Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's January 2009 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


As February opens we're between eclipses, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Mercury is standing still, ready to move forward again until May 6. It leaves us with a feeling of expectation and forward-thinking—what lies ahead of us? The eclipses define our focus: we already have half the equation, given on January 25, when we had the solar eclipse. The remainder of the message arrives on February 9, the day of the lunar eclipse.

The lunar eclipse occurs just as the Sun is conjoining Chiron and Neptune, adding a theme of the mystical and idealistic—but perhaps also the delusional—to our experience. As lunar eclipses are more about externalized energies, there will be no secret as to what our task for the coming six months is, once the eclipse occurs. But it is also a time to observe and not yet have all the answers, since this is also the beginning of the two new yearly cycles with Chiron and Neptune.

We're still in an alpha-omega (or, omega-alpha, to be precise) phase as old planetary cycles end and new ones begin. We've just experienced the launch of the new Jupiter cycle, and Chiron's and Neptune's are coming up on February 9 and 12. For now, we're in that in-between period, when nothing is defined except a past that we have yet to get perspective on.

Chiron and Neptune interact closely this year and bring to us another phase in the healing process—that of healing the greatest weakness we carry inside. Usually, this is a subtle misperception about life that, once understood correctly, will change everything in a positive way.

As the Sun moves toward its conjunction with Uranus (not until March 12), we get to reconsider the Uranian plot twists we got to work with over the past year. Involved in this story is an ongoing drama involving Saturn, which is the most active of the planets this month. Since it is recently retrograde, the Sun is reaching for its opposition with this taskmaster, thus giving us perspective on how we can conquer the obstacles that confound us.

On February 5, Saturn and Uranus have their second encounter since first stepping onto the stage together last summer. Since the first occurred on November 4 and brought us our new leader-savior, it is likely that now we'll get our first glimpse of Obama's clay feet. The second act of these planets' interaction will be helped along by large doses of humility, a willingness to admit to and reverse mistakes, and a huge quantity of forgiveness close to hand.

In our own lives, Saturn-Uranus leads us to grapple with elements of the unexpected in ways that have far-reaching consequences but free us from burdens that we have long carried. In personal growth, we are learning to let go of status quo demands in favor of what's real and healthy for us.

Mars's move into Aquarius on the 4th may come in handy, transiting and re-triggering the planetary stellium that filled our eyes with stars on Inauguration Day. It will go far in reviving our idealism and enthusiasm for transforming the US into a true reflection of the Constitution, albeit somewhat briefly.

Our Aquarian mood stays with us all month, reinforcing the dream of an America (and a world) based on freedom and equality for all rising from the grassroots, where anyone worthy can rise to the top, regardless of race, culture, or personal belief.

If you have a clear sky in the evening, go out to see our bright beauty shining high in the sky at sunset. Venus is at her brightest and highest part of her cycle all month long, as she readies to turn retrograde. Once retrograde, she plunges quickly back into the Sun, emerging after 27 days on the other side of the Sun to become the morning star. Although she doesn't begin her retrograde until March 7, we're already feeling the fact that she is slowing in preparation for her about-face.

Unmentioned is Pluto, which doesn't make any headline moves this month. Watch for it to be more active in March.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


As Mercury stands still to move forward, the Moon in Aries squaring Mars makes us restless and busy until 10:08 am, when the Moon enters its void-of-course period. Our rest period is short-lived however, as Moon enters Taurus at 2:09 pm and immediately picks up a trine to Pluto, increasing our drive to use the rest of the day constructively. Venus enters its retrograde shadow today. Starting now, we can benefit by observing our experiences with respect to (self-)love, finances, and our values, because we will go over them again when Venus starts her retrograde transit on March 7.


The Moon in Taurus bridges the waning conjunction between Jupiter and Sun, revisiting the opportunity energy we experienced on January 23 and motivating us to take action. This is a good time to make plans, if we can set aside our eagerness to make progress before the foundation is laid. Venus moves from its exaltation in Pisces into its detriment in Aries at 7:42 pm, inclining us toward more selfish behavior until we learn to truly value ourselves. Venus will stay in Aries until April 11, then go back into Aries April 24–June 6, giving us time to learn this lesson on a deep level.

The first lunar event after the Solar Eclipse on January 25/26 is the First Quarter Moon at 3:36 pm, with the Moon at 14°15' Taurus, its exaltation. Mercury has just turned direct and is nearly motionless as the Taurus Moon trines it, giving us a boost of energy and money or other support just when we need it. The conjunctions in Aquarius makes this a time of community unity, which are teaching us about the wonder of cooperation. Cooperation has been very low on the list of priorities, politically and therefore personally. With new leadership to show the way, we are opening to dormant parts of ourselves that we can now express with renewed appreciation, without fear of harm. A near grand trine in the chart reinforces the feeling of well-being.

In Washington DC, the chart is set for 6:13 pm, giving us 23° Leo rising and placing the stellium in the 6th house of health and the nation's workforce. The Moon is tightly on the Midheaven, beaming its rays of security and prosperity from the head of state and instilling confidence in the people. With trines from the Moon-Midheaven to Mercury and Mars in the 6th, it is clear that money is being pumped into the workforce, and people are being put to work. Like Prometheus Bound, our workers have been tied to a dying economy, but they are now being freed to be themselves, to carry their own weight in the culture, and to joyfully engage in healing America. While this may be no more than a promise at first, the money will come.

In this chart, Saturn and Uranus focus our energy on the economy. As these planets reach their second exact conjunction in the coming week, there is a gigantic struggle in the financial industry, as the economic leaders try to get it right. A huge shift in consciousness is taking place amongst them, but we can't expect them to get it perfect on the first go. Even though much of the wrangling is behind the scenes, we can expect some surprising shifts in direction to emerge at the time of the lunar eclipse next week.

The Sabian Symbol for the 15th degree of Taurus is, "A man in evening clothes, muffled to breast the storm through which he walks, yet wears his top hat rakishly." Rudhyar calls this, "the courage needed to meet the crises precipitated by social ambition." How apt a description of the current economic situation and the leader who seeks to help us solve it! We must be willing to accept the crises and go through them, the gift of which is character and higher consciousness.


Still in Taurus, the Moon gives us sweet dreams of good endings, then spends the day adding to our industriousness as it heads toward harmony with Mars at 5:27 pm. This is its final aspect before going void of course, but the Moon is favored in Taurus, so she continues to be active for the brief period until it enters Gemini, at 6:14 pm. You could settle in for a lovely evening with those close to you, but you're more likely to go out for a night on the town, with the Gemini-Aries energy from a Moon-Venus sextile.


We'll wake early, alert, and ready to go, as the Moon trines Jupiter early in the day. With only a trine to the Sun by bedtime, we'll be chatty, sociable, and optimistic all day—a good day for communication. Mars enters Aquarius at 7:56 am, where he will invigorate the urge to freedom we've been feeling since the beginning of the year. It's a wonderful day to cement our social ties and create community, but it's best not to taint this sense of well-being with the pressure of the exact Saturn-Uranus opposition that reaches its peak tomorrow.


The big energy of the day is that of the second of five Saturn-Uranus oppositions, which occurs at 3:00 am, bringing the big issues of our lives into sharper focus. This is magnified even more by the Gemini Moon, which squares both planets before we rise. Venus heading toward a square to Pluto all day adds interpersonal drama to the mix. We're sure to hear in the news about critical issues coming to a head that we've been tracking for some time. The bright spot in the morning is a Moon trine to Chiron and Neptune, allowing us to reach solutions if we use our imaginations. All this action takes place by 9:45 am, when the Moon enters a long void period that gives us much-needed downtime. Relax, organize, and chat with friends about nothing of consequence. It enters Cancer at 8:06 pm, immediately sensitizing us emotionally to the Venus-Pluto square. If you are wise enough to avoid taking things personally right now, you'll be among the fortunate few.


Moon remains in Cancer all day, with only two contacts that occur just after midnight. The opposition to Pluto and square to Venus make midnight thoughts more nostalgic and morose than usual—wait until the clear light of day to make decisions. There may be emotional truth in what you felt at the midnight hour, but it will take time to ferret out the other kinds of truth.


The early bird gets the worm today, as the best aspects occur between 5 and 6 am. The Moon trines Saturn and sextiles Uranus then and could feed a dream state full of solutions to your problems—or at least some emotional release. We'll have a broader perspective on your circumstances around midday, when the Moon opposes Mercury. Insights now will draw upon events and experiences of January, while Mercury was retrograde. While the Moon goes void of course after its opposition to Mercury at 11:07 am in Cancer, she performs perfectly well, so you can engage in business as usual, even come out a winner in situations where you want a specific result without being challenged. The Moon enters Leo at 8:43 pm, bringing a little sun into our wintry lives.


The eclipse energy is upon us, as the Moon today is in the sign in which tomorrow's lunar eclipse occurs. Be especially careful now to be grounded and consider your actions, because others will be less aware. Today, the Moon bridges the gap between Mars and Venus, and Mars and Jupiter. With Mars and Venus, they sextiled on January 24 to create harmonious bonds. The Moon recreates the mood, albeit in a more charged atmosphere, since both planets have moved into the more outgoing signs of Aquarius and Aries. Mars is heading toward Jupiter, and the Moon gives us a glimpse of that experience, which occurs on the 17th, and gives us a chance to cash in ahead of time. These contacts crowd into the morning hours and are completed by 9:43 am.


We wake to the Full Moon Lunar eclipse, which carries a heavy dose of Chiron and Neptune energy, with the emphasis on Chiron. Today the new yearly process of healing gets an extra punch as the new Sun-Chiron cycle begins on the lunar eclipse. The Moon in Leo gives us perspective on the unconfined idealism of the past few weeks, a sobering view of reality. Still, Leo's can-do motivating attitude will encourage us to roll up our sleeves and dig in to solve the problems that face us. The eclipse establishes a six-month focus of attention. The Moon remains in Leo until 11:29 am, when it is void of course until 9:38 pm, the time of its entry into Virgo. We can at least take the rest of the day off to consider our options.

The Full Moon occurs at 6:49 am at 21°00' Leo. This is also a penumbral Lunar Eclipse, which reaches is greatest totality at 6:38 am PST and opens a new six-month chapter of our outer-world life. Our awareness of the differences between the privileged and the masses will continue to grow, as we move toward greater equality between the two. With a five-planet stellium in Aquarius, there is a huge push in that direction, encouraged by the focus and values of our new president. Of course, the Saturn-Uranus opposition is still strongly featured, but the tension is loosening, as if a corner has been turned and another aspect of the Unknown has been revealed to us. With Venus now in her retrograde shadow, we may feel a little over-extended energetically. Pausing to consider how much we can take on at this time may save us from a serious dip in reserves.

In the chart set for Washington DC, 24°43' Aries is rising. This places the Aquarius stellium in across the 11th cusp. All eyes are turned to watch the legislature as it irons out the details of the economic stimulus package that is our current hope for setting the economy back in motion. With so many planets in this area, there are many issues and interests to balance. An objective viewpoint and community spirit are essential to the most positive outcome. There will be more economic bad news helping us maintain a feeling of urgency, and surmounting the old tendency for partisan bickering. With Saturn in the 6th, the workers may not come out to be the winners we would hope, but this is not the last stimulus package, nor is it the final attempt at getting right the economic formula for success. This will set our course for the next six months, but we will see some adjustments to how the monies will be used, timed for Saturn and Uranus events, which occur throughout the calendar, and the next eclipses, which come at mid-summer.

The Sabian Symbol for 21°00' Leo is, "Intoxicated chickens dizzily flapping their wings trying to fly." This brings to mind the legislature and our economic gurus, who, despite their best efforts, cannot yet get a new positive economy off the ground. The symbol speaks to an adherence to narrow orthodoxy against all reason; the powers that be have to think more freely and get "outside the box" of conventional wisdom to an entirely new mindset from the free-market fundamentalism and partisan politics of the past. If they use the logic of their training in place of ego-centered ideology, they will get off the ground.


The Moon glides through Virgo without a hitch today. The only contact it makes, a trine to Pluto, greases the wheels, but it is over before we arise. Make the most of this industrious, no-obstacles day.


The Moon continues its sojourn through Virgo, but it encounters a few snags early in the day. It conjoins Saturn and opposes Uranus as we make the transition to our workday. This disrupts the morning commute, recycles whatever challenges we face in dealing with the economic dragons, and gives us a chance to conquer them. We'll have a good chance to do so, because once the dust settles, a trine to Mercury carries us through the day and completes our current situations on a sweet note of resolution. So don your armor and get ready to slay those dragons! The Moon's void period starts after 8:17 pm with the passing of the trine to Mercury. It remains a calming element in our lives until it enters Libra during the night.


The Moon enters Libra at 12:33 am, activating our forces of accomplishment once again. Although the Moon is active today, the big news is the Sun's conjunction to Neptune. This commences a new yearly Sun-Neptune cycle of spiritual growth and changes that come by gently dissolving the old forms away. Because it is strongly linked with Chiron this year, the emphasis is on healing. The Moon presents a mixed bag when it squares Pluto and trines Mars in the morning, and opposes Venus and trines Jupiter in the afternoon. The timing and nature of these suggests, however, that productivity will be high. As much as the visible world grabs your attention, don't forget to observe the invisible influences, because they are the seeds of the new year's spiritual and healing experiences.


The Moon favors us today from its continued transit of Libra. It reminds us of our spirituality and healing process by moving into trines to Chiron, Neptune, and the Sun later in the day. This lends a dreamy quality to the day, which we can float through gracefully.


Valentine's Day starts with an insignificant void-of-course period for the Moon: It makes its last aspect, a square to Mercury, in Libra at 6:46 am and enters Scorpio at 6:51 am. Mercury enters Aquarius a little later, giving this day a light and breezy feel. We'll be feeling humanitarian and in love with everyone, but we may not want to be tied down to just one person. The energies are best at lunchtime. As the Moon sextiles Pluto, there is the opportunity for significant changes due to the warm, deep feelings that Scorpio can access. The evening finds the mood a little pricklier, as the Moon squares Mars. Go dancing and have fun; heavy thoughts and feelings won't go over well right now.


Our thoughts and feelings continue to run deep as the Moon moves through another part of Scorpio today. After a square to Jupiter near midnight generates a desire to stay out later than usual, the rest of the day flows. The Moon sextiles Saturn and trines Uranus, giving us a chance to put our challenges on the back burner and make some progress or just relax.


We start the day with the Moon in Scorpio, which ends its stay there with a bang as squares to Neptune and the Sun bracket the morning hours. It goes void of course at 1:37 pm and re-engages with the universe when it enters Sagittarius at 4:53 pm. It's a good afternoon to complete some tasks quietly and let your emotions melt away. The big energy of the day, however, gives us a sense of heady romanticism. We're in love with the world as Venus sextiles Jupiter, the first of three sextiles that the love goddess will make to this great optimist. Since this starts a set of contacts, we'll have a set of experiences to mirror their connections, so observe what you experience, especially in the evening.

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio at 1:37 pm captures a moment when we have a more fully developed vision of what the future holds, but it has yet to be played out. Although there will certainly be more plot twists to the story, we have a firmer idea of what's next. The Aquarius stellium maxes out at six planets now that Mercury and Mars have entered the sign. They bring us insight and a call to action that we must weave into our new team spirit. We will feel like joining hands with others and creating, working for, and uplifting our community. The great equalization process that is Aquarius's purest expression can now be fully expressed. As individuals, we have been searching for our niche in this enterprise, and we should be getting the answer to that question as this lunar cycle closes. By the end of this eclipse chapter, in five months, the community will have developed around us all and we will be more comfortably settled into our individual roles.

The Aquarius stellium straddles the Descendant in the chart set for Washington DC, with 15°22' Leo rising. This signals a triumph for the ordinary human. In some ways, the labor forces of the nation are supported, finally, and the trust of a people in its government can begin to heal. There will be signs of healing in our relationships with foreign states, as well, and a slow rectification of affairs in Iraq and Afghanistan. With Saturn and Uranus in the 2nd and 8th, the economy continues its weakened ways, but recovery is starting in pockets of the culture, that will eventually radiate to others. The Moon in the 4th house reminds us that a betrayed public is still distrustful of the system that brought them down over the past 30 years; but as the government shows consistency in its efforts to revive the labor force and restore a respected role for it in society, hope and trust will be restored and the economy revived.

At 29° Scorpio, the Sabian symbol is, "An Indian squaw pleading to the chief for the lives of her children." Rudhyar interprets this as, "love as a principle of redemption." The care of a mother for her flock is the warmth we need to have for each other as we embark on the next chapter of life. This brings to mind the way many parents feel as they try to care for their children in times of economic hardship.


Energy and flow abound today, as we start the day with a Mars conjunction to Jupiter and only harmony from the Moon in jolly Sagittarius. We glide through the day, perhaps challenged by a long to-do list, but aided by the Moon as she sextiles the activators Mars and Jupiter and trines Venus. Enjoy it!


The Moon continues in Sagittarius, but it makes more challenging contacts today, squares to Saturn and Uranus. This may cause a crescendo of disorganization or a rise in tension, but don't let it distract you from the opportunities of today. Although in the wee hours, we'll still feel the glow of the second Venus sextile to Mars within a month, highly unusual for its frequency, but also because it is Mars that caught up with a slowing Venus. This may reverse our expected pattern of relating with those around us. At 5:37 pm, the Moon reaches Neptune and thereafter is void of course, although in this Jupiter-ruled sign, we can still take effective action. The Sun enters Pisces at 4:47 am, reducing the juice to the Aquarius stellium and giving us a softer perspective on the a world not quite ready for spring. Be aware though that we'll already be feeling a rise in tension as the Sun moves toward its yearly conjunction with Uranus.


The Moon is void of course until it enters Capricorn at 5:25 am. By morning drive time, we're living in a world of possibility where we can do anything, as the Moon sextiles the Sun, then reaches toward a conjunction with Pluto. These energies, although they pass by noon, color the day and give us the power to make constructive steps toward our goals without hindrance.


The Moon continues in Capricorn, squaring Venus to create troubled dreams before we rise, but then trining Saturn before bedtime. This is a good day to make agreements, especially in relationships involving someone in a role of authority.


It's a long day to recoup and relax. The Moon becomes void at 1:01 am when the Moon sextiles Uranus, the only aspect it makes today. It enters Aquarius at 6:06 pm, giving us lots of time to soak in a hot tub or read all those magazines we've got stacked in the corner. The Sun makes a significant contact a hair past midnight when it sextiles Pluto, giving us a better idea of how we can make best use of this year's transformative influences.


The Moon moves over the still-existent Aquarius stellium creating nothing but harmonies today. It starts with conjunctions to Mercury and Jupiter. These conjunctions are strengthened by the fact that these are occultations—conjunctions by declination as well as longitude. This makes the mind sharp and optimistic, a quality that will be with us all day. Just when you feel like relaxing, the energy softens with a sextile to Venus, while a conjunction with Mars spices up the evening at just the right time.


Mercury makes its third conjunction with Jupiter late in the day, giving us another day of brisk mental activity. It may be clouded a bit by the Moon's activity though, since it conjoins Chiron and Neptune in the late afternoon. The Moon's latest void period starts at 6:09 pm, a good time to wind down for the day if we haven't already.


The Moon enters Pisces at 5:00 am, giving us a dreamy lift as we rise. We'll be able to ground better as she approaches her sextile to Pluto, its placement in Capricorn lending structure and pragmatism to our glowing idealism.

At 5:35 pm, we hit the "refresh" button as the New Moon occurs at 6°35' Pisces. The planets continue to be bunched together, adding a growing Pisces tone to the Aquarian emphasis. We are still focused on healing ourselves, but often without knowing how this will happen or what to do about it. This is the time for informed faith in our own ability to find a way through, and surrender to the mystery of life. We live in an abundant universe, and we need but open our hearts to it in order to unblock the flow. We are headed into the Great Unknown, where miracles and accidents can happen, the excitement of Uranus enticing us forward.

In Washington DC, the New Moon comes at 8:35 pm, placing 9?30' Libra on the eastern horizon. The Aquarius-Pisces cluster falls in the 5th – 6th houses, drawing national attention to sports, children, leisure pastimes, and entertainment, with continued focus on the nation's work force and adding health care to the mix. The Senate will finally have its full coterie of members, with Al Franken, the Democrat from Minnesota, finally in their midst. The Saturn-Uranus opposition falls in houses 12 and 6, suggesting a stuttering start to the projects that are supposed to be the new engine of the economy. There could be a cold or flu bug that disrupts productivity and reignites concerns about public health policy.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Pisces gives us an image of upliftment: "Illumined by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist." Amidst the fog of the unknown future that we face, a ray of wisdom leads us forward. This could come in the form of a miraculous event or a transcendent speech that lifts hearts around the world. The only way we know that this is true, real, and worthy of our faith is by whether it resounds with echoes of truth in ourselves. We might expect at this time that our leader(s) will have to buck the trend of public opinion and take unpopular actions that in the end will prove to be correct. Rudhyar calls this a "spiritual blessing."


The Moon continues in Pisces, finally reaching the current bane of our existence, the Saturn-Uranus opposition. The Moon reaches Saturn first, then Uranus—both late in the day. We will wax eloquent in spite of the challenges, because Mercury is making a sextile to Venus. Communications will go well if we are not too wrapped up in our own little pity party. Although the Moon enters its void of course period after 10:09 pm, in Jupiter-ruled Pisces, she still performs, so get your game on!


Although the Moon is technically void of course until 1:24 pm, we can still take effective action while she is in Pisces. She enters Aries at that time, and the tension increases immediately as the Moon applies to a square to Pluto in the early evening. It may not be necessary to act as quickly as you think.


A day of harmonies awaits us as we wake to this Venus-ruled day. The Moon in Aries is putting on a show, sextiling Jupiter, conjoining Venus, then sextiling Mercury and Mars. These contacts start at noon and finish near bedtime, so their influence will be felt all day. Enjoy!


The Moon goes void of course at 9:52 am, ending its activity in Aries on a note of possibility, as it sextiles Chiron and Neptune. This is the only planetary event of the day, although the Moon's entry into Taurus at 7:33 pm promises a feeling of contentment to finish things off. Use the day to play and relax—that's part of what makes life worthwhile!


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