September—Planting Karmic Seeds

by Lorna Bevan on September 1, 2013

Astrology September 2013 - Planting Karmic Seeds

“There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and the unseen, karma and free will” ~Kuan Yin.

Saturn Conjunct the North Node of Fate in Scorpio    

Saturn is known as the Lord of Karma, and the Nodal axis is sometimes called the axis of destiny. Scorpio is ruled by the Great Eliminator, Pluto, and is the eighth sign, symbolizing death, ancestral inheritance and rebirth. Although Saturn has a synodic cycle of meeting every 11-12 years with the North or South Nodes, not since October 1956 has there been such a rare opportunity in Scorpio for resetting your karma. On September 25 the North Node conjuncts Saturn at 9 degrees Scorpio, beginning a new cycle of seeding and intention climaxing at the Solar eclipse on November 3 and lingering until February 2014.


The Sabian symbol for 9 degrees Scorpio is: A Fellowship Supper—a gathering born out of shared experiences accumulated through time, which cuts through whatever differences separated individuals in the past, a reconciliation of  “old friends from far away” described by the Buddhists as one’s spiritual family of mentors and teachers.

Saturn, which rules Capricorn, time, responsibilities, the past, tradition, hard work, persistence and karma, is at 9 Scorpio sextiling Pluto, the esoteric ruler of Scorpio. This mutual reception is as good an aspect as it sounds. These two heavyweights are working together until December 31, 2014. Saturn the Taskmaster is conjunct Venus square Mars, opposite Uranus and trine Chiron. Relationships of all kinds are up for re-negotiation. We all have limitations. We all have the power to grow beyond them. As we learn not to take certain lessons personally, we can see clearly how we’ve have been limited by various aspects of our understanding that set up specific lessons for us to master and move on.

Saturn is the Lord of Time and Heritage, the Ring-Pass-Not definer of necessary limitations, so this period is one in which the forces of destiny are likely to be strongly at work in our lives. Look for synchronicities, pay attention to dreams, be guided by instincts and commit to taking action where it is needed. Things take shape and form when Saturn is involved, so it’s well and truly time to walk our talk and living our values in our daily lives.


The authorship of your existence begins with you. You are learning how to master repeating karmic patterns so that you can fulfil; your Dharma, your purpose for being in the world.

 How to Edge Walk with Fate

Mark the week before the exact conjunction September 20-27 on your calendar, keeping it as open as possible for inner work.

  • Use the esoteric tool of planetary amplification (doing more Saturn!) to work with the energies and deliberately engage in Saturnian activities such as meditation, journaling, fasting, taking a retreat, slowing everything right down.
  • Placate Saturn through hard work, taking care of old debts of all kinds while doing your yoga, your soul work—whatever that means to you. Give substance to whom and what you value.
  • Gain insight about authority issues in your life. Who’s running your show?
  • Get crystal clear on the inner meaning of past events, of the shadow dynamics still at work within you. This will be sobering and also releasing.
  • Notice where future streams are flowing towards, via the Law of consequences.
  • Find the strength to face all the  practicalities and emotions you’ve been avoiding
  • Carve out a path that goes down to the bone, to the core, stripping down to only the right energy dynamics, to only what’s vital, to only what has life left in it.
  • Eliminate every single person, dynamic, and situation that isn’t right. Do it authoritatively and do it cleanly, when the time is right. Otherwise, the Solar eclipse on November 3 will do it for you.

Glitches on the Way

  • Encountering issues you thought you’d dealt with.
  • Delays and roadblocks, snafus. Notice your reactions and wait them out.
  • Noticing how much time and life you waste on things which are unimportant.
  • Realizing how you’ve been going through the motions yet clinging on in relationships and situations which have already ended.

Generational Effects

Saturn is squaring the Pluto in Leo Generation, baby boomers born from 1947 who are feeling the turn in the cycle through crises at several levels, forcing big shifts. Death, taxes and retirement, inheritance, rewards or just desserts will be faced. Those born in 1954 are experiencing their second Saturn Return. Their Saturn Return in Scorpio is particularly special as the Nodal axis is riding alongside. It is a significant milestone of responsibility, maturity and authority.

Saturn will sextile the Pluto in Virgo Generation, those born early 1960 to 1969 who will begin to experience a sense of empowerment and realistic goal-setting, getting firmly entrenched in long-term planning.

Saturn will join the Pluto in Scorpio Generation, those who also have been going through their First Saturn Return, born mid 1984, who will experience their first cycle of Saturn Pluto. It’s time to leave young adulthood behind and get into the driver’s seat.


Saturn moves in four-times-seven-year cycles, hence the seven-year itch where things can get stuck or stagnant, same-old, same-old. Any of you who began relationships, careers or anything major around seven years ago are undergoing a serious revision of commitments, obligations and responsibilities. All the better to build a more congruent future.

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SpaCeRoCkz September 22, 2013 at 6:00 am

Thank u for this beautiful message! Having Capricorn moon, and just experiencing my Saturn return in Libra last year (conj my Pluto), I have been soing lots of Saturn work and this message is just what I needes to help keep me on track!

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