Asteroid Damocles

Astrological Forecast November 2011

“Good enough” isn’t good enough.

Debt ceiling crisis holds America hostage - asteroid astrology

Alex reveals the asteroid dance behind Congressional intransigence during the debt ceiling “debate.”

Casey Anthony astrology and natal chart

Casey Anthony’s association with murder is strongly indicated by her chart.

January 4, 2011 Solar Eclipse

Popular uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Bahrain, Yemen and Iran all correlate astoundingly with the January 4 Solar Eclipse path.

Thumbnail image for Asteroids Damocles and Nessus: Our Difficult Time

Nessus and Damocles, two ill-behaving mythological figures whose namesake asteroids are making life difficult.

Thumbnail image for Black Hole Case Study: The BP Blowout Disaster

Will the gulf return to normal? Alex examines the galactic connnections.

Thumbnail image for Explosions, Crashes and Declines of the “29” Kind

May’s stock market “Flash Crash” and the critical 29 degrees

Thumbnail image for Black Hole Case Study: The Health Care Reform Saga

Can galactic astrology explain the health care reform morass? Yes it can.