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Astrological Overview, May 2012

by Boots Hart, CAP on May 1, 2012

Astrology Overview - Astrological Forecast May 2012

As life around us continues peeling away veneers (revealing problems long in the building and long ignored), situations conspire to ask us what our values really are. Whatever the gap is between who we are and who we would like to think we are (or could be), May happenings will prompt us in any number of ways to return to just this question.

With May beginning with Vesta entering Taurus, there’s a natural “should I?” versus “must I?” choice which underscores our shadowy awareness that just because we can do something, that doesn’t always mean we should.

Two other important factors: Venus is slowing in advance of going retrograde…and the whole first part of May continues a “break(ing) down” theme in advance of the May 20 solar eclipse.

On a practical level, Venus’ slowing down (relative to Earth’s orbit) is likely to manifest as many a situation becoming “stickier”—particularly in business or where your personal values are being tested by others…and by your choice of who you associate with and/or favor. This Venusian “approach to station” often manifests in not feeling sure, or feelings of insecurity. And well they might: retrogrades are periods which force us to look (and work) within. It’s about relying on Self and dealing with who that Self really is—which doesn’t go at all well with Venus, as the natural Venusian instinct is to seek reward from others.

Those who insist on getting their support from others will feel this most acutely. As external input draws away or lessens in advance of Venus taking station, we either choose to rely less on others or life forces us to rely more on ourselves. Obviously, ill feelings can be part of the equation here, but that isn’t necessary. Nor does it mean you’re truly “disliked”—only that you have some reconciliation with Self to do during this next little while.

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