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GOP Presidential Field Forms

by Alex Miller on May 23, 2011

astrological indicators - republican presidential candidates 2011

With transit asteroid Washingtonia (the US capital) at 10/11 Scorpio retrograde forming a semisextile with transit Saturn (the presidency) at 11 Libra retrograde, several potential contenders for the GOP nomination made their intentions known during the week of May 8, 2011. This transpired as asteroids representing the candidates struck a significant celestial chord in activating one of the most powerful Deep Space configurations known, a Grand Cross of galactic energies in late Fixed Signs.

The rigid, precise structure is composed of a Black Hole opposition from 28 Leo to 28 Aquarius, intersecting with a second opposition formed from the Maser at 28 Taurus opposing a Quasar at 28 Scorpio. Black Holes show alterations or changes in the status quo reality, moving from one state of being to another; the Quasar promotes visibility and public notice or attention; and the Maser (hopefully) supplies some excitement, or (less usefully) a bit of controversy. The pattern fits significantly into the USA chart, with its natal Moon (the populace) at 26 Aquarius, representing the voters these presidential wannabees will need to reach to be successful.

Republican presidential contenders - click image for larger view

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich started off the show with his Twitter announcement of his candidacy on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 11, followed up with an appearance on FOX News that evening. At the time, asteroid Gingerich (#2658, for Gingrich) at 27 Taurus was setting off the Galactic Grand Cross from the Maser, while asteroid Newtonia [#662, for Newt(on)] at 29 Pisces was also conjunct a Black Hole at 28 Pisces and transit Uranus (high tech gadgetry/Twitter) at 3 Aries. Transit Mars (contests, competitions) was semisextile both Gingerich and Newtonia from 28 Aries, on their midpoint.

On Friday the 13th, Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) made his candidacy official; as he did so, asteroid Paul (#3525) was exactly conjunct the Quasar at 28 Scorpio, setting off the same pattern. Transit Mercury (news, announcements) was also active, inconjunct Paul from the Black Hole at 27 Aries.


astrology of ron paul presidential candidacy

Ron Paul is in

The following day it was former Arkansas Governor and FOX News pundit Mike Huckabee’s turn at the podium, but he declined to run, with a bow. Asteroid Michel (#1348, French variation of “Michael”) was at 27 Taurus, also conjunct the Maser, opposing Paul’s position and exactly conjunct Gingerich when those respective announcements were made. Mercury remained aspected, in semisextile from 28 Aries.


astrology of Mike Huckabee presidential candidacy withdrawal

Mike Huckabee, out of the running

Throughout, transit asteroid America has been transiting mid-Cancer, from 16 to 18 degrees, just past the USA natal Sun at 13 Cancer, and squared its natal Saturn at 14 Libra, moving toward exact opposition to the Black Hole at 19 Capricorn, roughly squared transit Saturn and trine transit Washingtonia. Will one of these contenders pull a cosmic rabbit out of the Black Hole hat, and win their party’s nomination? Not likely, but stranger things have happened…

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sausage May 30, 2011 at 1:06 pm

Hi Alex,
I find this site generally informative except for one issue I am at a total loss to understand.
There seems to be little reference to global events[bar the royal wedding]
especially the tsunami in Japan and history being made in front of our eyes in the middle east -a surge of revoloution that is affecting Europe China, pretty much everywhere-but apparently not in the US- I know the US has a reputation for being’isolationist’ but this seems absurd. In the all the years Ive been on this planet I dont think I have seen such radical change, so quickly implemented as in the last few years. How is it as an astrologer, therefore one who studies cosmic influences, that effect the WHOLE planet, and also is commenting on a site that pupports to be concerned with politics, that you can apparently almost entirely overlook such globaly significant events? Im sorry but it seems extraodinary especially in this current era when we are so technologically connected.

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