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October 2010 Daily Success Guide

by Terry Lamb on October 1, 2010

Daykeeper Journal Daily Success Guide Astrological Forecast, October 2010

Whew! What a month September was! It was a suitable finish to a summer of overactive planets: June and July were stimulating; in August, we had to surrender; September brought the promised transformations into the light of day, ready to be assimilated into our lives.

Now, as our experiences begin integrating into our lives, we see what path we have cast for ourselves. A direction begins to emerge. But wait—we have more shedding to do, in the form of the masks we wear with others. It is time to become more authentic in all that we do, to look through appearances to the real deal. We have already seen some surprising results, and as the Sun makes quincunxes to the planets that startled us awake in mid-September, we’ll see what adjustments we need to make to break through the obstacles that remain in our path.

October is all about relationships, brought to us by Venus, whose retrograde period starts on October 8. She stays retrograde for 42 days, during which time she falls into the Sun (from her current position high in the western sky at sunset), then emerges as the morning star, where she will remain for eight months. Just like the goddess Inanna (the Sumerian version of Venus), we will pass through seven thresholds into the Underworld, where we have the opportunity to shed old ways of being. She turns forward again on November 18 at 27°39′ Libra.

We renew our relationships with all those around us, and sometimes that renewal involves removal. Our bonds with others are meant to provide us with supportive opportunities for growth. If the mystery of true synergy eludes us and we find ourselves undermined by a relationship, we must let it go. We are more inclined to make this discovery during Venus retrograde.

Underscoring this process is the new sense of purpose we have taken on since early 2008. With Saturn in Libra, we have the task set before us to find balance in our lives as a foundation for fulfilling our purpose. This lends urgency and meaning to our decisions at this time. Saturn is traveling quickly forward through Libra, launching its restructuring process on our placements in the mid-degrees of the sign.

We may already have made a decision about relationship by the time October opens. If so, the shedding of the Venus retrograde is more about letting go of the masks that we wore in that relationship, preparing for life without that person being so close to us.

In the world of regular planetary motion, Venus travels faster than Mars. However, in the skewed perspective we have because we are not at the center of the solar system, Mars gets to travel faster than Venus for a while. This is the situation as October opens, and Mars catches up to Venus and conjoins her on October 3—a rare event! This topsy-turvy occurrence could be reflected in our lives as unusual experiences in our interactions with others, as well as another change to get the balance right in our relationship lives.

With so little action in the fixed signs these days, October is somewhat quieter than previous months, giving us time to carry plans forward without impediment. However, Mars in Scorpio gives us a little boost when it squares Neptune and Chiron on October 22. This augments the long-term healing process we’ve been working with but perhaps overlooking in the focus on other more pressing events. This will remind us of its importance and help us get back on track.

Also on October 22 is the Full Moon, the second in Libra—a true blue moon. We get two shots at getting our expression of balance, peace, and harmony right in our lives. This Full Moon will echo our experiences of that of September 23.

October will flow better for us if we take the long view and are willing to endure the experience of letting go of what has outlived its usefulness in our lives.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A “Void Moon” or “Void of Course Moon” (or “VOC moon” for short) makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

According to William Lilly, the Moon in Cancer (Moon’s rulership), Taurus (Moon’s exaltation), Sagittarius and Pisces (signs ruled by Jupiter, the Great Benefic) “performeth somewhat.” Lee Lehmann reports that she has tested this, and “you can take it to the bank.” Another way of putting how this works is that, when an action is taken during the void period in one of these signs, you get “unanswered success.” That is, the lack of planetary action prevents your action from being denied.

Maya’s rule of thumb was, “In making a close call, I look at the moon’s final aspect, just before it goes void of course. This shows how the situation will end up.”

Daily Astrological Forecast, October 2010

Friday October 1

The Moon continues in caring Cancer, bringing sweet dreams of harmony with others as it trines Mars and Venus in the wee hours. Big revelations emerge today and tomorrow as Mercury opposes Jupiter and Uranus. This brings us more understanding about the changes we experienced in September, as well as ways to clear the obstacles that remain.

Saturday October 2

All the action is over by 8:21 am, when the Moon goes void of course in Cancer. Before then, trines to Jupiter and Uranus, plus a sextile to Mercury, bring mind and feeling together. We know what to do, and why, if not how. Mercury completes its revelatory process as it opposes Uranus, echoing the changes of last month. Allow time in your schedule for inspiration. Although the Moon is void until 11:21 am when it enters generous Leo, we can use its void in Cancer to start new activities with success.

Sunday October 3

Relationships receive more focus today through a number of connections. At 8:04 am, Mercury enters gracious Libra to make our communications peace-seeking and conciliatory. Mars catches up to a very slow, almost-retrograde Venus, but we may be unwilling to rock the boat until after the 8th, when we just won’t be able to take it anymore. It may feel like it’s too late to bring imbalances and inauthenticity to the surface. It may feel like the relationship is upside-down. As the Moon makes its way through Leo, it augments this process, sextiling Saturn and the Sun in Libra to show us the possibilities, then squaring Venus and Mars to show us the conflicts yet to be resolved.

Monday October 4

With Mercury now in Libra, we can look forward to new awareness about our path into the new future we face. The first hit of this comes today when it squares Pluto. Our thoughts may be unsettled and unsettling. We see so much to do—how are we going to get it all done? The key is that we don’t have to do it all now, or do it all alone. The universal flow will carry us, and it will be completed in harmony if we allow it to.

The Moon finishes its sojourn in Leo with oppositions to Neptune and Chiron, highlighting our healing process from yet another angle. The Moon enters its void period at 7:28 am, lasting until it enters Virgo at 1:00 pm. Savor this time to mend body, mind, and spirit. Upon entering Virgo, sign of self-mastery, the Moon provides relief from our intensified Mercury-Pluto thoughts, as the Moon trines Pluto.

Tuesday October 5

The Virgo Moon smooths the way in our relationship life as it sextiles Venus and Mars. Social interactions will go well.

Wednesday October 6

At 9:43 am, the Moon in Virgo enters its void-of-course period as it opposes Jupiter and Uranus. We feel the impact of our ongoing awakening process, seeing what effects it will have in our daily experience. We get downtime until 12:51 pm, when the Moon enters peace-loving Libra. We are drawn inward, feeling deeply into what’s real, as the Moon squares Pluto, then conjoins Mercury. We get another shot at understanding how to transform our lives from this perch.

Thursday October 7

The Moon still in Libra, it gives us yet another take on the big tasks that lie ahead of us as it conjoins Saturn and then the Sun. The conjunction with the Sun occurs at 11:44 am/14°24′ Libra and marks the New Moon, the start of a new lunar month. It is a seed-planting time, when we can make plans for what we want to accomplish in the coming 30 days. Balance-harmony is the theme—it’s what we want to create through our actions.

This New Moon carries more harmony than discord, despite the fact that Venus is at her station (standstill) before turning retrograde. It’s all about relationships, and we absolutely can—perhaps must—find the place where we can heal ourselves in order to move forward. Keep your mind open and allow yourself to see your world and your associations with others with fresh eyes, as if you were observing your life from a stranger’s perspective.

This New Moon is at nearly the same point as the Venus-Mars conjunction of August 20. Events this month tie in to what was occurring at that time.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, Venus and Mars are on the Midheaven. This places the relationship of the First Couple squarely in front of the public. By the next New Moon, the mid-term elections will have taken place. Will the Obama honeymoon continue? There is also emphasis on foreign relations and events in other parts of the globe. These will have a beneficial impact at home.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon degree (15 Libra) is “Circular paths.” “What goes around comes around” is suggested. As Venus starts its retrograde, we will experience a return of the energies we have put forth to others. If we have been loving and supportive, these energies will come back to us through the “circular path.” Of course, no path is circular, since we never cover the same ground twice. It is a spiraling path, taking us ever upward as we evolve.

Friday October 8

At 0:06 am, Venus commences her retrograde period, at 13°14′ regenerative Scorpio. Now Venus will reflect back to us the harmony that we have been creating in our lives. This is a divine mirroring process, an opportunity to learn and grow rapidly for the next 42 days.

Mercury brings our mental pigeons home to roost when it conjoins Saturn before most of us rise. We awaken with serious thoughts, maybe plans for the next step in our lives. The Moon finalizes its stay in Libra with trines to Neptune and Chiron, going void at 7:08 am. We get to focus on background activities until it enters Scorpio at 12:52 pm. A sextile to Pluto finishes the day on an upbeat note, with feelings of optimism about the changes we are creating to form our future.

Saturday October 9

The Moon in Scorpio makes a close encounter with Venus and Mars. This is our first real face-to-face with the issues that we will work on as Venus makes its way backward through Scorpio and late Libra.

Sunday October 10

A busy morning gives way to a lazy afternoon, giving us much-deserved rest and relaxation. The Moon completes its path through Scorpio by trining Jupiter and Uranus, while squaring Neptune and Chiron. Use inspiration and unexpected events to heal yourself! At 11:27 am (on the trine to Uranus), the Moon is void of course, until 3:09 pm when it enters adventurous Sagittarius.

Monday October 11

The Sagittarius Moon finds harmony today as it sextiles Saturn and Mercury. This is a great day for planning and efficient completion of tasks.

Tuesday October 12

It’s another day of exploration as Moon completes its stay in Sagittarius. A sextile to the Sun infuses our dreams with awareness of what we are developing on this lunar cycle. We’ll be too busy for the rest of the work day responding to life’s little surprises, all part of the process of opening us to more miraculous events as Moon squares Jupiter and Uranus. Sextiles to Neptune and Chiron give us the opportunity to bring greater harmony to body-mind-soul. At 5:07 pm, the Moon’s void period starts, although we can use this one if we so desire. The Moon brings us into wisdom consciousness when she enters Capricorn at 9:17 pm.

Wednesday October 13

Our dreams take us deep into the unconscious realms as Moon conjoins Pluto. Even if we don’t bring back memories, our actions will carry the wisdom gained there. A mid-afternoon square to Saturn reiterates the process we’ve been working with for nearly a year of releasing fear. Let it go! Late in the evening, we can soothe our self-esteem on a Moon sextile to Venus—a hot bath by candlelight, tea with a friend, a romantic moment.

Thursday October 14

We have work to do! A Moon square to Mercury reminds us of what is left undone, and we get busy putting our world in order bit by bit. A Moon sextile to Mars gives us the energy and focus to do so, and the First Quarter Moon square to the Sun at 2:27 pm/21°26′ Capricorn reveals how our productivity will feed what we want to experience over the rest of the lunar month. The Moon’s sextile to Jupiter in the late evening stimulates our awareness just when we should want to rest.

The First Quarter Moon carries the energy of possibility as the Moon moves into the sextile with Jupiter and Uranus. Harmonies outweigh stressors now. The world is your teacup! Even Venus retrograde finds happy connections, and so shall we.

In the chart cast for the US, Jupiter-Uranus are tightly packed around the Ascendant. With harmonious contacts, this displays the best of American ingenuity and resourcefulness. The sky’s the limit. In the coming week, President Obama will introduce some changes through his role as Commander-in-Chief. These will be well-received by the American public and around the world. The economy is picking up, although there are lingering issues of regulation that have yet to be resolved or implemented.

The Sabian Symbol for 22 Capricorn is, “A defeated general yields up his sword but in failure he wins for his cause a dignity that is real success.” (ME Jones version) Authentic success is gained when we take actions that uphold the truth of inner reality. This is the only satisfying outcome to any situation. We will see this process played out in our own lives, as well as in the public arena through the actions of military leaders.

Friday October 15

At 2:49 am, the Moon makes its sextile to Uranus, finishing its productive period in Capricorn on an inventive note. It is void of course until 7:24 am, when it enters individualistic Aquarius.

Saturday October 16

The Aquarius Moon sweetens our dreams with a sense of confidence as it trines Saturn in the dark of night, but when we awaken our unresolved relationship matters confront us (a square to Venus). Use this time to gently consider the right path. Head and heart will be in sync as Mercury catches up with the Sun to form a conjunction. It’s a good time to communicate if you feel clear.

Sunday October 17

Restless energy fills the night as Aquarius Moon squares Mars before dawn, but trines to the Sun and Mercury soon soothe away our angst. The morning finishes on dreamy Moon conjunctions to Neptune and Chiron—develop a vision of what fulfills you most and live it for the rest of the day. The Moon goes void of course at 12:16 pm, until it enters Pisces at 7:52 pm. What a nice long rest!

Monday October 18

The Moon in Pisces offers us access to the unconscious realms as it sextiles Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, as we dream. This feeds our actions over the day as Mercury brings inspiration to awareness when it trines Neptune. A Moon trine to Venus allows insights to new balance and harmony to flow into our relationships.

Tuesday October 19

The Sun trines Neptune and Chiron, reminding us that something we have put our faith in is about to be fulfilled (next month, when these planets return to forward motion). Our sense of well-being is increased by a Moon trine to Mars and conjunct to Jupiter. Nothing can stop us now!

Wednesday October 20

The Moon’s last aspect in Pisces is a conjunction to Uranus at 3:25 am, commencing its void period with a burst of inspiration. This lasts until it enters Aries at 8:23 am, although a Pisces void-of-course is still productive. We feel more like withdrawing to do something involving deep focus and creativity as the Moon squares Pluto in mid-afternoon. At 2:19 pm, Mercury enters Scorpio to deepen the passion with which we communicate. What we say will be infused with more emotional expression now. Mars trines Jupiter as well, one of the most active, energetic, and productive planetary combinations. Add inventiveness, since Mars’s trine to Uranus can also be felt now, even though it doesn’t become exact until Sunday.

Thursday October 21

The Moon in Aries reaches an opposition to Saturn, giving us perspective on the “shoulds” in life. We are more likely to feel separated from others. This is good if we want to feel our individuality or break away from someone or something, as long as we don’t go so far as to feel isolated.

Friday October 22

Mars squares Neptune and Chiron jolt us awake from our dream— is it real or is it fake? Go over the history of what you have placed your faith in—this will lead you to the truth. Mercury sextile Pluto presents an opportunity to access your deepest recesses of consciousness. Use this by going inside through meditation or other spiritual practice/process. The Moon in Aries brings a truth that lies in feeling when it sextiles Neptune and Chiron—we know that what we believe in feels right. At 6:37 pm, the Moon opposes the Sun to bring the second Full Moon in Aries, a true blue moon at 29°33′ Aries. This lunar event carries more tension than the previous two, but it is still on the mild side. We have the opportunity to pierce illusion, use our imagination, and act on our ingenuity to pave a new path for ourselves. New insights from the previous year give us the tools to forge the future. The Moon goes void of course at 6:37 pm, until 7:29 pm, when it enters artistic Taurus.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, tension appears in the parts of the chart associated with the legislature, suggesting the final campaign activities prior to the mid-term elections. President Obama’s popularity, high at this time, is an influence in the polls. Situations on foreign soil continue to undermine the nation, such as the conflict in Afghanistan.

The Full Moon at 30 Aries carries the Sabian Symbol “A duck pond and its young brood." This degree is about belonging. Much of the most strident rhetoric in the election comes from groups of people who feel marginalized, like they are in danger of not belonging in America. This generates fear that results in behavior that actually produces the very effect they are trying to avoid. The challenge is to help factions such as these (but also in our own lives) feel a sense of unity with others. We may also find that our own affiliations come into question; we will clarify where we belong on this Full Moon.

Saturday October 23

From its position in Taurus, the Moon makes several eye-opening contacts: A trine to Pluto and opposition to Mercury gives us another shot at integrating recent lessons into our way of living—encountered through the dreams we have in the wee hours during which these connections occur. At 5:35 am, the Sun enters Scorpio. We look beyond the surface into the depths of social interaction now, honing our balance with others based more on feeling than thought. This leads us into the depths of the unconscious, through the Underworld that Venus invites us to explore. What ego masks are you shedding? It is especially easy now to shed those old patterns, through the 29th. The Moon gives us an early boost in this process when it opposes Venus at high noon.

Sunday October 24

We have had a window of ingenuity open to us since October 20 that reaches its climax today. We feel especially stable as the Moon wends its way through Taurus, reaching the “tail-enders” by sunset: sextiling Jupiter-Uranus and squaring Neptune-Chiron. We can see into the image world, dispelling mistaken impressions and feeling the truth of the current moment deep in our core.

Monday October 25

Buried conflicts come out in dreams as the Taurus Moon opposes Mars at 0:49 am, the start of its void period. At 4:47 am, it enters connector sign Gemini, with no other planets to play with all day. Mercury and Venus make a virtual collision as they conjoin by mutual application—Venus retrograde backing into Mercury as it moves forward through Scorpio. This is a moment of truth; we have the opportunity to understand and act on what is most important to us—we finally know what that is.

Tuesday October 26

Our dreams are more grounded, practical as Gemini Moon trines Libra Saturn. Balance is the theme. The Sun makes its closing sextile to Pluto today: How have you transformed your self/life since the beginning of the year? What have you learned? It’s good to check in on this now. We have two more months to complete this year’s process of magical change.

Wednesday October 27

The later degrees of the signs are crowded, and the Taurus Moon reaches them all today. This time it’s squares to Jupiter-Uranus, triggering action in response to new insights. Take the risk. You’ll have the help of Neptune-Chiron, which the Moon trines now, if you surrender to the process. At 7:19 am, the Moon enters its void period, giving us a morning of downtime until 12:14 pm, when it enters nurturing Cancer. We reach maximum understanding of deeper issues and needs as Moon opposes Pluto then trines Sun and Venus. Relationships are on our mind and we come to know better what the heart wants. At 11:48 pm, sparks begin to fly as Mars enters Sagittarius.

Thursday October 28

Moon in Cancer challenges our mentally derived perceptions with what feels real, as it squares Saturn, then trines Mercury. We suffer from a temporary loss of perspective as we plunge into the deepest part of our feeling nature to surf on the waves of love and longing; Sun and Venus conjoin (collide) by mutual application. Now Venus can begin to rise out of the shadows to create the sacred marriage within each of us.

Friday October 29

It’s all flow today! Moon makes three trines across a sign boundary. Before she leaves Cancer, she harmonizes with Jupiter and Uranus, entering a productive void-of-course period at 12:48 pm. At 5:38 pm, she enters courageous Leo and lifts us on wings of joy with a trine to Mars.

Saturday October 30

The Moon makes its Last-Quarter square to the Sun with Venus overtones at 1:49 am/6°59′ Leo. This lunar event starts a week of integrating our Full-Moon events into our lives. It’s a time of drawing wisdom from our experiences and preparing for the next step that comes with the New Moon on November 5 (13°40′ Scorpio).

Now that we see the whole picture of what is happening in our relationship life, we are challenged to let go, out of the purest loving instinct. We can’t hold onto what isn’t ours, and if it is ours we don’t need to hold on. We must sacrifice possessiveness and insecurity, but it will be easier than we expect—it will just feel right because we are moving toward greater harmony. The Moon’s movement into a sextile with Saturn and square to Mercury augment this experience.

The chart cast for Washington DC shows that hidden factors are about to be revealed. This is in part due to the fact that the people will speak through the ballot box in the coming week. The outcome will not be as anticipated. There will be extra tomfoolery and tampering, as well as an unexpected level of savvy on the part of most voters. There is a growing disconnect between money spent on a campaign and the outcome. The ones who spend the most no longer always win.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Leo states, “The wonder of the constellations of stars in the night sky." The sky’s the limit! Feel the beauty and grandeur of the heavens as an inspiration for the next step in life. It is rejuvenating, a source of universal chi (energy). The energies of the stars and planets have the power to lift us up out of ego attachment if we are open to the process. This upliftment will occur on all levels of society, as we see the recent an influx of light onto the planet reflected in people’s deepened responses to life’s challenges. Watch for news reports and presidential speeches carrying this symbolism.

Sunday October 31

A dream within a dream: the Moon finishes its sojourn in Leo with oppositions to Neptune and Chiron, entering its void period at 2:17 pm. We have access to the visionary world until the Moon enters pragmatic Virgo at 8:51 pm.

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Susan Pomeroy October 18, 2010 at 4:25 pm

This is an unusual second full moon in Aries during the sun’s passage through Libra. You are right, in modern calendrical terms, a “blue moon” is said to occur when two full moons occur during the same calendar month, but the phrase is a folk term that predates this modern definition and was used to apply to any “extra” full moon in an annual cycle. I believe Terry is using it in this more ancient sense.

Susan Pomeroy October 18, 2010 at 4:18 pm

Yes, Sun in Libra, Full Moon in Aries (see entry for 10/22).

Kelly Fleming October 17, 2010 at 12:30 pm

The 22nd is a Blue Moon? Where is the 2nd full moon in October? I went to Wikipedia to look to see if the 22nd of October is a Blue Moon & it is not listed on either chart, neither the calendar of Farmer’s Almanac definition. How are you calculating that it is a Blue Moon?

suzanne October 15, 2010 at 1:29 am

Hi, I thought the full moon Oct 2010 22/23 was in Aries.

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