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Astrological Overview, September 2010

by Boots Hart, CAP on September 1, 2010

Astrological Overview for September 2010

Just looking at the lineup of planets with which September starts, it looks like a basically rather scattered time. That evolves as the month does, but one wouldn’t expect September to start with the slickness of sliding into a bed cloaked in satin sheets.

With the Sun in earthy Virgo moving into emotional degrees, we are caring about the “what is” quotient in life and how things are going. Questions—from “is it working?” to questions about ethics against morals, at whatever level (pro, con or in fervent denial)—ooze through our days like mud after a flood seeping in under the back kitchen door. Mercury is retrograde, which gives us the contemplative rather than “doing something about it” signal, and with Mars in late Libra, resolve is weak. Many of us are weary, maybe even over-daunted with much of what’s going on.

Venus in late Libra seeks relief and makes efforts to make good on good intentions, and goodness knows those are needed. But will they be enough? Saturn in early Libra indicates challenges in the world, which may be nothing but responsibilities which if attended to will get done.

But this placement can manifest as a delays which feel like rejection—even a total sense of being repelled by others for whatever reason. Jupiter’s retrograde motion in Aries adds to the murkiness of knowing whether it’s you, or them (if it’s Memorex…) and not only doesn’t anyone have the answers to all our questions, but considering how preoccupied they are with their lives, we aren’t likely to get the emotional satisfaction we want either.

Uranus starting the month in a critical degree of emotional Pisces has us all feeling our feelings to the max. Uranus won’t retrograde through the whole of 29 Pisces until September 11 (during which time the exacerbation/excitation of fixed star Scheat‘s position echoes, if not virtually promises, difficulties at the social/societal/relationship level). Neptune retrograde in Aquarius has us feeling uncertain about the world, and Pluto in Capricorn is slowing down to take its station. All this guaranteeing that baby, the pressure is either on—or at least it feels like it’s on!

For those who are counting, three planets in earth, one in fire, one in water and four in air: right now we are on balance thoughtful, thoughtless, thinking about things, thinking over what to do next or thinking about what others think of us. And maybe all of the above. With second place going to the earth element, that means what gets done and/or what has been done seems the proof of the pudding and the irrevocable fact. What’s needed here is a little fiery imagination, motivation and hope, but the one planet in fire (Jupiter) is retrograde, producing that “not a lot to hook onto out there” feeling. And with Uranus in Pisces’ critical degree, our feelings about what we’re feeling are maximally unstable, unpredictable, inconceivable to others and probably a bit of a surprise to ourselves.

So starts September. Come September 4, the Nodes move from the emotional decanate of their respective signs (North Node/Capricorn–South Node/Cancer) into the physical degrees, an indication that society itself is moving to an ever more basic level of consideration—with our interactions with society needing to follow suit.

Even though this is part of a greater natural cycle which happens over and over again, considering everything else going on this is likely to feel like life itself is constricted, or perhaps becoming less viable, easy to cope with, pleasant to deal with… or maybe just plain less affordable, remembering that “affordable” is a term monetary, physical and financial (all of which seem to amount to the same thing at the moment).

As this trend begins to become manifest, two others things happen a day later. On September 5 Venus moves into the shadow of its upcoming (October) retrograde, as Saturn simultaneously exits the shadow of a retrograde cycle which stretches all the way back to January 12/13—depending on your time zone.

Both planets are still direct, but this is yet another clear signal that focus is shifting from the “what’s going on out there” level to the “what this has to do with/how this affect me and what I need to do,” level. And that Venus enters this shadow in opposition to Edisonia? This suggests that we need to get a clue. Specifically, a new clue—and with Edisonia in Aries, it’s about who we really are, what we are really capable of, or (because this is a 3rd decanate position) exactly how we affect others.

Of course there is that chance that we will get handed the “clue” now too…. We invite you to read the Boots’ entire Monthly Astrological Overview—plus the rest of the Prediction Package that’s ONLY available to Premium subscribers—with a Premium Subscription, only pennies per day, check it out now!.

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Susan Pomeroy September 10, 2010 at 6:54 pm

Sorry, Carol, I haven’t been able to solve this one yet… it’s not a result of anything we entered on this end, instead it’s some strange glitch between Wordpress (our publishing platform) and Facebook.

Carol Taylor September 9, 2010 at 4:40 pm

When I put this areticle on my FB wall the headline read JULY, 2010 but the sub-caption read September. ??

Thanks for a great article!


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