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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 1-30, 2014

by Terry Lamb on June 1, 2014

Daily Astrology Forecast, June 2014

We may experience June as an echo chamber. There are planetary events, true, but nothing like what we’ve seen. This gives us time to take in our experiences and integrate them into our lives. Actions tend to be taken during these times, rather than when we receive the exact planetary contacts. We tend not to take action when overwhelmed.

Now comes a time of reflection and reversal as we move from Taurus’ energy of “establishing,” into Gemini’s energy of splitting and recognizing to better understand what unites us. The Sun, Mercury and eventually Venus carry this flavor, bringing forward the long-dormant Mutable energies, currently focused in our healing process via Chiron and Neptune. Watch for abrupt and apparently unexpected reversals (that really are long-term processes finally surfacing).

Mercury revisits this zone during its upcoming retrograde, which is in process as June opens. Its (apparent) backward motion starts on June 7 at 3°10′ Cancer, but it spends just over half its retrograde in Gemini, going forward again on July 1 at 24°23′ Gemini. The New Mercury at 29 Gemini is the key turning point, coming mid-retrograde on June 19.

The Sun-Moon cycle is the instrument of manifestation. The Moon magnetizes energy to us. We collect force through the Moon, growing strong through the Yin. The Sun brings its release via action, propelling us forward via its minions, Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The minions have had successive agitations of late (the successive retrogrades of each—Venus to Mercury to Mars), and we are due for one more before there’s a good run of smooth sailing. There are openings—moments of ease and flow—before then to be sure, but we have to grab them quickly when they come up, having our next action already in the queue so we can act in response to the opening. That means using the times of planetary arrhythmia to work through long-standing challenges. We can make the struggle worth something.

Although this can actually mean preparing things—documents, proposals, and so forth, it is more a gestalt process—something we have to develop so we can respond organically and joyously to whatever arises when an opening comes. We are stronger when we come from a core of peace about a situation because we have dispelled our fears and other negative emotions around it.

So when are those windows open? Although this process can slip into the background at times, right now the moments of action are based on “repeats”. Our assimilation of the energies of April will occur at the times when a planet hooks up with a sensitive point related to the contacts that occurred then. These are still fresh, raw, and in process within our psyche.

Repeats occur when a planet or configuration triggers the particular degree of a significant planetary event. An eclipse is one such event, as was the Venus Transit on June 5, 2012, the Cardinal Grand Cross of April 2014, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of November 1982 (effective 1981–83). The power and depth of the influence depends on the length of the cycle in which the contact participates. The eclipses are hard to calculate, because when an eclipse coincides with deeper events as did the Lunar Eclipse on April 15, it sticks with us as an intensification of everything, and can last indefinitely.

In these specific cases, we are constantly drawn back to a process seeded in the conditions of that time. In that moment, we will not necessarily recognize the process, but it will become clearer as time and cycles bring new perspectives. A compilation of small actions becomes steps in a huge change.

The shadows that these seminal events cast are long and deep, but they are simultaneously a light whose power eventually banishes any darkness. We learn lessons from the parts of our energy system where the energies snag on blockages (dense energies), which we can see and decode in the natal chart.

In contrast to these long-term reverberations, the Mercury retrograde sets up three sensitive points that only last a few months (unless they are featured in your natal chart).

In the entries below, I will point out the significant repeats as they arise. They are tied to the recent eclipses (26 Aries-Libra and 9Taurus), the Venus Transit (16 Gemini), April’s Cardinal Grand Cross at 12–14 Cardinal (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn), the Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 28 Libra, and the Mercury Retrograde degrees mentioned above.

If we focus on June as a time of assimilation and work on preparing for specific short-term goals, we will squeeze as much as progress as possible out of this month. This will lay the groundwork for more momentous events in July, when the Cardinal Cross is once more activated.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, June 2014

Sunday June 1

White Rabbit! It’s time to activate the unconscious forces to work on our behalf by using the “1″ energy of this day. The Moon is void of course in Cancer, for the perfect augmentation of our intentions. It’s like we have a megaphone that booms into the inner realms and dimensions to announce our presence and mold our direction. The Moon enters Leo at 6:43 pm PT (9:43 pm ET), and no planetary contacts crowd us as we tune in.

Monday June 2

The Leo Moon hits pay dirt today as it heads into the mid-degrees and contacts Venus, Mars, and Sun. This brings out our urge to complete those as-yet-unresolved social situations where a little loving care would not go amiss.

Tuesday June 3

It’s all a bit awkward today as the Sun in Gemini quincunxes Pluto. This is the lead-in quincunx to the opposition which brings the culmination of Pluto’s current yearly cycle with the Sun, which started January 1 on the New Moon. That means we’re still working out the effects of that very powerful month, and will be—for another year in some way—in our relationship life. The Moon completes its active period in Leo at 7:42 am PT (10:42 pm ET), giving us nearly 24 hours of reconnoitering time with its void period. We need it! Let’s use that internalized juice to get clear and organized. With a Saturn influence goading us, we’ll be industrious.

Wednesday June 4

At 7:20 am the Moon enters Virgo, as Venus sweetens our dreams with a sextile to imaginative Neptune. This falls as Venus reaches the degree of the New Moon Solar Eclipse (April 28), a repeat that offers an opportunity to energize developments resulting from that influence. The second half of the day is bracketed by connections that augment our ability to transform imagination into thought and word.

Thursday June 5

The First Quarter Moon arrives at 3:39 pm PT/15°06′ Virgo/Gemini and takes up back in time to the Lunar Eclipse/Venus Transit of June 5–6 2012 (6:39 pm ET). We get a week to recover what was inappropriately lost then. With the big-gun planets clustered at 15°–18°, this lunation conjures activity surrounding the deeper issues we’re currently confronting. In the midst of a time of scattering, there are forces that show us the loopholes that give us access to Divine Grace.

The First Quarter Moon is a time to focus our efforts in a more specific direction as we see things coming into form since the New Moon a week ago. The tendency toward scattering works against this, but we find openings through subtle and unexpected events that can be turned into a plot twist in our favor if we’re alert. An Earth Grand Trine (Moon-Venus-Pluto) is active and permits bringing things into form. A Water Grand Trine (Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto) adds to the harmony, based on the good fortunes of the last month.

Mercury is nearly stationary, its retrograde commencing in less than two days. In Cancer, it raises the question of care and nurturance. Do we have the right balance of self- and other-care? Where do we need to stop harm and abuse, individually or collectively? Mercury will pinpoint these issues big and small, and help us resolve them in the coming four-month Mercury cycle.

The chart cast for Washington DC shows the use of international solidarity in gently enforcing the rule of civility in some places of revolution and strife. Humanitarian aid efforts will become more successful under this pattern. This may come slowly but it will happen by addressing the underlying problems. Drama and hyperbole still prevail in Congress, but the standard media messages are in meltdown.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are: “Delighted children crowd around the orangutan cage in a zoo” (the Moon); and “a woman activist on a platform in an emotional speech dramatizing her cause” (the Sun). These images suggest that underdog causes will be championed prominently in the coming week. As our world becomes more connected, we are aware of events around the world that would previously have been held in secrecy. What’s happening now is distressing, but it’s a sign of health of that they are being revealed instead of swept under the carpet. In our personal life, we may have to take a stand and resist being put in a cage by others’ thoughts and attitudes projected onto us.

Friday June 6

One of those opportunity openings comes as the Sun sextiles Uranus very early this morning, giving us a peek at what we are in line to accomplish on this year’s cycle of quantum change.Even earlier, at 2:13 am, the Moon in Virgo enters its void period carrying Jupiter’s sweet energy into our dreams. We won’t need to think about launching anything until the Moon goes into Libra at 7:01 pm (10:01 pm ET). Enjoy a day of tying up loose ends.

Saturday June 7

With Moon in Libra, we encounter afresh the challenges leftover from the Mars retrograde. This weekend has its level of intensity as Mars walks through the Cardinal DMZ one last time. It is truly a time to ponder, as Mercury commences its retrograde at 4:56 am/3°10′ Cancer. Head and heart are at poignant odds with each other, as, at this moment of stasis, we recognize the full impact of feelings previously buried. Venus, now at full speed, encounters a slowly limping Mars by quincunx. This is the exit, post-peak moment of reconciling big issues that have left things a bit lopsided in our relationship life, part of integrating our big changes into the small details of daily living.

Sunday June 8

The parts of our life that we are healing come into focus now as Sun squares Chiron in the opening phase of their yearly cycle. This continues to activate the Lunar Eclipse/Venus Transit of June 2012, coming as it does at 18 Gemini-Pisces. We pass between the Scylla and Charybdis as the Sun quincunxes Saturn, revealing what still needs doing after all the hard work required in fulfilling our obligations since early May. We also see some encouraging signs, if not outright progress, in our process of growing our relationships as Venus trines Pluto. This ties in with events over December–January. The Moon still in Libra, it runs the last half of the Cardinal gauntlet then lets us rest for the remains of the day when it enters its void period at 12:47 pm (3:47 pm ET).

Monday June 9

Neptune stands still at 7°36′ Pisces in the process of starting its retrograde (Stationary Retrograde), as Earth catches up with it in its orbit. This is a moment when our healing task could leap up from the background so we know exactly what we’re working on. At 3:38 am (6:38 am ET), the Moon dives into Scorpio’s watery depths, aligning us with emotional truths and realizable dreams over the day.

Tuesday June 10

The Moon Scorpio gives us lots to process as it activates our ongoing relationship situation from a new angle. We’ll feel an extra dose of responsibility as the Moon occults (moves directly in front of, or eclipses) Saturn at 11:30 am (2:30 pm ET). At 7:21 pm, Moon goes void of course on a wish and a prayer as it carries the energies of a trine to Jupiter into the void.

Wednesday June 11

When the Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:23 am (11:23 am ET), we blast off high as the sky with nothing but our imagination to cushion our landing, as Moon contacts Neptune (still stationary) at the day’s end. We feel the stored energy of tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Thursday June 12

The Full Moon arrives at 9:11 pm/22°06′ Sagittarius-Gemini (12:11 am June 13 ET), helping us translate several significant planetary processes into our situations, thanks to a number of “repeats.” Two of these bring experiences that link to a process already in motion and in which we have been waiting for a result. Although they may not provide a true completion, they will take us an important step closer to our harvest. The first of these is Venus in Taurus opposing Saturn and sextiling Chiron. This occurs while Saturn is trining Chiron, the fourth of five trines. We will take a significant feel-good step in an ongoing relationship healing process.

All the planets are between 12° and 22°, focusing the energy through a series of events over the course of about 20 hours. Key among the contacts is the third of three squares of Mars to Pluto, hearkening back to the December holidays and April. Mars is heading into its third opposition to Uranus as well, which comes this week and is very much in effect on this lunation.

This is the time of Jupiter’s swan song in Cancer, so we’re rushing to make sure we get every bit of belongingness we can from our world before Jupiter moves into a different opportunity zone. Are we with the people we love and who love us? What needs to change? Hurry-up actions may be taken now, magnified while Mercury’s retrograde is still in Cancer. The Moon goes void at the Full Moon, giving us time to ruminate over the glittering half-time show we’ve just experienced. This is a breather that lasts until tomorrow’s morning coffee break.

In the chart cast for the US, there is an emphasis on home and family that is more than the usual school graduation and out-for-summer enthusiasm. There is a contrast between a more prosperous America of the past and the current middle-class-less culture. The President reflects a message about the power of love and learning as he does the lecture rounds, while hidden battles take place regarding the world finance system.

The Full Moon activates two Sabian symbols, “a group of immigrants fulfilling the requirements for entering a new country” (Moon); and “three fledglings in a nest high up in a tree” (Sun). Both these symbols speak of newbies—both are effectively strangers in a strange land. As the fledglings of whatever group or species flutter from the nest, by whatever means of graduation, they flirt with life in a new world full of different risks. In our lives, we have the opportunity to explore an unknown realm in some way, to go beyond our previous limits. By preparing carefully, we can fly without falling where danger may lurk.

Friday June 13

At 10:04 am (1:04 pm ET), the Moon reactivates us with intensity and purpose as it enters Capricorn. We receive enlightenment about a condition that has plagued us, a moment of truth that can provides another opening for action if we are clear and ready.

Saturday June 14

We’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop in a situation that has been with us since December. While it has created a curtailment in “normal” activity, it has also left open the space for something new to develop in its wake. In a mighty shift of perspective and priority, we are now seeing some things come into form and fruition as Mars squares Pluto for the third of three times. Watch for new but anticipated circumstances to settle into place, the realization of a process by which the improbable has been transformed into the inevitable. The Moon gives us some down time to reflect when it goes void of course at 11:35 pm (2:35 am June 15 ET).

Sunday June 15

At 10:27 am, the Moon lends an eclectic air to our Sunday rituals as it enters Aquarius (1:27 pm ET). With no contacts of any sort today, we may feel contentedly alone in the crowd, or at peace in our industrious solitude.

Monday June 16

The Aquarius Moon’s connections today bring insight and easy action before lunch, but a more serious energy shades the afternoon and evening hours. The Sun trines North Node, pushing us to realize more of what we want from the revelations of April’s eclipses.

Tuesday June 17

Mercury backs up into Gemini at 3:04 am (6:04 am ET), taking us back into territory and situations we thought we left behind on May 29. Now we get a chance to recover what we know is emotionally important to us, but without the angst. The Moon in Aquarius goes void at 11:07 am in a trine to Mercury, for a very short lull before it opens our imagination when it enters Pisces at 11:26 am.

Wednesday June 18

Connections with others go well, with the potential for reward as Venus sextiles Jupiter. The Moon in Pisces takes us into the spiritual ethers overnight to fuel our understanding of the hidden realms. New information surfaces as intuition and instinct that can be used in practical ways.

Thursday June 19

We move into the closing week of the lunar cycle as the Moon reaches its Third Quarter square to the Sun at 11:39 am/28°24′ Pisces/Gemini (2:39 pm ET). This event lends emotional impact to the New Mercury (Sun-Mercury conjunction) at 3:50 pm/28°34′ Gemini. What has happened up to this point in the Mercury retrograde has been mostly about closing the old cycle that started February 15. Now our focus turns to the new cycle, when we get 3½ months to bring head and heart together in our circumstances—to be with whom, and to do the things, we love. The Moon is void from 12:06 pm, activating us again with its entry into Aries at 2:26 pm.

In the US, a big announcement is made regarding the economy that suggests greater stability in times to come. It is the result of long effort and the work of many people. It involved women in strengthening and protecting the social support system. Difficulties with some foreign nations persist but are hidden beneath the surface. The new healthcare system continues to provide increased benefits to people, but its flaws are becoming more obvious, a stepping stone to changing the law to overcome them.

The Third Quarter works through two Sabian symbols: “Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism” (Moon), and “The first mockingbird of spring sings from the tree top.” (Sun). Both symbols are portents of a colorful, bright, and joyous season to come. It’s a good time to take in the sources of love and support that make it all worthwhile, as well as the purpose that brings meaning and helps us manage the tough times. In world events, watch for pomp and pageantry that serve to distract us from what’s really going on. There’s no harm in enjoying a good baseball game, though.

Friday June 20

Chiron begins its retrograde today at 5:45 am/17°46′ Pisces (8:45 am ET), highlighting our ongoing healing processes on all levels, but especially those emanating from the inner realms. What we see today will play a role in our lives for the next five months. It’s a good time to take on a lifestyle change; we’ll have it nailed by the time Chiron goes direct on November 23. The Moon takes us down another road, drawing us into action that furthers our long-term transformative process.

Saturday June 21

At 3:51 am (6:51 am ET), the Sun enters Cancer, the Solstice (Summer in the Northern, Winter in the Southern Hemisphere) and the Litha Celtic Festival, a celebration of the “gentle” time of year, the peak of light and warmth in the north. The Moon is catching up with the Sun as it goes void in Aries after a day’s focus on gaining new understanding or learning something new. It enters Taurus at 8:03 pm for an evening focused on fulfilling security needs.

Sunday June 22

The Moon in Taurus creates a Minor Grand Trine with Neptune and Pluto to bring images of the hidden realms into form in this world. Be creative!

Monday June 23

The Moon provides a helpful activation of Saturn and Jupiter to bring forward our industrious side, and great strides in developing something can take place today. Venus enters Gemini at 5:33 am PT (8:33 am ET) to enhance the social glue in the atmosphere. The meaning of what happens next is much deeper than we may see, as Jupiter squares the Nodes. This marks a turning point in our relationships as it repeats the energy of the last two Lunar Eclipses (October 18, 2013 and April 15, 2014), events in September 2012, and the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of 1982. The Moon’s void starting at 6:49 pm PT can still be used fruitfully, but it’s over before we rise tomorrow.

Tuesday June 24

The Moon goes into Gemini at 4:06 am (7:06 am ET), activating our dreams and ideals for our relationships via contacts with Venus and Neptune over the day. This is the Wishing Moon, lasting until Friday’s New Moon, when we can powerfully project our dreams, desires, and intentions for the coming lunar month into the ethers.

Wednesday June 25

Expect the unexpected, as Mars opposes Uranus, pushing us to tie up the loose ends related to events around December 25, 2013 and April 23, 2014. This marks the end of the Cardinal “heat” that has been dominant for the past eight months, and whose events have revealed the extraordinary in our ordinary circumstances. Now we are challenged to integrate these astonishing events into a new normal, as we cultivate their further development. The Moon in Gemini brings flexibility, allowing us to reflect innovatively on the new landscape we find ourselves in.

Thursday June 26

When the Moon goes void in Gemini at 4:56 am (7:56 am ET), the New-Moon feeling intensifies. This void gives way to the lunar newness more fully when it enters Cancer at 2:06 pm, taking us deeply into our center to discover the empty places that can be filled in the coming month.

Friday June 27

The New Moon heralds the next lunar cycle at 1:08 am PT/5°39′ Cancer (4:08 am ET). This comes near the Mercury Stationary Retrograde point, bringing back the circumstances that prevailed at that time and fueling our focus for the next three-plus months to enhance our sense of belonging. Issues of what has and hasn’t been said—words which stand between us—can no longer be accepted if they prevent us from connecting on a rich and meaningful level. This is the month for more meaning to enter our personal life. Mercury, still retrograde in Gemini, trines the North Node to bring the most important issues forward.

The chart cast for the United States set in Washington DC, the emphasis is on the safety and security of the people, especially where the economy is concerned. There are hidden forces and players at work here, whose effects will not be fully known until Autumn.

The New Moon finds both Sun and Moon at the same Sabian symbol, for doubled emphasis, “In spring game birds are feathering their nests.” This is a degree of preparation and nesting into a situation that has been steadily under development. A recent move or transition brings us to a branch to light upon. Whether it is a pause in a longer journey or a more permanent abode, we will find it useful to stay where we are and prepare for an anticipated (re)birth. This energy of incubation and preparation will be seen operating in the world at large as well.

Saturday June 28

The Moon continues its process of emotional reflection in Cancer throughout the day, going void at 6:03 pm on a note of transcendent bliss with a contact to Jupiter. We see how Jupiter has brought us to a place of hope and magic, a haven in the storm, even if all the results are not yet in.

Sunday June 29

At 1:43 am (4:42 am ET), the Moon brings us a little further out of the darkness when it goes into Leo. We have access to an inner reality, as Neptune contacts rule the day. There will be an ambiguity that we’re better off ignoring for the moment. We need to understand more about the situation before we can respond.

Monday June 30

The Moon continues through Leo, reaching activators Uranus and Mars across the day. A hook-up with Saturn brings up our doubts, but action is favored once we dispel them. Mercury is nearly stationary, emphasizing reflection and reversal processes in our life as it goes direct tomorrow (July 1) at 24°23′ Gemini.

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