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Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 1-31, 2013

by Terry Lamb on December 1, 2013

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December finds us scurrying around with much to do. Even if this has to do with the usual holiday activities, our minds are somewhere else, weaving our plans for what is now being born in our lives. It is time to move forward. The seed has been planted; but it has yet to peek its head above ground. We can’t quite see the shape, and we can’t be sure we know how we want to shape it once it appears. But it is there—no doubt about it.

We weren’t always this sure. In fact, it is a quite recent determination, the first birth of the New Moon Eclipse on November 3. Carried on the wings of Saturn’s conjunction to the North Node and the New Mercury, with Neptune’s and Chiron’s stations direct, we see one path forward by a process of elimination. As one after another of our outmoded or out-of-step ideas were weeded out, we now find ourselves with perhaps one shining option—the most challenging (and most thrilling) of all, but one we may feel ill prepared to fulfill.

This is true for everyone in some area of life, because the planetary configuration leads us here. The planets are currently forming a matrix through their intermittent membership in a Grand Sextile. This matrix is the ideal field into which we can magnetize and generate what we want to create. We have to build the vibration according to what we want, and it will appear.

December follows through on this process, as the end of Uranus’s five-month retrograde brings a final awakening release that frees us to move forward—provided we leave behind anything that has been delaying the expression of our uniqueness. Lurking behind the scenes is the Uranus-Pluto square, reminding us that we have to adapt to larger events, include global transformative processes in our personal plans. As we move ahead in December, these planets and the Cardinal signs they activate (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) assume larger roles in our experience.

This augmentation comes from Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, whose retrogrades will take us on a journey that allows us to find exactly what to initiate in our lives, how to do it, and whom to include in the process. We’re already in the Jupiter retrograde, following through on new insights we gained around November 6 to develop a significant opportunity for growth and prosperity.

Venus enters her new retrograde on December 21 at 29 Capricorn, and we are already co-creating with her a story. We will critically define how the story will be told during the 42 days of her retrograde and fulfill it during her 19-month cycle. In Capricorn, she helps us answer the question, “Is this real, or is it only a dream?” (See the Monthly Overview for how we can gain the most from this experience.) With Venus in late degrees of Capricorn, the amount of time that the Moon is void of course is greatly reduced throughout the month.

Mars’ retrograde is not far off either. It enters its retrograde shadow on December 25, starting backward travel on March 1 at 28 Libra. Mars in Libra brings vital facts of life forward, both the miraculous and the inconvenient. We get to see what’s wrong with the way we are picturing things, as Mars fills in the missing point on the Cardinal Grand Cross.

Uranus and Pluto already have a cozy thing going between Aries and Capricorn. Jupiter has come into the scene from Cancer, threatening to blow the whole thing wide open if something positive isn’t coming from it. Then Mars comes along and says, “Let’s be fair—I mean really fair. No false justice here, and I’m getting tired of waiting.” We will discover what is out of balance and one-sided, and a shift toward a greater good will begin—with conflict if necessary.

Once Mars enters Libra on December 7, there is a beneficial dispositor (rulership) structure involving Venus disposing of (ruling) Mars, which disposes of Saturn, which disposes of Venus. Even though Venus and Mars will make three squares during the coming months, harmony is possible if we use Saturn—work and structure—to shape our relationships. Even more, financial matters will smooth out if we do the work to establish ourselves more firmly where we are unstable. This will also soften the challenges presented by Mars when it aggravates Uranus and Pluto, filling in the Cardinal Cross.

The Sun is in mutable Sagittarius for most of the month, but Capricorn assumes an ever-increasing importance as the month proceeds, taking us back to events of November 5–15, when our Venus story started. Key events in our tale’s development occur as Mars, Sun, and Mercury trace the same steps, starting December 7.

Arriving on December 12 is the second of three Jupiter (18°28′ Cancer) trines to Saturn (18°28′ Scorpio). This Water trine forms a particularly harmonious contact in the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle. This carries the weight of human social development, as far as its manifestation in the world is concerned. The ancients watched this planetary interaction very closely to foresee events in the unfolding human drama. This waning (reaping) Water connection indicates that we are in the midst of a harvest period that lasts from June 25 this year until July 15 next year.

This is and has been a good period for real estate, but the next challenge looms in 2014-15, when Jupiter and Saturn square each other as they head for the bottom of the market, their conjunction in 2020.

Uranus reveals new secrets when it returns to forward motion (Stationary Direct—SD) on December 17. We will feel freer and more inspired after we let go of our attachments to our old ways of seeing things. This ties in with events around March 28, July 17, and October 1–3, and has special significance for our relationships.

Mercury’s cycle is only about 3-½ months long, and it reaches the Full/halfway point when it conjoins the Sun on December 28 at 7°42′ Capricorn (the Superior, or upper/furthest away, conjunction). This pair continues to move in unison over the last week of the year to bring even more understanding of hidden factors in the situations that tantalize us most. Key dates are December 21–January 2.


(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations in this astrological forecast are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and except where noted otherwise, times listed are Pacific Time (UTC–8).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, December 2013

Sunday December 1

The Moon takes us deeply into our feeling awareness as it reactivates last week’s Mercury-Saturn conjunction and calls in all of its friends from the other signs to help us use it well. This activation is especially powerful because it occurs via occultations (eclipses), where the Moon passes directly over Mercury and Saturn, blocking them from our viewin the morning sky.

This is the Wishing Moon, and the day to say “White Rabbit!” upon arising, to activate unconscious forces on our behalf over the coming month. Use the deep feelings you feel today to shape the direction of your wishes. At 5:34 pm (8:34 pm ET), the Moon loses contact with the planets to take us on its void-of-course journey through the inner realms. We are revived into the “real” world with its entry into Sagittarius at 10:31 pm.

Monday December 2

The New Moon opens a new lunar month at 4:22 pm PT/10°59 Sagittarius (7:22 pm ET), activating our idealism with contacts to Neptune and Uranus beforehand. It’s time to start filling a new empty place in our life. This New Moon has only one contact stored in its potential, the Moon’s square to Mars; the Sun makes no further connections to any planet save a quincunx to Jupiter on December 10. This opens us to rely on the benefits of Jupiter’s reception of anything in Sagittarius. With Jupiter in its most joyous position in Cancer, this can be a powerful blessing as the month unfolds. Events this month will be based on known factors and situations rather than new ones that have yet to occur.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the focus is on foreign relations and the balance of economies. The next sequester deadline looms in January, underscoring the uncertainty factor in US domestic politics. After October’s showdown, it’s unclear what the minority party will do to protect its interests, but drama is certain to be involved.

The Sabian Symbol for both Sun and Moon at 11 Sagittarius is, “In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body.” We carry the light of the spirit within us, already lit and ready for our acknowledgment. There is the potential for all beings to recognize their divine source in some way and to act on it during this cycle.

Tuesday December 3

The Moon in Sagittarius further glues together a Mercury sextile to Mars. This is the third of three sextiles, tied to Mercury’s last retrograde. We are fully informed of what actions to take in those most important tasks in our lives. At 7:45 pm (10:45 pm ET), the Moon’s void period commences, lasting until 10:49 pm when it goes into Capricorn.

Wednesday December 4

Mercury lifts us into the stratosphere when it enters Sagittarius at 6:42 pm (9:42 pm ET). We’ve been through a long cleansing time, and now it’s time to leave it all behind in favor of higher pursuits. The Moon pulls us into a deeper space from its more pragmatic Capricornian perspective, as ongoing concerns come up through the day’s events.

Thursday December 5

The Moon continues to magnetize energy toward the fulfillment of our big dreams, as it connects with Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in harmonious ways. It gives us a brief time to relax and integrate recent events as it goes void at 9:31 pm (12:31 am December 6, ET), until its entry into Aquarius at 10:53 pm.

Friday December 6

The Moon in Aquarius makes a Minor Grand Trine with those agents of invention, Mercury and Uranus, giving us the opportunity to apply our creativity to the situations at hand. The more we have removed obstacles to movement, the more creative energy we will have available, to be applied in the direction of our choosing. Mercury also squares Neptune, adding the distraction of uncertainty to the mix, but also showing us the path of clarity.

Saturday December 7

The Moon focuses us overnight in the general area of our to-do list, and we may awaken with anxiety about getting things done. Although follow-through efforts will succeed, new initiatives should wait until Moon enters Pisces tomorrow, as the Moon is void after 4:11 am PT (7:11 am ET) for the rest of the day. Mars enters Libra, sign of its next retrograde, activating this archetype, which will be featured in our methodology through July 25 next year.

Sunday December 8

At 0:34 am (3:24 am ET), the Moon enters Pisces, an especially fortunate placement while Jupiter is in Cancer. It takes us into the Source of our imaginative powers, the place from which meaning springs, through its connections to Neptune, Mercury, and Pluto.

Monday December 9

The First Quarter Moon at 7:12 am PT/17°43′ Sagittarius-Pisces (10:12 am ET) activates our drive to create something to fill the gap discovered at the New Moon. What we initiate now grows naturally with the Moon. This Moon catches the high notes in the heavens as it makes a Water Grand Trine with Jupiter and Saturn, to boost our security levels. Although potential difficulties lurk in some situations, for now we can focus on what’s working and make it work better for us. It’s good to have a port in a storm.

The President and his past decisions show up as wise and insightful this week, and he gains in popularity as new political and economic stability result from his ways of dealing with minority-party rabble-rousing. It helps that the Affordable Care Act is improving the lives of the people and showing them the sources of disinformation in the media.

The Sabian Symbols for the Sun (18 Sagittarius) and the Moon (18 Pisces) are: “tiny children playing in sunbonnets”, and “In a huge tent a famous revivalist conducts his meeting with a spectacular performance”. As we enter the holiday season in many cultural traditions, the focus is on family and the well being of those we love. The “tiny children” are now being taken better care of through the healthcare system, their sunbonnet against the afflictions that might otherwise weaken them, thanks to the “famous revivalist” Obama, who has made sure that the healthcare initiative is made available to everyone possible. More personally, we find ways to wrap up our loved ones in security and look for inspiration from the leaders we admire.

Tuesday December 10

Sun quincunxes Jupiter (waxing/gibbous), juxtaposing Sagittarian truth with Cancerian nurturance, made harmonious by Jupiter’s reception of the Sun in its Jupiter-ruled sign. More ways in which women’s rights are being eroded may surface, and we may find that we need to balance caring with honesty, so that our potential is freed to its full expression. However, the outcomes are good, and already in motion as, for instance, in initiatives to raise money to defend and enhance women’s rights, as well as to support the candidacies of women in upcoming elections.

Mercury trines the near-stationary Uranus, empowering us to communicate our individuality in a better way than earlier this year and fulfill a promise made in July. It simultaneous squares Chiron to show us where healing energy must still be focused. The Moon enters Aries at 5:06 am (8:06 am ET), touching off the Cardinal Grand Cross for the first time since Mars entered Libra. We can apply optimism to the mix all the same, thanks to Mercury’s contacts.

Wednesday December 11

The Moon carries on in Aries, completing its activation of the Cardinal Cross with contacts to Pluto and Jupiter, providing hints into what we will gain through Jupiter’s retrograde and an opportunity to further our goals.

Thursday December 12

Today’s big event is the second of three Jupiter trines to Saturn. Take note of what happens for you today, because it gives feedback about where you’re headed. Choices made this week feed our long-term success. The Moon in Aries is void at 7:37 am (10:37 am ET), until its entry into Taurus at 12:40  pm. We can use this time to clean up and complete old projects, or just take a break.

Friday December 13

Two seemingly unrelated situations impinge on each other as Mars quincunxes Neptune. We may feel obligated to fulfill a promise that isn’t really working for us as recent events have unfolded. The Moon in Taurus shows us the path to greater prosperity as it harmoniously connects Jupiter and Pluto.

Saturday December 14

Although we may have some misgivings about recent commitments and agreements, on the whole we can feel good about where we are today, even though those agreements will certainly change before they are fulfilled. The Moon goes void in Taurus at 6:54 pm (9:54 pm ET), although we can still start new initiatives if so inclined in this sign. At 10:41 pm, we are reactivated as the Moon enters Gemini.

Sunday December 15

The Moon continues in Gemini, bringing us out of a dream-filled sleep with high hopes for the day. It’s a great day for social activities and connections, especially sports, where long-shot results are favored.

Monday December 16

Mercury follows up on the Sun with a quincunx to Jupiter, as the Gemini Moon opposes our swift-footed Messenger for maximum perspective. We may feel a dilemma over whether to follow head or heart.

Tuesday December 17

The Full Moon culminates at 1:28 am/25°36′ Gemini-Sagittarius (4:28 am ET), just as Uranus stands still to move forward for the first time since July 17. This adds quite a punch to the Full Moon’s already powerful magnetism. Because the Moon goes void at the time of the Full Moon, we are temporarily disconnected from our emotional responses as Uranus brings important understanding forward. We recover our lost intelligence once Moon enters Cancer at 10:17 am to activate our instincts and feelings. As the day waxes on, we may wind ourselves up to believe that things are awry and action is required, even though this may not be the wisest course. Think through where this takes you before acting.

In the chart of the nation cast for Washington DC, the population is subdued from its usual level of activity and commerce as weather events and economic limitations take their toll. There is a palpable shift in social behavior to less materialism in the enjoyment of the holidays. Worrying events in politics distract from the fun and security people would like to focus on.

The Sabian Symbols for the Full Moon are, “a flag-bearer in a battle” (the Sun, 26 Sagittarius), and “winter frost in the woods” (the Moon, 26 Gemini). It’s a time to move forward bravely in the vanguard, despite all that remains uncertain about the future. As winter sets in, it’s time to regenerate our strength for a new cycle of seasons, which commences in just a few days.

Wednesday December 18

The Moon in Cancer shows us the emotional track to our most significant experiences as it runs the gauntlet of Uranus, Pluto, and Jupiter over the day.

Thursday December 19

At 8:37 pm (11:37 pm ET), the Moon enters its void period in Cancer, a brief respite that lasts until its entry into Leo at 10:48 pm. We can distract ourselves from feelings of isolation and separation by digging in to the work. It is important to let things lie today, where social contacts are concerned.

Friday December 20

The Moon in Leo finds much to bring joy, with harmonies to Mars and Uranus. Pour that”‘can’t-sit-still” feeling into a holiday party or happy-hour gathering.

Saturday December 21

At 9:11 am (12:11 pm ET), the Sun makes its Capricorn ingress, signaling the rebirth of the light at the start of the new half-season, the Sol-stice (‘sun-standstill’)—Winter in the Northern, Summer in the Southern Hemisphere. Venus is at her own standstill as her retrograde commences at 1:53 pm PT/28°59′ Capricorn. As Moon squares Saturn, we want to reach out and heal the rifts we see, but it’s time to let everyone work out their priorities and perspectives.

Sunday December 22

The Leo Moon goes void at 5:25 am (8:25 am ET), leaving us with a sense of inner harmony that pervades the morning. At 11:19 am, the Moon makes it ways into Virgo, supporting the Capricorn Sun in leading us forward in fulfilling the essentials. By curtailing our expectations, we find more to be happy about.

Monday December 23

The Virgo Moon smoothes our way forward as it trines Pluto and sextiles Jupiter. It’s easy to be productive and effective in our chosen activities today.

Tuesday December 24

Mercury further augments our pragmatism as it enters Capricorn at 2:12 am PT (5:12 am ET). Productivity and organization rule as the Moon continues in Virgo, making flowing connections over the day. At 7:54 pm PT we can take it easy, as the Moon goes void and gives us down time until 10:17 pm, when it makes its ingress into Libra. The Sun sextiles Neptune to remind us of how far we’ve come in healing our spiritual/karmic wounds.

Wednesday December 25

Christmas Day starts with a startling surprise in some way, as Mars opposes Uranus for the first of three times. Watch for how things that happen today may be setting up a larger scenario of change that will come to fruition by the end of July.

The Last Quarter Moon peaks at 5:48 am/3°56′ Libra/Capricorn, packing a number of planetary energies into the mix: Mercury for clear and realistic communication; Uranus for the soul’s truth; Mars for the motivation to take action; and Pluto with its ongoing focus on our transformation to authenticity. Jupiter and Venus are drawn into the process over the next two days, and we see how our new understanding must be applied to our most important relationships. Mars enters its retrograde shadow today, so it’s time to start tracking events which will be part of a co-plot to the story we’ve been creating since mid-November through Venus.

The chart of the Last Quarter Moon cast for the nation shows the same concerns and emphases as in the First Quarter. Once again, the President is revealed as wise in the way he manages policy with the long view in mind. The behavior and policies of the minority party are even more substantially shown as short-sighted and mean-spirited. With Venus retrograde now, the plight of women and how they have been subtly disadvantaged and disempowered will be front and center in the minds of the people.

The Last Quarter Moon carries the Sabian Symbols, “A group of young people sit in spiritual communion around a campfire.” (the Moon, 4 Libra), and “a group of people entering a canoe for a journey by water” (the Sun, 4 Capricorn). We gather in groups at this time of year to celebrate our bonds with each other. Even if these gatherings are not universally harmonious—even if there are unresolved conflicts amongst the members—they are conjoined in the spirit by the bond of a common purpose. It’s time to celebrate our bonds as our wealth and strength, the stronger for their authenticity, the basis of trust and love.

Thursday December 26

The Moon in Libra makes its connection to Jupiter, and we resolve to go forward with what we instinctually feel is most important in light of Uranus’s Station Direct and Venus’s Station Retrograde. Mercury sextiles Neptune, bringing clarity and peace about the purpose of it all.

Friday December 27

As the Moon in Libra makes its final contact in the sign, its square to Venus, we see what remains to be accomplished in order to bring a lasting peace to our relationship life. It will take time to build, but the process can begin now that significant obstacles are known and released. A Mars quincunx to Chiron generates a sense of urgency and enthusiasm about our healing process, but we will compromise it if we rush things. We must have and allow time to process events and the emotions they trigger. The Moon is briefly void from 3:00 am until 5:58 am (8:58 am ET), its entry into Scorpio. This connects a Minor Grand Trine with Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun over the course of the day.

Saturday December 28

The Moon in Scorpio continues to make connections of ease and flow, this time with Pluto and Jupiter, and inspiring our productivity as it occults Saturn. Mercury reaches its Full point as it conjoins the Sun at 10:27 pm/7°26′ Capricorn (the Superior Conjunction). This places Mercury at its furthest point from the Earth, with the Sun in the middle, and we gain maximum perspective on our personal dilemmas. This may entail separations from others in order to find our own truth.

Sunday December 29

Both Mercury and the Sun square Uranus as they begin to separate from yesterday’s conjunction, and we’re in for another surprise revelation. It’s time to hold on loosely to what and whom we love. The Moon’s void in Scorpio gives us a lazy early morning, lasting from 5:54 am until its entry into Sagittarius at 9:37 am (12:37 pm ET). This uplifts us and soothes the way to accepting the changes that are taking place.

Monday December 30

Mercury connects with Chiron by sextile, and we gain a helpful insight into our ongoing healing process. The Moon is in Sagittarius and goes void at 3:36 am (6:36 am ET) for a void period that last until tomorrow. We can still take action on new initiatives while the Moon is in this sign, however. Mars makes its first of three squares to Pluto, a powerful contact that will produce events in the visible world. This will tie in with its opposition to Uranus which occurred last week.

Tuesday December 31

Mercury follows up on Mars when it conjoins Pluto, to bring a mental awareness of what’s been happening, perhaps a communication that brings more authenticity into our affairs. The Sun is lagging behind Mercury now, sextiling Chiron to inspire us to action that moves us to greater wholeness. When Mercury squares Mars, we may jump to conclusions and want to take immediate action. If we pause long enough to disengage emotionally from our experiences, we may see another, more positive way of understanding what’s happening.

At 10:01 am (1:01 pm ET), the Moon enters Capricorn, restimulating the Cardinal Cross. Our ideals for the new year are on our minds as it sextiles Neptune. With the square to Uranus coming during party time, it’s wise to drive safely and to enjoy without overdoing. Injuries and accidents are more likely. It doesn’t come until tomorrow, January 1, but we’re feeling the intensity today as the Sun conjoins Pluto—another reason to take care.

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