Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's January 2009 Daily Success Guide Daily Astrological Forecast
by Terry Lamb


How many new beginnings do you want? We got 'em in January! It will feel just like the New Year started on a note of extra-special optimism, as the planets build into a super-stellium over the first half of the month. We are going to see a new set of considerations emerge from the ones we had only a month ago, with the emphasis on freedom and team-building instead of utility.

The background: Chiron and Neptune have been in Aquarius for several years already and remain there in 2009. In addition, they are reaching the peak of their conjunction, a relatively rare occurrence (roughly every 100 years) that starts a new cycle of these planets' interactions. Jollying up the crowd is Jupiter, which enters Aquarius on January 5 and spends a year in that sign. Along the way, it will light up Chiron-Neptune, enlarging their process so we can deal with it more successfully.

Mercury dips its toe in the sign, retrograding out before it reaches 8 degrees, but it contacts Jupiter and the Sun before it does. The Sun is the sole trigger, as Mars has lost the race across the sky with its faster companions, while Venus is outdistancing them all from its position in Pisces.

Whenever there is such a large gathering in the heavens, just like with humans, a lot of enrichment occurs. We'll be learning very quickly, and Mercury's retrograde only adds icing to the cake. We can expect this month to be intense, but we'll learn a lot in the process.

I hope you like Aquarius energy, because we're getting it in megadoses. Aquarius is a tough archetype to understand because it has to do with macro-social aspects of our daily life. At its core, it is about the balance between the group and the individual. It deals very much with hidden dynamics of society, which well up in the form of groups that take on a unique identity. From a group of revolutionary artists to a guild of astrologers to a political party, these are only the surface manifestations of pools and eddies in the flow of the unconscious collective mind. Out of that pool emerges our desire to Be Somebody, to express ourselves as unique individuals.

We have been learning to balance being absorbed into the group as a faceless, nameless entity with being an individual who is able to express his/her unique gifts. If we become absorbed, we've lost, and if we are so individualistic that we are alienated from any group identity, we've lost as well.

 With Jupiter involved, the effect is globalized. The focus will shift to the status of nations—how many failed states there are versus which ones are successful, both internally and in how well they play with their neighbors and the other kids in the playground. With the US not cruelly undermining international unity, there can now be constructive efforts to rein in states and leaders who won't play nice through international pressure and diplomacy. Jupiter in Aquarius will launch an era of international movement toward diplomacy and cooperation, but it will only last while Jupiter is in Aquarius if we forget what we've learned, which is a pitfall of Jupiter transits—we enjoy the insights we get when the glow is still on the rose, but we tend to forget when Jupiter leads us on our next great adventure.

On a personal level, Jupiter will bring to us a feeling of lightness and joy in the expression of freedom. In the US, we'll be especially conscious of our civil rights and may push back of some of those removed during the Bush administration. In the US chart, Jupiter transits over the South Node early on, and the Moon three times this year. In the 6th house of the Dobyns/Boehrer US chart (with 11°46 Virgo rising), this bodes well for employment and recovery through industry this year. It suggests that the infrastructure projects proposed by Obama will be passed and have a positive impact by the year's end.

This involves the healing process of the Great Wound, however it is pictured in our lives. Jupiter will put a magnifying glass on this process. In the US consciousness, this goes in two directions: the restoring of civil liberties and the rebuilding of the American Dream (perhaps the same thing). It will take time to accomplish these goals, and Chiron-Neptune will give us the chance to do so in the coming three years.

Also worth noting is the retrograde of Mercury, which commences on January 11 at 7°35' Aquarius. Significant events are always themed according to the planets that are contacted by Mercury during this time. After last fall's colorful and eventful pre-election, debate-themed retrograde, this one is mild in comparison, if you discount the fact that Mercury will be conjoined with the Sun on Inauguration Day. This is not so troublesome as many may think; if you look back on years when you've have Mercury retrograde in your solar return (the chart cast for your birthday), you'll note that you were learning something brand new. We as a nation, as well as our leader, will be learning something(s) we never knew before.

Mercury makes contact with Jupiter by conjunction, Venus by sextile, and Mars by conjunction. These are all relatively harmless, even beneficial, contacts that we get a second shot at. This is good news, and it is not especially troubling, either for us or for the nation, that Mercury is making these contacts during a backward pass.

On cycle watch, we get that promised new beginning in earnest on January 24 when the Sun catches up with Jupiter. This starts a 13-month cycle of enterprise, education, and expansion. This opens the window of insight when we can see the landscape ahead and decide what we want to plant in it over the coming year. We will be able to see through this window from January 4 through February 19.

Of greater concern is the Solar Eclipse on January 25. This happens in the middle of the mega-stellium, so it puts a lot of weight on one side of the chart—one house in particular in whatever chart is being considered. So many planets are involved in the stellium, there are few left to aspect them. This can result in tunnel vision when solving the problems that reveal themselves at this time, so we must rely on our instincts to see us through. Pay attention on the day and time of the eclipse to get intuitive insight that will feed your responses over the coming six months.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)

Thursday January 1

Moon in Pisces adds a wistful tone to the first day of the new year. It will feel very much like the morning after, but it is more than just the night before that we're looking back on. Saturn remains very still in its apparent motion, having just begun its retrograde yesterday. We have a task before us and five months of uncertainty to get through in order to achieve our goals. This will be the focus of our New Year's resolutions.

2008 was a year of volatility, but we enter 2009 on a note of hope and optimism. Mercury entering Aquarius at 1:52 am PST gives us a lift. We are elevated out of our practical concerns in the moment to what can be created if we work as a team. Communication and connection are key. Mercury is also in a degree over which it will later retrograde—in its shadow zone. The good news is that we have a chance to revisit our notions of the moment, to refine and develop them more beneficially by virtue of the coming retrograde period. The Moon's sole aspect today is a sextile to the Sun about the time of that the latest football games start, giving the favorites an edge.

Friday January 2

Tensions rise today as we begin to acclimate to post-holiday ordinary reality. The Moon connects the dots between Saturn and Uranus early in the day, so if we can shake off the dreams of last night, we can enjoy today well enough. Solutions to our dilemmas may come gently to the surface, since there are plenty of harmonies to support us now. Because Moon ends its turn in Pisces on a positive note, our efforts today will bear beneficial results.

Saturday January 3

The Moon, although void of course at 0:51, is still fruitful until it enters Aries at 1:50 am. There are a few bumps in the lunar path today, as the Moon squares Pluto and then Mars by midday, but there is also a sextile to Mercury in between to smooth the way. Most lovely of all, Venus enters Pisces at 4:36 am, the sign of her exaltation. Spiritualized love is truly the best kind. All matters involving Venus will turn out better than expected until she leaves the sign on February 2.

Sunday January 4

The Moon remains in Aries, giving us the First Quarter square to the Sun, then winding its way to a sextile with Neptune at 6:44 pm. This is its final contact before leaving the sign, demarcating the start of its void-of-course period. It's time to get a little perspective, then charge boldly forward into our dreams.

The First Quarter lunation occurs at 3:56 am at 14°36' Aries. The key feature that will be felt over the coming week is, once again, the Saturn-Uranus opposition. However, we are blessed with a trine to Saturn and sextile to Uranus from the Sun and Mars in Capricorn. This gives us a way out of our dilemmas, and one (or more) that is especially beneficial, because Mars is exalted in Capricorn, giving our actions more discipline. In the chart cast for Washington DC, the Sun-Moon square occurs at 6:56 am, placing Capricorn on the ASC, with Pluto above and Mars-Sun just below the horizon. Perhaps more significantly, Saturn and Uranus are hard on the MC and IC. This places our continuing economic and political headaches front and center, but with positive solutions at hand. Obama isn't in office yet, a source of frustration and limitation (Saturn on the MC), but we'll find ways to make lemonade. The new Congress will have been sworn in on the 3rd, and they can begin action this week with new strong Democratic majorities. They will begin preparing legislation according to the guidelines that Obama set during the transition period, in coordination with advisors and congressional leaders. The Moon squares the Sun from the 3rd house of communications (after it does so to Pluto and Mars), reminding us of the power of thoughts, and of the pen. In spite of the new administration and the will of the people, Bush will be issuing executive orders and pardons fast and furiously at this time, a brazen (Aries) maneuver.

The Sabian symbol for 15° Aries says, "An Indian weaving a ceremonial jacket." This is suggestive of the preparations for the presidential inauguration, which is set to be the biggest ever experienced in American history. Obama's tuxedo is being handmade for the event by a tailor in Chicago. The excitement of the impending culmination of the election is reflected in the symbology associated with this degree, "the realization of wholeness and fulfillment in everyday life."

Monday January 5

There's big news today, as Jupiter enters Aquarius at 7:43 am. Changing signs once every 13 months, this unignited star lights up the whole of a sign once it enters. Be blessed by its presence in whatever house it occupies in your chart. We will immediately feel its impending contact with Chiron and Neptune, enlarging our wounds so we can heal them, but also magnifying our dreams so we can fulfill them. Jupiter in a new sign always raises hopes, but especially so in Aquarius. Not only is Aquarius a sign that tends toward idealism, but Jupiter it leaving Capricorn, a sign where it is debilitated so does not operate particularly well. Did you notice a lack of optimism last year at all? That's Jupiter in Capricorn!

The Moon enters Taurus at 7:46 am, immediately squaring Jupiter as it does so. There are practical considerations tugging at our buoyancy, and the desire for comfort can create complacency and immobilize us, preventing success. After all, "there are many formulas for success, but none will work unless you do." The Moon moves on to open doorways to gentle and voluntary change, as it trines Pluto, sextiles Venus, and trines Mars. Even a square to Mercury only adds the spice of new ideas in this constructive pattern.

Tuesday January 6

The Moon is the sole activator today, with a constructive bent in stable and solid Taurus. We'll be able to build structures of lasting value as she trines the Sun, sextiles Uranus and trines Saturn to create an earth grand trine and a kite with its apex at Uranus in Pisces. This is the last of the earth grand trines for some time, so use it wisely. With a square to Neptune at 10:05 pm, the Moon enters its void period, although as it is exalted in Taurus we can still "take it to the bank" if we take action during this time.

Wednesday January 7

Moon enters Gemini at 10:12 am, immediately trining Jupiter. Later it will also trine Mercury, translating light between these two planets. This is one of the four planetary pairs that produce agreement and success, so if your timing is right, your actions are especially beneficial today. Don't let the square to Venus that falls in between bother you, as this will just clear the fog of idealism a little.

Thursday January 8

Moon continues in Gemini until it goes void of course on a high note at 10:40 pm. Before that, its squares to Uranus and Saturn make life exciting as we do a little scrambling to deal with emerging situations. If you have your day already heavily scheduled, it will be more stressful; if you can keep your commitments loose, you'll be able to manage events more easily.

Friday January 9

The Sun reaches its closing sextile with Uranus, giving us a chance to focus on happy endings to our use of unexpected elements in our lives over the past year. The Moon's void period ends at 10:14 am, when it enters its home sign of Cancer. Sweet and sentimental, Luna gets a bit of a jolt when she opposes Pluto at midday, but then trines Venus at bedtime for a good outcome. We'll be feeling the same tension and release as the day progresses.

Saturday January 10

The Moon continues in Cancer, with an agitating opposition to Mars before we wake. This may lead to insights that may really lead to the vanquishing of our biggest problems, if we use today's energies wisely. The Moon's trine to Uranus and sextile to Saturn are potentially innovative, and the opposition to the Sun illuminating. The Moon makes its final aspect in Cancer at 8:27 pm, the trine to Saturn, so entering its void-of-course period (although the void Moon in Cancer still performs).

The Full Moon arrives at 7:27 pm at 21°02' Cancer. The planets are beginning to gather in Aquarius, focusing our attention on our freedoms and responsibility to maintain them. As the Moon was reaching fullness, she opposed Pluto and Mars, illuminating us about the issues that drew our focus around December 28. This may not be as bad as it seems, because Mars in exaltation will still be acting with more decorum than usual. Key here is the stellium in Aquarius, and all eyes are turning toward the inauguration of Barack Obama, upon whom all hopes are pinned. This inauguration is going to be so big, it will produce its own mini-economic boom that will lift the spirits and get some money flowing in spite of the frozen state of the Bush administration.

At 10:27 pm, the Full Moon occurs in Washington DC, giving a rising degree of 26°21 Virgo. This puts Saturn-Uranus near the Ascendant-Descendant axis but in Houses 12 and 6, emphasizing the challenges that institutions and industry face. With the Moon placed in the 10th house (whole-sign 11th) and Pluto-Mars-Sun in the 4th (whole-sign 5th), the emphasis will be on a struggle between the people and the leader of the nation, and a populist versus father-knows-best authoritarianism on the part of lame-duck George III. Although the new Congress will now be in session, whatever legislative actions scream out to be taken before January 20, the cries of the public and Congress will fall on deaf ears. Pluto in the 4th suggests that the economy on Main Street is imploding with foreclosures, layoffs, and suffering of the working public, although with Mars and the Sun past Pluto, the worst is over for now. Chances are that statistics to corroborate what is already known will come out and stir the pot again. If knowledge spurs action (Mars), this is good. Once again, the Capricorn planets give us harmonious connections with Saturn-Uranus.

The Sabian symbol for 22° Cancer is: "A young woman awaiting a sailboat." Rudhyar associates it with, "the longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams". The whole world is awaiting the inauguration like a boat full of dreams. Preparations are being made for the largest crowd that Washington has ever hosted, a testimony to the faith of a people.

Sunday January 11

At 8:44 am Mercury makes its station at 7°45' Aquarius, starting its 21-day retrograde period. It asks us to refine our use of planets contacted by Mercury during this time. This includes Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and of course the Sun. Happily, these contacts are all positive to neutral, but that doesn't mean we won't experience challenges as our awareness is increased, the theme of all Mercury retrogrades. Capricorn-Aquarius is about the process of fulfilling responsibilities to gain freedom.

The Sun reaches its opening trine to Saturn, as it always does near the beginning of the Saturn retrograde. We may perceive pragmatic ways to accomplish our Saturn-cycle goals and spurred into action on them. The Moon enters Leo at 9:41 am. Month after month, Moon in Leo will be noteworthy for bringing illumination as it opposes all the planets in Aquarius. Today, it opposes Jupiter and Mercury to increase our understanding of how to expand our horizons.

Monday January 12

The Moon sails through Leo all day, only making two contacts later in the day. These oppositions to Chiron and Neptune can fire us up about reaching for our goals, because everything is possible. The Moon goes void of course at 10:39 pm when it reaches Neptune.

Tuesday January 13

You can start the morning late or do some filing as the Moon remains void of course until 10:33 am. This is when it enters orderly Virgo, where it shortly thereafter makes a trine to Pluto, the only contact of the day. After this full moon, you know more about what you're headed toward. Use this aspect to clear out old projects and papers that aren't part of the new picture.

Wednesday January 14

Every mutable moon tangles with Saturn-Uranus, but it isn't all bad. Today, our Virgo Moon does just that, but it also trines a disciplined Mars still exalted in Capricorn. While Moon opposes Venus and Uranus to give us a helpful perspective on relationship matters, it also constructively conjoins Saturn. The work ethic serves us well today.

Thursday January 15

When the Moon trines Sun at 6:37 am, it makes its final aspect in Virgo to go void of course and gives us a quiet time until 2:30 pm when it enters Libra. This offers us a much-needed break, as the restful void periods have been short recently as several planets have populated the final degrees of a sign. After 2:30, we can pick up steam and initiate action in the arenas of our choosing, fueled by the energy gathered earlier in the day.

Friday January 16

The Moon in Libra eases the communicative tension with a trine to Mercury retrograde, but you'll have to access its wisdom from the dream state, as it occurs just after midnight. We'll need it as we are irritated and activated by a Moon-square-Mars building up over the day. Letting others know what's going on for you will help ease you through any delays or obstacles that come up.

Saturday January 17

Our dreams may delight us with fond memories into our waking hours as we start the day with a Moon trine to Neptune. The Moon's void period in Libra begins with its Last Quarter square to the Sun, to remind us of the challenges ahead. The Moon enters Scorpio at 10:20 pm, taking us into the depths of consciousness as we bed down for the night.

The Last Quarter Moon of the lunar cycle which began on December 27 reaches culmination at 6:46 pm at 28°08' Libra. This chart is nearly identical to that of the Full Moon, with the prominent cluster in Aquarius, and Sun, Mars, and Pluto a little further along in Capricorn. This chart retains the feel of anticipation, with some nice harmonies from Mars in particular to the ever-present Saturn-Uranus opposition. This and the preponderance of Aquarius suggests hope for the future and a can-do approach to our problems. Mercury is newly retrograde in this chart, so the main drive is to find a healthy balance between optimism and fear—the balance that lies in realism.

Once again, in Washington DC, Saturn rises and Uranus sets in the chart, with late Virgo rising. This chart feels even more "inaugurational". It's as if we are all being inaugurated as citizens—those who do not take their freedoms for granted and are willing to fight for them. This is not the clawing our way back to supremacy as the only world power (which won't happen); this is the power of "let's cooperate, because we're all in this together." The Aquarius stellium falls in the 5th house of happiness, and it's time, if only for a week, to PAR-TAY!!! The nation will be celebrating a very proud moment in its history, when we were able to set aside one of the country's greatest wounds, that of racial inequality between humans.

The Sabian Symbol for 29° Libra, according to Marc Edmund Jones, says, "A seer's dream: Vast masses of humanity push forward in frantic effort to cross the chasm to knowledge." Rudhyar's keynote is: "A deep sense of participation in, and commitment to, social processes which seek to bring all men Truth and a Greater Life." Doesn't this say it all at this great moment in history?

Sunday January 18

Moon continues to take us into life's mysteries as it traverses Scorpio. In the wee hours, its sextile to Pluto will open the unconscious mind to us, while its squares to Jupiter and Mercury remind us of potential pitfalls, if we remember our dreams. This awareness reaches its perfection when, before noon, Mercury conjoins Jupiter for the second of three times in the course of its retrograde transit. The rest of the day is a slide downhill, with no planetary contacts to shift our perspective.

Monday January 19

The Scorpio Moon persists in illuminating us with a plethora of aspects today. A trine to Venus and sextile to Mars brings a bright morning to a harmonious start, particularly where relationships are concerned. Moon trines Uranus in the early afternoon and sextiles Saturn later, to reconnect our omnipresent shakedown artists in a positive way. Together these contacts give us a day where much can be accomplished, and we can take another step in accomplishing our long-term goals. We'll feel uplifted and refreshed when at 2:41 pm, the Sun makes its ingress into Aquarius. The Moon squares to Chiron and Neptune as evening arrives are hardly noticeable in the anticipation of tomorrow's great moment. The Moon goes void of course as the Neptune square expires, at 7:37 pm.

Tuesday January 20

The Great Day has arrived, as Barack Obama finally steps into the role for which he has been elected, and some say destined to fulfill. There's "nothing but net" today, as the Sun conjoins Mercury (Rx) an hour before the inauguration, and the Moon connects the dots between all the planets in early Aquarius in the latter half of the day. The Moon is void of course until 9:30 am (12:30 pm Eastern Time), and it will be void at the time that President-Elect Obama takes his oath of office. This suggests that the past will cast a long shadow over his first term in office, and we will all have to wait until his second term before the full promise of his leadership will blossom. This will be mollified with each solar return of the inauguration, however, and he will increase his ability to be his own man without the dark shadow of the past eight (or 30) years hanging so heavily over him. Mercury re-enters Capricorn late in the day, to return us for a few days to questions of responsibilities and how we can fulfill them.

Wednesday January 21

The Moon flies like an arrow through the first half of Sagittarius, making no contacts today. Enjoy your freedom!

Thursday January 22

The emphasis today is on relationships and the economy, as Venus and Mars are highlighted. By 9:00 am, five transits have already occurred, including the Moon's squares to Venus, Uranus, and Saturn. Our dreams may be troubled but will help us in the daylight to move through our process more easily. The Moon commences its void of course period when it sextiles Neptune at 8:24 am, although actions started after this time will be successful because the Moon is in Sagittarius. A Mars sextile and a Venus conjunction to Uranus keeps our ties to others in the realm of the friendly unpredictable. This is also true with the economy—watch for some volatility in the markets. The Moon enters Capricorn at 10:18 pm and puts us into a more pensive mood.

Friday January 23

We get some planetary excitement as the Sun conjoins Jupiter, contributing brightness, buoyancy, and far-reaching perspective on the future. Look through the window of opportunity today and see what lies ahead. This starts the new year-long Sun-Jupiter cycle. The Moon remains in Capricorn, conjoining Pluto in the dark of the morning, giving us access to our deep unconscious mind through our dreams.

Saturday January 24

Today is chock full of aspects, with the three most significant occurring just after midnight. Saturn's in the spotlight as Mars trines and Venus opposes it; then Venus sextiles Mars. These highlight a constructive outcome to current difficulties—agreements are now possible and will be strong and long-lasting. The Moon echoes and supports this with a trine to Saturn, conjunction to Mars and sextile to Uranus and Venus.

Sunday January 25

Three conjunctions make this a day of beginnings. The Moon enters its void of course period at 1:06 am when it conjoins Mercury retrograde. While most of our down time is over by the time we awake, it is best to work on background until it enters Aquarius at 10:56 am. The Moon moves through the day planet-free until the evening, when it conjoins Jupiter, and then the Sun. These are more powerful because they are also occultations (another word for eclipse), where the Moon blocks the planet from our view.

It's a new world, and a New Moon made more potent because it's also an eclipse, which occurs at 2:55 am at 6°30' Aquarius. This is an annular solar eclipse, where the Moon is far enough away from the Earth that its body does not completely block our view of the Sun. Result: a ring of the Sun shows around the Moon at the moment of greatest totality. Noteworthy with this eclipse is the number of planets found in Aquarius—five. This places a massive emphasis on Aquarian objectivity, sense of justice, populism, and love of independence. With Jupiter and Neptune here, idealism will run high and set the tone for the coming six months as the world population reaches anew for its dream. With no hard aspects from any other part of the chart (except for the angles in some locations), this stellium is unencumbered, but it is also untempered by any other energy. This suggests that our aspirations will fly as high as the sky, but they are less likely to be based on reality. Mercury is still retrograde, now in Capricorn and approaching Mars. This represents the reminder of the real world, whatever it is to each of us. Saturn-Uranus remains a large factor, as they approach each other to form their opposition. Venus just past Uranus reminds us that the (worldwide inaugural) party is over, and now it's finally time to turn to the process of living in a new way, with the people taking responsibility for their role in the governing and stewardship process.

The eclipse (and New Moon) occurs on January 26 in the Eastern Time Zone. In the chart cast for Washington DC, early Sagittarius rising puts the Aquarius planets in the 3rd House. There is much reorganizing to be done, many executive orders and new regulations to be reversed within the first 30 days of Obama's presidency. The nation is abuzz with excitement as we watch the administrative and legislative branches of government move closer to the balance of power envisioned by the Founding Fathers. A restoration of civil liberties will unfold rapidly over the coming six months. Also significant is the fact that the Saturn-Uranus opposition is on the MC/IC. With Venus-Uranus in Pisces at the IC, the people had a break from their troubles, but they are still in shock over the impossibility of economic conditions and at a loss as to how to manage their lives, prepare for the future.

The Sabian Symbol for 7°Aquarius is: "A child is seen being born out of an egg." This represents the emergency of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos. Rudhyar speaks of the birth of a new type of human who is free from the inertia of mankind's past, a new product of evolution, trans-racial and trans-cultural. We will all be inspired to become this person under the inspiring example set by President Barack Obama.

Monday January 26

Two Mercury aspects fill the day, a sextile to Venus and conjunction with Mars. With Mercury retrograde, this puts an emphasis on clearing up mixed signals and misunderstanding. Improved relations will result, both personally and in the world around us. The Moon wings its way through Aquarius without aspect today.

Tuesday January 27

It's a good time to take the day off, or at least refrain from significant actions. The Moon makes two contacts today, both conjunctions, to Chiron and Neptune, setting a dreamy tone to the day. The Neptune contact at 9:13 am is its final while in Aquarius, starting the Moon's void period and giving us time to pause. This lasts until 10:12 pm, when it enters Pisces.

Wednesday January 28

It's a day without obstacles, and with perhaps a modicum more insight than usual. The only contact of the day is the Moon's sextile to Pluto well before dawn. Use the calm while you can—contacts to Saturn and Uranus increase tensions tomorrow.

Thursday January 29

The Moon remains in Pisces, but our world is anything but serene as it commingles with Uranus and Saturn at midday. The tension is rising with these planets as they are close to their second of five oppositions. This gives us another take on the path we are forging out of the structures of the past into the world of the future. The tension relaxes in the late afternoon, giving way to a period of opportunity. We'll connect with others especially well, our minds will be sharp, and the path to our goals clear as the Moon sextiles both Mercury and Mars. Mercury has nearly slowed to a stop now, preparing to begin its forward motion in two days.

Friday January 30

The Moon enters its void-of-course period in Pisces after it conjoins Venus at 1:24 am, but this is one of the signs where it still performs. This may not matter though, since it moves into Aries at 7:25 am. The energy waxes transformative with an entrepreneurial twist as Luna squares Pluto then sextiles Jupiter by the evening. The afternoon could bring new options to us.

Saturday January 31

The big news today is Mercury's return to forward (direct) motion at 21°45' Capricorn at 11:11 pm. This relatively brief retrograde was nonetheless highly activating as Mercury made a higher than usual number of contacts as it moved backward. This provided us with an invaluable integration process, helping us assimilate our past reality into the new world we are now entering. We are leaving this retrograde period in a consciousness much different from that with which we entered it. The Moon finishes the month in Aries, sextiling the Sun at dawn. Its square to Mercury before midnight underlines the mental changes we are still incorporating into our nature.



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