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Free Daily Astrological Forecast, July 2011

by Terry Lamb on July 1, 2011

Astrological Forecast, July 2011

Astrological Forecast Overview

After the dramatic events of June, it’s tempting to think of July as a denouement, but that would be a misrepresentation. While July is more likely to be a month of transition than transformation, we will definitely be changed by what occurs, even if in subtle ways. As the cycles unfold over the year, July and August have been times of adjustment, and we will settle into that familiar pattern again.

First up is the Solar Eclipse, third in an unusual pattern of three. This is not a strong eclipse, but it sets up energetic patterns that will play out in the coming two years as Uranus and Pluto make one of their squares at the same (cardinal) degree next year. This eclipse is preceded by other triggers to Uranus and Pluto, and since the Moon does the same thing every week now, we get plenty of opportunity to grow in our understanding of how this is working in our lives. Because it is upon us now, this main channel for the 2012 experience. We must each find our individuality in the form of how we will live usefully and harmoniously in the new world that is now forming. What shape it will take, we cannot say as individuals, but as a group creating collective consciousness we can define its expression.

In the cycles, Saturn is now winding down in its yearly interaction with the Sun. It is now moving forward again, after five months of retrograde (apparent backward) motion. Now our projects move forward, but perhaps in substantially different form than we at first envision them.

Uranus in Aries enters its retrograde period on July 9 at 4°34′ Aries. This opens the door to five months of attuning to the elements of quantum change in our life. Uranus is the Awakener and the Cosmic Course Corrector. If we have strayed from our path, Uranus brings us into harmony with it, often in startling ways taking us into wonderful new possibilities we could never have conceived of on our own.

Part of the holding and adjusting that we experience during the summer months is the fact that the Sun and inner planets make so many quincunxes to the slow moving bodies. Once they enter Leo, there are quincunxes to Capricorn and Pisces. These disparate energies are difficult to combine unless we use unusual approaches. The Leo-Capricorn combination represents the potential for a balanced approach to leadership, with both motivation and responsibility as key elements of a leadership style; or there can be the desire to dominate and control. Leo and Pisces combine to endow us with spiritual creativity, or weakened fire as the water of Pisces douses the flames of Leo.

In the procession of the planets, Mercury has left the others in the dust, moving into early Virgo by the end of the month. This is its swan song however, as it turns retrograde on August 2 and returns into Leo for the majority of its backward travel. Mars now lags behind all the other personal planets, while Venus is catching the Sun, which she will do on August 16.

There is some very good news in this month’s events, the opening of a planetary interaction that will do much to stabilize society in the coming nine months or so. Jupiter trines Pluto for the first of three times. This trine will provide the opportunity to find creative and enterprising expressions of Pluto’s transformative energies. This will be felt as greater stability in both social and political movements and in the world economy.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time (UTC–7).

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works in an astrological forecast is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Daily Astrological Forecast, July 2011

Friday July 1

Today’s New Moon at 9°12′ Cancer/1:54 am PT is also a weak Solar Eclipse, where the shadow of the Moon just nicks the edge of the Sun’s disk. As the Sun and Moon emerge from the nodal zone, where we experience a blending of the visible and invisible world, we also emerge from this “in-between” zone, called liminal space. This lunar event is a deep seed-planting nonetheless, whose seeds will flourish over the next two years.

Self-doubt is our greatest enemy; if we can let this go, our creative juices will carry us into the next wave of consciousness, our next steps becoming clear. Although the Moon goes void of course at 4:37 am for the rest of the day, in Cancer we can continue to use its energies for fruitful action. In fact, it is the perfect time to communicate through the inner realms, as messages are lucidly transmitted. At 10:30 pm, Mercury enters Leo, still feeling but more passionate in burning through old energies, less backward-looking.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the nodal axis is on the horizon line (Ascendant-Descendant). This indicates that the nation is at a crossroads in its relations with other nations. The challenge is to celebrate its pluralism rather than get caught in narrow-minded zealotry in the midst of change. The question that has been answered incorrectly in the past is, “Who is our family?” This has been narrowly defined across the history of the nation, but now must be broadened to include all of humanity. Although in an ineffective position by its nature, President Obama is the clear representative of all of humanity in his viewpoint as well as his nature and heredity.

The Sabian Symbol at 10 Cancer is, “A large and beautiful diamond, in the hand of the lapidary, is now to be cut to its full perfection.” (ME Jones version) Much has gone into creating where we are now, and in some way it is time for the final revelation of how we are to express the developmental processes we’ve been cultivating inwardly. This is underscored by the fact that we are experiencing the final eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn. We find who we belong with and ground our sense of belonging in time and space.

Saturday July 2

At 2:43 pm, the Moon enters sunny Leo, and the day waits to activate our senses until then, with all the aspects waiting to occur until after that time. When the Moon conjoins Mercury, head and heart are united in an inspiring and activating way. We slide through transformative feelings and further their activation as the Moon trines Uranus and squares Jupiter. The big event of the day however is the Sun’s square to Saturn, which brings to the front burner all things that stand in the way of our progress. It’s time to face and remove these obstructions. This is the culmination of processes begun last August.

Sunday July 3

Moon continues in Leo, generating opportunities for action aimed toward accomplishment as it sextiles Mars and Saturn to create a minor grand trine. At 9:26 am PT, the Moon enters a long void-of-course period, which lasts until 6:15 pm tomorrow. At 9:17 pm, Venus enters Cancer, augmenting our desire to love through nurturance and healing. We go deeper into our feelings now—we can’t hide anymore behind a chatty exterior.

Monday July 4

There is more mellow energy than fireworks today, despite the holiday theme, as trines and sextiles abound. We’ll emerge from our sleep idealistic and dreamy, inspired and confident, as Venus trines Neptune and Mercury trines Uranus. We get a little perspective later as Moon enters Virgo at 6:15 pm, bringing a pragmatic and fertilizing perspective to these connections. We see how we can turn the ideal into the real.

Tuesday July 5

Moon in Virgo makes a wealth of connections over the day, leading to its void period, which commences at 5:19 pm. Our dream state is especially fertile as Moon bridges between Jupiter and Pluto to create an Earth grand trine before dawn. Allow it to take you deep and inseminate your unconscious with new designs for manifesting your visions into the physical world. Even if you bring back no memories of your dream experiences, you will act out the truths you discover there. Mercury squares Jupiter today; communications are a bit awkward, some things better left to non-verbal understanding. Agreements made today will have gaps in them that could be troubling later.

Wednesday July 6

The Moon is void of course in Virgo until 8:54 pm, when it enters Libra. This gives us plenty of down time and a lingering feeling of happiness even if everything isn’t perfect. It could be worse! Mars trines Saturn to bring out our desire to make progress, to get things done. We want to check things off the list, make the connections to reach our goals, but we’re better off planning today and executing tomorrow (or at least after 8:54 pm). This energy was with us yesterday and will stay through tomorrow, so a day’s holding pattern is not limiting.

Thursday July 7

Since June 4, a flow of energy has been intensifying from the unconscious realms into the physical world, as Jupiter reaches toward a trine to Pluto at 5°58′ Taurus/Capricorn. This is a stabilizing influence, in Earth signs, especially beneficial for Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; providing essential support for the water signs as well (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces). This is the first of three such connections by which we will benefit through March 2012. This is a connection of abundance and prosperity.

This infuses the First Quarter lunation today, which comes at 15°47′ Libra/11:29 pm, the last aspect of the Moon before its void period. Over the day, the Moon makes all the cardinal connections, reaching Venus, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, and Sun to activate the Cardinal Cross—and our need for change. Venus also squares Uranus, highlighting the ways in which we have not yet copped to what or who we love. It may not be our only choice, but the feelings won’t go away until we reckon with them.

In the First Quarter chart cast for the US capital, we see hidden economic support coming to the US, stabilizing if it is not just a bandage approach. Inexplicably, wisdom emerges and a good choice is made, as the truth is heard and sinks in. Although the focus is on the economy, the media play a huge role in how it is perceived so are the most significant influence of the week. The critical mass in the situation comes from America’s working people, who have been squeezed and increasingly disregarded. Now they are standing up for themselves and will get results.

The Moon at 16 Libra carries the Sabian Symbol of, “The storms of the winter have washed away the boat-landing: Some happy souls at the beach resort are building one.” (ME Jones) We are in a rebuilding process after a storm of consciousness. It has brought about a crisis in what we value, and shows us how to rebuild in light of our discoveries.

Friday July 8

Venus finishes connecting the big dots today with her opposition to Pluto. This ties into previous contacts between Venus and Pluto in February and April, bringing us to full awareness of what has been surfacing all this time. It also gives us insight into what the next year is bringing to us, as we get another perspective on the upcoming Uranus-Pluto square. She gives us a supportive two-fer as she also sextiles Jupiter to augment our constructive use of these powerful energies of manifestation. Friends and partners will be there for us now. At 11:31 pm, the Moon enters investigative Scorpio to open the door to gainful action again.

Saturday July 9

The Moon continues through Scorpio, bringing emotional harmony with its contacts today, but communicative challenges. Maybe it’s a good time not to talk about it—or if we do, understand that misunderstanding is possible due to coming from a fixed position. At 5:38 pm PT/4°34′ Aries, Uranus commences retrograde (apparent backward) motion. This will contribute to an emotional awakening that can only occur if we act from our deepest sense of individuality, without reference to old patterns, or people’s expectations of us. For five months, we play in this field of consciousness, exploring our identity before finalizing our new direction. It’s big, and we have to be sure.

Sunday July 10

The Moon continues in Scorpio today, making a harmonious trine to the Sun at 6:05 am, the doorway to a void-of-course period that lasts until 2:47 am tomorrow. We’ll feel the trine throughout the day; use it to complete inwardly focused tasks that result in later creative output. Let your feelings flow!

Monday July 11

At 2:47 am, the Moon enters philosophical Sagittarius. It invites us to pierce through the veils to see the truth as it square Neptune and trines Uranus, then sextiles Saturn. Mercury helps us activate our industrious side with a sextile the Mars.

Tuesday July 12

The Moon sustains the activating energy as it reconnects Mercury and Mars today. New perspectives give us new beneficial directions to move in. Although the Moon goes void at 5:21 am, in Sagittarius we can still grab the brass ring if we are so inclined.

Wednesday July 13

We feel the responsibilities of our commitments to others today. Are they right for us? If not, we will feel trapped and restless, but this could be due to our personal issues, not the others in our life. Time to sort it out! The Moon aids us when it goes into Capricorn at 7:14 am, lighting up each of the planets in the Cardinal Cross today and tomorrow: Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Venus, Sun. All this feeds tomorrow’s Full Moon culmination. Harmonies to Neptune and Jupiter give us a sense of what’s possible if we have faith.

Thursday July 14

The Moon in Capricorn brings us to the peak of intensity known as the Full Moon, at 22°28′ Capricorn/11:40 pm. This opens the Moon’s brief void period, but before that a deep awakening process occurs that is focused on our relationship life, a moment of truth. Mercury enters its retrograde shadow today, now marking off the degrees over which it will re-transit during August. Observe your experiences from today forward until it retrogrades on August 2, in order to get clues as to what’s heading your way.

The chart cast for Washington DC has no critical signatures emphasized. Whatever weather pattern we’ve been in for the past week will continue, tending toward hot dry winds in the east. The truth is known, and it’s all over but the shouting. The working people have had their say, and the legislative bodies must listen.

The Full Moon degree of 23 Capricorn is symbolized by, “The army is erect in a long faultless line as resplendent officers confer upon a private two awards for bravery.” (ME Jones) This is the day of the small person of little power, who can think and act with clarity and courage. This is the time of the whistle blower, the people’s advocate, the movements that start with a single individual motivated by the pulse of truth, to which armies bend.

Friday July 15

When the Moon enters independent Aquarius today, we get to travel to the beat of a different drummer, especially as it sextiles individualistic Uranus. Go ahead, be a rebel!

Saturday July 16

It’s time to ramp up your productivity as Aquarius Moon squares Jupiter and makes a grand trine in Air with Mars and Saturn. Social events, anything that involves connections, will go smoothly today.

Sunday July 17

If you want a long lazy day with nothing to do, you’ve got it. After the Moon gives us a broad perspective on reality, an opposition to Mercury, at 5:23 am PT, it is void of course until it goes into Pisces at 10:13 pm. What a perfect excuse to relax, watch a movie, or tidy up!

Monday July 18

Ease and flow are the key words for the day, as the Moon translates energy from Pluto to Jupiter via a minor grand trine. Insight, optimism, creativity surface today and feed our noblest feelings, flowing into tomorrow to create a cradle configuration in Earth-Water signs.

Tuesday July 19

Today we get more of the same wonderful energy of abundance and fertility as Moon in Pisces trines Venus. A square to Mars at midday generates a little static if we push too hard. Relax, surrender, keep moving, and events will flow more easily.

Wednesday July 20

A Moon trine to the Sun lifts us into the ethers before dawn to fuel our day. This opens the Moon’s void period at 4:15 am, which can be ignored—allow your efforts to flow full speed ahead! At 9:25 am, the Moon enters bold Aries, giving us another encounter with Uranus to ensure we are doing what is inwardly correct—not necessarily the same thing as what others want us to do. Authenticity is key, as it reaches the square to Pluto in the evening hours.

Thursday July 21

The Moon continues in Aries and brings us to a moment of reckoning through an opposition to Saturn. Know your limits—say no if necessary.

Friday July 22

With Mars, Venus, and Mercury at the end of their respective sign, the Moon finds plenty to keep us busy today integrating lessons recently learned. This energy is driven inward as the Moon goes void of course at 2:34 pm PT. This gives us an afternoon to take care of the filing, before the Moon enters stabilizing Taurus at 9:58 pm. At 9:12 pm, the Sun enters lively Leo, the sign of its rulership, just before the Moon completes the Last Quarter square to it at 08°02′ Taurus/10:12 pm. If we are honest with ourselves and live within our means, we may not be taking that dream vacation this summer. There are more modest ways to find pleasure and express our appreciation and joy in those we love.

In the chart cast for the US capitol, weather extremes show up again as a concern. This time, they affect the areas from the Piedmont to the Midwest, while points further east are very wet. What is a week without crisis like in Washington?

At 1 Taurus, the Sabian Symbol for the Last Quarter Moon is, “A clear mountain stream flows steadily downstream.” Even if there are no specific critical events this week, those that have already been set in motion cascade through our lives. They bring the waters of clarity and purification, carrying us gently down to calm and sunny pools of consciousness.

Saturday July 23

The Moon continues in Taurus, bringing us another sweet connection between Jupiter and Pluto. Harmonious changes are furthered now.

Sunday July 24

Enjoy the day! There are no planetary contacts today, so we get to make it up as we go along, without an external agenda to deal with (other than those already established).

Monday July 25

The Moon completes its stay in Taurus, finalizing our stabilization process by bringing it into our relationship life. It goes void of course at 6:12 am, although we can take action unabated without regard for this factor. When it enters jumpin’ Gemini, we are challenged to see things from a new perspective as unexplained events remind us that not all truth is found in appearances. The evening finds us in harmony with life, as the Moon makes a minor grand trine with the Sun and Uranus. Express yourself!

Tuesday July 26

We will wax sociable today, yet be serious in doing so. Straight to the point, too much to do to mess around, as Moon in Gemini trines Saturn.

Wednesday July 27

At 9:55 am PT, the Moon occults (eclipses) our view of Mars. This means that our emotions can be more volatile. This is good if you are mystified about what you feel, not so good if you express them aggressively. Our instincts will be strong; pay attention, because they are key to understanding our deepest motivations. The Sun trine to Uranus gives us an open doorway to make changes in our lives. If we have been looking for greater freedom, today is a good day to take steps in that direction. At 5:35 pm, the Moon enters a brief void period, which lasts until 6:11 pm, when it enters sensitive Cancer. Visions of the future can come through as the Moon trines Neptune and Chiron.

Thursday July 28

The Moon continues in Cancer, stimulating our process of change with the Cardinal Cross. It moves through the energy fields of Uranus and Pluto before dawn to infuse our dreams with deep insights. A sextile to Jupiter and square to Saturn complete the process of finding ways to bring these energies into the structures of our life. At 7:59 am, Venus enters Leo to bring heart and optimism to our outlook and ways of loving. Mercury enters Virgo at 10:59 am, opposing Neptune for the first of three times in the course of the coming month. This helps us discern between dreams, illusions, and realities that are still in the making. At 4:03 pm, the Moon goes void of course, although in Cancer it still activates fruitful events for us if we take the initiative.

Friday July 29

At 11:16 am, the Moon enters Leo, but no contacts are made today. Make up your own story of what this day holds!

Saturday July 30

The Moon augments are experience of relationships and the joy they bring when it connects Venus and Uranus ahead of their trine tomorrow. At 11:40 am/7°16′ Leo, the New Moon jump starts us into a new lunar month. We are focused on the stable areas of our life now. Are they too stable and need shifting, or do we need to establish a new foundation to build our next castle? Your answers to that question will be used to feed the Jupiter retrograde period that begins at the end of August.

In the New Moon chart for the US, we will see new, ingenious messaging coming from President Obama, that cuts through the media’s obfuscation and helps inspire a suffering nation. There will be a focus on the impact of foreign trade and offshore manufacturing on US workers.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree of 8 Leo is, “An activist is stirring up discontent by spreading his revolutionary ideals.” There is a natural tendency in the universe for energies to seek equalization. Where there is a lack, all forces will turn toward filling in the gap from places where there is too much. This is happening in the world in social, cultural, and political movements. When a group perceives that it has nothing more to lose, it will risk everything for freedom and equality, the ripe environment for the inspiring words of an activist. Look for what inspires you.

Sunday July 31

The Moon continues in Leo, heading toward a sextile to Mars for coordinated action. We will be especially graceful and energized today. Venus reaches her trine to Uranus to put us in touch with freedom and what it means to us. This is more a time when we feel freed and inspired through relationship rather than wanting freedom from those to whom we have a commitment. The Moon goes void of course at 11:20 pm.

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