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August: What Is Your Purpose?

by Boots Hart, CAP on August 1, 2011

astrological forecast August 2011

In the wake of the Gemini and Cancer solar eclipses which markedhuge shifts, turns, and challenges to our status quo—the way we think (in particular how we think of others and our life)—August is a time when events, communications and situations will ask us whether we understand our own purpose, whether that purpose is viable and whether we know how—or need to learn more about operating in our world. Do we know why we make the choices we make? Do we react to others (and life) in a responsible manner or merely in terms of what suits us?

With the month starting with Sun-conjunct-Venus in Leo, hopes are running high. Throw in the fact that Mercury is in Virgo and on station (about to go retrograde) and the question becomes: is this possible? Is it necessary? Is it worth my time and effort? Are my priorities in order?

And therein lies the rub. Only you know the answer(s) to these questions, obviously. But put simply, where you’re on a good track and have at least learned how to do what you’re doing, there gains will yet be made. For those goofing off or cutting corners, things now go awry. Or on hold. Think of this as the “teachable moment” or “time of learning.”

Mercury retrograde proper begins on August 3 at 3:51am (UT/+0) with Mercury conjunct Orcus. Thus some die has already been cast. With this conjunction in opposition to Neptune (retrograde) at 0 Pisces, there are chances for illusion, delusion and revelations of the most disappointing type. Between August 1 and August 5 a lot of information on “how workable” your position is gets “written on the wall in bas relief,” so pay attention!

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