Lynn Woodland’s Seasons of the Self

The Spiritual Journey of Winter

Winter’s darkness: what wonderful, unimagined possibilities might emerge from this fertile void?

Lynn Woodland Seasons of the Self February 2014

A powerful technique for opening our minds and hearts to infinite possibility.

Lynn Woodland, Winter Solstice Darkness meditation

A solstice ritual to accept the nurturing, feminine, transformative power of darkness.


As the year dies, how to contemplate our own ultimate passage.

September: Embracing Change

by Lynn Woodland on September 1, 2013

September healing

This time of transition is a natural window for healing.

Seasons of the Self

It’s the perfect season to practice receiving what is offered with grace and gratitude.

Season of Abundance

How to get in synch with the seasons so life flows with less effort.

June - Light - Lynn Woodland

June–tapping the unlimited potential of the Sea of Light.

Taurean exercises to develop willpower

Taurean calisthenics for strengthening the will, our muscle of achievement

Lynn Woodland, April Miracles

April, as the earth renews itself, time for new consciousness

The Great Shift of 2012

Miracles and metaphysics for a new era.