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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 1-31, 2014

by Terry Lamb on July 1, 2014

Astrology daily forecast, July 2014

In July, emotions run high as we learn how events so far this year have made us feel. We can’t escape the feelings we have when we come in contact with Cancer’s watery depths, and this time there’s a lot more than usual to process. We’re still getting over Mars’s retrograde, and we’re still trying to squeeze as much joy out of Jupiter as we can before it leaves this sign on the July 16.

So much remains to be accomplished. We feel frustrated by lack of progress, although June brought some relief, a proof that Mercury’s retrograde often furthers our plans. On July 1, when it returns to forward motion, we stand ready to move fully into the next three months, when we will establish in our life the deeper level of fulfillment and the stronger sense of belonging that we’ve been gestating in recent months and years.

There is a distinct rhythm to the interplay of the planets in July. The inner planetary order has shifted: Now the Sun holds the vanguard in braving the Cardinal battleground (July 4–18), followed by Mercury (July 21–28), and then Venus (July 27–31).

The whole game changes and new forms settle into place once Mars enters Scorpio on July 25. Mars in Scorpio is strong and decisive, based on emotional drive. Our challenge is to temper this instinctual power with wisdom. The changes we’ve been working so hard on will come into form more firmly now. Things settle into place and find a home in the visible world.

The String of Pearls is formed again, at 13–17° as the outer bodies hang at these degrees, apparently motionless in the process of changing direction. Participating in this pattern are (in degree order): Pluto (13 Capricorn), Saturn (16 Scorpio), Chiron (16 Pisces), and Uranus (16 Aries). When the Moon, Sun, Venus, and Mercury reach these degrees, a cascade of related events is inaugurated, with just enough sugar and spice to get us to the other side of some long-standing obstacles, particularly those that have been blocking relationship harmony.

Knowing the tendencies of Water will help us through this time. Water’s movement is downward, and that’s the way our energy and mood go with Water—downward and inward to reveal what is hidden. Water is flexible and takes the shape of what holds it. If Water is pure e-motion (energy in motion), what it becomes for us depends greatly on how we shape it with our thoughts. Shaping our thoughts around a belief in what is helpful (rather than what is debatably “true”) gets the best results.

Finally, Water is highly empathic. It carries the slightest whisper of movement or influence, albeit with distortions that allow us to see what’s swaying us, in magnified form. Since Water has no sense of time, what we feel seems like it will last forever, however much we remind ourselves that feelings change as quickly as the clouds in the sky. If we can keep a toehold in our eternal center, our True Self, our emotions become waves lapping on the shore—they do not overtake us.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, July 2014

Tuesday July 1

At 5:50 am PT/24°23′ Gemini, Mercury resumes forward motion (Stationary Direct), ending its 24-day retrograde period (8:50 am ET). The Moon starts us off for the month in Leo, going void of course at 3:00 am, giving us a long day to stretch our legs and read a good book, or finish up some of what Mercury has left behind for us to deal with. We may feel stymied by the lack of activity, but we’ll be revived when the Moon enters industrious Virgo at 2:24 pm.

Wednesday July 2

Moon in Virgo means an encounter with our healing process, and that’s what happens today. We’re still getting used to the conditions that established themselves in June, and today is a good day to apply analysis to an emotional process. While it may be difficult to make a stepwise plan, we can at least develop a greater understanding of what has so far occurred and take care of leftover logistical tasks that may have fallen through the cracks.

Thursday July 3

The healing process continues as Moon makes through the late degrees of Virgo. Mercury helps out when it trines the North Node for the third of three times, reminding us of the direction we’re headed in and the rewards that are already here, with more to come. There’s still something awkward about our relationships, especially when we try to share what’s happening with our friends and family. Although certain things have had to remain hidden, it’s time for the light to shine in those dark recesses.

The Moon enters her void period at 9:21 pm (12:21 am July 4 ET) until early tomorrow, giving us an evening to let our mind wander.

Friday July 4

Something significant is revealed as the Sun opposes Pluto. This is the Full Pluto, the halfway point of Pluto’s retrograde, and of its yearly cycle with the Sun. This has felt intense for a few days, and the release is just as strong as it opens us to new understanding.

At 2:43 am (5:43 am ET), the Moon enters Libra to launch another lively Cardinal weekend. This Moon will translate the Full Pluto into immediate feeling, but action may be delayed until we get a handle on what’s happening and how it affects us.

Saturday July 5

With the Full Pluto energy still strong, we reach the First Quarter Moon at 4:59 am/13°24′ Libra-Cancer, giving us a week to clarify and express our responses to it. The Moon runs the gauntlet of the Cardinal planets, starting with Pluto and ending the day with an evening occultation (eclipse) of Mars. This brings a convergence of feeling (Moon) and action (Mars), and this is enough to open some situations where blockage has been a problem, over the coming week.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the nation’s direction for the coming week can be seen. The powerful Sun-Pluto opposition is embedded in this lunar event. Just as in our personal lives, it brings a culmination surrounding global conflict, and a general volatility is unleashed. This explosiveness can be channeled into transformations that bring about greater harmony (and that’s a possibility no matter how the change is played out). A situation with seeming boundaries has spilled over its margins. This is the case in Iraq and Syria, or Russia and Ukraine. There are other environments where this can occur, both personally and in the world.

The First Quarter Moon’s Sabian Symbols are “In the heat of the noon, a man takes a siesta” (the Moon), and “a very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast” (the Sun). Both of these images suggest a contemplative state, whether it is the fertile imagination that is unleashed during sleep, or the limitlessness of the heavens that fill us with wonder. This is a time when we can imbue our actions with meaning by going within, a way of hitting the refresh button on life. However, contemplation must be balanced with activation for it to be most effective at this point in the lunar cycle. It will not do well to sleep through (i.e., escape) the excitement.

Sunday July 6

Venus helps us see things more objectively, with even a touch of humor as it sextiles Uranus. A light-hearted approach may lead to the genius solution you’ve been looking for, the way out of a social dilemma.

The Moon goes void in Libra at 8:31 am (11:31 am ET), until it enters Scorpio at 12:34 pm PT, granting us a Sunday morning journey into timelessness. In Scorpio, we’ll feel drawn into deep contemplation, with nothing to motivate action since no planetary contacts are made. Translation: Enjoy!

Monday July 7

The Moon finally wakes us up when it makes contact in an array of harmonies that stimulate our imagination and ability to change. You know that moment of truth you had recently? You’re motivated to do something to activate that today. That’s Saturn’s sense of responsibility talking. Talkative Gemini Venus is connecting the dots there, completing a Saturn-Pluto yod that started July 3 (Thursday), and it may be difficult to avoid displeasing someone as you do what’s overall best.

A challenge could come today due to a misunderstanding, as Venus also squares Chiron, so be discrete with your words and try not to rub salt in an existing wound.

Tuesday July 8

We’re heading into the Uranus retrograde, and the universe sends us the high sign today when the Sun squares Uranus. This opens the time tunnel through which we can transmute as much volatility as we know how prior to the retrograde (July 21). Time is more flexible right now with respect to quantum change (Uranus’s domain), so we can initiate changes now that will manifest during the rest of the Uranus cycle, which ends next April.

This is also a Cardinal Cross reactivation, so we get to take a few more steps in resolving the issues we’ve been dealing with since April’s Cardinal culmination. Our chances of progress leading to success are enhanced by the Sun’s trine to Saturn, signaling that the end of Saturn’s retrograde is not far off. This opens another time tunnel, where we exit the learning-and-building phase of the Saturn’s yearly cycle.

The Moon is relatively low-key today as it goes void after a single contact, a sweet trine to Jupiter at 3:33 pm (6:33 pm ET). At 6:25 pm, it enters Sagittarius to lift hearts and spirits.

Wednesday July 9

Sun trines Chiron, and we settle into the healing process we know is needed over the next few months. The Moon continues through Sagittarius, taking us from early morning dreaminess to afternoon excitement with links to Neptune and Uranus.

Thursday July 10

The Moon connects love and action as it provides an early activation of Sunday’s Venus-Mars trine. We get a broader perspective on our results late in the day via a contact to Mercury at 5:19 pm (8:19 pm ET), the start of its void period.

The Moon enters Capricorn at 8:25 pm to reacquaint us with a deeper reality.

Friday July 11

The Moon makes its run through the Cardinal energies Part One, and we could feel taken by surprise by the afternoon’s events after a mellow morning. Enterprise overcomes all.

Saturday July 12

As the Moon makes its connections with Cardinal energies Part Two, the Full Moon at 4:25 am PT/20°03′ Capricorn-Cancer (7:25 pm ET) brings its illumination. This makes for one very powerful experience that will leave no one unchanged, in a good way. Emotions run high, and this is exactly what we need now to push us over the top on the changes we haven’t yet had the courage to activate—if we’re ready. If you still have more work to do before your launch, focus on your preparations until the next opening comes. When Mercury re-enters Cancer at 9:45 pm, we know our emotions even better, and we are goaded to do the work we know is necessary to experience the fulfillment we’ve set our heart on.

This is the last significant contact with Jupiter before it moves into Leo (July 16), and we’ll feel a hurry-up energy around anything we haven’t taken care of related to its past year in Cancer. We’re also goaded by three other pending turning points: Mars’s move into Scorpio (July 25), Saturn’s Station Direct (July 20), and Uranus’s Station Retrograde (July 21). Everything turns on a dime now, and changes can happen in small steps very quickly. The Moon is void from 6:56 pm until it enters Aquarius at 8:07 pm.

In the Full-Moon chart cast for the US, we see an emphasis on changes at home. People are finding it important to connect with each other in community in new ways—group to group, and enriching each other via varied resources and perspectives. This is brought about by changes in the political balance around the world as existing situations create unexpected and unintended consequences. The economy continues to sputter along, and the plight of the average worker is spotlighted, as healthcare reform continues to be a bright spot in people’s lives.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are:a relay race” (the Moon), and “a prima donna singing” (the Sun). Both symbols suggestion social events and gatherings, times to celebrate our successes and achievements both personal and cultural. The urge to compete is strong and may undermine the important message we have to deliver this week, but if we allow ourselves to be led, or wait our turn, we will turn out winners.

Sunday July 13

Venus has been activating our relationships with an emphasis on light-hearted fun and good times since June 23, its entry into Gemini. Now it brings a culmination in our love life as it finally reaches the exact trine to Mars at 23°42′ Gemini-Libra. This is especially auspicious, since it also trines the North Node as Mars conjoins it. This is a very strong energy of union and commitment to the future of a relationship. We may see a mission or purpose with someone that we affirm at this time, which may play out in business, family, friendship, or personal partnership. The Moon in Aquarius eases our emotional response to the Full Moon, but we still need to keep plugging away on our long-term projects.

Monday July 14

It’s a day full of trines, a wonderful repeat of the weekend’s energy that recalls our experiences and helps us launch the plans that have resulted. The Moon trines Mars and Venus as it completes its stay in Aquarius at 12:23 pm (3:23 pm ET). At 7:40 pm, it enters Pisces and makes a late contact with Mercury to tie all our thoughts and feelings together, a pause in the transition.

Tuesday July 15

Mercury leaves the zone of its retrograde, reaching 3°10′ Cancer today. By now, the retrograde is long forgotten in the wealth of activity we have taken on to fulfill the promise of this Mercury cycle. We’re moving into uncharted territory now, with an emphasis on nesting and creating social bonds. The Moon carries on in Pisces, taking us from wishful to realistic, but in a constructive and creative way.

Wednesday July 16

Jupiter enters Leo at 3:30 am (6:30 am ET), commencing a year in that sign of optimism, generosity, and creative flair. We are freer to move and make the changes we want to in life as it makes a trine to Uranus three times during this time. The Sun squares the Moon’s Nodes, part of our crossroads feeling over the past three weeks. Important steps have already been taken, with a few more to go.

The Moon completes its stay in Pisces, going void at 5:57 pm, to give us an evening of imaginative downtime. We perk up at 9:07 pm, when it goes into Aries, with a quick trine to Jupiter newly in Leo.

Thursday July 17

The Moon’s sojourn in Aries continues, creating a thoughtful atmosphere via hook-ups to Mercury and Pluto over the day.

Friday July 18

At 7:06 am, Venus enters Cancer (10:06 am ET), augmenting our awareness of where we belong and whom we want to be with. This leads us into an action-oriented day as we reach the Last Quarter Moon at 7:08 pm/26°22′ Aries-Cancer. This Sun-Moon square activates a T-square with Mars in Libra and takes us back to the Lunar Eclipse in April as it brings a peak of action. We’re trying to complete the steps to take care of an issue that we had to face then. Flexibility will help in reaching a resolution. The Moon is void from 7:18 pm until early tomorrow.

In the chart cast for the lunation in Washington DC, the struggle to fulfill the needs of the people against the demands of the corporations is in full expression. The needs of women and children are the hot-button topics. There is a final showdown on matters of domestic policy.

The Third Quarter Moon has the Sabian Symbols, “Through imagination, a lost opportunity is regained” (the Moon), and “a violent storm in a residential canyon filled with valuable homes” (the Sun). It may take our imagination to lift ourselves from the ashes of the past if letting go of something has had destructive consequences. However, it frees us in a miraculous way once we integrate the experience, and something we thought we had lost returns to us.

Saturday July 19

In the wake of so much action, we need time to rest and reconnoiter. When the Moon enters Taurus at 1:43 am (4:43 am ET), we feel it in our bones—more stability and a time and place to take it all in. After an early wake-up square to Jupiter, a series of sextiles offers opportunity if we’re inclined to use it. It lends itself more to planning and creativity than to more dynamic processes.

Sunday July 20

Saturn went retrograde simultaneously with Mars, and with its return to forward motion today at 16°39′ Scorpio, we get the drop of the other shoe. Now we have all our faculties for making progress available to us, and things may move more quickly now, into visible form—finally, after months of seeming no or slow progress. The Moon gets in the picture when it opposes Saturn from Taurus, reminding us that our stability is only strong if we are able to be flexible and change when needed. This means letting go of what has served its purpose to free energy for new ventures.

Monday July 21

Uranus enters its retrograde when it reaches its station at 16°31′ Aries, and we may feel as though we just took care of one problem to reveal another bigger one. This discovery establishes the process we will enact during Uranus’ five-month retrograde.

At 7:13 am (10:13 am ET), the Moon in Taurus enters its brief void-of-course, which lasts until its move into Gemini at 9:36 am.

Mercury gets our mind to work solving the next round of dilemmas as it opposes Pluto. It will square Uranus on Thursday, taking us on a four-day adventure in mental gymnastics that will help us see what can be done with Uranus’ retrograde period.

Mars leaves its retrograde shadow today when it reaches 27°32′ Libra—and keeps going!

Tuesday July 22

At 2:41 pm (5:41 pm ET), the Sun enters Leo, its home and most potent Sign placement. The Moon in Gemini lightens our mood and lends a touch of ingenuity as we go through the day.

Wednesday July 23

We breeze through the day on a Moon trine to Mars. Our actions are effective now, and there may be a deeper impact than we think, as we are now able to resolve some long-standing personal challenges. The Moon’s void period commences at 5:53 pm (8:53 pm ET), lasting until 7:59 pm, the time of its ingress into Cancer.

Thursday July 24

Dreams can come true, Venus trine Neptune assures us. Yes, we have to take a risk, but today it doesn’t feel so risky to express our desires for love. Hopes run even higher with the Sun’s conjunction to Jupiter at 1°52′ Leo, the start of Jupiter’s new yearly cycle.

Mercury also gets in on the act when it squares Uranus and trines Saturn and Chiron. This creates a Grand Trine in Water that lasts through tomorrow. We know what we feel and we know what we want. Today’s visions are tomorrow’s triumphs. Write down what you want to create. This is a seed period.

The Moon helps us get the feelings right when it augments the Grand Trine from its position in Cancer. This is a good time to take advantage of the Wishing Moon, when we can seed the process of the next lunar month.

Friday July 25

The Moon continues its sojourn through Cancer, going void at 6:53 am (9:53 am ET), but still productive if we have to start new tasks and projects. Mars enters Scorpio at 7:25 pm, after almost eight months in Libra. The is one of its Signs of rulership, and we will now feel a strength of will, where before we felt hesitation and a need to act very cautiously as we tried new methods of getting what we want.

Saturday July 26

The New Moon at 3:42 pm/3°52′ Leo refreshes our life screen, and reboots our possibilities (6:42 pm ET). There’s a lot of newness to be felt: It’s like we just got off the boat in a foreign land full of our yet-to-be-fulfilled dreams. Challenges lie ahead, and we’ll catch a glimpse in the coming month. A substantially different life picture will be emerging slowly out of the goo.

The Moon enters Leo at 7:55 am, making contact with all the fire planets: Mars, Jupiter, and Sun. This invigorates our day and our month, which will be enriched with actions taken and plans launched.

In the chart of the New Moon for the US, the President comes across more forcefully and shows a resolve he has not shown before. He’s ready to take a stand on what’s important to him. He has the proof of science and statistics behind him, and he won’t back down. The economy shows more confidence as people latch on to new goals.

The New Moon’s Sabian Symbol is the same for both Sun and Moon, so doubly emphasized: “A man formally dressed stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition” suggests skill and strength as well as conquest, pride, and the need to impress others. The pursuit of wealth and social status is a higher priority while Jupiter is in Leo, and this will be a test of how well we are learning to adapt to a new more sustainable way of living in a more egalitarian economic system. This month, we may see a parade of the wealthy showing off their riches.

Sunday July 27

It’s time for another wake-up call, and Venus provides it when she opposes Pluto. Our newly founded relationships must be based in authenticity, and this is our first test. Will we face the area of potential conflict and take the emotional risk, or will we turn away from this opportunity? The Moon remains in Leo again today, helping us see the possibilities in the problem and ensuring that we consider the heart in our actions. It goes void of course at 5:38 pm, until late tomorrow.

Monday July 28

Now at top speed, Mercury blazes through a square to our inner direction-finder, the Moon’s Nodes. This may bring us to new conclusions about what we’re doing and why, and we may decide to alter our course as needed. The Moon is void in Leo all day, giving us a day to organize, plan, and complete. We are revived and renewed when the Moon enters Virgo at 8:37 pm (11:37 pm ET).

Monday July 28

Now at top speed, Mercury blazes through a square to our inner direction-finder, the Moon’s Nodes. This may bring us to new conclusions about what we’re doing and why, and we may decide to alter our course as needed. The Moon is void in Leo all day, giving us a day to organize, plan, and complete. We are revived and renewed when the Moon enters Virgo at 8:37 pm (11:37 pm ET).

Tuesday July 29

Preparing us for the Neptune culmination a month away, the Sun quincunxes Neptune, forming a yod with Pluto that will help us understand what we need to do to get the most out of 2014. The Virgo Moon augments the process with more harmonious connections.

Wednesday July 30

The Moon is in Virgo again today, connecting productivity and people. This is a good day to develop a plan for group activity, or to bring a group together to get something done.

Thursday July 31

At 7:48 am (10:48 am ET), the Moon in Virgo goes void of course until 9:08 am, when it goes into Libra. Mercury enters Leo at 3:46 pm, firing up our motivation and creativity. Venus completes her “authenticity test” with a square to Uranus, and we see the necessity and benefits of being compassionately truthful with our loved ones. We may tend to be sensitive now and overreact, and we may underestimate others’ sensitivities as well.

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