The Astrology of 2015

The Art of Soulscaping

by Lorna Bevan on November 1, 2015

Astrology of 2015, The Art of Soulscaping

A genuine odyssey is not about piling up experiences. It is a deeply felt, risky, unpredictable tour of the soul. ~Thomas Moore

Crossing Into the Post Pluto/Uranus World

Frame this astrological period between the September 21 Equinox and the December 21 Solstice as preparation for crossing beyond the horizon of 2015 into the post Uranus/Pluto terrain of 2016/17, characterized by:” What the bleep do we know?”

Stunning breakthroughs in astronomy are reshaping our view of ourselves through the discovery of the Kuiper Belt, the Oort Cloud and the centaurs, TNOs and Plutinos. In front of our eyes, our solar system is expanding, along with our consciousness, especially around Pluto in the Kuiper Belt where we are discovering a whole new species of dwarf planets—Haumea, Makemake, Quaoar and beyond that to Sedna and Eris. It’s time to model a quantum astrology on quantum astronomy. As we begin to expand our view of ourselves and venture beyond the solar system, we discover some interesting playmates.  Our solar system is not a standalone system. It’s holographically nested within a larger reality. It’s past time for us to open out beyond our current level of consciousness to explore connections to this galactic energy and what it tells us about who we are becoming.  As Philip Sedgwick says in his book The Soul of the Sky, there is no protective fence around our modest Sun and its gravitational grouping.

For the first time you can glimpse how your personal psychosynthesis syncs with global psychosynthesis. The shift from the last 5 years of cardinal crises—process breakdown—into mutable integration—what may be—has already begun with Jupiter and Orcus in Virgo, Saturn, the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius and Nessus, Neptune and Chiron in Pisces.

The Node of Fate newly arrived at 30 degrees Virgo is seeding 5 eclipses—quantum tipping points—between now and September 2017 across the Virgo/Pisces axis of the World Servers. The old archetypes of the outer planets—now the threshold planets—are being imprinted by the maverick energy of deep space objects, deepening the mystical and mysterious interweavings between Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius. The urge for personal enlightenment is clashing with religious doctrines from an earlier level of human development as we feel our way to our own truth without becoming ungrounded and overinflated.

What Meaning Does this Astrology Hold for You?

As above, so below. Jupiter, Neptune and Chiron are opening the gates to the transpersonal in everyday life as Saturn, the Dweller on the Threshold, aligns with Centaur Nessus and scales fall from our eyes. Saturn is in Sagittarius, the sign of otherness, the most different sign, the feeling of which is often associated with the kind of longing that we think of as spiritual or mystical. It contains a homing signal drawing our consciousness toward a level that goes beyond what we consider normal.

Universal Self - Astrology of 2015

Esoterically these mutable signs are working Rays 2, 4, 5 and 6 merging unconditional love and wisdom, creative harmony with the ability to bring metaphysical concepts into practical reality through devotion to spiritual growth.

A deep, clear wellspring of creativity and generativity is rising in every one of us through the Virgo archetype of being in service to the whole as an expression of our essential self. Instead of narcissistic focusing on self at a personality level—“What makes me special?”—this is a direct connection and willing collaboration with your soul’s code, with your Daimon, your guide. It has a spontaneous, unrestrained quality, like instagrams of your personal vision quest to bring news that others can use from your learnings and experiences in all their unedited truth. It is about modelling, teaching, mentoring or coaching something unique simply by being yourself. It’s the opposite of an offering that’s cleverly crafted or marketed for financial gain because it is freely given, transparent, a genuine offering to the whole.

Think of it as a spiritual “acte gratuit”—an existential act of freedom, a statement of belonging by just being. You are sending out postcards from the edge, from the cloud of unknowing. Each of us needs reports of such sightings, beacons, information, support and mutual feedback to learn new ways of relating to a changing world and cosmos, to spin radically new stories, myths and narratives as the old distinctions between the personal and the political dissolve. The key in this mutable landscape is to master how to turn information into knowledge and knowledge into wisdom for the benefit of the whole.

For this we have to learn how to think with our hearts, to alchemise our history, our experiences into gold out of the base metal of “Listen to my victim story” into “Maybe the story of my mistakes, my suffering, my transitions, my joy, my way of looking at life may stir something in you.” It’s the evolution from victim consciousness to claiming a place as a kindred spirit. It helps us to look back at all our disturbances and dysfunctions, at how they have been necessary, how they fit in. It helps us look at what we have been doing and what we do well, what the world wants from us. The world may want from you what you do best, which could well be an indication about your calling. It may be a service; it may be friendship. We don’t all have to be or want to be a celebrity.

“Each life is formed by its unique image, an image that is the essence of that life and calls it to a destiny. As the force of fate, this image acts as a personal daimon, an accompanying guide who remembers your calling.

The daimon motivates. It protects. It invents and persists with stubborn fidelity. It resists compromising reasonableness and often forces deviance and oddity upon its keeper, especially when neglected or opposed. It can make the body ill. It is out of step with time, finding all sorts of faults, gaps, and knots in the flow of life – and it prefers them. It has affinities with myth, since it is itself a mythical being and thinks in mythical patterns. ~ James Hillman, The Soul’s Code

Evolving Self, Evolving World

In perfect symmetry, as your personal ego Self connects with the Universal Self, we are now moving collectively through the spiral levels of human development onto Ray 7, the path of ceremonial magic and ritual bringing Right Relationship of all things working in harmony and sacred geometric form.

Spiral Dynamic - Astrology of 2015

This post Uranus/Pluto astrology is shifting us from the personal relativistic world view to a renewalist holistic global view as change agents who are asking

The Four Necessary Questions

  1. Why are we here, in service to what and towards what end? The Cosmological Question

  2. How are we, as animal forms empowered by spirit, to live in harmony with our natural environment? The Ecological Question

  3. Who are my people? What is my duty to others and what are the rights,privileges and expectations of my tribe? The Sociological Question

  4. Who am I, how am I different from others, what is my life about and how am I to find my way through the difficulties of life? The Psychological Question

~ James Hollis, Jungian Analyst


Introductory image by Milky Way Scientists.

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