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Energize Your Goals for the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

by Crystal Pomeroy on February 16, 2016

Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey

The New Moon of Monday, February 8, marks the entrance of the Chinese New Year of the Fire Monkey. Traditionally, the New Year’s holiday continues until February 22.

The Monkey’s greatest attribute is its intelligence, so this is a year to invest time, attention and money in your natal talents, whatever they may be.

This strategy is compatible with the area of life promising greatest success under this year’s animal: your profession and worldly goals.

The living room is the area related to these energies. To get it moving in your home and psyche, do something to enliven your this room.

One easy way is to integrate the color red: in a picture, cushion, or other accessories.

Monkey is also related to children, and the following ritual fuses these symbols by invoking your inner child’s essence into your living room and goals.

To a greater or lesser degree, a living room is usually arranged to please the eye, and often visitors, and now we can shift this custom.

  • On or around the New Moon in Aquarius (sign of individuality), with a page and pen on hand, sit cross-legged on the floor or in your most comfortable chair or sofa, look around and scan the area.
  • Light a stick of cinnamon incense, and repeat, “This is an offering for the angels of prosperity and renewal, whom I invite to fill my space and aligning my goals with my authentic self.”
  • Light a red candle and affirm, “The light of angels awakens my inner child and fills my space with exciting, new life.”
  • Close your eyes, place your attention on your heart (abode of the inner child), and ask yourself what changes you would make to have this room, or a certain part of it, more in accordance with your most authentic self.
  • Write down the ideas that come up for you. We did this exercise in my Divine Empowerment group, and some ideas that came up included:
    • Hang plant in one corner
    • Display pictures of my personal spirit guides
    • Get an aquarium with a pink fish
    • Put a tree-shaped bush near the window
    • Install a fountain
    • Keep a vase with fresh flowers
    • Set a figure of Buddha and a bonsai plant in a corner
  • Once you have made a list, close your eyes and visualize what your space will look like and the inspiration you’ll feel when you’ve made those changes.
  • Thank the angels of renewal.
  • Each day of the First Quarter Moon, do something to implement the new ideas for your space.
  • While you are in the process of making the changes, spend some minutes each day visualizing how it will look, and connecting with the inspiration you feel as you look at the new touches.

In the days after the ritual, remember to listen to your intuition as you watch for and act on opportunities to align with your life mission, advance professionally and cultivate your talents.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Happy New Year!

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