The Astrology of 2015

Total Eclipse of the Heart

by Lorna Bevan on September 1, 2015

Total Eclipse of the Heart

Art by Cedar Lee.

Drop your maps and listen to your lostness like a sacred calling into presence. Here, where the old ways are crumbling and you may be tempted to burn down your own house. Ask instead for an introduction to that which endures. This place without a foothold is the province of grace. It is the questing field, most responsive to magic and fluent in myth. Here, where there is nothing left to lose, sing out of necessity that your ragged heart be heard. Send out your holy signal and listen for the echo back. ~ Toko-Pa

Astrologically, physically and psychically, September and October are all about mastering the art of edge walking. Starting at the Pisces Full Moon of August 28 and culminating at the Taurus Full Moon of October 27, a rare triad of Super Moons and two eclipses will sweep us through three Star Gates to the Event Horizon of September 28 and beyond. This giant wave of energy downloads encoded with meta keys will recalibrate us etherically and physically.

Star Gate 1: Sphinx Cusp Leo/Virgo

  • Super Full Moon, August 29, Pisces/Virgo
  • Solar eclipse Virgo, September 13

Star Gate 2: Collective Soul Cusp Virgo/Libra

  • Super Moon Lunar eclipse September 28 Libra/Aries—The Event Horizon

Star Gate 3: Karmic Cusp Libra/Scorpio

  • Super Full Moon October 27 Taurus/Scorpio

The Way that is not the Way will first take us as pilgrims through the Virgo/Pisces territory of Zen, crossing the Super Galactic Center at 2 degrees Libra, encountering the North Node of Fate and Makemake, then along the Via Combusta into the karmic waters and nine tests of Scorpio.

Consciously or unwittingly, we have been focusing on our metamorphosis, from the June solstice to the September Equinox, pivoting from transformation to emergence, immersed in both energies in the same moment. From the September Equinox to the December Solstice we will fully anchor ourselves in the applied mastery phase, structuring our physical life to match our divine truth.

Know that your heart is being occulted three times—firstly by the powerful 40-day-and-night Venus retrograde ending on September 6, next by two eclipses—so that your head-heart crown center, the primary high heart center and the solar plexus heart center are purified, activated and blended to work in harmony with the soul.

To experience four Super Moons in a row—two of them eclipses—announces that something important this way comes. As Super Moons are at perigee, when the Moon is nearest to the Earth, and at the same time, at syzygy, in line with the Earth and the Sun, means that an historic two-month-long seismic window is opening. Expect very strong seismic, gravitational and electromagnetic pulls to affect both the planet and your etheric body and nervous system.

The Leo/Virgo Sphinx Cusp Activation

Ray 2 Love/Wisdom

When Jupiter the Hierophant entered Virgo on August 12, the Sphinx Cusp was activated by Transpluto-Isis, Regulus and Orcus—Guardian of the soul’s vows and promises. This is Jupiter as Magi, with Mother Mary, as World Servers. One after another, Mercury, Jupiter, the Sun, Mars and Venus will enter the gate of the sacred feminine aligning with Neptune, in a great cosmic inbreath.

At the Pisces Super Moon on August 29 at 6 degrees Virgo, a conjunction of Sun, Jupiter and Orcus opposes Moon/Neptune in Pisces square Saturn. In early October the North Node of Fate crossing 0 Libra on the World Axis ushers in five wild card eclipses across Virgo/Pisces through to 2017. At the same time, Venus, as a newly created Warrior Princess Morning Star, enters the sign of the dispossessed Mother, bringing back the gold from her soul excavation in the retrograde underworld. In Virgo/Pisces territory we encounter and embody the Sacred Feminine, through the alchemy of Water and Earth—Mater and Matter. This is the art of seeing that everything is related to everything else in a unified field of consciousness.

Many things bring creative life, healing, ideas, innovations, inventions, and solutions, to real down-to-earth issues and challenges. And these actually come out of the dark, from out of nowhere, seemingly, they come from over your shoulder. They come from just out of the corner of your eye. They come from the unconscious; they come from the part of the psyche that stores not just quirks and oddities and forgotten shreds of memory and so forth, but also stores of great gifts… insight, intuition, knowledge, that some people would call uncanny only because it doesn’t appear to come from the forefront of the mind. ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

The Virgo/Libra Collective Soul Cusp Activation

Ray 3 Active Intelligence

A Collective Fate point was activated first on September 3 when Black Moon Lilith was conjunct the North Node, then again at the Blood Moon Lunar eclipse of September 28 (September 27 in the US) when the Sun conjuncts Mercury, the North Node of Fate and Makemake exactly on M87,the Super Galactic Centre, all square Pluto.


September Lunar Eclipse chart (click on image for larger view)

This is being described as the 2015 Event Horizon when a powerful wave of gamma light from the Galactic Core will impact the Earth.

The Cardinal Cross has been the driving force behind the turbulent times of the past seven years, so we now begin a whole new phase of this story. Because of the extraordinary recent events connected with activity on the Cardinal Cross, it almost seems as if all the energy of the historical process is being shifted onto this Cross at our current phase in the story of humanity—perhaps as part of a world initiation. Watch for new information when Mercury retrogrades back to exactly 0 Libra on October 10.

The Libra/Scorpio Karmic Cusp Activation

Ray 4 Harmony Through Conflict

The third of three Super Full Moons falls across the Taurus/Scorpio axis on October 27. Since October 2012, when Saturn entered Scorpio, through September 17 2015 when the Black Sun left for Sagittarius, through the plutonic Taurus/Scorpio eclipses of 2013/14, we have faced karmic feedback loops over and over. We have been crucified then resurrected. When we arrive at this cusp, we will recognise the way stations and welcome back “old friends from far away,” our fellow travellers and guides across time.

There are no right answers. But there is a right question. It’s the one that rubs up against your self-righteousness, resistance, and fears…. When you ask yourself, “Why not?” you may find yourself in motion, across a vivid and unpredictable landscape, over impossible mountains and beyond the water’s edge, where you surprise yourself, once and for all, by getting wet.” ~ Karen Maezen Miller, Momma Zen

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steffen October 6, 2015 at 12:55 pm

i’m still tryin to get a better understanding in the three stargates. Can you talk about how each stargate will affect our day to day to lives and the importance of each one. These are the three stargates through ascension correct?

Nancy September 9, 2015 at 7:22 am

Love the the wonderful sense of energy in this article!

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