Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's May 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family.

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By all astrological precepts, May is shaping up to be a memorable month. Two powerful t-squares persist through the first half of the month, buttressed by a handful of lesser ones as the month wears on. T-squares are generally thought to be extremely stressful aspects, bringing together the obvious effects of opposition and the challenging nature of the squares to each end. In reading all astrological forecasts, remember to hold the concepts of these long-lasting outer planet aspects in mind. They can hasten, delay or override daily aspects.

The Saturn-Neptune opposition has been in effect since the middle of last year and will continue to influence our lives through most of this year. It is significantly activated this month. The charts of the Full Moon, the Last Quarter Moon and the New Moon all feature troublesome t-squares with the Sun and/or the Moon triggering the characteristics of this opposition. Its effects encompass a wide range of possibilities, in every case winnowing down to the need to productively incorporate highly disparate qualities into our behavior. Saturn represents the long view of experience, the tried-and-true, self-discipline and limitations. Neptune epitomizes our efforts to make our worldview seem rosier than it may actually be, to hope for more and better. Neptune’s vaguely seen aspirations are commonly expressed in the arts and in daydreams, escapism and fantasies. Saturn’s no-nonsense determination exhibits itself in structural considerations and rules. Blending the two is never easy.

British astrologer Penny Thornton says,

“The conjunctions and oppositions of Saturn and Neptune play a huge part in the evolution of wars (often their endings), the fall of governments and the demise of leaders and rulers.”

Jessica Murray has wrought a fine overview of other inclinations of this ongoing dichotomy in last month’s Daykeeper.

The conjunction of Mars to Uranus is strongly in effect. Respected astrologer Robert Hand says

“No other transit is more conducive to sudden upsets, rash behavior and surprising incidents.”

Mars is always in favor of definitive action—now! Uranus epitomizes no holding back, charge into the future, me first and the devil be damned. On a personal level, beware of rash action. On a societal level, be forewarned. And the two are square to Jupiter—if we haven’t seen the effects of this dramatic pattern in the past week, surely we will soon.

Jupiter exactly squares Uranus for the second time of three (it does it again late September, early October). A perceptive though anonymous astrologer, posted merely as “the know-it-all astrologer,” sums it up:

“Unexpected, seemingly random and sometimes chaotic events will be woven together with incredible opportunities and good fortune. Uranus loves change and Jupiter loves growth.”

Venus opposes Pluto, usually a brief transit that in itself can mean little—an intense moment in our romantic life or a short-term budgetary crisis. This month, however, they pull the Mars-Uranus partnership into the act, adding a compulsive urgency to act on the desires—good, bad or indifferent—that plague us.

And to cap it all, In the U.S. we have a Blue Moon. There are two Full Moons this month, one on May 2, another on the May 31. Compared to the other important moon-phase charts this month, the Blue Moon chart is blessedly benign. But Sun-Moon form a grand cross with the Nodes— the karmic points in any chart—suggesting that by the end of the month, we’ll have learned some very important lessons.

The U.S. chart, which has experienced enough stress with Pluto transiting the first house, now has Jupiter square and Uranus opposing its directed Pluto. However it plays out, I suspect that May 2007 will prove to be among the most uncomfortable periods of George Bush’s troubled tenure, and equally disagreeable for many in his regime.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Daylight Time.

A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)


TUESDAY, MAY 1. May Day rings in on a Void of Course Moon, catching only the end of the void period on the east coast. The void period begins with an exact sextile to Pluto at 1:07 am Pacific Daylight Time. Moon moves into Scorpio at 3:41 am, but makes no further exact aspects throughout the day. We can nonetheless call on two cooperative liaisons: Venus and Neptune, conspiring to blend values and ideals in creative ways—and Jupiter and Saturn, two heavies who can work wonders when they put their skills together in a pragmatic combination of optimism and restraint.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 2. Moon becomes exactly Full at 3:09 am, shortly after she opposes Mercury. It’s a good day for analyzing our feelings, a great time for journal work. If you’ve been in sync with the Moon cycle, you’ve been tidying up your surroundings since the last New Moon. This intense Scorpio Moon can dig into sensitive issues and longings that have been buried for years. Find time today, probably best this evening, to air them out, discard most and put some luster back into the ones that still seem to have relevance. A caveat: it’s mostly a do-it-yourself project. Don’t try to rope anyone else into helping just now, and be especially careful to avoid guilt trips and jealousy jags. In serious discussions with others, remember that your emotional attachments (or those of others) could outweigh rational reasoning, and be prepared to make allowances.

Setting the Full Moon chart in Washington DC puts Moon in Scorpio opposing Sun-Mercury in Taurus squarely across the middle, with the Moon on the descendant, emphasizing the people’s discontent with their leadership. Saturn is widely squared to both, a stern teacher demanding discipline and strict observation of acknowledged rules— the most significant of four powerful t-squares in this chart, this one mobilizing the areas of national identity, homeland security and our nation’s interactions with others. The same houses will be activated by an even more powerful t-square at the time of the Last Quarter Moon next week.

The volatile Mars-Uranus conjunction squares Venus, and forms t-squares with both Jupiter-Vesta and Pluto. These stressful aspects amplify concerns about our substance and financial well-being, as well as multinational corporations and our international debt, with the burden falling on Congress. The first t-square hints at surprises related to public investments. The other may be more violent and/or more morbid, with Pluto and its connotations of death located in the eighth, the house of “mortality, mourning and assassinations.”

By evening, Moon squares the Saturn-Neptune opposition, bringing the drama of this long-lasting aspect into high focus again for the next several days, a plotline that will be repeated with the Last Quarter Moon and New Moon. Whatever the details, personally or nationally, the need is to create an alliance between hard facts and cherished ambitions, however pie-in-the-sky they may be. Generally it’s the ambitions that must be modified, or at least the timelines for achieving them. We can look to other aspects in our attempt to discern which potentials are most apt to be activated now. Moon’s trine to Mars-Uranus adds weight to the t-cross it forms with Venus and Jupiter. Guard against impulsively overextending yourself, or be prepared for arguments revolving around budgets and extravagance. Nationally, it suggests escalated hassles over the costs of aggression; there may be definitive news about the budget for the Iraq war.

A persistent quincunx between the Mars-Uranus conjunction and Saturn calls for adjustment and innovation in dealing with heavy responsibilities. You may need to analyze whether all the responsibilities you’ve assumed are truly yours or truly necessary. Nationally, the military may show even less support for the policies currently being pursued.

The strength of Mercury, conjunct Sun and almost exactly on the ascendant, is a hopeful note. We may learn more now about just what kinds of advanced technology and extraordinary methods were anticipated in the call for a surge in troops. There may be public outcry about the many permanent military bases and the massive embassy being constructed in Iraq. In personal imbroglios, meaningful communication offers a way out.

The Sabian symbol for 12 Scorpio: An official embassy ball: Group consciousness as it flowers at the highest level in cultural interchanges between representatives of the elite of the ruling class.

“What is evoked,” says Dane Rudhyar, in his Astrological Mandala, “is the value of meeting other people at the highest possible level of cultural interplay . . . an essential feature in the development of rhythmic give-and-take in order to achieve global peace.”

Moon goes void on an enervating square to Neptune at 11:43 pm Pacific time.

THURSDAY MAY 3. For most of us, the day starts with a Void of Course Moon, and after moving into Sagittarius at 3:48 pm, she makes no traditional aspects until Saturday. Nonetheless, midday Moon moves into a quincunx with Venus, exacerbating all difficulties with values and financial issues, along with matters of appropriate appearances. What looks good or bad could usurp more important dialogue. Worries about expenditures continue and each of us may encounter image problems today. Our nation may especially experience a further fall from grace in the eyes of the world. Or, hopefully, since aspects are known to operate on either end of the scale of possibilities, perhaps we can do something to redeem a damaged reputation.

FRIDAY, MAY 4. Another day with no traditional aspects, which as a general rule augurs a relatively quiet day. But Sun is exactly sesquiquadrate Pluto. This minor aspect, a square and a half, has been known to exert some powerful effects, and in this case could nudge Pluto’s incessant call for change. The awareness of the need has been growing, as Pluto strives to utilize all the understanding and adventurous impulse of Sagittarius before it leaves the sign late this year. (Could it be that even our prez is finally hearing the call?)

If you personally have been toying with the idea of making a major change in your lifestyle, study the situation carefully today. It may be time to go for it. With Jupiter retrograde, the chances of overstepping bounds are lessened.

SATURDAY, MAY 5. El Cinco de Mayo is rife with aspects. There’ll be celebrations, for sure. And some important decisions. Before many of us are out of bed, Moon hooks up with Mercury, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter. Caution to the winds, “I gotta be me.” We should at the very least be able to count on some exhilarating dreams. Our mental abilities take a self-oriented stand early in the day, and we’re soon ready to start working on making at least one of our dreams or visions become a reality—or at least begin to lay sensible plans for doing so. We know it’s not an overnight objective, and that we have to commit to the long haul. Still, we’re reminded again of the obstacles by late afternoon. After a relatively short-lived hit of negativity, we rebound to enjoy our visionary plotting. By the time Moon meets up with Pluto and goes void in the middle of the night (11:45 pm PDT), we all should know a great deal more about what we really and truly want, and what we can do about that.

SUNDAY, MAY 6. Go with the flow today. Moon slides into Capricorn at 2:21 am, assuming a results-oriented rationality and a determination to achieve. The alliance of Jupiter and Saturn that’s been building for months becomes exact for the second time today and remains in full force for another month or so. The effects of these two energies can add substance to our scheming—and don’t for a minute think that scheming is necessarily negative. A schematic is a blueprint, a detailed, well-organized plan. Jupiter encourages far-reaching vision and the ability to grasp every opportunity; Saturn recognizes limitations and restrictions. Working together, they can accomplish wonders.

Venus has been building an opposition to Pluto for a week or so, bringing a compulsive drive toward satisfying our most insistent desires. It too becomes exact late today, and since Venus still squares Mars, we may make some concerted effort to actualize our wishes— particularly those that relate to our home life and security. Or, we may simply “go for it” in satisfying a sweet tooth.

The Venus-Pluto opposition dominates today’s chart. Could this be an indication that a woman will be announced winner of yesterday’s presidential election in France? The odds aren’t bad. If so, it might prove an influence on next year’s U.S. elections. In any case, the new leadership will mean a significant change, affecting international politics. Which astrologers predicted, before Chirac announced his decision not to run again, when Pluto transited Saturn in 2004.

Mars is square that opposition, still carrying the rebellious influence of its recent conjunction with Uranus, which could bring about some belligerence. On a personal level, this aspect might make things a bit intense in your love life, or point out your extravagant attention to other kinds of personal desires. Remember that it’s a short-lived transit.

TUESDAY, MAY 8. Venus moved into Cancer just after midnight and minutes later, at 12:34 am, Moon goes void on a sextile to Mars, perhaps signaling action-packed dreaming.

By mid-morning, 10:48 am, Moon glides into Aquarius. Sun sextiles Uranus, giving us opportunity to remove or at least lighten up some restrictions that have been frustrating our forward progress. It may be that you’ll acquire or learn to use some new-to-you technological goodie that will prove quite useful. Sun also develops a quincunx to Jupiter, which could make you question your ability to master this marvel, so along with being patient and persistent, you may want to look for a mentor.

Since in a national chart, Sun is symbolic of our leader, we may expect another example of an off-the-wall proclamation or espousal of a bizarre self-righteous position, once again related to the nation’s security needs.

TUESDAY, MAY 8. Venus moved into Cancer just after midnight and minutes later, at 12:34 am, Moon goes void on a sextile to Mars, perhaps signaling action-packed dreaming.

By mid-morning, 10:48 am, Moon glides into Aquarius. Sun sextiles Uranus, giving us opportunity to remove or at least lighten up some restrictions that have been frustrating our forward progress. It may be that you'll acquire or learn to use some new-to-you technological goodie that will prove quite useful. Sun also develops a quincunx to Jupiter, which could make you question your ability to master this marvel, so along with being patient and persistent, you may want to look for a mentor.

Since in a national chart, Sun is symbolic of our leader, we may expect another example of an off-the-wall proclamation or espousal of a bizarre self-righteous position, once again related to the nation's security needs.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 9 and THURSDAY, MAY 10. Wednesday starts off as one of those “nose to the grindstone days” and doesn't lighten up much as the day goes on. Energy may be low and there's just too much to be done. New responsibilities are quite apt to be added to the list. Taking the time to check all plans of action and get better organized can help. This is a peak time for issues that have been building for more than a year, so stay alert.

The Last Quarter Moon, exact at 9:27 pm PDT (12:27 am Thursday in Washington DC) finds Moon conjuncting Neptune, further heightening the tension of its opposition to Saturn—with Sun forming a t-square to that opposition, a provocative pattern that will hold for several days. We can expect during this time period to get rather obvious examples of the meaning of that opposition, in our personal lives and in the greater world. In all instances, it calls for concerted effort to blend the feuding insistencies of the real and the imagined.

In a chart set for Washington DC at the time of the Quarter Moon, Saturn is located in the house of wars and treaties, enemies and alliances, bringing responsibility to the fore. Neptune sits across the chart in the all-important first house, signifying the self, the personality, the image—and it tends to blur focus and self-awareness. Sun harasses both, asserting its ego demands, from the fourth house of security, family values and cherished traditions. This t-square is activated again, even more potently, in the New Moon chart of May 16. It is not surprising that the chart of our president shows his contemporary ascendant conjunct his Neptune, and the delusional qualities of his pronouncements could be even more apparent at this time.

At the same time, the t-square of Mars, Venus and Pluto remains in force. In the Washington chart, this activates the houses of secrets and conspiracies, of monetary and social values and of the military as well as the health industry and political coalitions. Our economy needs serious attention, a revision of budgetary priorities and an overhaul of the ways our tax moneys are spent by the lights in the Pentagon. In your own life, be sure you're being upfront with yourself about your checkbook and your physical well-being.

Moon goes Void of Course on its exact meeting with Neptune at 2:27 pm PDT Thursday. This emotional but abstruse combo resonates strongly for awhile as she moves on into Pisces at 4:32. By evening, the square of Jupiter and Uranus becomes exact for the second time, again accentuating desires to be free of restrictions and making overconfidence likely, again underwriting those who would strike out against the system.

The good news is that all the action is contained within that beneficent trine of Jupiter and Saturn—Jupiter looking for the best possible outcome in every incident, Saturn keeping an eye on the logistics that can make things work.

The Sabian symbol for 20° Aquarius: A large white dove bearing a message. The answer of spiritual agencies to thorough, sustained and victorious individual efforts.

Rudhyar writes, “Every spiritual step a man takes in his development is the result of a victory over forces of inertia and destruction . . . the white dove always signifies peace.” In all conscience, I could not predict “peace” on a general level, but we can believe that, well used, these aspects could at least lead to major gains in that direction.

FRIDAY, MAY 11. Mercury comes back to its home in Gemini so, while thinking may be somewhat less stubbornly insistent on immediately tangible results, at least some of the brain-fog disperses. Late tonight Moon eclipses Uranus, so we may start the morrow feeling strongly underwhelmed and overly emotional.

SATURDAY, MAY 12. It's a relatively quiet day, pulling together the odds and ends, picking up the pieces, taking time out to rejuvenate. Late afternoon brings a small surge of energy but it lasts only about an hour. Then Moon goes void on a square to Pluto at 4:53 pm and we're antsy again, trying to figure it all out. In interactions with others, take care not to be manipulative, or manipulated. At 7:19, Moon moves into Aries.

Moon makes an exact quincunx with Saturn, adding energy to a Uranus-Saturn quincunx that will last well into next month. This nagging aspect heightens the tensions between the demands of individual recognition and the established structures of society. It first became exact in the midst of the accusations following Hurricane Katrina as victimized citizens sought help from government agencies. It made its second contact at the time of the Korean nuclear hullabaloo, which saw a tiny nation seeking international recognition finally reduced to shooting at its own people. It made its final exact juncture at the end of July 2006, at the height of the Hezbollah-Israeli crisis in which a democratically elected leadership that lacks the approval of the U.S. was provoked into retaliation against a U.S. ally. Then the planets' retrograde periods diminished its potency. It regained strength from mid-March as Saturn's motion slowed and turned direct April 19, its stationary period marked by horrific bloodshed. Today marks its closest contact until 2012, less than half-degree from exact.

SUNDAY, MAY 13. Happy Mother's Day. Moon's early morning square to Venus is a happy aspect for such an occasion—pleasant, sociable, eager to please. Sadly, it could easily be overshadowed by Mars exactly square to Pluto, a tension-laden aspect that can sense power struggles even where they don't exist, or create them just to keep the adrenaline going. It could elicit another crux in international warfare. At home, we're all apt to encounter challenges to our ego energies, and we all should be careful that we don't trigger someone's rage. If you notice the temper rising is your own, find some constructive, challenging work —preferably physical labor—and amaze yourself with how much you accomplish. Or let off steam in some aerobic activity. Around bedtime, Moon trines Jupiter, which lightens up the atmosphere.

MONDAY, MAY 14. Patience and persistence are on your team again as Moon trines Saturn to start the day. It's a day for “learning by doing,” and you may come up with such good results you'll feel inclined to take the course and find how it's really supposed to be done. You feel confident in your ability to deal with whatever comes, and an unusually strong note of sympathy and caring makes you a joy to be around. Someone may even declare you “absolutely psychic” because you're so swift at picking up what others are feeling today. Moon goes Void of Course on its trine to Pluto at 5:24 pm. In the couple of hours before she goes into Taurus at 7:48, you may want to ruminate on some of the “secrets” you've stumbled across today.


Patience and persistence are on your team again as Moon trines Saturn to start the day. It's a day for “learning by doing,” and you may come up with such good results you'll feel inclined to take the course and find how it's really supposed to be done. You feel confident in your ability to deal with whatever comes, and an unusually strong note of sympathy and caring makes you a joy to be around. Someone may even declare you “absolutely psychic” because you're so swift at picking up what others are feeling today. Moon goes Void of Course on its trine to Pluto at 5:24 pm. In the couple of hours before she goes into Taurus at 7:48, you may want to ruminate on some of the “secrets” you've stumbled across today.


Mars gains renewed muscle as it moves into its home sign of Aries at 7:06 am. As the symbol of energy in all its manifest forms, Mars is never at its best in Pisces, the most passive of signs. Since April 6, Martian assertiveness has felt a bit like trying to wrestle in a boxcar filled with cotton. It's hard to get a foothold. But look out now, on home ground Mars' impulse is to take action, start fresh, get things done, with no hanging back to deliberate on methodology. We've got a little over a month of that ahead.


Moon is Void of Course much of the day, going void with the New Moon conjunction to the Sun, entering Gemini seven hours and seven minutes later.

The New Moon, exact in Washington DC at 3:27 pm, at 25°33 Taurus, reinforces the patterns that coalesced with the Full Moon two weeks ago, and all of the effects suggested there still hold. Sun-Moon together serve as focal point for the Saturn-Neptune opposition; Sun will hold the pattern for several days, a period that holds the potential of being a turning point.

Positioned exactly on the cusp of the ninth house, the duo heads into understanding and codifying the strengthening drive toward change that has accumulated through the previous month's transits. The two Lights, acting together, transmit powerful energy to rejuvenate Saturn in its weakened position in Leo, where its strong morals and ethics all too often get short shrift, and to add spunk to Neptune, solidifying his usually nebulous notions of the humanitarian ideals that surround him in Aquarius—urging each of us to take a personal stand in favor of individual rights for all.

We can use this aspect to firm up the self-discipline that has probably been flaccid the past couple of years, and to reaffirm our commitments to honor the life of our planet by not squandering her resources. The dynamic duo projects across the chart to the cusp of the third, to prompt us to pull our own strong values into our daily lives.

The corollary t-square in this chart finds the forming opposition of Mercury and Jupiter squared by Uranus. A time for big plans or gratifying progress in long-term projects, with a caution to pay attention to details and avoid overdoing anything. And don't be too hasty. New information may come in more quickly than it can be assimilated, so be sure you have a good filing system. Speaking before thinking is common; tact is called for in many instances; and it's probably a good time to seek legal advice if you see any need for it. Travel may be disrupted, and patience is demanded when it's in short supply. Some far-out ideas may have merit that will take a while to see, but if they concern finances they're more likely to be as dependable as gambling. And we all know the odds of coming out ahead when gambling are pretty slim.

It's not difficult at all to apply the above to our legislators as well as to our personal lives. The power of this aspect is reflected from the sixth house (health, employment, the military, civil servants) to the twelfth of insurrections and “closet cleaning,” drawing on everything we've taken for granted and all we've learned from experience.

The Jupiter-Saturn trine again contains the action, offering a foundation for positive results.

The Sabian symbol for 26° Taurus: A Spanish gallant serenades his beloved. The ritualization of individual desires. Rudhyar notes: It reveals the individual human being making use of his personal status to find fulfillment and a sense of social identity.

THURSDAY, MAY 17. A rather quiet day. Moon conjuncts Mercury and later opposes Jupiter, adding its memories and intuitive input to the t-square from Uranus described above. Sun maintains the Saturn-Neptune t-square for another day or two, stretching the opportunities for encompassing empathy in setting rules and realism is pursuing dreams.

FRIDAY, MAY 18. Moon opposes Jupiter to start the day. That opposition sits sextile to the ongoing Saturn-Neptune aspect, so once again we have a chart dominated by a Mystic Rectangle. I don't know why it's called Mystic but, always containing two oppositions, two sextiles and two trines of the same polarity, it is interesting. This time it's a masculine pattern, linking fire and air, calling for immediate decisions and direct action. Moon trines Neptune in this configuration, bolstering empathy, sympathy and creativity. Moon goes void on its opposition to Pluto at 5:57, and may carry nagging codas from the subconscious or intensify dealings with others even after it goes into Cancer at 8:38.

SATURDAY, MAY 19. Mercury starts moving in to continue the Mystic Rectangle for the coming week. The Cancer Moon squares Mars, and we just want to snuggle, nestling and nurturing and ignoring the world. The impulse is strengthened when she meets up with Venus this evening and we may have the opportunity. But, Sun forms a quincunx to Pluto, again adding substance to the worrisome Jupiter-Uranus quincunx. International crises and governmental snafus seem unceasing. Mercury's opposition to Jupiter becomes exact late tonight, so there may be big news tomorrow. Or you just may have to force yourself to pay attention to details.

SUNDAY, MAY 20. It's a dreamy or dreamlike day, as both Moon and Venus are happily linked to Uranus and Neptune. It may become adventurous. Or it could be pretty romantic, if you're careful to check a trigger temper. Or you could just drift about in a fog. Whether you find it in your life or a movie, it's a day for inventive imaginings, a real boon for the artistic. At the least, it's an enjoyable interlude with little lasting effect.

MONDAY, MAY 21. There's an eleven-minute predawn void period (12:46 to 12:57 am) before Moon goes into Leo. Then Sun moves into Gemini at 3:12 am. Newness is in the air. The Rectangle persists. A Finger of God yod appears as both Sun and Moon are exactly five signs' distance from Pluto, pulling the big guy's power down to fortify foundations and efforts to build solid beginnings. We're enthused by the prospects of achieving something worthwhile. Venus provides support with a similar aspect to Jupiter, which can help with gathering and managing the resources to do the job well. Mercury is the kicker, linked to Uranus to offer grand and extraordinary ideas and suggestions, which may or may not be feasible. Don't make any hasty decisions without double-checking the facts.

TUESDAY, MAY 22. We're feeling expansive but cautious, a wise way to pursue almost any course of action. Otherwise, the day continues the ideas and efforts set in motion yesterday. We're in an upbeat mode most of the day, enjoying the unusual events and activity, but by late afternoon the mood becomes more somber and our enthusiasm wanes. Maybe we're just tired.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 23. Moon's Void of Course early today, from 6:08 am until she enters Virgo at 9:26 am. The First Quarter Moon at 2°21 Virgo is exact at 2:02 pm PDT.

Relocating the chart to Washington DC puts Moon newly into the eleventh house, representing Congress in this type of astrology and long-term hopes and goals in all astrology. Moon is considered to represent the mood of the public, so it appears that our legislators are paying attention. Sun, symbol of government leadership and national identity, is newly into the eighth house of major changes and transformations, which is also known as the locus of far-flung financial interests and of the “death of things held dear.” Venus sits as mediator exactly halfway between them (I can't help seeing this as Nancy Pelosi), harassed by a challenging inconjunct (another name for quincunx) from Jupiter-Supreme Court judges? Attorney general? Religious right?

On a personal level, we'll need to stand firm with our own values and beliefs, insisting on rational explanations of actions and motivations that seem undependable, and to be open to modifying our stand if the information received warrants such a change. Some of what we hear may not be to our liking, some may not be kindly phrased, but we are challenged to give it an objective hearing, careful analysis and judicious appraisal. Growth is not possible without persistent change and evolution in what we consider to be most important.

I rarely pay much attention to the asteroids and points, but when one is located in an exceptionally powerful position or aspect, it seems advisable. Here we have two.

Ceres, the great Mother, our caretaker, sits two degrees from the Descendant, the Point of Others. The well-being of others should be a primary concern now. What have we as a nation done to take care of the people whose homes, infrastructure, lives we have decimated by our reckless war? How can we do more to take care of the 20+ percent of American children who live in poverty? How can we more attentive parents and partners, neighbors and friends?

Lilith, the Dark Moon, is exactly exact on the Ascendant, a mere 10 minutes past the Point of Self. I'll quote Joëlle de Gravelaine in "Lilith und das Loslassen", Astrologie Heute Nr. 23:

During my years of astrological practice, I have come to use the Dark Moon in all my chart analyses, as a complement to interpreting the Moon. The Dark Moon describes our relationship to the absolute, to sacrifice as such, and shows how we let go. In transit, the Dark Moon indicates some form of castration or frustration, frequently in the areas of desire, a powerlessness of the psyche, or a general inhibition. On the other hand, it shows where we question ourselves, our lives, our jobs, and our beliefs. I feel this is important, since it gives us the opportunity to "let go" of something. The Dark Moon shows where we can let the Whole flow into ourselves, without putting an "I" in the way, without putting up a wall in the form of ego. At the same time, it doesn't indicate passivity—on the contrary—it symbolizes the firm will to be open and trusting, to let the Greater World flow through one, relying entirely on the great laws of the universe, on that which we name God. To prepare us for this opening, the Dark Moon creates a necessary void.

The Sabian symbol for 3° Virgo: Two guardian angels. Invisible help and protection in times of crisis. It is a time to adhere strongly to one's faith, be it only faith that the sun will come up tomorrow, that spring will follow winter.

Rudhyar says, “Man is surrounded by spirit as fish by water. . . . By being aware of the presence and sustaining power a man may avoid the desperate feeling of aloneness and alienation.”

THURSDAY, MAY 24. Mercury in his own house, Neptune in his, work together to bring inspiration, supported by the long-lasting cooperative moods of Jupiter and Saturn. It may take a few days for the ideas they generate to coalesce into a clearly seen concept, but by Sunday it may seem positively transformative. Neptune turns retrograde at 6:10 pm, giving us opportunity (through the end of October), to review, renew and refine the things we have been hoping to do to make our lives more agreeable. This is a great period for dreamwork or journaling to distill random thoughts into cohesive patterns that can be made useful. The downside is that, if you're fighting any kind of addictive behavior, you may have to be even more conscientious and purposeful over the next few months.

Moon and Mars try to work out their differences today, prompting us to be nonjudgmental and less concerned about others' opinions. Keep your cool late this evening when Moon is directly in Uranus' sightline.

FRIDAY, MAY 25. Jupiter is square to the Moon-Uranus opposition. Allowing an 8° orb, Jupiter is also opposing Mercury, forming a Grand Square—a volatile aspect. Flare-ups are highly likely, on an individual basis, in business situations and in international relations. No one can tolerate any kinds of restriction today, claims can become grandiose, disagreements can seem a matter of pure contrariness. The Mystic Rectangle remains, Venus and Neptune (the sentimental female and the artist) trying to placate; Saturn and Pluto (the boss and the power behind the scenes) trying to discipline or take control to ease the tensions.

Moon goes void on square to Pluto at 5:43 this evening, amplifying the emotional nature of this setup to an almost surreal degree before she moves on into Libra at 9:16.

SATURDAY, MAY 26. Not the best planetary setting for a holiday weekend. It may take some doing to keep sociable outings sociable. Yesterday's patterns continue to influence most of the day. The effects are milder, but the grumbling continues. By late afternoon, when Moon opposes Mars, things could get a bit childish and emotionally based relationships may suffer. A female who knows all too well how to push your buttons may do so, or the perpetrator may be you yourself. Kindly vibes in the sky aim for pulling the punches, but it doesn't really ease up until morning. It might be a good day to spend a lot of time by yourself, searching for the real causes of all the discomfort.

SUNDAY, MAY 27. Moon and Jupiter start the day calling for compromise, setting the stage for good results from Mercury's confrontation with Pluto at 8:12 am. This may mean you've uncovered the motivations behind all the histrionics. On the other hand, it could mean compulsive adherence to one singular point of view in spite of all reason. In either case, it should be better by dinnertime. Overall, today's is the least stressful chart so far this month.

MONDAY, MAY 28. Ah! “Easy aspects" today. Moon is void from 9:17 am, carrying the cooperative communication vibes of her trines to Mercury and Neptune, into her move into Scorpio at 10:11. Mars is setting up a second Grand Trine with Jupiter and Saturn that will hold through the first half of next month. We've mentioned the beneficial potential of the synergy of these two, but adding the energy planet should make all that even more meaningful.

Mercury moves into Cancer at 5:56 this evening.

TUESDAY, MAY 29. That Grand Trine is amplified by Moon's sextile to Mars, allowing you to take the initiative with others' assent. Mercury is still opposing Pluto —in the words of Robert Hand, “A good time for getting to the bottom of any problem.” It's still trine both Moon and Neptune, which helps with both listening and being heard and tosses a strong measure of intuition into the process.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30. Moon is trine Uranus overnight, so you may wake up with some innovative insights. Moon's early squares to Saturn and Neptune may make it hard to get up and get going. She soon pulls Venus into a second Grand Trine, at 10:11 am, to make this a pretty pleasant day. Since the void period lasts until bedtime, 10:07 p.m., it's best to stick to “finishing up” rather than starting new projects if you want this to be a productive day.

THURSDAY, MAY 31. Our Full Moon, at 10°12 Sagittarius at 9:04 pm in Washington DC, is acknowledged as a “Blue Moon” because it is the second Full Moon in this calendar month, not because it will look blue (unless we've had a major volcanic eruption). Because of time zones, in Europe the moon is full tomorrow, and this year's Blue Moon will occur June 30. In New Zealand, July is the Blue Moon month.

The meaning of the “once in a blue moon” phrase refers to something so rare as to be virtually impossible. Astronomically, blue moons occur roughly every three years. It's rather interesting that the definition of Blue Moon currently used was established by mistake in 1946, when an article in Sky & Telescope magazine misquoted the Farmer's Almanac and the error was perpetuated by several sources. The error has frequently been corrected, but since it is easier to understand than earlier meanings, it has stuck with us. Before 1946, the term appeared to refer to a fourth Full Moon that fell in any one of the seasons defined by the solstices and equinoxes. A definition that seems reasonable, but hasn't been thoroughly researched, says it occurs when a second Full Moons falls in the same zodiacal sign in one year— that would be the second Cancer Full Moon in December of this year.

In any case, it makes little difference in astrological interpretation: a Blue Moon influences much the same as any other Full Moon. In Vedic traditions, because blue is the color of Krishna's skin, it's thought to be an important time, especially potent for prayer and meditation.

This Full Moon chart is dominated by the continuing helpful Grand Trine, doubled by Moon's contact with Jupiter. Here we see positive assertive energy used with courage and confidence; a sober realistic point of view used with patience, persistence and foresight; and reserve strength and vigor. Saturn is beginning to form a trine also with Pluto, pulling in the ability to be more effective by probing beyond surface appearance.

Jupiter is starting to pull in the expertise of his favorite daughter, Pallas, signifying smart, strong, shrewd and powerful women. Demetra George says of Pallas,

“She represents the force of nature that brings new life into being, the raw energy that underlies aliveness. As her father's daughter, she executes his will, using that force for the good of society. Administering justice, she is able to discern the truth amid tumultuous emotions. Healing illness, she diverts the life force back into the proper channels. As a weaver and potter, she uses cleverness and dexterity to turn raw materials into useful objects.”

The Sun-Moon opposition also squares the Moon's Nodes, the “karmic points,” putting the Virgo-Pisces axis into high focus. One astrological theory sees the nodes as a vertical axis, with the North Node as the highest point of the chart. This would indicate discriminating use of our accumulated skills to achieve spiritual wholeness, and an ability to rely on intuition and approach our problems with creativity.

The DC Full Moon chart nearly mimics the wheel of the U.S. Sibly chart, with 19° Sag rising (as opposed to 12°), with the Sun-Moon opposition in the sixth and twelfth, the nodes in the third and ninth— mutable houses, mutable signs in all cases, surely symptomatic of transition from one state of being to another.

The Sabian symbol for 11° Gemini: Newly opened lands offer the pioneer new opportunities for experience. The power and joy of new beginnings. Rudhyar defines the newly opened lands as “any as yet unexperienced field of potential activity—material, mental, emotional or supernatural.”

The symbol for 11° Sagittarius: In the left section of an archaic temple, a lamp burns in a container shaped like a human body. The value of the return to the body advocated by modern thinkers in order to balance the stress on intellectuality and objective consciousness. Rudhyar says this refers to “the process of deconditioning a consciousness that has become prisoner of intellectual concepts with total reliance on quantitative values, objectivity and conformity to the official patterns of our culture”—and obvious encouragement to heed your intuition and go with your gut.

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