

At 11:48 am (2:48 pm ET), Moon enters Sag. We can enjoy nature or a group we can have a fun Full Moon gathering with.

Luna becomes full in Sagittarius at 2:14 pm (5:14 pm ET). Conjunct retrograde Mars, it awakens the hero within, gets us in touch with our true passion, and increases the will to defend our life mission, a loved one or a cause for the underdog.

The Sabian symbol describes:

WHITE CAPPED WAVES DANCE RYTHMICALLY UNDER THE WINDS. Glad response to a vital call to activity. Power to stir and to impress one’s own rhythm upon materials. Proud adornment.

I am here to make a difference, and I act on my calling, here and now.

Sunday, May 22

Master number 22 accents today’s creative influences as Moon in Sagittarius connects with Jupiter and Neptune to blow our inspiration wide open and facilitate contacts with angels.

An afternoon conjunction from Moon to Saturn isn’t exactly a party mode, but it can help us take a sober look at our progress on goals brought to light by yesterday’s Full Moon, and organize for an effective week.

Another serious note is sounded by Mercury’s station direct. Although the post-retrograde shadow period continues, today represents a turning in the wisdom gleaned since it entered pre-retrograde shadow on April 14.

The Sabian symbol for Mercury’s station direct at 15 Taurus resonates with the warrior energies of the present Full Moon portal:

MAN WITH RAKISH SILK BAT, MUFFLED, BRAVES THE STORM. Supremacy of the conscious mind over brute nature forces. Full appreciation of outer difficulties. Great inner resources.

No challenge can keep me down. The legacy of spiritual warriors accompanies and strengthens me, and I persist to victory, here and now.

Monday, May 23

Hold to the magic of the Full Moon portal by doing something to bring an element of chaos into Monday morning’s routine. Open a door and move to ground your mission or dream, even if this makes you relinquish control of some mundane situation or takes you out of your comfort zone.

Moon in Sagittarius facilitates this intention, and though it’s VOC most of the day, it still performs in the sign of the archer.

I take a risk for change, and cosmic forces rush in to support my success, here and now.

Tuesday, May 24

Moon in Capricorn helps ground the inspiration of the last few days. Take charge of your time and resources and plan practical steps to get where you want to go.

People-planet Venus enters Gemini today, and brings in an element of detachment that will support our goals if we use it to release the interruptions and opinions of others.

This evening, an opposition from Venus to Mars can fuel passion and creative inspiration, but it can also fuel tempers and spark unnecessary fights.

With or without the support or approval of others, I make a space to build towards my dreams now.

Wednesday, May 25

This is not a day to hang out in a neighbor’s yard smelling the flowers. Today, Moon in responsible Capricorn joins with Pluto, Mr. Intense.

Bold actions can lead to healing, uncovering key information, or connecting with an influential person who can help get things done.

Move before 6:11 pm (9:11 ET), when Moon goes VOC in Capricorn on a square to independent Uranus.

Spirit doesn’t make me wait for certain people or circumstances to facilitate my good. Spirit is with me here, and brings my good forth through infinite channels now.

Thursday, May 26

In keeping with yesterday’s serious spirit, a sunrise square from Jupiter, planet of fortune, to Saturn the worker, elicits a glance at the alignment between our vision and discipline.

  • What steps toward building our dreams have we been postponing?
  • Are our efforts on par with our gifts and opportunities?

Moon enters Aquarius at 7:27am (10:27 ET), helping us gather information, and with harmonies to Venus and Mars, assists in making motivating connections with others.

I am worthy of manifesting my dreams, and I seek the help I need, here and now.

Friday, May 27

This morning can help us close the workweek with dignity, thanks to contacts from Moon in intellectual Aquarius with constructive co-ruler Saturn, and visionary Jupiter in executive Capricorn.

Moon in Aquarius squares Mercury the Communicator in Taurus at 11:44 am (2:44 pm ET). This fixed-sign combo can be very creative, but may also fuel obstinacy. Avoid alienating dear ones by getting on a soapbox–unless it’s for an ecological cause and in a constructive situation. Favored: enjoying an art exhibit or concert, or reading in the garden.

My mind is open to the best and the highest, so the best and highest appear, here and now.

Saturday, May 28

A morning harmony from Moon in Aquarius to ruler Uranus favors independent fun—breakfast with an eccentric friend, a jaunt to a science fair or museum, or starting a petition.

At 1:19 pm (4:19 ET), Moon goes VOC, entering Pisces at 2:09 pm (5:09 ET). Rest, enjoy spiritual practice, dream yoga, music, or a good movie.

Be selective of your company, since Pisces Moon picks up all kinds of vibrations.

I am grateful for my freedom and I use it to choose the best and highest company, here and now.

Sunday, May 29

Moon reaches Last Quarter almost at sunrise (5:12 am PT/8:12 am ET), triggering this Sabian symbol:

THE RACE BEGINS, THE JOCKEY SPURS HIS HORSE TO GREAT SPEEDS. The capacity to throw yourself into any type of activity. Self-quickening.

Moon in Pisces joins ruler Neptune, planet of angels. We can enjoy a mystical experience, participate in an inspirational group, and call on angels, dakinis and related light-beings.

The tone becomes productive with a lunar contact to Saturn at 1:45 pm (4:45 ET), followed by a string of additional contacts that help hone in and produce tangible results in work or personal projects.

I take time to center in Spirit, and this connection empowers my actions, now and always.

Monday, May 30

Enjoy a tranquil morning, and connect with the fusion of Moon and Chiron in mystical Pisces to focus on healing in whatever way you can.

Moon goes VOC on a trine to Mars in deep Scorpio at 4:10 pm (7:10 ET), a harmony that favors acupuncture, shiatsu, laser or other kinds of penetrating treatments, as well as dancing or defending a loved one or underdog.

At 6:09 pm (9:09 ET), Moon enters Aries. Evening is apt to be restless and minds particularly sharp, thanks to a trine from Mercury the thinker to Pluto the penetrating. With Mercury in shadow and Pluto retrograde, self-dialogue and hypnosis, regression and meditation can be deeply healing. Research, dream-work and conversation can uncover treasures.

Affirmation (repeat 10 times before falling asleep):
As I go to sleep tonight, Infinite Intelligence stays awake and reveals whatever I need to see for my highest good, in clear dreams I remember on waking.

Tuesday, May 31

Mars rules Tuesday, as well as ruling today’s Moon in Aries, and joins with the constructive instincts of today’s number 4. Whether our focus is on relationship, work or altruism, we can make great headway with this cardinal Moon and its string of harmonies to Venus, Sun and Saturn.

This evening, even fortunate Jupiter gets in on the act. Focus on what matters, because this last aspect is great for enthusiasm and furthering a cause, but it may fuel the evangelical pastor within and cause unnecessary confrontations.

Omnipresent Good goes before me, harmonizing my connections and blessing my results now.

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