Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, April 1–30, 2016

by Crystal Pomeroy on April 1, 2016

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, April 2016

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(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC-8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Friday, April 1

Unless you’re still on vacation, rise early and use the last few hours of Moon in Capricorn to get business taken care of before the party spirit sets in, making the rest of the day more apt than tomorrow or Sunday for weekend playtime.

According to Lawrence Durdin-Robertson in The Year of the Goddess, April Fool’s comes from an ancient Irish tradition of “playing all sorts of low pranks” to make fools of people, in veneration of Venus.

And most of the day actually is better for making fools than for trying to be productive, with Moon going VOC at 9:39 am (12:39 pm ET), in wry Capricorn and on a harmony to sociable Venus.

This aspect is also rather opulent; try a post-prank gift of flowers or a chocolate truffle to sweeten the humiliation.

At 6:37 pm (9:37 ET), Moon enters Aquarius, sealing our day on a friendly note.

I’m open to laughter, and my world is blessed with magic here and now.

Saturday, April 2

Moon in creative Aquarius harmonizes with dynamic Mars in trailblazing Sag, making this morning great for audacious action.

The influence is reiterated this evening, when Moon sextiles vital Sun in audacious Aries.

Saturday’s planet is productive Saturn, and in combination with the waning Moon, we can make headway to consolidate and tie up things already begun.

Infinite Intelligent consolidates its ideas through me, and I act on Its direction, here and now.

Sunday, April 3

This morning is a true awakening, with an early sextile from Moon in brilliant Aquarius to ruler Uranus in Aries, sign of sunrise.

Don’t waste this day on anything short of blissful adventure, whether on your own or shared with joyous company.

The adventure can even be productive if applied in a creative, cybernetic or altruistic project; as Uranus, planet of quakes, can lead to earthshaking progress.

Inspiration continues this afternoon, although productivity wanes after 4:16 pm (7:16 ET), when Moon goes VOC on a sextile to communicative Mercury. It’s the perfect time to enjoy a funny movie or stimulating company, play Scrabble, or do crossword puzzles.

I invite the energies of sunrise to open windows in my mind and world now.

Monday, April 4

Monday is Moon’s day, and its ruler is in Pisces, with contacts to Neptune and Jupiter, planets of inspiration.

An early contact from Sun to Jupiter enforces the theme, while a midday square from Moon to Mars in Sag, also ruled by Jupiter, throws a pinch of energy into the cauldron, just big enough to incite us to action.

This is a great combination for pushing through on our plans to visualize, meditate on compassion or forgiveness, or do dream yoga.

Clarify your intentions and then design graphic images, without and/or within, to begin applying your creative imagination.

Avoid a tendency to get bombastic or moralistic.

I am determined to direct the power of my imagination to manifest wellness, freedom and success, here and now.

Tuesday, April 5

Forces of creativity, healing and productivity surge, thanks to a pre-dawn harmony from Moon to Pluto, followed by a trine from Sun in vital Aries to constructive Saturn in enthusiastic Sag, and a conjunction from Moon to Chiron.

Although Moon is VOC most of the day, in Pisces it still performs and stimulates our imagination to use this day’s gifts, including the balsamic phase, in finishing things we started or somehow closing cycles in preparation for Thursday’s New Moon.

I am determined to release that which is no longer for my higher good, and this clarity allows Grace to free me now.

Wednesday, April 6

The last day of the Balsamic Moon in the brave sign of Aries helps us break through barriers to release possessions, resentments and attachments in preparation for tomorrow’s New Moon. The Sun squares Pluto, connected our will with energies of change.

Avoid unnecessary fights, declutter, take time to rest.

I release hard thoughts toward myself or others, and love renews my world now.

Thursday, April 7

If possible, take the day off and enjoy nature. The New Moon Aries is exact at 4:24 am (7:24 ET), practically rising with the Sun.

The Sabian symbol says:

A MAGIC CARPET HOVERING OVER AN UGLY INDUSTRIAL SUBURB. Capacity to transform everyday life by the power of creative significance, or escape in idle fancy.

Although this does inspire us to act, it’s best to do it before Moon goes VOC at 7:56 am (10:56 ET), or postpone until tomorrow, when the Moon will be in Taurus.

Since this will be the last New Moon before Mercury enters its shadow and retrograde periods, further intensified in the sign of beginnings, we can best use it if we have something to start or launch.

Even setting intentions is better before the VOC, although we can certainly visualize the rest of today.

I am grateful for the power that makes my seed-thoughts flower, here and now.

Friday, April 8

Moon in fertile Taurus helps us make concrete progress on the intentions we seeded at yesterday’s lunation, or if we haven’t yet, those we seed today.

Harmonies with Neptune and Jupiter favor healing, creativity and promotion.

The Universe receives my clear intent, and responds to support its manifestation now.

Saturday, April 9

Don’t waste today on the couch, unless it’s with someone or doing something truly exciting. This could range from getting a shiatzu massage or an acupuncture treatment to experiencing satori, under the influence of today’s healing harmony from Moon to Chiron and a conjunction from Sun to Uranus, planet of awakening.

Moon is VOC in Taurus, providing a fertile, even prosperous, backdrop for these energies of change, as it still performs in the sign of the bull.

The afternoon is particularly good for following our own unique inspiration to produce something tangible.

Although I may not know the way, I move on my inspiration and the creative forces of the Universe rush to support me now.

Sunday, April 10

This morning is good for sharing breakfast, games or ideas. Enjoy it before 1:06 pm (4:06 ET), when Moon opposes Mars the warrior and Mercury also contacts the red planet, favoring independent but safe activities that help us release tension, such as gardening, swimming, taking a brisk walk or watching sports.

Afternoon and evening favor spiritual practice and perhaps taking in a concert, with squares from Moon to both Neptune and Jupiter, planets of inspiration.

The light that I am connects me to a web of radiance, here and now.

Monday, April 11

Bright-eyed Gemini Moon makes early connections to movers and shakers Pluto and Uranus, facilitating breakthroughs in communication, handiwork, learning, promoting, publishing and teaching.

Use this morning window well, as Moon goes VOC at 11:57 am (2:57 ET), when an afternoon break for reading, playing table games or doing crosswords is more to our inclinations.

Keep a journal near your bed tonight, to capture messages triggered by tomorrow’s pre-dawn sextile from Mercury to Neptune.

I invoke the energies of dawn to fill my mind and actions with their zeal, here and now.

Tuesday, April 12

A sexy trine from Venus in hot Aries to Mars in sensual Taurus can make for a toasty brunch or lunch date.

If you can escape for a picnic with your honey, make sure the tablecloth is thick enough for a ground blanket.

If you’re low on either hormones or prospects, this same combination favors breakthroughs in artistic projects. It also turns on charisma, giving you an Aphrodite glow that brings magic to public relations and fun to people connections of any kind.

Creativity flourishes this afternoon and evening, although touchiness may arise with a contact from sensitive Cancer Moon to Mars in hoof-in-mouth Sag.

I celebrate life’s blessings, past, present and future, here and now.

Wednesday, April 13

Early contacts from Moon in restless Cancer to heavies Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, can move us—perhaps through irritating situations—to direct our imagination and efforts towards the intentions seeded in the present New Moon cycle.

Doing so produces satisfaction when the Moon reaches her Second Quarter at 8:59 pm (11:59 ET), activating the Sabian symbol:

LEADER… WRAPPED IN AN INVISIBLE MANTLE OF POWER. Support of unconscious elements in every fearless and positive stand of the ego. Restoration of strength; or self-discovery.

I am true to my highest self, and this congruence encircles my world with a shield of power now.

Thursday, April 14

It’s a great day for communications of almost any kind, with a trine from Mercury in practical Taurus to Jupiter in diligent Virgo that helps us capture the warmth of Moon in Leo and express our affection in concrete ways.

Buy groceries for grandma, help your sister weed the garden or otherwise follow through on a good intention or promise to help somebody.

This combination is also apt for making headway on a creative project, particularly something requiring promotion, sales or marketing.

Affirmation to bless one’s action:
Before doing, I connect with the intentions of my heart, and my actions come from a point of power now.

Friday, April 15

Moon in Leo and her morning contacts bring out the artist within, and also favor a romantic breakfast.

At 12:30 pm (3:30 ET), a square from Moon to Mercury, both in fixed signs, can accentuate stubbornness but favor independent creative work.

But just 42 minutes later, we’re in the gold, thanks to a trine from Moon in Leo to Saturn in Sagittarius, excellent for organization and tangible progress, further facilitated by a connection from Mercury the communicator to Saturn, planet of discipline.

It’s a perfect time for pushing through paperwork or taxes, designing a course, studying, or editing and consolidating promotional plans.

Rather than starting something new, focus on things already underway, since Mercury is entering pre-retrograde shadow.

I visualize finished results, and the Universe multiplies the fruits of my efforts, here and now.

Saturday, April 16

The entire day is good for healing.

If you want to get something done, do it early, since Moon goes VOC at 10:48 am (1:48 pm), and tomorrow Mars turns retrograde.

Relax and enjoy nature until she enters Virgo at 4:23 pm (7:23 ET). Use her influence to organize, smudge and bless your space. A contact from Venus to Jupiter favors an evening out or mind-opening conversation.

Joy and beauty come into my life, and I receive them, here and now.

Sunday, April 17

A day for deep reflection and understanding of the sacred masculine, with Moon in analytic Virgo and an early trine from ruler Mercury to powerful Pluto, followed by Mars’ station retrograde.

This morning in particular is great for reviewing your use of assertiveness and action and how you can fine tune them to empower your path. The position, sign and aspects of your natal Mars will be helpful in this process, and you can find more tips in our April General Influences section.

Lunar connections to Neptune and Jupiter, planets of inspiration and angels, increase spiritual perspective and favor healing this afternoon and evening.

I am ready to embrace my sacred masculine essence, and its circuits in me are healed, here and now.

Monday, April 18

As if yesterday’s portal wasn’t deep enough, Pluto the powerful stations to retrograde. Joining Mercury’s shadow and Mars’ retrograde, it completes a lineup that will greatly favor inner work and healing for the rest of the month, and beyond.

If you have key actions or purchases pending, rise early and tackle them before 5:29 am (8:29 ET), when Moon goes VOC in Virgo.

A morning trine from sweet Venus to diligent Saturn favors organizing social, financial and creative projects, although VOC Moon reminds us to give any plans the light touch, knowing they are more a clarification of intent than something fixed in stone.

This contact also favors visiting a teacher or elder.

I release appearances and turn within to connect with my Source of power now.

Tuesday, April 19

Venus has it, ruling this morning’s Moon in Libra and also Sun as it enters Taurus at 8:29 am (11:29 ET).

But not all is harmony, as the lady of love, art and beauty challenges Pluto with an afternoon square.

This afternoon is a great time to get an acupuncture or natural treatment for female concerns, pour love into healing processes, clarify intentions for sex and love fulfillment, or work on art.

I love having the power to create what I want and I allow myself to use it, here and now.

Wednesday, April 20

Creative Libra Moon can help us beautify our surroundings, work, and promotional efforts, although its aspects are better for independent work than PR or direct contact.

Her harmony with Saturn can favor doing behind-the-scenes work on a legal matter, revising a contract or planning a delicate negotiation.

I am not alone in my need for balance, the Divine representative is with me, guiding me and working to produce fair and successful results for all concerned, here and now.

Thursday, April 21

Moon is VOC in Libra most of the day, not propitious for key actions or purchases but nice for enjoying nature, reaffirming our love connections and getting pretty details—like flowers and a candle—in preparation for tonight’s or tomorrow’s Full Moon ceremony.

Moon enters Scorpio at 5:17 pm (8:17 ET), lending oomph to our search for metaphoric or material treasures, as well as our desires to connect closely with a harmonious other.

At 10:24 pm (1:24 am ET), the Moon becomes Full at 2 degrees Scorpio, activating the following Sabian symbol:

HAPPY HOUSE-RAISING PARTY AMONG WESTERN PIONEERS. The constructive sharing of experience which builds social values. Interchange of efforts. Necessity to learn cooperation.

For more details, see tomorrow’s forecast.

I come from a place of truth, and I am naturally attractive to empowering people and circumstances now.

Friday, April 22

Last night’s Full Moon was in Scorpio. The Scorpion’s ruler Pluto and co-ruler Mars are both retrograde, while Mercury, planet of mind, is in pre-retrograde shadow. The emphasis is on inward processes, even though yesterday’s Sabian symbol speaks to relationship, describing “constructive sharing”.

Yet those involved are not sleeping sheep types, but rather “WESTERN PIONEERS”, in the middle of a “HAPPY HOUSE-RAISING PARTY”.

Scorpio and Pluto help us peel away obsolete layers of personality as we move forward boldly to open paths for ourselves and paradigms for humanity. This process and focus naturally attract other pioneering souls with whom we can exchange support and build new psychic spaces.

People-planet Venus joins Uranus the liberator, shaking our social connections into a freer level of expression.

I love my true self, and my relationships are freed to a new level now.

Saturday, April 23

The day begins with a harmony between Moon in deep Scorpio and its ruler Pluto in constructive Capricorn.

The morning favors initiatives for work, healing or transforming our spaces, while the afternoon and evening are better for socializing and relaxation.

Moon goes VOC at 2:46 pm (5:46 ET) on an opposition to Mercury. This is not particularly harmonious but can be nice for a soak in the hot tub, a dinner picnic in the woods, or relaxing with a deep or sexy movie. Avoid obstinate attitudes and unnecessary arguments.

I am a child of the stars, and their magic guides my days, now and always.

Sunday, April 24

Moon in Sagittarius favors having an adventure in nature or in a community project: a hike, a swim, a fancy picnic, or joining with like souls to help the environment or a social cause.

In the wake of the Scorpio Full Moon, with co-rulers Pluto and Mars both retrograde and Mercury in shadow, recycling or clean-up projects are particularly propitious.

I give my best to life and receive the best life has to offer, here and now.

Monday, April 25

The morning is good for exploring ways to manifest intentions seeded or projects begun around or before the New Moon of April 7, particularly in education, media, spirituality and all things foreign.

Act on your vision after Moon joins focused Saturn in Sagittarius at 12:47 pm (3:47 pm ET). We may feel a bit pressured but our efforts produce lasting results.

I do my best and trust the results to my Higher Power now.

Tuesday, April 26

Sag Moon continues to favor progress, particularly in healing and work efforts.

At 8:51 am (11:51 ET), Moon goes VOC, although in Sagittarius she still performs, particularly on a trine with sweet Venus in enthusiastic Aries, who brings life to romance, promotion, and connections in general.

At 4:54 pm (7:54 ET), Moon enters Capricorn and the tone becomes more serious, but our executive abilities emerge, propitious for organizing business or whatever needs a director’s touch.

I center on my intent, and naturally connect with the energetic support that is here for me now.

Wednesday, April 27

Put on a dress shirt or blouse, choose a tie or scarf, and get in sync with your inner executive.

Harmonies to Sun and Neptune optimize the creative potential of Moon in Capricorn, while a contact from Sun in prosperous Taurus to Mars, planet of action now in visionary Sag, favors just about anything we do to act on our dreams (in directions initiated before the Mercury shadow of April 15) and make effective people connections.

I am made in the image and likeness of power, and go forth to meet my divine opportunities now.

Thursday, April 28

Mercury stations to retrograde. Is that really bad? If we direct our attention inward, our affirmations and mantras are even more powerful than usual, particularly with Pluto also retrograde.

A harmony from Capricorn Moon to the messenger planet lends executive ability our efforts to review, revise, reorganize, reconsider, repeat, resubmit, resell and anything else that begins with “re”, all facilitated by Mercury retrograde.

I am grateful that I can revise my efforts and heal my life; and I use this opportunity with diligence, here and now.

Friday, April 29

The stars continue to help make a productive time of Mercury retrograde, with Moon reaching its Fourth Quarter in intelligent Aquarius at 8:29 pm (11:29 pm ET), and activating the Sabian symbol for 11 Aquarius:

ARTIST, AWAY FROM THE WORLD, RECEIVES NEW INSPIRATION. Creative power… self-crystallization in a form of power.

Not only are our inner connections, awareness and creativity enriched, but outer actions are blessed by a lunar harmony to Mars the mover in visionary Sagittarius.

This afternoon, Venus, planet of beauty and prosperity, enters Taurus, the most abundant sign of its rule, facilitating tangible results.

My creative inward vision projects perfect results outward and they appear here and now.

Saturday, April 30

Direct an early harmony from Moon in intellectual Aquarius to diligent Saturn by moving to build on things begun before April 15.

The doors of opportunity open this afternoon: walk through them, and share messages, ideas and ideals before Moon goes VOC 7:56 pm (10:56 ET).

I am a force for divine creativity, and I intend and act in that certainty here and now.

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