Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's September 2008 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


November is a month of endings and beginnings, both planetarily and in the world around us. Of course there is the US election, which the whole world is watching with excited anticipation. The planetary events reflect and elaborate upon that process. As we slip into a political and administrative transition period, the planets define a transition as well.

Two planets return to forward motion after their respective retrograde periods, Neptune and Uranus; by the end of the month, all the planets will be moving forward—rare, given current cyclic patterns.

Neptune turns direct on November 1, ending the 5 months when we needed to develop our dreams internally. Whatever we imagined and began to construct in February, we are now entering the completion phase of the process. This is of course one stage in an objective developed in 1998 when Neptune first entered Aquarius, unique to each individual. It has to do with our own individual way of working with group membership, and how to balance the needs of the group with our own. This could be as general as a political affiliation or as specific as our role in our own family. Group dynamics are a frontier of consciousness and one that requires dissolving boundaries of fear and separation rather than increasing them.

Uranus stations direct on November 27, releasing us to experience more rapid advances in changes toward being more true to who we really are. This has its roots in a major task we took on in 2003 and which we have two more years to fulfill. When this year's cycle began in March, we took on a new phase of the deeper awakening process which now opens up in unexpected ways. Uranus comes to us as miracles, often disguised as mishaps, for the soul sees all such changes as being miraculous.

Because of Uranus's increasing involvement with Saturn, we may be seeing our options as increasingly limited. However, that's because we can't yet see around the corner. Once we do, we'll understand that our options are only limited in an unwise direction; all we need to do is to shift our perspective to see an incredible vista of new options—options we would never have seen if we were trapped in the mindset we had at the beginning of the year.

A new opening comes to us with Pluto entering Capricorn on November 26. Although this planet of death and rebirth nipped into Capricorn for three months early in the year, now it slams the door shut behind i: Pluto will remain in Capricorn through March 2023. While Pluto was in Sagittarius, we saw unbridled passion run amok in many areas, from religious extremism in many cultures to market fundamentalism in the world of finance. As much as it is important to express freedom, we are now seeing the downside of unfettered growth. Pluto in Capricorn tells us that it is time for limitation and regulation of energy. We don't entirely know yet what brave new world we are entering, but we know that the structures will be have to be imagined and built on a substantially different model than what is currently in place. It is exciting to think what it will be like when the old rules are thrown out.

While Pluto was in late Sagittarius, most of the Moon's void-of-course periods were very brief—two hours at most. Once Pluto is in Capricorn, we'll see the Moon void periods lengthen considerably, as we rely on other planets to make the final aspect. This gives us more down time, and it means that our matters won't end in transformative change as they have been for many months.

As the nights have lengthened this fall, we have been ever more gripped in the thrall of Saturn in Virgo's opposition to Uranus in Pisces. This is a momentous and somewhat rare interaction that last occurred in the mid-1960s. We will experience this contact five times over the next two years, through July 2010. While this may seem difficult to endure given our current circumstances, globally if not individually, it means that we get two years to work out the details of how our world will need to change. Both Saturn and Uranus contacts bring restructuring, but Saturn's are more in terms of our daily experiences, while Uranus is about the spirit that lies behind the change. As the next two years' events unfold, we'll be aware of many changes that feel beyond our control. However, if we join with others to speak with one voice, we can have a say in what happens, perhaps more so than any time in history. History is being made now, and we can choose to take part in its shaping.

As for the faster moving bodies, we can look forward to more harmonious contacts this month as Sun and Mercury in Scorpio gives us trines and sextiles to Saturn-Uranus. Venus is the harbinger of future economic and governmental challenges as she creates a T-square with this dynamic duo on November 3. Observe closely. Halfway through the month we may notice a growing salvo of warning shots echoing those events, as Mars enters Sagittarius and moves toward its own T-square with them.

Like a great uncle with a big savings account, Jupiter in Capricorn smiles down on us with a trine to Saturn. There IS a way out of our dilemmas, large and small. It may not be easy and it may take a while, but we can do it. Great Uncle Jove may not share his wealth with us, but he will tell us how we can create our own.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)

Saturday November 1

Fog shifts to clarity as Neptune returns to forward motion at 11:39 pm from its position at 21° 28' Aquarius. This caps off a day of intense lunar activity as the Moon in freedom-loving Sagittarius makes its pass over the forming Venus-Saturn-Uranus mutable T-square on the way to Neptune and Mercury. This opens the day on a note of tension but leads us to greater relaxation as we resolve our immediate challenges and move on to more pleasurable activities. It will be well worth our efforts to get clear on what's happening in our lives. This is an excellent time to refine your vision of where you're headed and how that aligns with your divine purpose.

Sunday November 2

The Moon's brief void-of-course period falls between 1:41 and 3:13 am, when it enters somber Capricorn. If you are inclined by location or preference to act during this time, the Moon still performs in Sagittarius. Its final aspect in Sagittarius, a conjunction with Pluto, is the only one we'll see all day. That said, we'll be feeling the pressure of the Venus-Saturn-Uranus T-square, which occurs as we sleep early Monday morning. Although you deserve a day off, you might feel anxiety about what the future holds. If the way is not yet clear, put it on the back burner and let the inner forces reveal themselves to you more before you proceed. A time of confusion is not a time to act.

Monday November 3

Monday starts on a heavier note as in the wee hours Venus squares the Saturn-Uranus opposition, which reaches perfection tomorrow. This raises our anticipation of the future to a fever pitch of fear or excitement. We can choose excitement if we detach from our expectations and look for the openings that then come into view. Monday is full of lunar contacts as well, taking us through our paces to help us clear and resolve our feelings. The Capricorn Moon buoys us with 100% harmonious contacts. We still may feel a vague foreboding as Mars squares Neptune near midnight. This has been building for many days and pushes us to Do Something, even if we're not clear on what that Something is. If we can withstand the apparent urgency of the situation, waiting will serve us better than action. The Moon turns void of course at 10:47 pm on a positive note, a sextile to Mars.

Tuesday November 4

Election Day is constellated with the spectacular Saturn opposition to Uranus at 5:33 am. Despite all the challenges of the election campaigns and the emphasis on early voting, this is an incredibly critical day in an exceptionally significant election. The established status quo versus the agents of change are vying for our vote at a time when the forces of separation are greatest. Our internal feelings of quandary and dilemma reach maximum today as well, as we seek to find expression. While we can express these by voting, we are also experiencing this in personal ways. What do we want to change? How can we do it? We have two years to work that out. Now, when the energy is so fresh, we may feel most distressed. Going with the flow will help as the events we need to respond to unfold. Mercury enters Scorpio at 8:00 am, shifting our energy away from the search for authenticity to a plunge below the surface into the mysteries of the Underworld. Mercury heads toward harmonious aspects to Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, so negotiations, commerce, and activities will generally turn out better now. The Moon is void of course all day until 4:01 PM, when it enters contrarian Aquarius. We'll immediately feel the Moon square to Mercury, through logistical problems such as traffic disruptions, voting machine glitches, and equipment malfunctions. Although of a minor nature, they may be more noticeable on this critical day.

Wednesday November 5

Venus sextiles Neptune early in the day, promising a general feeling of calm and happiness. The Moon continues its sojourn through Aquarius, reaching its First Quarter contact with the Sun at 8:03 pm. We're ready to turn a corner on this first day post election. There's a feeling of relief and a sense that it's time to roll up our sleeves and rebuild our own version of the American Dream, as the Moon stands poised to contact Chiron and Neptune. A cradle configuration between Saturn in Virgo, Sun-Mars in Scorpio, Jupiter in Capricorn, and Uranus in Pisces is a fertile bed in which to grow our vision of the future. All found in feminine signs, the promise of tomorrow lies in creating tangible products of high value in a green economy. The Saturn opposition to Uranus is the rim of the cradle, reminding us of the penalties of not responding to the need for change.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, this occurs at 11:03 pm, giving us 11:34 Leo rising, nearly the degree of Obama's Sun, perhaps suggesting a winner. This places Mercury squarely at the bottom angle of the chart, suggesting that weather events for the next week will be significant, emphasizing wind events and extreme cold or heat. This will be localized in the eastern US. It also suggests that the people are in a pensive mood, ready to return to their everyday lives after a tough election campaign. The cradle configuration is focused in the houses of social interaction and the productivity that results. A broad net will be cast during this time laying the groundwork for a new social and economic foundation on all levels of American society, and we'll all be participating in its creation. The Moon's Nodes are on the horizon, North Node on the Descendant. This emphasizes the need for reconciliation of the opposing energies and factions that built up during the campaign season. Much will depend on the type of concession speech the losing presidential candidate makes, as well as the ability of the winner to weave a theme of unification into his victory address.

The Sabian Symbol for the First Quarter Moon at 15° Aquarius is: Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily (and advertising their happiness to the world). The words in parentheses of Mark Edmund Jones suggest the impact that the election outcome will have on the world—bringing peace and happiness. Rudhyar says, "Two complementary aspects of . . . reality . . . are united" as a "reward for long-sustained and well-done work". It suggests that reconciliation is indeed possible if not promised.

Thursday November 6

The Moon, still in Aquarius, occults Neptune mid-morning and increases our awareness of what we're still confused about. Insights come from within now, and while clarity may not be our strong point today, our intuitions will lead us in the right direction. By mid-afternoon Moon sextile Venus gives us a good feeling about our intuitions, but we're snapped our of our reverie by the need to take action as Moon squares Mars a little later. We end the day feeling a little rushed off our feet to stay on track, but no real damage has been done.

Friday November 7

The Moon enters its void-of-course period at 1:33 am, lasting until it enters visionary Pisces at 2:43 am. The Moon builds a trine with Mercury which peaks just after noon. Our minds are sharp, and we can use this energy for high productivity and strong focus. It's a good time to open doors through communication. Make the best use of this time by placing the highest priority on the tasks that will have the greatest beneficial effect on your future.

Saturday November 8

The internal heat gets turned up once again as the Moon moves to contact Uranus and Saturn, but not before it brings us the beneficent trine to the Sun and sextile to Jupiter. These connections bring joy to our morning, but by mid-afternoon we'll be feeling the underlying challenge to make changes in our life in a surprising way. Surprises are good; they bring to our awareness facets of reality that we hadn't seen or considered before. Incorporating those into our plans is part of the solution.

Sunday November 9

All the aspects today occur early on, the last one, Moon square Pluto, at 8:28 am. The Moon is void of course from that time until it enters energetic Aries at 9:26 am, although we can still take beneficial action when the Moon is in this Jupiter-ruled sign. Your dreams may be vivid, but your day will be uneventful—a welcome relief from the stresses of the recent past.

Monday November 10

We'll hit the decks running as the day starts, a reflection of the high-energy Aries Moon. The Sun adds courage and joy to the mix with a sextile to Jupiter and a trine to Uranus. Innovation and optimism will fuel our activities as we proceed through the day. We're likely to be full of new ideas; it would be wise to write them down. If you can, focus on brainstorming your new direction. Allow the ideas to well up from deep inside without judgment. Later in the day, we get added perspective as the Moon squares Jupiter. This may not be the best time to share your tender new thoughts with others. As the Moon sextiles Neptune at bedtime, continue to dream your new life.

Tuesday November 11

Agreements are supported by the Sun's waxing sextile to Saturn near sunrise. Today is also a good time to examine our plans for the coming year and ensure that they are on track so far. Positive transformation in relationships and finance is in the air as the Moon reaches a trine with Venus and Pluto as they reach conjunction. Use this time to inspire positive change, especially with ideas that have been broached before. The Moon enters a brief void of course period between 11:17 am and 12:05 pm, so taking an early lunch will take care of that down time. We'll enter a steadier mood pattern and recreate the grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn as the Moon takes up its position in Taurus.

Wednesday November 12

The day is chock full of events, both lunar and more significant, but weighted toward the evening. First off, Venus enters Capricorn at 7:25 am, placing it in harmony with the engines of economic and governmental destiny—Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. Look forward to greater financial stability in some segments of the economy over the coming month. Moon in Taurus triggers new perspectives as it opposes Mercury, then takes all day to reach its trine to Jupiter, sextile to Uranus, and trine to Saturn all in rapid succession. This day is a golden opportunity to take a major step toward accomplishing your new goals. Even if it is exploratory, you are preparing the way to the future. Jupiter makes its third of three waning sextiles to Uranus. This is our chance to cement our innovative ideas into the opportunities we've been nurturing all year. They've been tested and refined—now on to the next stage.

The Moon is Full at 10:17 pm in Taurus, the sign of its exaltation. The Sun is armed with both intellect and fierceness as Mercury and Mars stand at either side. Perhaps most critical, there is an exact T-square forming with Neptune, still at 21°, the degree of its station 11 days ago. This suggests a crisis of faith in whatever we believe in, a time when we are re-examining what we place our trust in. This is essential to the adjustment of values and lifestyle that we are all considering as we look for our role in a post-industrial world.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, this T-square is position in houses 3, 6, and 9. This is a pattern of economic freeze. It brings to the forefront the greatest weakness in the US economy—the workforce and the ailing middle class. This segment of society must be reinvigorated before the economy can recover. As we enter the holiday shopping season, the nation is faced with the need to adjust to a world where retail sales cannot be the great engine of the economy any longer. The weather pattern for the eastern US also looks harsh for the next week, with unseasonable cold and snow. However, the cradle configuration of last week's lunar event still exists, supporting a continued recovery overall. Unfortunately, the rim opposition of Saturn and Uranus is on the Ascendant-Descendant for the nation, suggesting some tough love toward the US from its international allies.

The Sabian Symbol for 22° Taurus is: White dove flying over troubled waters. This brings to mind the transcendent moment after a storm when we know it's over. We've met the challenges with courage and overcome them. While we still face a long road to get back to economic health as a nation (and perhaps individually), we can rely on "the spiritual inspiration that comes . . . in the overcoming of crisis." By identifying ourselves with the our spiritual nature, we can fly with the white dove instead of being in the deep water.

Thursday November 13

The T-square of the past two days is fulfilled as the Sun squares Neptune at 4:32 am. This can be the culmination of fear and confusion, or we can use the uncertainty of this time to rise to the point of view where clarity resides—that of the soul. At 9:13 am, the Moon makes an opposition to Mars and becomes void of course until 12:11 pm. This opposition can create strong reactions to circumstances, so if you are on the receiving end, be aware of this tendency and look at the broader context. If you have a strong response to someone else, that broad perspective will also serve you well. At 12:11, the Moon enters talkative Gemini, and as it heads toward Neptune, we can gain increasing clarity by listening within and talking with those we trust.

Friday November 14

The Moon triggers Uranus and Saturn in the early evening, giving us a new perspective on how we can create a niche for ourselves in our new world. Focus and determination will struggle against distraction and anxiety, but the resulting irritation can create a pearl in the oyster given time. Write down or talk through your thoughts to deepen your insights. When the Moon reaches its trine to Neptune, we'll feel at peace after a day of adjusting our thoughts.

Saturday November 15

The Moon finalizes its contacts in Gemini with an opposition to Pluto, bringing us the last time it will offer the illumination of opposition before Pluto moves into Capricorn. This is a good time to ruminate over what we've learned and accomplished since 1995, while Pluto was in Sagittarius. The Moon is void of course from 11:17 to 11:52 am, barely the blink of an eye, after which it enters its rulership sign of instinctual Cancer. Its first aspect is an opposition to Venus, subduing our desire to socialize and emphasizing our love for that comfy couch and our favorite DVD. Mercury trines Uranus before the evening ends, lending mental sharpness and ingenuity that will be felt all day. Perhaps you'll begin your version of the great American novel.

Sunday November 16

Mars enters speedy Sagittarius at 12:27 am and begins a period of greater economic and governmental tension as it approaches the Saturn-Uranus opposition. While this will not take place until December, we will feel it slowly building intensity, especially on the days when the Moon is in a mutable sign. This does not deny Mercury its beneficial influence, as it makes sextiles to both Jupiter and Saturn, creating a minor grand trine for the day. The Moon connects all the dots by trining Uranus, opposing Jupiter, sextiling Saturn, and trining Mercury. This adds juice to the jolt of enterprising spirit we'll get and makes this one of the best days for entrepreneurial accomplishment all month.

Monday November 17

Although the Moon turns void of course at 5:43 am and stays there until 1:07 pm, we can take beneficial actions during this time if we are so inclined, because this is one of the signs that the Moon performs in. After she enters sanguine Leo at 1:07, she trines Mars combining action with optimism. This may overshadow our growing uncertainty as Mercury squares Neptune in the late evening. This will be of short duration, however, unless we have a weak foundation for our overall plan for life.

Monday November 17

Although the Moon turns void of course at 5:43 am and stays there until 1:07 pm, we can take beneficial actions during this time if we are so inclined, because this is one of the signs that the Moon performs in. After she enters sanguine Leo at 1:07, she trines Mars combining action with optimism. This may overshadow our growing uncertainty as Mercury squares Neptune in the late evening. This will be of short duration, however, unless we have a weak foundation for our overall plan for life.

Tuesday November 18

The Moon in Leo today hits a calm spot in the heavens and makes no aspects until tomorrow. We can use this time to catch our breath and regain control over areas that have been overlooked in recent days.

Wednesday November 19

The Moon's opposition to Neptune will color our dreams with new insights, but we may forget their messages when Moon squares Mercury as we rise. The Moon reaches its Last Quarter contact with the Sun at 1:31 pm, then finishes its activity in Leo on an up-note with a trine to Pluto. It is void of course from 4:47 until 5:13 pm, when it draws our focus to efficiency and productive output by entering Virgo. Its final aspect of the day, a square to Mars, motivates us to overwork in our enthusiasm for results.

The Last Quarter Moon introduces more harmony into our daily experience as fewer planets are connecting with each other. This is a chart of completions, and we will spend the next week drawing many areas of our life to a close—not just for this lunar cycle but for the past 14 years. This is because it's Pluto's last week in Sagittarius. By the next lunation, the New Moon, Pluto will have entered Capricorn. It's time to recycle all those old magazines and get rid of the vestiges of our past endeavors that are no longer useful. They'll soon be replaced by the objects that have relevancy in the era of your new endeavors.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the Moon falls in the 4th house, squaring the Sun in the 7th. It suggests a continued emphasis on the welfare of the people and succor that comes from abroad. We may find that foreign powers come to the aid of the US, that new deals to support our economy are put into play. The trine that has been forming between Jupiter and Saturn is nearly exact and supports this notion. Congress will be involved in a beneficial way as well. Although these actions are not coordinated, they will have their own separate positive impact on conditions for the people of the country.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Leo is: Many little birds on a limb of a big tree. This suggested to Rudhyar a "wide, and perhaps confusing, openness to a multiplicity of inspiring potentialities". The public will understandably be confused by all the activities to save the economy when they don't understand all the intricacies of what happened to begin with. It is exciting as people begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel and the possibilities that lie beyond.

Thursday November 20

The Moon spends a quiet day in Virgo, making its sole contact of the day, a trine to placid Venus in the late morning. Focus on connecting with others. Those contacts may be like a pebble in a pond, sending out positive ripples in all directions.

Friday November 21

The Moon in Virgo stimulates the forming T-square between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus in the wee hours bringing an electric charge to the day, but there are much large energetic connections to consider: Jupiter finally makes its last of five trines to Saturn, our saving grace in this time of economic turmoil. This connection has been like a guardian angel over the past 18 months, assisting with a softer financial landing than we might otherwise be experiencing. The Moon echoes that connection by conjoining Saturn and trining Jupiter, then sextiling Mercury, today as well. At 2:44 pm, the Sun enters Sagittarius. This is a time of dormancy in nature (in the northern hemisphere), when we are drawn inward to examine the gains and losses, lessons and mistakes of the past year. We must not skip this step if we are to avoid similar mistakes and obstacles in the future. This time of integration allows us to respond to the world around us with greater wisdom.

Saturday November 22

The Moon is void of course from 12:02 to 12:20 am, when the Moon enters elegant Libra. We feel free and easy today as the Moon makes sextiles to the Sun and Mars, while Mercury gains its freedom by entering Sagittarius at 11:09 pm.

Sunday November 23

Today's energies are little more strident, but we'll be more industrious in response as the Moon squares Venus and Jupiter. It's okay to rest on your laurels later in the day, as you'll want to do when the Moon trines Neptune.

Monday November 24

The Moon gives us the briefest of times off when it is void of course between 9:45 and 9:54 am. It goes into mysterious Scorpio at the latter time, making no aspects until tomorrow. Finally, you get the focused, uninterrupted time you crave to get some project work done.

Tuesday November 25

Mercury catches up with the Sun as the work day begins, and we're able to connect all the ideas we've had bouncing around in our brain. Since Mercury returned to forward motion on October 15, we've been testing a lot of new ideas mentally, but now is the time to begin the action phase of our process. The Moon is dark as it heads toward its conjunction with the Sun. It lends harmony to our experiences as it sextiles Venus and trines Uranus. We can create unforeseen benefits from our connections with others.

Wednesday November 26

The Moon reconnects Jupiter and Saturn in the early morning hours, then a square to Neptune adds color to our dream state. The Moon is void of course from 4:33 am until 9:14 pm, when it enters Sagittarius. However, the big news of the day is Pluto's re-entry into Capricorn at 6:05 pm. Now the Moon's void of course periods will be much longer most of the time. This gives us time to dream the future that we'll need to create in response to Pluto's new position, so it is in divine order. Pluto in Capricorn invigorates us. When it first entered in late January, we felt the initial unmistakable tremors in the financial markets, and global warming became a palpable phenomenon for the public. Now we have had a better chance to grasp what this means for us, and we're collectively ready to roll up our sleeves and work toward creating a new world, even if we can't quite see or understand it yet.

Thursday November 27

Don't burn the turkey! Uranus returns to forward motion at 8:08 am, and we've got more than a Thanksgiving Day full of unpredictability to make up for. For five months, Uranus has been traveling backward, usurping our desire to be spontaneous and respond to circumstances in an unorthodox way. Now it's time to revive the wild hair and break with the pack. Do what you've been planning on all along since March, but new and improved. The New Moon is the first of three lunar conjunctions, all occurring in the first half of the day. Together, they make for an animated, even exciting, experience with fun for all.

We experience the New Moon at 8:54 am. The key feature of this chart is the stellium of Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Mars in Sagittarius. It suggests that ambition, optimism, and the will to succeed will feed this lunar cycle. It also alludes to the notion that people may fly in the face of reason when deciding how to celebrate the holidays, perhaps going into debt in even more reckless style than usual. This can also be a time of transcendence, when the material world plays second fiddle to the spiritual.

In the chart cast for Washington DC, the New Moon occurs at 11:54 am. The Sagittarius planets are located in the 10th house, indicating that the leader will speak with idealism and independence about the nation and its place in the world. This betrays what is actually occurring: a continuing credit crunch (Saturn in the 8th house/Uranus in the 2nd) and a period of disillusionment casting a shadow over the US identity (Neptune on the Ascendant). Still, there's hope just around the corner (Venus-Jupiter trining Saturn). There is a situation building that will reach its peak as Mars squares Saturn and Uranus, but that lies in wait for now.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Sagittarius is, A game of cricket. This symbol addresses the art of gamesmanship. Skill is involved both in terms of the "sport" and the role the individual is asked to play as a team member. In particular, patience and strategy are required in cricket, whether you are a player or spectator. This has its application in the current environment as we look for new ways to celebrate, new ways to play the game of "family" or "holidays" or "economy" that are more in keeping with our evolving value system and situation.

Friday November 28

It's Black Friday, and there is a noticeable amount of tension as retailers vie for fewer consumer dollars with price reductions and "sales". The Moon's aspects reflect this feeling, as it squares Uranus and Saturn over the day from its position in Sagittarius. Its sextile to Neptune suggests a drop in sales as the day waxes on, as if customers decide not to decide. Mercury's conjunction to Mars in the evening portends a revival of the spirit of optimism for which the holidays are so well-known. You can ride out the vicissitudes of the day by shopping with a list if you are so inclined to go out; however, an alternative plan to get away from the realms of commerce may be more enjoyable and in keeping with the energies. The Moon enters its void-of-course period at 4:54 pm and does not enter Capricorn until 9:48 am tomorrow, but it should not impede your activities. Purchases made after that time are likely to be exceptional values and excellent gifts.

Saturday November 29

The Moon enters pragmatic Capricorn at 9:48 am and conjoins Pluto, newly in the sign, soon after. This is the first time we'll get an emotional hit from this new reality and feel it personally in some way. This energy may linger, intermixing with the Venus trine to Saturn for a thoroughly serious and constructive feel to the day. We'll be thinking about how we can limit our risks and still have a good time: Resourcefulness and thrift are the result.

Sunday November 30

The Moon makes its way through Capricorn but has only one contact today, a sextile to Uranus near midnight. This gives us a feeling of freedom and joy in simplicity, or an urge to be creative.



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