Subscriber Help

Please note: this page is now obsolete and will be removed shortly. Please do not follow any of these instructions… except for emailing me, , if you run into difficulties.

Want to change your password?

Email me, , and I’ll be glad to change it for you.

Having trouble logging in?

(1) use this link to log in:

(2) retype your info—sometimes a browser “remembers” erroneous information. Double-check spelling and capitalization. All logins are case-sensitive.

(3) a few subscribers have accidentally bypassed the login selection screen during their initial transaction. If this is you, email
me, , and we’ll set you right up.

To change your credit card or bank account info in Paypal (for instance, if your card number has changed), do this.

Step One: Add the new credit card or bank account to your Paypal payment options.

(1) Log into your Paypal account.

(2) Click on “Profile” at the top right of the page.

(3) Under the middle column, “Financial Information,” select either “Credit Cards” or “Bank Account.”

(4) Both pages have “Remove” and “Add” buttons at the bottom for changing your account info. Click “remove” to remove an outdated account, and “add” to add the new one.

Step Two: change the payment option for your Daykeeper subscription to the new account you just added.

(1) Log into your Paypal account if you’re not already in it.

(2) Click on the top lefthand tab, “Overview.” You will see a record of all your transactions, which includes your Daykeeper “subscription creation.” If you don’t see “subscription creation” on the list, find it by clicking on the “History” tab.

(3) When you find it, click on the “details” link in the “details” column. At the bottom of the details screen are buttons for changing the funding options for your subscription.

If the bank account or credit card you want to use isn’t there, you can add it as a payment option using “Step One” above.

Want to cancel your subscription and monthly billing? Here’s how.

(1) Log into your Paypal account. Click on the “History” tab. Find your last payment to Daykeeper and click on “Details.”

(2) On this new page, you’ll see the heading “Transaction Details.” Underneath this heading, in small print, is the statement “In reference to:” and your subscription number, which is a hot link. Click on this link.

(3) You’ll now be on a page headed “Subscription Details” that gives the particulars of your subscription. At the bottom of the page, click the “Cancel Subscription” button. Then, on the next screen, click “Cancel Subscription” again to confirm. Now you’re done.

You can find general information about Paypal here, and on the Paypal

Insoluble problem?

Email . Be sure to include the word “Daykeeper” in the subject line of your email, so that your message isn’t eaten by our spam filter!