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Daily Astrological Forecast, January 1-31, 2012

by Terry Lamb on January 1, 2012

free astrological daily forecast January 2012

Astrological Forecast Overview

January is about contexts set at other times. It’s a transitional month, when things will come together for some as appropriate to their choices and charts, but the planets in the sky do not independently support new major events. Rather they allow completions for things started, perhaps submerged and surprising, in 2011.

January carries the energies forward that are incomplete and allows completions as the cycles of Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, and Uranus move toward completion of their own yearly cyclic interaction with the Sun that structures life on Planet Earth. There is still energy as yet unspent through us by these planets, especially Jupiter and Uranus. Saturn and Pluto are at the start of their new cycles, inviting us to place form and intent on their as-yet-underdeveloped potential.

Rare these days, all the planets are direct—in forward motion. We may not know what to do with this energy, falling over ourselves as we try to jump ahead. As the Uranus square to Pluto moves into formation, we feel deeper forces at work, and yet we see the future beginning to shape itself, a backbone upon which we can build the skeleton of our new life. We will continue to transform, but we see a glimmer of light ahead.

We are out on a limb in one area of our life—if we are wise and want to grow. This has to do with Mars. It is well into the zone of the Zodiac where it will retrograde on January 23. If we always play it safe, we miss out on the fruits of the retrogrades that we encounter (from each planet except the luminaries—Sun and Moon). If we are willing to take the risk, we can set up a wonderful experience of expansion that will serve us for the next two years of our initiative, the next 12 years of our growth, and the next 15 years of our transformative process. This comes to us by grace of Mars’s trine to Jupiter and Pluto, which because of its retrograde will be with us for six months instead of the usual one week for such a contact if it occurs without a retrograde to repeat and sustain it.

This is marvelous for growing our garden of wealth for the future. Occurring in Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn), it brings the right combination of change and opportunity to foster enterprise. Out of the ashes, our phoenix will rise.

Mars will lead us onto fertile ground for growth. We will need to work through the usual ego trappings: impatience, anger, frustration, false realities—to the extent that they exist in our consciousness. In Virgo, we will see the masks of self-deprecation, overwork, and victimhood rise to the surface. If we commit ourselves to clearing ego masks, we heal the blocks that they create in our path. We have the potential to take a quantum leap in awareness and greatly potentiate our future with the clarity and compassion that comes of forgiveness (toward ourselves and others). Truly, the best is yet to come.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time (UTC–8) after November 6.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, January 2012

Sunday January 1

The Moon in Aries augments our ability to communicate with harmonies to Venus and Mercury over the day. What you need to say will come out well, although a challenge still lurks in the situation.

Monday January 2

The Aries Moon brings us a new hopeful perspective on the long challenge we’re facing in relationships. It is worth the wait. At 12:07 pm, the Moon goes into its void-of-course period with a creative vibration that we can use at least until it enters Taurus at 2:16 pm. Once in Taurus, it unlocks the gate of the fertile Earth Grand Trine that allows us to build our future. This opening lasts through Wednesday.

Tuesday January 3

The Moon in Taurus brings new, encouraging developments related to our new cycle of transformation started on December 28, as it trines Pluto and Sun over the day. We can see the possibilities of what we can create through this year’s most fortunate of energy patterns. Even if we face difficulties, we can use them beneficially.

Wednesday January 4

Instructive dreams lead to action, even if we don’t remember what we experienced during our slumber. Actions we take today will feed our process of the next six months, so judicious risks take precedence over rashness. We will know what to do.

Thursday January 5

We feel a rumble in the force overnight that feeds the day’s expressiveness, as the Moon goes void at 0:47 am and enters Gemini at 2:44 am. With nothing but a Moon sextile to Uranus, optimism and intuitive insight pervade the day.

Friday January 6

The Moon continues in Gemini, generating social interaction through contacts to Venus and Mars. Our experiences and actions today inform our process through April and beyond, so pay attention—we’ll get clues to what’s ahead for us in relationships—what we’re learning and what to avoid.

Saturday January 7

Both Mercury and Moon activate the planets at the end of their signs: Saturn, Neptune, and each other, culminating in Gemini Moon’s opposition to Mercury at 11:52 am to open the Moon’s void period. This fosters a major retrospective for us, not just of our experiences sinc ethe November 23 Mercury Retrograde station and the November 24 Solar Eclipse, but of our experiences since 1998 when Neptune entered Aquarius (which it is about to leave). This is profound, a cornucopia of insights if we take the time to go inside and hear what our consciousness has to say.

At 1:05 pm, the Moon enters Cancer, for another roller coaster ride through our emotional responses to our latest new perspectives. This starts with the near-simultaneous trine to Chiron, sextile to Jupiter, and square to Uranus in mid-afternoon, and we get the rest of the day to assimilate the healing new awareness that comes up. At 10:34 pm, Mercury makes its ingress into Capricorn, beginning the grounding of our new perspectives gained today and since November 23. This process will crest on the wave of tomorrow’s Full Moon.

Sunday January 8

The Moon in Cancer reaches toward fullness over the day, making a transformation-inducing opposition to Pluto before we rise. This feeds the illumination that comes at the Full peak of its opposition to the Sun, at 11:30 pm PT/18°26′ Cancer. We know there’s more to come.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the emphasis is on communications and foreign affairs, while Congress takes up the issues of supporting the nation’s workers. A storm and cold snap of some intensity slows transportation and distracts from politics. The economy remains front and center in all minds.

The Sabian Symbol for 19 Cancer is “A fragile miss, representative of proud old blood, is wed in a marriage ceremony by a priest to an eager youth of the New Order.” A union of tradition and innovation is not only possible now, but necessary in order to move forward in some area of our life, as well as in the world at large.

Monday January 9

Enterprise meets obstacle today, but that doesn’t mean we can’t break through as we respond to the inspirations we have had on the Full Moon. The Moon leaves Cancer at 8:35 pm, going void of course at 6:25 pm, but those two hours can be used while the Moon inhabits its domicile sign. Once it Leo, it taps into more fiery energy when it squares Jupiter and trines Uranus to juice up our creativity. Listen within for inspiration and ways to express it.

Tuesday January 10

The Moon continues through Leo with no contacts today. We’ll be able to follow through on our plans, with no extra dilemmas to distract us.

Wednesday January 11

The Moon catches up with Venus and Saturn to give us a new perspective on freedom and responsibility in our relationships. Make decisions based on the big picture/long-range outlook, not the local here-and-now.

Thursday January 12

The Moon enters its void-of-course period at 0:24 am PT, reactivating us when it goes into Virgo at 1:44 am. This re-cements the Earth Grand Trine, with a cascade of trines occurring throughout the day, including the Sun’s trine to Mars. This heralds the Mars retrograde, which is 11 days away. Pay attention today, because we will get a picture of what is coming to us under Mars’s period of backward travel, January 23–April 13.

Friday January 13

The harmonies continue as Venus in Aquarius reaches out to Saturn in Libra and Neptune in Aquarius. Mercury conjoins Pluto to keep it real; With the Moon in Virgo catching up to Mars, we get the whole picture of what’s coming in the next three months. The Moon’s trine to the Sun at 5:58 pm takes us back to events of the Full Moon and commences the Moon’s void period, which lasts until tomorrow morning. In the midst of this trip into the netherworld, Venus enters its sign of exaltation, Pisces, at 9:47 pm PT.

Saturday January 14

At 5:28 am, Moon enters Libra, startling us to an inner awakening with an opposition to Uranus. This leads to another step in the “2012” transformative process, focusing on perhaps-harsh truths with squares to Pluto and Mercury. Venus sextiles Jupiter to lift our spirits with the support of friends and loved ones, especially appreciated now.

Sunday January 15

The Moon in Libra encounters the empty sky in mid-degrees, making no contacts today. Use this day as you will.

Monday January 16

At 1:08 am PT/25°38′ Libra, the Moon makes its Last Quarter square to Sun in Capricorn. The overall tone of this lunar event is challenging, as we discover what needs reinforcing or eliminating in order to prepare the way for the next lunar cycle. Venus conjoins Chiron to sweeten the deal, bringing a gentle flow of divine reassurance that all is well. All things end in harmony as Moon moves energy into the Saturn trine to Neptune, no matter what it looks like in the moment on the surface. At 7:29 am, the Moon goes into its void period, reactivating us as it enters Scorpio at 8:33 am

In the US, the emphasis is on legislative gridlock and presidential directives. The President may take matters into his own hands with executive orders to keep the national process moving in a forward direction. The people are inclined to look at things on a deeper level, and the #occupy movement continues to flourish.

The Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon at 26 Libra is: “An eagle and a large white dove turning into each other.” The line blurs between factions as larger issues create solidarity where petty differences once ruled. The boundary between war and peace may also be challenged on the level of statecraft and politics, or indeed in our own lives.

Tuesday January 17

The Moon creates an anticipatory Minor Grand Trine with Mercury and Mars, which will trine each other on the 23rd. This energy of harmonious communication that moves us forward into abundance will be a major theme of Mars’s three-month retrograde commencing on January 23. This is a good time to pay attention to what we feel urged to say or do—commitments, bold but pleasant statements, and reconciliations are possible. Whatever happens today is developmental rather than final, playing out in the coming six months. Don’t be afraid of using this energy to further your plans.

Wednesday January 18

The Scorpio Moon brings out discrepancies between surface and hidden realities through contacts with Sun and Neptune, going void of course at 10:32 am PT. It makes its way into Sagittarius at 11:29 am to sharpen our intuition but perhaps not our tactfulness as it connects with Uranus and Venus.

Thursday January 19

Sun squares Saturn today, bringing to the fore the lessons we will be working with during Saturn’s retrograde period, which starts February 7. This continues in the theme of learning through deep connections to others; with Saturn in Libra, our relationships must deepen or die. We see signs of which way some continuing relationships are headed as the square occurs.

Friday January 20

At 8:10 am, the Sun enters progressive Air sign Aquarius. This fixed sign often finds us wanting to play devil’s advocate for the sake of discussion or humor. Moon in Sagittarius brings agitation in the wee hours with a Mars contact, but soothes the soul with harmonies to Saturn and Neptune during the day. It goes void of course at 1:50 pm (although still useful), stirring up the flow of action again once it enters Capricorn at 2:40 pm. This sets off the Cardinal T-square, but with a trine to Jupiter, we can use the resulting tension creatively.

Saturday January 21

Our dream state is deepened by the Moon’s conjunction to Pluto in the wee hours, then softened by contact to Venus. Love conquers all, and deep love overrides all pain. The day belongs to the Sun, which heightens our intuition, then challenges us to find a way to use it in the real world.

Sunday January 22

We spend most of the day in the dark of the Moon, still in Capricorn prior to the New Moon. We get one more shot at important communications that will permit us to move forward, even though by now we may see that forward motion is not the best choice. Earthly constraints like deadlines and misunderstandings may make communication necessary, even though the timing is not ideal. Once again, the long view is important. The Moon goes void of course at 5:38 pm, bringing in fresh energy once it enters Aquarius at 6:53 pm. This triggers the freshness of the New Moon, which comes at 11:39 pm. This cycle is marked by Mars’s retrograde, which starts tomorrow, and a square to Jupiter, which challenges us to weed our garden of fruitful activity so that we are not engaged in projects or situations that don’t give us the support we need.

The chart cast for the US, set in Washington DC, suggests that legislative issues affecting workers are near resolution. The winter weather has stabilized, making the north a playground for those enjoying winter sports. Domestic employment is up, although it is not a panacea for all economic woes.

At 3 Aquarius, the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is, “A deserter from the Navy stands suddenly aware of a dawning truth: Freedom is never the result of compromise.” The #occupy movement resurges this month, as do other causes designed to bring the country back to being governed by the people instead of corporations and corporate monies. In our own lives, we will need to stand by our decisions to manage our life in a way that may not please others but which will fulfill our own necessities.

Monday January 23

At 4:54 pm/23°06′ Virgo, Mars commences its three-month retrograde period. It returns to forward motion on April 13/3°41′ Virgo. In between, we have the opportunity to rework and learn from new circumstances and to rectify mistakes if needed. Virgo is about service, health/healing, and forgiveness. Its tendencies of weakness are toward self-criticism or self-punishment, stress, overwork, and giving up. A trine to Mercury helps us talk our way through whatever arises in the coming three months. Verbal communication is a wonderful support in bridging the gap between ourselves and others, and it will be easier than usual to harmonize words/intentions and actions during this retrograde. The Moon in Aquarius makes no contacts today.

Tuesday January 24

The Moon continues in Aquarius, lending support to our Saturn process of building relationship at the end of the day.

Wednesday January 25

At 0:34 am, the Moon’s void-of-course period begins. This lasts until its entry into Pisces at 1:11 am, setting up a Minor Grand Trine with Jupiter and Pluto that fosters prosperity through any actions taken over the course of the day.

Thursday January 26

As the Moon in Pisces heads into a conjunction with Venus, it also stimulates an early experience of Venus’s opposition to Mars (February 1), giving us maximum perspective on our relationships and how we “play” with each other. Paying attention now will help then. The Moon is void from 8:52 pm, but actions taken while the Moon is in Pisces still bring positive results.

Friday January 27

Mercury’s final say in Capricorn comes through a square to Saturn, suggesting that discretion may be the better part of communication now. Being afraid of what someone else will tell us may cause us to adjust our behavior. At 10:12 am, Mercury enters Aquarius to bring more objectivity to our outlook. The Moon, void since last night, enters Aries at 10:28 am PT and opens peak creative energies to us for the rest of the day through contacts to Mercury and Uranus.

Saturday January 28

The Moon in Aries brings a positive viewpoint to the challenges we face, lessening their impact. The creative peak continues to flow through us as Mercury sextiles Uranus. A square to Jupiter leads us to find practical applications for our ingenuity.

Sunday January 29

The Moon completes its stay in Aries with an illuminating opposition to Saturn, with a way to assimilate what we learn via a sextile to Neptune. The Moon’s void period starts at 10:09 pm, lasting until 10:28 pm when it enters Taurus.

Monday January 30

The Moon in Taurus brings out the current emphasis in Fixed signs, which turn our focus to stabilizing what we want to keep in our lives, old or new. Connections to Jupiter and Pluto makes this a part of the longer-term efforts we began last summer to grow something of value, while contacts with Mercury and the Sun show us what needs more effort to bring security and strength. Hidden in this experience is the knowledge that in the long run, if we can hang in there, it will all turn out right.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, stability in other economies around the globe are having an impact on US markets. Seemingly random events are linked by a thread of hidden activities that will eventually be revealed, a mixed bag of influences that will surface in the form of activism that receives popular support; and political actions that are designed to shore up the status quo.

The Sabian Symbol for the First Quarter Moon (11 Taurus) is: “A woman, cool in sunbonnet and simple garments, is leisurely watering long rows of flowers in full bloom.” (ME Jones version) No matter what the situation on the world level, each of us has a responsibility to him/herself to cultivate our own well-being. In this way, we create a loom of stability upon which a new fabric of society can be woven.

Tuesday January 31

The Taurus Moon harmonizes with Venus and Mars over the day, showing us the blessings in our relationships, even though we may be separated by miles or opinions.

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