Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's May 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family.

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June is always a pivotal month, the equivalent of a full-moon phase in our annual cycle. The Summer Solstice June 21 marks the changing of the seasons, the height of our light—every day becomes a little bit shorter from now until the Winter Solstice December 21.

This June will see two important planetary events.

Uranus will reverse its motion June 23 and remain retrograde until late November. Retrograde motion is actually an optical illusion. You can illustrate the phenomenon for yourself by drawing a dot to represent Earth, then drawing a good-size ellipse around it to represent Uranus, or another planet. Notice that as you draw one side of the ellipse your hand is moving right to left, and as you draw the other side your hand is moving in the other direction—left to right!

While we know the planet is continuously moving forward in its orbit, its apparent backwards motion appears to have astrological significance. All retrograde periods are generally thought to be best suited to activities whose names begin with “re”—review, rework, reconsider, reconstruct, retrain, rejuvenate.... When Uranus goes retrograde, as it does at least once a year, it moderates the drives toward independence, innovation, individualization, insurgency and rebellion.

But—the stationary periods on and around the day a planet changes direction can heighten the tendency to exert the plant’s typical manifestations. In the case of Uranus, this can call for caution. One can be overly uninhibited, impulsive, idiocentric. Or rebel without reason. Surprises may come at you, or from you. So think before you speak, or act.

Then, the third and final exact opposition of Saturn to Neptune will occur June 25, which should mean that the events symbolized by this rather rare pairing will start to recede. This outer planet pairing is considered particularly important, partly because it occurs only about three times a century—roughly every 35-36 years, and partly because strong aspects between these two far-away bodies seem so often to coincide with changes in ruling regimes and other dramatic events on Earth that have long-lasting impact.

This is certainly not the end of our ongoing battle to build a rapport between common sense and ideal goals, pragmatic limitations and heartfelt aspirations. But the probable results should start becoming apparent very soon, making continuing efforts less onerous.

Additionally, the ongoing square between Jupiter and Uranus is emphasized several times this month. A potent kite pattern with Pluto in the king seat persists for days on either side of the New Moon. We’re already into the lead-up to Mercury’s retrograde period and need to be careful about communication, transportation and contracts.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


FRIDAY, JUNE 1. The patterns of yesterday’s Full Moon still hold sway. The “sober realistic point of view used with patience, persistence and foresight” mentioned then is the important keynote for today. Moon is exactly conjunct Jupiter early this morning and the two remain in opposition to Sun, squared by Uranus—so beware an impulse toward rash behavior. Saturnian will-power continues to work comfortably with optimism and intuitive understanding, as well as with a good burst of energy, well into next week. Any obsessive-compulsive notes underlying your determination the past few days begin to give way in favor of more conscientious effort.

SATURDAY, JUNE 2. In the early hours of the morning, Moon’s connection to Venus brings an urge to make things nice in our lives, especially in our home and leisure settings but also in our places of work or study. You may want to grab a paintbrush or shove the furniture around. Shortly thereafter she pulls in the influences of Pluto and Ceres, prompting us to go below the surface—“deep clean,” on whatever level—physical, mental or emotional—to increase our comfort level with our own space. It may be a good day for gardening or otherwise nurturing seeds, literal or figurative, that we have planted in the past few weeks. Moon is Void of Course from 4:29 am until it enters Capricorn at 8:09 am. By evening, the possibility of important dialogue with family members may present itself.

SUNDAY, JUNE 3. Probing intellect is a good use for today’s energies, so long as the questions are directed at understanding your own actions and motivations rather than those of others. Attempts to dig into the behavior of others could become all too volatile. Moon in Capricorn can be intuitive without being overly emotional and her recent encounter with Pluto plus her opposition to Mercury can make for rich mining. As always with Luna’s sojourn through Saturn’s holdings, the material gleaned can be, although valuable, briefly demoralizing. But Venus is still hooked to Uranus, so some of the stuff dragged out of the closet can feel pretty good too—and quite possibly offer new insights about fortifying, or getting more mileage out of, your income.

MONDAY, JUNE 4. This could be a rewardingly productive day, on a stage set by Mars exactly trine to Jupiter—good energy, good confidence, good luck— with Saturn still holding things in equilibrium. That big guy also directs the feel-good desires of Venus and the nurturing nature of the Moon toward making the most of a forming liaison between hopeful Neptune and healing Chiron. Positive strides toward preserving our environment come immediately to mind. Or perhaps a breakthrough on the path to more equitable health care. We can use these influences to redouble our own efforts to “live green,” learn more about alternative medicine and join the growing movement toward becoming anti-consumerist— the best way to fight the iniquitous forces that are currently running our country and our lives. (Every time you choose not to buy the best-known most expensive brands, elect not to keep up with fashions and fads, decide to simply do without and make better use of your money— you are fighting Big Brother.)

Moon goes void at 2:43 and enters Aquarius at 4:15 pm.

TUESDAY, JUNE 5. The helpful Grand Trine between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn that has brightened the past couple of weeks becomes a kite pattern today as Sun moves into opposition to Jupiter (adding punch to the Olympian god’s capricious and unpredictable square with Uranus). Here we see the easy-flowing alliance of self-discipline, self-confidence and physical energy activated by a new challenge. A kite pattern has been likened to a bow and arrow, and in this case the Sun—one’s personal ego— becomes the target of the other energies. It’s time to do something important for yourself, probably something you’ve been intending to do for some time now.

This could be a significant day politically too, as the alliance and agreement appears to be among such powerful forces as Congress, the judiciary and the military. The targeted Sun represents the leader of a country, who may have to concede some points to long-standing efforts in opposition. In Washington, there could be definitive news about the Attorney General. The dominant power comes from Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius, the sign placement that has brought immigration into the public spotlight.

Venus moved into Leo this morning, still picking up the light of the Moon, to initiate a month of lusting for center stage, or at least a round of applause, on the part of almost everybody. She is comfortably allied with Ceres, and both are aspecting Pluto; a recipe for influence by the female gender and those who espouse peace and the arts. Will Cindy Sheehan confirm rumors that she will run for Congress?

Ceres, now known as a dwarf planet rather than an asteroid, enters Taurus today—the sign many astrologers claim she rules although almost as many would give her rulership of Virgo. Either way, earth signs are the most comfortable territory for this goddess of agriculture, grain and the Earth itself, as well as the welfare of children. This may portend good news for growers who’ve suffered heavy losses through unseasonable weather. Hers is also a boost for environmentalists and a helpful influence in dealing with the kids now that summer vacation is here. As the only planet in a practical earth sign, the tangible results we see over the next several weeks may fall under her sphere of influence.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 6. Yet another kite, this one aiming the synergistic potency of the aforementioned trio at the conjunction of Moon and Neptune. Put Moon and Neptune together and you’ve got empathy, sympathy and sensitivity to accomplish the impossible—or escapist tendencies nearly impossible to squelch. The strongmen will throw their muscle into whatever you try to do, so choose your goal or goals carefully. Among the more positive directions are spiritual, charitable and creative work —all of the arts should benefit from this pass; more ordinary workaday projects can gain by the increased understanding made possible today. If your personal sphere is troubled by the escapist vibes, recognize that these sympathetic aspects are in everyone’s chart, and there are people nearby who’d be happy to help if you simply ask.

Moon goes Void of Course at 6:46 pm and enters Pisces at 10:24.

THURSDAY, JUNE 7. Both of the kite patterns remain in effect, and therefore so do the readings of the two previous days, although Moon has moved out of the signature. Sun is still accentuating the Jupiter-Uranus square, which now includes Pallas only one degree ahead of Uranus. The unisex queen of rational thinking makes the exact meeting with the rash playboy on June 18, then goes retrograde early in July to maintain the contact. The most exciting potential of this pairing is its insistence on making the search for solutions take precedence over the search for blame—what a tremendous amount of time and energy we waste, as individuals, in groups and as a nation, in trying to assign fault when we could be making things better! Moon trines Neptune to help round up old memories for reassessment.

FRIDAY, JUNE 8. The Last Quarter Moon at 17°19 Pisces, exact at 7:43 am in Washington DC, finds the provocative Sun-opposition-Jupiter in t-square with Uranus-Pallas its primary focus. In a natural chart, which theoretically applies to everyone regardless of individual charts, Uranus-Pallas fall in the twelfth house of influences that are not overtly apparent. Self-absorbed Sun is in the third, immersed in things we take for granted; Jupiter in the ninth, seeking understanding. It looks like fertile ground for judiciously digging out long-repressed info and applying it to our daily lives to achieve a better balance between our habitual behavior and our own personal ethics and morals.

The persistent Grand Trine has yet again become a kite, this time with Neptune as the key point. This lineup will be potent for a couple of weeks and offers us (individually and as a nation) marvelous opportunities to concentrate on positive manifestations of Neptunian energy—the ability to visualize finer possibilities and devote energy, time, and control to make them become realities. Any follies and fancies, illusions and delusions we have clung to for much too long have to go now, so the energies used in maintaining them can be redirected toward practicable inspiration. Neptune’s ability to envision is invaluable when appropriately used, and all the other planets now seem supportively inclined. Whatever self-improvement modes you’ve been toying with have the green light to go ahead.

Setting the Last Quarter chart in Washington puts its ascendant exactly on the Sun of the most commonly used chart for the United States. Obviously, affairs of state are critical now. Saturn is in the second, calling for conservation of resources, pulling the kite’s bowstring to jolt Neptunian delusions about our abilities to use (and/or assess) others’ resources. Mars calls the strengths of Jupiter and Saturn into the tenth house of our nation’s status in the world—if we can use our assertiveness in ways other than militaristic this could be a worthwhile setup.

The Sun’s activation of the Jupiter-Uranus square is as tantalizing in the national chart as in individual charts. It could bring to light information that would prove pivotal; it could “out” even further undercover secret operations; it could signal impetuous decisions by “the Decider.”

Jupiter amplified ego needs as it crossed the ascendant of the U.S. chart in January (and George W. Bush’s Sun) and immediately thereafter squared “I gotta be me” Uranus, certainly reflecting Bush’s pompous call for a “troop surge” in Iraq. The second exact square on May 10 saw the House of Representatives passing a bill to limit funding for the war and then backtracking. As I write this, the Senate is moving in a similar direction. Finally, with Pallas in the act we can hope for more. Eleanor Bach, a pioneer of asteroid interpretation, called Pallas the key to inventive thinking. An astrologer known as Sherpa says Pallas represents the wisdom to know what is worth fighting for and never fights merely for the thrill of battle. Perhaps clever congressional leaders will find a way to write in face-saving measures that will allow the administration to opt for withdrawal. We should know soon after the third exact square October 9.

Sadly, we can expect no letup in bizarre weather patterns until after that contact, even though the Saturn-Neptune opposition begins to fade by the end of this month. Both of these aspects are known to coincide with exceptional weather cycles.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s degree, 18° Gemini: Two Chinese men converse in their native tongue in an American city. The need for the mind to retain its independence from its physical environment in order to concentrate on special problems. Rudhyar interprets this as “what may occur when the individual has developed new capacities for experience that may enable him to tap the vast reservoir of the planetary mind.”

The Moon’s degree, 18° Pisces: In a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance. The collective appeal of a well-staged and exciting display of skill and/or oratory. The time has come, says Rudhyar, for the individual to dare to present himself and his works to his community for applause, or for the purpose of attracting a following. Or, I would amend, merely to garner support.

Moon goes Void of Course at 10:52 pm, carrying the emotional intensity of a square to Pluto into the wee hours of the morning.

SATURDAY, JUNE 9. At 2.32 am, Moon goes into action-oriented Aries. The beat goes on, with the patterns much the same as yesterday’s, but now we want to get things moving, get something done. Her trine to Venus puts renewed emphasis on resources, both their availability and their conservation. Before you turn in tonight, make a conscious assessment of what you have to work with in pursuing your goals, and what you need to figure out how to obtain. Mercury is slowing, preparing for its retrograde period, so it’s already time to put the emphasis on reviewing, revising and projecting rather than aiming for immediate concrete results.

SUNDAY, JUNE 10. Prepare for dealing with new or renewed demands from those who have power over you in some way, whether in your personal sphere or from governmental and institutional authorities: the kite doubles its potency as Moon slides in to join Mars on one of the anchor points. A backup kite is forming, pulling Mars and Saturn into trines with Pluto. In both cases, the targeted planet is Sun, the symbol of your self-evaluation and self-esteem. The pattern lasts more than a week, peaking next Friday. Moon’s trine to Saturn admonishes to be careful about details.

MONDAY, JUNE 11. This deceptively placid week starts with Moon going void after a trine to Pluto three minutes before 1 am. By 4:29 she saunters into Taurus and joins Ceres in Earth Mother efforts to promote green and caring among everyone, soon incorporating the good vibes of Venus to further the warm-hearted ambiance of the day. It’s a good day for resolving differences with co-workers, friends and family, although in your negotiations you may have to override the recalcitrant “Mine!” attitude so typical of two-year-olds. In the background, all the while, all the previously described assemblages of slower moving planets are busily working on other far-reaching plans and projects. Perhaps this period of knowing powerful forces are at work with little awareness of the specifics is preparing us for the series of significant outer planet alignments that will dominate our lives in the next couple of decades.

TUESDAY, JUNE 12. A day scarcely distinguishable from yesterday. Something a bit surprising may mark midday. The need for discipline may be apparent late afternoon or early evening. Moon goes void at 4:18.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 13. Moon enters Gemini at 5:24 am. The week’s underlying structural patterns are still quietly working or developing viable solutions or at least new approaches to persistent problems. More overtly, things can seem a bit spacey today, or you may have a bit of a problem keeping your mind where you are as Sun trines Neptune while still square to Uranus. You’d probably really rather be somewhere else. Faraway shores seem especially appealing, or maybe just the prospect of learning something new.

THURSDAY, JUNE 14. Moon stirs up a handful of exact aspects before making her New Moon conjunction with the Sun at 8:13 pm PDT. An opposition to Jupiter sets the tenor of the day, and there may be problems around over-indulgence or self-righteous behavior, yours or someone else’s. Midday may see tensions worsen as individual assertiveness seems way out of bounds in relation to the need for cooperation. Late afternoon and evening are more easy-going.

Sun and Moon join up more than two-thirds of the way through Gemini, a time for researching and probing. Using the natural “everyman’s chart,” they are in the third house of everyday activities, siblings, neighbors and habituated behavior. The duo is midway between their oppositions to Jupiter, who urges giant steps without hesitation, and Pluto, who always and forever promulgates change—big, important, immutable change. It’s a very positive setup for going forward with any kind of personal change you’ve been contemplating, a great time for laying plans for future progress. It’s still a rather stagnant chart, with mutable, transitional signs emphasized and only Ceres in an earth sign, so we can’t expect immediate tangible results. But readying the field is definitely in order. Mars takes on a personal pride and determination to achieve effective gains. Saturn is set to promote practical, functional usage of creative abilities.

Setting the New Moon chart for Washington DC shows Aquarius, reflecting social consciousness and political alliances, on the ascendant. Neptune is rising, gathering strength for its third and final exact opposition from Saturn. Duplicity in our government is no longer news, but it may rear into prominence again in coming weeks.

The conjunction sits in the fifth house, throwing the light of the Lights on the nation’s self-expression, and all the potent patterns we’ve been talking about are focused on them. This traditionally would highlight developments in sports and the arts, speculation, gambling and the stock market—the bust in the housing market may be undeniably obvious by now. We may see all of the above, but this year this position also denotes the mood of the people, which is growing more and more irascible about the unending war, the state of the economy, the bickering and dickering of legislators, too much talk and not enough sensible action.

The New Moon falls on the position of Saturn in the March 20, 2003 chart for the start of the war in Iraq, which may afford further illumination into the reasoning behind that precipitous move and may even add luster to the drive to rescind the authorization for war by Congress. Again, the proof may not come soon; a persistent pride that will accept no hint of loss or failure is retained by Saturn’s current tenure in Leo, which should begin to lose strength with the stern planet’s passage into Virgo in September.

The spotlighting of all things Sagittarian came into view with Pluto’s entrance into the ninth sign in 1995 and has been amplified more recently by Jupiter’s visit to its home sign. It is gaining force as Pluto retreats to gather more of the energy of the Galactic Center before leaving Sagittarius in December. A few examples: The courts and our legal system raced into public consciousness early on with the O.J. Simpson case and have maintained their high visibility both in real life and TV dramas; Education, with “no child left behind,” has suffered plenty of public debate and many changes. Travel has been transformed by a host of security measures, escalating fuel costs and carrier competition and consolidation. The foreign-born have gained power and prestige, numerically and individually, which has created an escalating controversy that is currently occupying center stage. Religion has assumed a truly remarkable prominence in overall consciousness, legal consideration and public policy making—not to mention escalating warfare in its name. The related issues of ethics and morals took a leading role with the trials of corrupt government and corporate officials and ongoing arguments about issues of life, death and personal commitment—even the free-spirited open-range mystique of cowboys came to the fore to deal with issues of sexual persuasion.

And now those Sagittarian placements are the drawn bow aimed at the Sun, our leaders, and Moon, our people, buttressed by Saturnian traditions and the aggressive impulses of Mars. All of those issues will dominate the news for the remainder of the year, and then some. It will be years before any of them are settled, just as it took years for the ubiquitous “destruction derbies” that characterized Pluto in Scorpio to fade from real-life events to video games.

The bright spot is the waning square between Sun/Moon and Uranus, a seize-the-moment opportunity to renew our ability to exercise our individuality and independence, to think for ourselves rather than blindly following the blandishments of the spinmasters and the publicity-conscious pronouncements of political leaders. We all know our government and our lives are run by “big business.” We conveniently overlook the hard fact that big business is powerful because we give it that power. We strengthen its influence every day by following the dictates of its advertising and contributing our tastes and money to those concepts of value.

The Sabian symbol for 24° Gemini: Children skating over a frozen village pond; The use of inhibiting circumstances for the development of character and a transcendent approach to the environment. Paraphrasing Rudhyar , we can read this as a call for learning from our own experience; finding the ingenuity to surpass or sidestep roadblocks to the path we wish to take; never settling for inertia because of frustrations or setbacks.

FRIDAY, JUNE 15. Moon is Void of Course from 2:59 until 6:45 am when she enters Cancer carrying the intensity of an opposition to volatile Pluto into her own sensitive and emotional home sign. She makes no further classical aspect until early tomorrow.

Mercury turns retrograde today, at 4:43 pm, and remains so until July 9, retracing its “shadow” degrees until July 24. As usual, this period is a poor time for making important commitments because information can be incomplete, attention fuzzy, communication faulty. Travel and transportation can likewise suffer unforeseen setbacks. Glitches with computers and phones, hurtful gossip and misunderstandings are frequently reported during such periods.

Mercury’s station at 12° Cancer suggests that home, family and security issues will be the most common range of such problems this time around. And of course those whose charts have important planets or points in this area will be most broadly affected. The Sun in both the July 4, 1776 chart of the U.S. and George Bush’s birth chart is at 13° Cancer. Australian astrologer Rob Tillett says, “problems usually arise because some crucial piece of information, or component, has gone astray, or awry … these experiences reveal flaws in our internal organization as well as our external planning” and point up the need to restructure our thinking processes.

Introspection is heartened by Mercury retrograde and can be delightfully productive.

SATURDAY, JUNE 16. Moon joins Mercury today, continuing the need to rethink matters pertaining to the well-being of one’s foundations and “security blankets.” She recharges the near-quincunx Mercury has been forming with Jupiter, a hint that our reassessments need to include appraisal of when and where “big is better” and when it is not. Some obvious examples come to mind: In some states more than 25% of all adults are obese; in an age of spiraling gas prices and diminishing oil reserves, we cling to hunky fuel-guzzling vehicles; mergers by big business increasingly limit our choices, most pointedly in controlling the information we receive—be thankful for the availability of diverse reporting on the Internet. Mid-afternoon, Moon trines Uranus, to once again encourage us to throw our support behind our own causes.

SUNDAY, JUNE 17. It’s Father’s Day, and overall a rather quiet day. The long-lasting patterns are still with us, but only Moon’s fleeting quincunx to nebulous, spiritually oriented Neptune is set to make them noticeably active today, really quite appropriate for a Sunday. Moon starts the day Void of Course, from just after midnight on the west coast (12:39 am) until she goes into Leo at 10:25 – a fine backdrop for letting Dad or a father figure play king for a day.

MONDAY, JUNE 18. Rather wide sextiles between Sun and Saturn and between Neptune and Pluto have added a rectangle to the mix of aspects again, creating a cosmic full house that looks good but merely serves to reinforce the drive toward changes that has been brewing for weeks. Moon and Venus join briefly in friendly aspect to Jupiter, furthering benefic influence on behalf of children and creative endeavors, though the efforts may be short-lived. Near midnight, Sun opposite Pluto sets the stage for a restless day tomorrow.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19. Well before dawn, Moon again occults Saturn and then opposes Neptune, adding fuel to the stern taskmaster’s tightening opposition to the god in rose-colored glasses. It could be a bit depressing. More likely, we will awaken groggy, ill-tempered, conflicted or merely confused and find it hard to get up and get going until midday. You may sense power struggles or fight a nagging itch to just get away from it all. Then, with Moon’s trines to Mars and Pluto, we manage to round up our resources and pick up the plow. Things are looking up again by evening, although Moon is void from 2:22 until she enters Virgo at 5:46 pm.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20. We can shine on today, basking in compliments, and pay attention to all those nit-picking details. Craftsmanship, artisanship, problem-solving are front and center so long as we don’t let a momentary frustration lead to flaring temper or give in to transient whims.

THURSDAY, JUNE 21. Spring is gone, and summer’s here, officially checking in at 11:07 am PDT, 2:07 eastern time. Most of us have become familiar with the ancient traditions marking the longest day/shortest night of the year, largely through Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream.” In communities here and abroad, the occasion is still marked by celebrations and festivals with parades, games, bonfires, art, music and dancing, lots of food, and spirit-oriented rituals. Rarely, however, are lovers still invited to leap through luck-bringing flames as they were in early Germanic tribes.

The chart for the solstice is believed to govern general conditions for the coming three months, until the Autumn Equinox. Along with all the long-lived transits we’ve been discussing, it predominantly features Moon opposing Uranus, a clear call for each of us to exercise our individual minds and hearts, with the most clear-eyed honesty and all-encompassing compassion possible, to find proactive ways of dealing with the world today—which obviously needs all the help it can get. While it may make us feel better, simply turning off the news us playing ostrich. Myth*ing Links blogger Kathleen Jenks puts out a plea that “we each find our own inner feather, which is to say, our deepest source of compassionate, sacred language. If we can all access such feathers and live within the connectedness they nurture, it'll make a difference, somehow.” I second the motion. If it’s no more than a commitment to do most of your shopping in thrift stores, yard sales and flea markets, it’s a finger in the face of the ruling consortiums. It’s even better to educate yourself about current issues and then call and write your representatives in Congress. Small steps by many people can create real momentum.

Moon is exactly quincunx Neptune, mirroring Saturn’s long-lived quincunx to Uranus. Every quincunx denotes adjustment and adaptation. Revealing insights, possibly gained during a meditational pause, may spur the release of long repressed nonconformist behavior; you may find yourself doing something you never envisioned doing although the idea has been tantalizing.

In the chart set for Washington DC, the asteroid Juno is on the 11°31 Aquarius ascendant. Juno was the angry wife of self-indulgent Jupiter—mad as hell and unwilling to take it any more. She let him have holy whatfor, again and again. Juno makes a fitting symbol for the populace as a whole in the U.S. today, especially in combo with the Moon— signifying public opinion—operating in tandem with Uranus, the rebel. Both are tied by square the Pluto, the fountain of power, and Jupiter, who tries to make everything bigger and better. It’s time. Time to do everything in our power to take back our country, to enforce the concept that it is governance of the people, by the people, for the people. It may mean giving up some degree of comfort in the doing, but the long-range gains are well worth it.

The Sabian symbol for this solstice point, 1° Cancer: On a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one; a radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return. Rudhyar says, “the ship symbolizes ego-consciousness . . . the individualized will makes a basic decision . . . the Yin force begins its six-month-long rise to power . . . the collective will gradually overcome.”

Moon goes void on its square to Pluto at 11:50 PDT, after midnight EDT.

FRIDAY, JUNE 22. Moon slides into Libra at 4:43 am, and makes its exact First Quarter square to the Sun at 6:15. It appears to herald a bright and pleasant day, with most of the aspects agreeably benign. Except, of course, for those slow babies we’ve been talking about.

Overall, the chart offers strong support for the goals we’ve set with the New Moon, but encourages forming liaisons with friends, family members or outside sources such as counselors or group therapy to further our efforts.
Setting the chart for Washington, as we always do with major Moon Phases, puts both the Sun and Moon in critical positions on the action-oriented cardinal axis, on the cusps of Cancer and Libra—the same points that mark the change of seasons each Summer and Autumn. Venus, landlord for the Moon, is on the Leo ascendant trying to keep up appearances and brandishing charm as a weapon. Chiron is exactly opposite, on the descendant, the point denoting our interactions with others—friends, allies or enemies—where we seem to have accumulated a storehouse of insecurity, guilt and lack of self-respect. It’s strong backup for the solstice chart, urging Yin forces to stand up and be counted rather than merely being responsive. Moon is still quincunx to Mars, questioning the cost and value of military measures.

The point (not planet nor asteroid) known as the Black Moon Lilith, which is said to show where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs, and to give us the opportunity to "let go" of something, is within one degree of opposition to the warlord now— even the most patriotic and compliant parents have had enough of sending their children to battle. Mercury square Juno suggests that their protests will be long and loud.

Mars, Saturn and Pluto—the ruling conjunta—are still a trio, still holding the reins, but their approval rating is suffering lots of counterpoint; Neptune still signals artifice, dishonesty and disarray in their dealings.

The Sabian symbol for the first degree of Cancer is the same as that given above for the beginning of summer.

The Sabian symbol for 1° Libra, which coincidentally is the degree that marks the end of summer: In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its body impaled by a fine dart; the immortal archetypal reality that a perfect and dedicated life reveals. Rudhyar’s interpretation, synopsized, suggests, “At this autumnal point, the drive toward individuation has lost momentum, while a new trend challenges— toward collectivities of individuals, not merely as gatherings but for inner power. At the Libra stage, he says, these are “forms,” that will grow into power in their Scorpio stage. He quotes Marc Jones in denoting “the dart of wisdom” as a process of perfecting.

SATURDAY, JUNE 23. We’re eager to test newfound knowledge or share our insights with people who are important to us. Don’t be surprised if the conversation leads to a bit of a change in your own point of view. At least be open to allowing that to happen. It could make you feel even more optimistic about your prospects.

Uranus goes retrograde today, at 7:43 am PDT. This “backward,” reflective period will modify the nagging annoyance of its not-yet-perfected quincunx to Saturn, which has pointed up our own internal conflicts between maintaining the responsibilities we have willingly undertaken and making the changes that will make daily routine seem more fulfilling. Over the next several months, we can devote serious thought toward how to meld the two—intuitive, inventive, creative analysis and consideration can most often come up with a workable compromise. This change of direction can call in the helpful vibes of its trine to Mercury to sharpen your wits, and help you recall childhood aspirations and lessons to help in your decision-making. It will tighten its square to Jupiter, so giving close consideration to what “Dad always said” may be rewarding.

On a national level, Uranus at the first moment of its retrograde station sits in the seventh house of face-to-face dealings with others—we need to reconsider policies and procedures in dealing with both allies and enemies. Pallas—wise, efficient, shrewd—is conjunct Uranus to help structure solution; the North Node is nearby, calling it a karmic duty.

SUNDAY, JUNE 24. It’s a foggy morning, literally or figuratively—a good day for recognizing all the things we have to be grateful for, even in the face of disruptions and disappointments. Moon goes Void of Course just after noon, at 12:22 pm and lingers lazily until going into Scorpio at 5:26. As usual, void periods are not a time to try accomplishing much, just tidying up and creating order. But notice that at 2:26, Mars moves on into Taurus, giving the ambience a solid note of practical earthiness for the first time since Sun left Taurus May 21. Moon connects with him first thing off to speed him on with his appointed tasks. We can hope to see more tangible results from our efforts over the next six weeks.

MONDAY, JUNE 25. There’s renewed drive and intensity in our efforts today, particularly those related to our need to reconcile our private and public lives, our need for rest and rejuvenation as opposed to our need to achieve. Moon is exactly trine Mercury, so we feel confident in expressing our thoughts and our emotions honestly and directly, without hostility. She modulates the interaction between Mars and Pluto so we feel in control of our temperament and keen on our ability to exercise our muscles, physically and intellectually.

Today is the day that marks the beginning of the end of the long (since the end of August last year) opposition of Saturn and Neptune, although it remains in effective orb for several months (so don’t expect immediate relief from the itch it has engendered). But our dreams of accomplishment should be becoming more realistic, and our fortitude in aiming toward their realization more substantial. This configuration has been said to accompany “a psychology of despair”—now, at the very least, there should now be a lessening of the widespread depressiveness and negativism that has been so prevalent

The chart for the moment of the exact opposition, set in Washington DC, has 0° Libra rising. It’s heartening to think of Libra as the sign of peace, justice, balance and meaningful negotiation. On the other hand, as Richard Idemon said, “Libra is the sign that will kill to keep the peace” and is known as the most devious of the signs, willing to go to almost any length, “sweep anything under the rug” to maintain the appearance it thinks desirable at any given moment. (By progression, George W. Bush has four planets and Chiron in Libra.)

Both Saturn, as the planet of governing and control, and Neptune. representing both social ideals and behind-the-scenes manipulation, play significant roles in the charts of political leaders. In the past 18 months we have seen innumerable changes in the leadership of countries around the world—not counting the shift in control of our own congress, and more are scheduled. Tony Blair, now leaving his post as Prime Minister after 10 years, has a close Saturn-Neptune conjunction, as does Bill Frist, who was displaced only recently as Senate Majority Leader. But then again, so have John Edwards, Vladimir Putin and Jeb Bush.

The Sabian symbols for the opposition 22° Leo and 22° Aquarius are encouraging: A carrier pigeon fulfilling its mission; spirituality, in terms of training for service to mankind, which Rudhyar relates to the ideal of the “serving the world,” and A rug is placed on the floor of a nursery to allow children to play in comfort and warmth; the warmth of understanding which comes to those who, early in life, are open to new possibilities, of which Rudhyar says, “Man is never left without assistance when eagerly seeking to grow emotionally and spiritually . . . Through warm appreciation of basic opportunities and small comforts, we can safely and happily grow into maturity.”

TUESDAY, JUNE 26. Overall it’s a pretty pleasant day, with just a hint of early morning self-importance to mar easy-going cooperative ventures. Moon sets up a t-square to seal the deal between Saturn and Neptune, and goes void of course at 1:43 pm, so if some of your coworkers’ efforts (or your own?) seem laggardly, it’s to be expected.

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 27. There’s not much that’s new today. Moon went into Sagittarius at 5:24 am Pacific time, so a “don’t fence me in” attitude may show up here and there. She makes no exact aspects all day, although she meets up with Vesta to reaffirm our assessments of what’s most important now. We’re on cruise control.

THURSDAY, JUNE 28. Optimism reigns as Moon conjuncts Jupiter and takes on an overlay of Ceres motherly glances. Sun joins Mercury to keep the intellect and the communication going well. A bit of a fillip, an out-of-the-ordinary off-the-wall encounter enlivens the evening.

FRIDAY, JUNE 29. Facing the workload seems burdensome today, in strong contrast to yesterday we’re acutely aware of how much there is to do. But we do get into it and by 10:07 am, when Moon conjuncts Pluto and goes void, we’ve got it under control. The void period lasts until 3:05 pm PDT, that’s after the close of the workday for many of us, so devote the day to finishing whatever you can and making a tidy schedule for progress Monday morning. Moon trines Mars late tonight, promising a pleasant weekend of enjoying our domestic setup and time with friends or family. It could be pretty romantic.

SATURDAY, JUNE 30. Full Moon in Capricorn—productive, responsible, serious, emotionally controlled. But that does not imply joyless. It’s more a matter of winnowing out the chaff and focusing on what we really cherish. It shores up our pursuit of balance including both our personal lives and our drive toward worldly success and status; and bolsters cooperative use of both objectivity and intuitive perception. It’s a mighty good influence for the time of Venus’ annual meeting with Neptune, when kiting fanciful dreams can get out of hand.

In the nation’s chart for the exact opposition, 9:49 am EDT, Moon again inhabits the fifth house, just as it did for the most recent New Moon. This time, Moon faces Sun and Mercury across the chart, in the eleventh house of ultimate outcomes, the results of fifth house activities—and the results are not yet that satisfying. The mood of the people may be more subdued now, or more somber in the face of escalating death tolls in the Middle East, but it’s still a force for accountability. It’s not that the public has acquiesced, it has merely become more determined to find a way out of the mess.

The Saturn/Neptune opposition dominates the chart, spanning the Ascendant/Descendant axis. It is interesting to note the prominence of those planets in the charts of virtually all of the leading candidates in the 2008 presidential race.

The range of events related to this planetary configuration is too complex to analyze in less than many thousand words. The dichotomy is summed up by British astrologer Penny Thornton: “Saturn and Neptune can blend their principles in a positive way or bring out the worst in each other. The dreams of Neptune can be made real; Saturn’s hard line can be softened. Neptune can erode Saturnian structures that give substance, form and security; Saturn can crush our Neptunian spirit, our hopes and dreams, and ride roughshod over the weak, the poor and the underprivileged.” The outcomes will probably encompass all of the above.

The Sabian symbol for the Moon’s position at 9° Capricorn: An angel carrying a harp; The revelation of the spiritual meaning and purpose at the core of any life situation. For 9° Cancer: A small naked girl bends over a pond trying to catch a fish; The first naïve quest for knowledge and for an ever-elusive understanding of life. Both encourage the use of the innocent and spontaneous mind, with eager curiosity, reaching for answers without preconceived notions of the end results.

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