The Astrology of 2014

August: Entering the Lion’s Gate

by Lorna Bevan on August 1, 2014

August Astrology - Leo's Gate

It’s hard to believe that after seven months of complete inertia, frustration and wading through mud during the most frustrating year we’ve experienced in long time, August could actually turn out to be too much, both overwhelming and overpowering all at once. Didn’t we long for this? Ask for this? Sometimes as Shaman Carlos Castenada pointed out, we have to “be careful what you wish for, you might just get it”.

In August, with the fiery heart of Leo amplified by Jupiter, there is so much planetary electricity that we’ll feel permanently lit up like a Roman candle. It’s a turning and tipping point in the Year of the Wild Horse—quirky, temperamental and determined, which is only just starting to canter, never mind gallop. Absolutely nothing—and I mean nothing—is predictable or controllable. We have to let our horse have its head and if it’s a scary ride, so be it.

There’s nothing—not even a credit card—between “scary” and “exhilarating” in kinaesthetic terms—it’s all down to our own ”lost in translation” mind games. I know which I’d choose.

The 8:8 Lion’s Gate

On August 8—the eighth day of the eighth month—a power portal opens as the Sun aligns with Sirius and the Earth. Numerologically,the two 8’s represent two infinity symbols opening wide the gates to allow us to pass way beyond previous personal boundaries. This is the third of a Triple Star Gate Trifecta. The first opened on July 7/8 when the Sun conjuncted Sirius, followed by the second on July 17/18 when Sirius became a heliacal Morning Star at the ancient Egyptian New Year.

These three portals peak on August 11, just after August’s Super Moon. To align with these extremely potent Solar energies, wake up as the Sun rises, go outside and feel the Sun’s rays activating your heart chakra. As it does, consciously connect your heart to the Earth’s heart and the heartbeat of the ggreat Central Sun. Seed your highest intentions, sing, dance, celebrate, play and get lit up!


Jupiter, archetype of exaggeration and drama, is in our face all month, square Saturn in Scorpio, challenged by Mars in Pluto’s own sign and daring us to take a huge leap of faith. If you think the carnage on the world stage is a temporary long night of the soul, think again. Mars in Scorpio shadow side is ruthless, vituperative and demands an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

The Nine Tests

Mars in Scorpio will present us with Nine Tests. The tests are given to everyone—those who are asleep, those who are beginning to awaken, and the awakened. The purpose is to test our strength, courage, ability to adapt, discriminate and have discernment. To see if each of us is deceived by illusion or is a warrior triumphant, emerging from the battle.

During the month of the Leo Sun, life is already dramatic. With Mars in Scorpio and the Nine Tests, it assumes vivid, tragic, comedic on the edge dimensions. These Nine Tests concern our personality relationships with: sex, comfort, money, fear, hatred, love of power, pride, separation and cruelty. The questions:

  • Do you have right relations with these?
  • Have you strayed from the rules governing the eternal laws?
  • What is still unawakened, uncontrolled and unconquered within you?

When Mars conjuncts Saturn on August 25, the karmic results are in.

Super Full Moon in Aquarius August 10

This is the Super Moon of 2014, when the Moon is at its perigee-closest to earth—and also at it syzygy, coinciding with a monthly power point when consciousness changes more easily. With the Full Moon falling across the Aquarius/Leo axis and squaring Saturn in Scorpio and Sedna in Taurus, this is an extremely Fixed chart.

The most significant aspect of August is the stellium of Sun, Mercury and Lilith in Leo square Saturn and trine Uranus between August 8-20.Something somewhere in us needs to burst out of an old, cracked carapace and won’t be stopped. The degrees 5-17 Leo in your birth chart are activated and highly sensitive. Imagine them as a warning light coming on in your car in your car—you need to take notice and solve the problem at a different level. This will catalyse the breakdown of longstanding patterns, finding the weakest link. For those of us who can remember, it’s eerily reminiscent of the August 11, 1999 eclipse, which changed many lives.


The Chandra Symbol for the Full Moon says it all:

Rising superior to apparent limitations, you defiantly renounce the letter of the law to salvage the spirit of the law. Puncturing pretense. Breaking down power and control structures. You are militantly outrageous, anti traditional. Pulled forward by a vision, a knack, an instinct for what this Earth asks and demands. On fire with the power of radical changes, you feel in your cells the next stage in evolution. Ignited by the sense for being selected out as the quintessential representative of progressive currents, you dramatize yourself, your cause, your expanding awareness. You want to make sure everybody knows that something new is going on around here, and that it will not stop nor take a back seat to anybody or anything

Throughout August you need to stay grounded, to take extra physical activity, to walk away from dramas and to set up an energy shield around you. Keep in mind that planetary energy is neither good nor bad, positive or negative-it’s entirely neutral.

“Be creative, be useful, be practical, be generous, and finish big.”
~Lisa Genova

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Michael McGregor July 17, 2015 at 6:09 pm

Thank you so much Lorna. I’ve been unable to keep up with anything

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