Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's March 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family.

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A long-lived Jupiter trine Saturn joins the prevailing aspects this month, an indication of a willingness to work diligently, long and hard, toward achieving goals. The Jupiter square to Uranus continues, clearly prescribing change as the only antidote to what ails us, but reminding us too of the good ol’ “baby and the bathwater” adage. Again, the Saturn-Neptune opposition usually dominates the day’s chart—it’s interesting to note that during the last Saturn-Neptune opposition in 1971-72, Nixon started withdrawing troops from Vietnam after a massive anti-war march, and the new Disneyland extension opened in Orlando, Florida.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time. A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)

THURSDAY MARCH 1. A grand trine slides the generous influence of Jupiter down the slopes of this obvious triangle to fun-loving Venus and somber Saturn and, today only, the all-embracing Moon. It’s okay to let your hair down a bit this evening and do something just for fun. Without Moon, the grand trine will persist until Venus moves into Taurus March 17. This evening, Moon, more than normally pleased to be “out there” in the spotlight in Leo, will completely occlude the always conservative rays of Saturn at 6:12 p.m. Pacific time. Moon’s habit of eclipsing Saturn every month through October this year is a hopeful omen in political interpretations, giving the public a possibility of overriding the entrenched policies of the establishment. In your own chart, today looks pretty enjoyable—so long as you don’t let the good times overcome your good judgment.

FRIDAY MARCH 2. Moon is Void of Course from 11:02 am to 1:32. The pleasant trine is still active and soon Moon moves forward far enough to pull Pluto into the grouping, mimicking Saturn’s longstanding trine to that power planet which promotes a sincere effort to get to the bottom of things. Emotions may get pretty intense today, verging on compulsive. But there’s a developing willingness to embrace fundamental changes in our lifestyles and commit the considerable time and slow-but-steady effort to achieve our goals.

SATURDAY MARCH 3. Today’s Total Eclipse of the (Full) Moon (13° Virgo at 3:17 p.m.) is unique because it is at least part of it is visible from every continent in the world. Observers on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. will see the moon partially eclipsed as it rises, on the west coast only the final shadow will be visible; the eclipse is centered over Nigeria and Cameroon, where unrest has been escalating for months, and will be full visible throughout Africa and Europe.

Eclipses always come in pairs, one Lunar, one Solar. The first sets the stage for the long-term changes that will start taking hold when the second arrives about two weeks later.

Timing this Lunar Eclipse for Washington DC makes the continuing triangular pattern dominant. This collaboration of Venus and Saturn, both linked to Jupiter, will continue as an underlying force through the coming week. There appears to be a relatively easy interchange between the established power of a sedate Saturn (perhaps the Senate), even when coming from the obscure twelfth house, to peace-loving Venus on the cusp of the eighth, the house of changes. The dialogue is anchored by Jupiter, who always wants to make everything better.

But that friendly formation is challenged by a newly formed t-square, with Jupiter, which is almost exactly at the bottom of the chart, as the focal point of an opposition from Moon to rebellious Uranus, conjunct the “karmic” North Node. With Jupiter—a referent to the nation’s wealth—serving doubly as a fulcrum, “It’s the economy, stupid” may resurge as a battle cry. We may even hear reverberations from the old movie "Network"—“We're mad as hell and we ain’t gonna take it any more.”

Jupiter also represents the judiciary and the religious community, so the trine may indicate that they show kindly intentions toward traditional conservative views while placating women’s groups and more-restrained efforts toward peace and harmony. The square, however, brings tension between public opinion and the noisiest, most zealous, most Uranian advocates on both sides of an issue.

Moon sits 3° above the horizon, so the eclipse can be read as occurring in the twelfth house, suggesting a need to join an organization—or for organizations to join together! It is also customary to read positions so close to a cusp as occurring in the following house, in this case the first. This would suggest that everybody’s emotions and temperament will be very obvious.

Moon sits in a much more powerful position in the chart than Jupiter, a square away at the nadir. So there’s the nut, that’s the real conflict. Moon (a symbol for the people) is actually in a strong place for challenging Jupiter’s self-assured self-righteousness and condescension. Her opposition to Uranus and the Node becomes exact ahead of both squares to Jupiter. Perhaps there will be surprising support from labor or “the services” (probably the military).

To use the power of the eclipse in your personal life, call on the support of Saturn’s discipline and the sensory understanding of Venus to smooth the challenges you’ll need to meet when Moon’s sensitivity (perhaps newly discovered) has to counter a Uranian need for independence—both egged on by Jupiter’s gregarious and sometimes overblown optimism.

The essence of any square is the need to make the necessary effort to reach the desired objective. I like to use the analogy of seating at a table. In an opposition, the two players are face to face across the table, so it’s easy for each to assess body language and subtle clues that will help them reach a compromise. When two in disagreement are seated at adjoining sides of a table, at 90° angles to each other, each has to shift his viewpoint a little to get full benefit from the information being conveyed. Whoever does the better job of adjusting to an appropriate position has the advantage.

The Sabian symbols offer provocative clues. For the Moon at 13 Virgo:

“A powerful statesman overcomes a state of political hysteria; the focusing of the collective need for order and structural interdependence into a personage who incarnates the answer to this need.”

For the Sun at 13 Pisces:

“An ancient sword, used in many battles, is displayed in a museum; through the effectual use of his will a consecrated man can become a symbol of courage for all those who follow in his footsteps.”

Who will rise to prominence on the waves of this set of eclipses?

It is interesting to note that the previous eclipse at 13° Virgo, in 1988, saw the first multiracial council elections in South Africa, as well as peaceful agreements between Ethiopia and Somalia, Chad and Libya, Egypt and Algeria, Iraq and Iran and the nuclear treaty signed by Reagan and Gorbachev.

SUNDAY MARCH 4. The concurrent trine and t-square described yesterday continue. At 10:56 p.m., Moon goes Void of Course following a square also to Pluto, which is still nagging Mercury a bit, trying to hurry along some direct communication.

MONDAY MARCH 5. Moon enters Libra at 1.25 a.m. Sun conjuncts Uranus at 7:35 a.m., setting the tone for the day. It’s wise to be sure you have Plan B at the ready, and maybe Plan C too. You may find yourself doing or saying things that surprise even yourself. Embracing the long view and go-with-the-flow flexibility are key now.

TUESDAY MARCH 6. Now this is an interesting pattern! The Venus-Jupiter-Saturn trine remains in effect, boxed in by a strong rectangle topped by a gable, making it look almost like a child’s drawing of a house. Moon is trine Chiron, Neptune and Pallas—gathering healing powers, visionary inspiration and intuitive strategic positioning from them. She is also in an easy-going sextile to Jupiter who is linked by the same aspect to Chiron, Neptune, Pallas and Mercury. It appears to be a pretty stable and productive time. The most discordant note in the day is a square between Sun and Jupiter—the not-quite-contained demands of Ego and the powers of law and/or expectations have a lot to come to terms about.

Moon opposes Venus at 10:46 a.m., probably bringing a brief flurry of overindulgence and extravagance. The Saturn-Neptune opposition continues as understructure, an ongoing battle between the tried-and-true and utopian ideals. Just remember the age-old caution that nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Keep on keepin’ on.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 7. Moon briefly trines our denizen of communication and transportation at 5:00 a.m., cheering Mercury on to his change of direction at 8:45 this evening. As Mercury retrograde periods go, this hasn’t been among the worst, but the world certainly could have used more productive input from the lord of communication these past few weeks. Then Moon goes Void of Course at 11:51, taking time for picking up the pieces and organizing the files before her dive into Scorpio at 2:17 this afternoon begins to bring newly impassioned involvement.

THURSDAY MARCH 8. A kite formation focuses the trines of Venus and Saturn to Pluto, and their sextiles to Neptune, on Saturn. This makes that familiar need for compromise between Neptune’s idealism and Saturn’s realism a prime aspect today. Venus reaches her exact trine to Jupiter early this morning, which should augur well for International Women’s Day. About the same time, Moon squares Mars, adding a bit of militancy to women’s arguments for continued strides toward equality and more child-friendly values in the world. By nightfall, Moon is trine Uranus, envisioning wondrous plans for future accomplishments.

FRIDAY MARCH 9. New dynamics are added to yesterday’s tensions. Sun is exactly squared to Jupiter—beware of overreaching. Moon becomes a focal point, exactly squared both Saturn and Neptune while trine Sun. Both Pluto and Jupiter are now tied into the grand trine with Venus and Saturn. Things are popping. Rational proposals and heartfelt desires seem to show chances of coming together; intuitive wisdom serves as intermediary for realism and idealism. Late in the day Moon squares newly invigorated Mercury and goes void at 5:51 p.m. We need the respite.

SATURDAY MARCH 10. Whew! A welcome day off. We get to enjoy a relatively quiet day, even though Moon moves into Sagittarius at 2:37 am. Your only critical chore today may be to remember to set your clocks ahead one hour. Daylight Savings Time begins early this year, at 2 am tomorrow morning.

SUNDAY MARCH 11. Last Quarter Moon at 21 Sag becomes exact at 8:54 p.m. As we work up to it, Moon and Vesta (all of our vested interests) join Jupiter and Pluto to quadruple the grand trine, suggesting a consolidating of efforts toward creating peace, stability and justice by making judicious efforts to advance mutual interests. This is an admonishment to truly listen to the arguments of those who differ with you, not merely hear their voices.

The kite persists, now bisected by quadrupled squares to Sun; the best-laid plans could be undermined by the intrusion of self-interest. It’s critical now to concentrate on the long-range goal rather than immediate gains. Chiron has joined the opposition to Saturn, brightening the potential for resolution. The inquisitive minds represented by Mercury have been probing for effective strategies by picking the shrewd brain of Pallas, who’s collecting transmissions from Juno, a trine away and an expert on the uses of anger in its many forms of manifestation.

MONDAY MARCH 12. Yesterday’s pattern remains the stage for today’s activities, and continues as the structure for most of the coming week. Moon goes Void of Course at 11:27 a.m. with her conjunction to Pluto, leaving a couple of hours open for productive self-analysis. Can you be sure that your point of view is objectively based on achieving a succinctly defined goal? Sun’s quincunx to Saturn could indicate that adjustment, or redefining, is needed. At 1:35 p.m., Moon moves into Capricorn where logic and common sense take precedence over emotionality.

TUESDAY MARCH 13. Little has changed to distinguish today’s celestial vibes. It’s a day for thinking through and analyzing what’s been happening and working on where to go from here.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 14. Mars, who has been “sitting out” all the hullabaloo of recent weeks, has moved in to join Chiron and is now also clearly in opposition to Saturn. Has there been more talk than action? And is that about to change? At 1:21 p.m. Moon glides into a square with Venus, adding a softening note of sentimentality to the foray before going Void of Course. She becomes an Aquarian Moon at 7:52 p.m.

THURSDAY MARCH 15. It’s a quiet day as Moon muses in the manner of an airhead Aquarian, with an always idiosyncratic approach, on the influence and potential of various groups and how those might best be used to further her cause. Some good—and decidedly different—ideas for making progress can be gleaned through mindless meditation. Late tonight, Moon comes up on Mars and Chiron to goad them into putting their muscles where their mouths are. Remember what worked in resolving with prior issues and calculate where resolute assertion can be way more effective than outright aggressiveness.

FRIDAY MARCH 16. Ruckus time! There are ten classical exact aspects today, starting with Moon sextile Jupiter at 4:31 am—indicating that friends understand and can be helpful to each other. The first of five exact contacts for a Jupiter to Saturn trine occurs at 3:44 this afternoon. The set will last through November 2008, and are interpreted as showing an ability to work patiently and perseveringly on practical solutions. At 8:56 p.m., Moon occults Mercury and moodiness or triviality can overwhelm sound judgment.

The other aspects are culminations of the long-lived kite and grand trine patterns, both of which disappear overnight. Moon goes Void of Course with a sextile to Venus at 9:01 p.m. and sails into Pisces at 10:30.

SATURDAY MARCH 17. With all the planets positioned in the latter half of the signs, Moon is uninvolved all day. Venus goes into Taurus at 3:01 p.m. No doubt we’ve felt that influence throughout the day and have been inclined to pamper ourselves.

SUNDAY MARCH 18. A signal day that begins with Moon conjunct Uranus, almost always a promise of surprises. Then Mercury slides into Pisces, on a forward path now but still a bit fuzzy-headed in the ultimate sign’s unbounded vision. Moon is square Jupiter virtually all day, leaving us feeling self-confident and hopeful, perhaps even overreaching, believing in magic.

And then there’s the Solar Eclipse, at 7:43 p.m. Pacific time, accentuating the very end of Pisces — 28°10”. A Solar Eclipse is a very powerful New Moon, a good time for beginnings, not only those that will flower with the coming Full Moon, but long-range projects that can change the course of a life.

The eclipse falls minutes away from the point of security, home and family in the most commonly used chart for the U.S.A.

Moon soon goes void, with a square to Pluto at 8:59 p.m.

The eclipse chart set in Washington DC (10:43 p.m. EDT) has Scorpio rising. There’s nothing wishy-washy about a Scorpio-rising chart, although much of the action in this one happens at the bottom of the wheel. Chiron, Mars, Neptune, Pallas and Mercury are in a huddle in the third house of all the things we take for granted, hatching dreams, schemes and healing measures, concocting plans for action. Uranus and the Node, separated by less than one degree, join Sun/Moon conjunct Ceres in the fourth of roots and foundations.

Moon has drawn the shades on Sun’s brilliance long enough for him to hear the nurturing advice of Ceres, typically focused on the needs of young people and the preservation of their futures. The North Node’s nuzzling up to Uranus suggests that offbeat, futuristic, technological approaches to any problem should be considered as destined.

Overall, the chart pattern looks like a sailboat. Saturn at the top of the wheel casts the plumb lines of a mast across the chart to Mars and Neptune at the bottom. A trine between Pluto and Venus brackets the low-lying congregation of planets, and each of them is sextile Mars/Neptune. Trines from Jupiter and Pluto, nine degrees apart in late Sagittarius, form the sail. Let’s hope it means clear sailing.

The Mars/Saturn opposition can mean frustration. Richard Idemon described it as trying to drive while pressing equally on the accelerator and the brakes. Venus/Pluto combinations can indicate relationship problems or a tendency to deny problem areas. It can also show a need to allow opponents some space—too much crowding, or trying to manipulate with charm, can make matters worse.

The trine from Jupiter to Saturn forms a “leading edge,” a philosophical determination to do things the right way, the best and most beneficial way — even if it takes a long, long time.

The Sabian symbol for 29 Pisces:

“Light breaking into many colors as it passes through a prism.” The analytical power of the mind necessary for the formulation of life processes in their many aspects.

Here we see the importance of noticing details, of valuing the input of each individual, of recognizing that any whole is made up of a multitude of parts. This is quite a challenge in a chart signified by Scorpio’s typical “either/or” this-or-that approach to things—perhaps even more difficult in an atmosphere charged with “you’re either with us or against us.” Careful analysis would show that even wars are ended by compromise (a surrender generally amounts to compromise), no matter how loudly the flag-wavers proclaim it an accomplishment of might.

MONDAY MARCH 19. A quiet day for regrouping and starting to lay out plans. Sun squares Pluto at 3:13 this afternoon, so focus on which old patterns of set behavior need to be addressed first.

TUESDAY MARCH 20. Spring is here. The Vernal Equinox, marked by the Sun’s entrance into Aries at 5:08 p.m., initiates a new season of growth and light. Much of the analysis of the Solar Eclipse chart remains valid in this chart, although the Moon has moved on to generate new aspects. Venus is now comfortably settled in Taurus, urging us to enjoy the sights and sounds, and find an agreeable partner for sharing a special meal.

The kite pattern reappears, linking a fiery grand trine involving Jupiter, Moon and Saturn with Mercury. Again, it’s focused on Saturn, and it looks like the power of communication has finally joined the fray, aiming its arrows of information at the firmly seated obstinance of convention and old habits.

At home, with Sun on the ascendant and Moon in the first house, pride in oneself is a useful stance. The information that can be a valuable tool comes from the unconscious through self-analysis, dredging up material long forgotten. Or perhaps from helpful support from behind the scenes.

In an equinox chart set for Washington DC, Sun has little power, carrying only a waning square from Pluto, a demanding insistence on deep-seated change. Saturn is in the power position, but now marked as the bull’s-eye on a not-too-distant target. Libra rises, the sign of justice, equality and fairness. But Libra has also been called the most devious of the signs, all too willing to parade the appearance of a clean house when in truth the dirt has merely been swept under the rug. Moon and Pluto still trining Pluto warn us to take nothing for granted.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 21. Moon and Venus get together, both tightly linked to Mercury while maintaining their hold on Pluto. There is still much to be gained by reassessing the past and recognizing that any problems you’ve had with self-esteem don’t have a leg to stand on, and probably never did. If self-image doubts have been getting in your way, this is a good time to start dumping them.

THURSDAY MARCH 22. Ooh, ooh! Something’s come up that doesn’t feel too good. First it makes you mad, then depressed, then just ready to run away and ignore the whole trip. Fortunately, Moon goes void just in time, 8:12 am Pacific, and you’ve got ‘til 11:06 when she goes into Gemini to sooth yourself and your ruffled feelings. It looks like worthwhile information, and as the Saturn/Mars opposition becomes exact as 12:33 p.m., you can start gathering clues about what you can do to make it useful. Just remember: accelerator when needed; brakes when appropriate.

All things considered, a relatively laid-back day. With Moon in Gemini, it may be hard to stick to what you’ve started when other things of interest come up. Try to stay focused. There’s backup available over the weekend.

SATURDAY MARCH 24. I don’t think I’ve mention that the Saturn/Neptune opposition that’s been a standout in charts for months has a heavy role in responsibility for the bizarre weather we’ve been having all over the world, especially all the water or lack thereof. It’s top of the chart again today, supported by Moon and Jupiter, and Mars within one degree of its conjunction to Neptune. Rain, at least, seems a safe prediction. Probably major storms somewhere.

On a personal level, you may feel boxed-in by all the things you’re trying to handle. Don’t let some breakaway impulse carry you farther than you intend. Sun/Pluto is still calling you to look at changes you need to wreak in yourself before you concentrate on changing your world or someone in it. Moon opposing Jupiter says a helping hand is offered, or at least a well-considered and carefully phrased request willingly met.

SUNDAY MARCH 25. A Void of Course Moon starts the day (12:57 to 2:29 a.m.), set off by its opposition to Pluto, and then The Mars conjunction to Neptune mid-day. Sun makes a t-square with Moon/Pluto and restlessness sets in.

Your efforts to get something done seem to meet all sorts of resistance, especially if you haven’t been out-front with others about what you’re trying to do, or perhaps even feeding a line to yourself. Clear-cut goals are critical now, and we’ll need to resolve the disparity between what our striving, eager, external personality wants to achieve and pleadings of our inner selves for some comfortable peace and quiet. There appears to be a power struggle between the two today. Maybe we should let ourselves admit that it’s okay to do things “just for fun” as opposed to accomplishment.

MONDAY MARCH 26. An irritable day, with Moon void from 7:36 a.m. until tomorrow morning. While Moon may make no further classic aspects, it carries its exact square to Uranus through the void period, which could make a desert island look pretty appealing.

Meanwhile, it’s picking up the vibes of a Saturn-Uranus quincunx, hinting that you may drive yourself too ceaselessly and then make sudden exasperated moves that do not serve your purpose well.

Finding a willing ear and sharing your concerns, or really listening with empathy to another’s, offers productive breathing space.

TUESDAY MARCH 27. It’s a rerun of yesterday. Moon sulks into Leo at 10:04 a.m. but refuses to have anything to do with anybody else in the Zodiac until she finally trines Sun at 11:52.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 28. Another relatively quiet day, as Moon saunters through a conjunction with Venus, which at least lifts the mood. At the same time, she quincunxes Mercury, bringing a modest change in attitude. Mars is still hanging around with Neptune, stirring up fanciful notions but dissipating energy.

By 9:55, Moon has joined Saturn, once again eclipsing his stern demeanor but renewing resolved to move ahead.

THURSDAY MARCH 29. A cohesive pattern involving all the planets except Sun (using 10° orbs) has developed. As an unaspected planet, in headstrong Aries, Sun may cause us to be preoccupied by ego needs today—or, conversely, more than usually willing to forego personal considerations in the interest of achieving a desired end.

You can feel unappreciated, thanks to an approaching square of Venus to Saturn and Moon still conjunct Saturn, but Venus square Chiron makes that easy to fix or overlook. We may be energetic, excitable or quick-tempered as Moon’s opposition to Mars sets the stage for the whole day. Moon goes Void of Course at 6:23 p.m., until she enters Virgo at 8:27, with her trine Pluto. Pluto is nearly stationary now, making the aspect unusually powerful and probably bringing the emotional intensity to a head and/or an end. Its influence will last through at least tomorrow.

FRIDAY MARCH 30. Again today, there are no exact aspects, because all the planets except Moon are in late degrees. Sun has moved into a wide trine with Saturn, and is gearing up for getting down to business again, fortified by a continuing sextile between Mars and Jupiter. It’s still more talk than action, but unique ideas are a-borning.

SATURDAY MARCH 31. Things are starting to shape up. Sun introduces a grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn, putting some conviction into long-standing efforts once again. Moon creates a t-square as it opposes Mercury and the conjunction of Uranus and the North Node, all squared to Jupiter, heightening a spirit of innovation and service-oriented pursuits. A good day for reviewing and renewing your New Year’s resolution and making it to the gym or at least the exercycle. Venus moves into a t-square as its focal point, collecting the energies of Mars and Neptune opposing Saturn, modeling energy and enthusiasm with inspiration into a workable reality

Most significant of all, Pluto turns retrograde at 3:44 p.m. and remain so until September 7. (See Maya’s March 2003 analysis of Pluto retrograde.) Once again we have opportunity to reevaluate our power and the powers that control our lives. It becomes increasingly important that each of us recognize both our individual power and our collective power when we pool our energies toward a common cause. While I laud the efforts of the multitude of bloggers, groups, and organizations dedicated to opposing the militant behavior of our current administration, think of what they could do if they worked together instead of competing with each other.

Numerologically, this is a “9 year,” a year when each of us is called to appreciate that in our own life we are “the only honest man” and, rather than follow the dictates of a “party line” or social convention, must make decisions based on the sum total of our own experience and education. Therefore, we must constantly strive to increase that education—which is blessedly available and inexpensive through the marvels of the Internet, even if we must travel to the library to access it. But even when we haven’t time for pursuing further education, we can at least focus on exercising our own good common sense to assess all the information that is thrown at us every day. Pluto retrograde gives us this opportunity to realign priorities and strengthen the fabrics of our lives.

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