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Astrological Overview, July 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on July 1, 2012

Astrology Overview - Astrological Forecast July 2012

With Venus now direct, many of May’s solar eclipse effects materialize in real time. Muted by Venus having done its retrograde in the sign of the solar eclipse, change now comes upon us. Given this, July appear to present us with choices. Will we build or resist? Will we accept new challenges? Or refuse to learn better?

A couple of overarching issues stand out as a stage on which what we do (or don’t do) plays out. Probably the biggest theme is an ongoing fight with our Self which is set off by life situations and the people involved therein. The astrological symbols here are Pluto conjunct Facies on the Capricorn side in opposition with the Sun’s passage through Cancer, which is not exactly the Capulets and Montagues (nor Hatfields and McCoys) but it’s a wearing, trying feeling which stirs insecurities even while igniting the desire to succeed.

There’s a level at which this is purely about us as individuals—and whether what we’re building, how we’re building it, or maybe even why we’re insisting on building it is ping-ponging about, testing our willingness to see the inconsistencies with our aims or methodologies.

There’s another level which is about relationships and an ongoing debate (in our head and with others) about where our world (personal and societal) is going. This second part is very strongly symbolized by Neptune squaring the Lunar Nodes, a sign that we know things are in flux and that we need to be more effective. Our sense of “cause/effect” is being tested. But why? Why can’t we do things the way we always have?

And maybe more to the immediate point, should we be assertive, defensive or apologetic?

Neptune in Pisces is all about experiencing emotions and feeling our reactions to our own emotions. With the “object” of all Neptune passages being about balancing ideals and inspiration against realism…against the recognition of our personal humanity, some emotional confusion is expected about now. (And throughout the next seven (or so) years!)

The sum of these two transpersonal dynamics (Pluto/Facies plus Neptune/Nodes) now manifests in a test of personal willingness to be who we should be, not just that person it’s easy to be. And yes, we are likely to think everything is “about” others. Or society. They caused it. They aren’t seeing the wonderfulness which is me. It’s an understandable position to take, but at the metaphysical level everything is about you—not “them.” This is all about our willingness to deal with being our Self, replete with vulnerabilities, strengths and new challenges. We can’t ignore our “ikky bits” (as a British girlfriend once called them) and to the extent you try to do that, or deny our bad choices or errant behavior, this year (and the next two) are going to be……. The rest of Boots’ amazing monthly astrological overview is available instantly with a Premium Forecast Package, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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