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Astrological Overview, September 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on September 1, 2012

Monthly Astrological Forecast September 2012

With Ixion having just gone direct, the Lunar Nodes having just changed signs…with Mars in Scorpio and the Sun in Virgo, life asks what our goals are and how we’re going about our lives. Will we make the same bad choice (Ixion) yet again? Will we forge new alliances or are we able to (Sun) work it all out so we get what we want or need while (Mars) earning respect and solidifying our (Nodal) relationships with others?

As the month begins with Mercury entering Virgo on September 1 (at 2:33 in the morning UT/+0 time), its opposition to Neptune evokes visions of anything between confusion and dishonesty. This is a combination which will work well in a situation where “reality” is supposed to be suspended—say, while on vacation or at an amusement park. But given that the Lunar Nodes are at 29 Scorpio and Taurus and therefore in an out-of-sign square to this Mercury-Neptune opposition, the choice would seem to be between focusing on where you’re going and how you propose to get there (and if it’s really worth your trouble) and recognizing that the “reality rules of the road” are for the moment suspended.

One thing about this moment however…with Mercury conjunct fixed star Regulus, it’s important for the important and “responsible” (honorable) bases to be covered. It’s that bill you put off paying before you left home for Disneyworld which is going to trip you up…that question you didn’t ask of the doctor which is going to end up costing you a mint (physically or financially).

Once Venus moves into Leo on September 6 (at 2:49 in the afternoon UT/+0), the combination of Mercury and Leo in adjacent signs represents those little tests of patience and personal organization. Can you get the shopping done, the kids to their soccer practice and dance lessons and dinner on the table at the appointed time?

The essence of this Mercury/Venus pairing is purely personal and represents situations which aren’t generally much about “grand troubles”—but they can be a bit trying. Or frustrating. The Venus in Leo drive is to have fun and cut loose. It will tend to present us with fun we’d like to have and things we’d like to have or do. Against this, Mercury in Virgo is that little voice of reason, responsibility and pragmatic priority which says “have you thought about…”

So beyond the scheduling and trying to find time for everything, there is that little “why CAN’T this be easier?” niggle.

Masterminding our own lives becomes the point of things between……. The rest of Boots’ amazing monthly astrological overview is available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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