Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's March 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family.

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April begins with Moon square newly retrograde Pluto, a setting for intensive investigative work, and research into the motivations of ourselves and others. Persistent Saturn, essentially stationary in readiness for its change of direction on the 20th, is still in opposition to Neptune. We can expect a continuation of erratic weather patterns; conflicts between the known, practical course of action and more visionary approaches to finding solutions; and the need to blend caution and escapist inclinations. Well over half of the daily charts feature a highly visible grand trine, a planetary pattern that is expected to move things easily along. Although the players change, the placement of planets at equidistant points one-third of the way around the circle is always considered to be a positive omen. An ongoing quincunx, an aspect that demands alteration of original intentions, binds Saturn to Uranus—meaning each of us must maintain our sense of humor, especially the ability to laugh at oneself and not take the “I gotta be me” qualities of Uranus too seriously.

(Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time. A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.)

SUNDAY, APRIL 1. The Fool As Trickster (Mercury) is at the top of the chart today, so a giggle or a startle is in the cards as Mercury conjuncts Uranus, but the overall effect is minor. Moon moves into Libra at 8:43, after having been void since 6:37 this morning. The most long-lived grand trine is apparent, promoting easy assimilation of personal ambitions and self-control along with generosity and gregariousness

A little help from friends, and a hearty push from a partner, can help ground our efforts to put substance into inspired ideas, as go-for-it Jupiter and the ego of Sun team up with steady-as-a-rock Saturn in a fiery grand trine that will last through mid-month. Let your optimism be your leader now, with common sense and a healthy self-interest as cohorts.

MONDAY, APRIL 2. Full Moon at 13 Libra at 10:15 am PDT, 1:15 EDT. That trine is a welcome ally, as the Jupiter-Uranus square keeps us expecting the inexplicable. A Libra Moon wants everything to look good, so dress up a bit more than usual today. It might even be a good day to buy something new to wear.

A need to re-evaluate one’s own value system is forefront now, just to make sure that what we think we want will still seem as valuable once we have acquired it. Have our needs and wishes changed in the recent past? It’s going to take a long-term investment of energy and purposeful action to meet our goals, so be sure the goals are sound.

A female, who should be acting as a partner with you, seems to be at odds with your point of view today, probably because she’s less eager to make a decision than you are. Could be she’s right that there are other points of view to consider. Remember we decided at the last New Moon to “do things the right way,” even if it takes a long, long time.

The chart for Washington DC shows George definitely in the spotlight, as Sun is on the Midheaven, but he seems to have gained some renewed support from the elders and the military. The people’s interests, represented by Moon anchoring the bottom of the chart, have sympathetic support from legislators but are not well connected to other forces. The dilemma of realism versus idealism continues unabated. We may by now have seen some easing of the tensions with Iran, but the perils facing our armed forces seem unslacking. The media once again, in its own quirky way, appears to be hooked into the peace efforts but otherwise completely “out of it.”

The Sabian symbol for the Moon at 13 Libra: Children blowing soap bubbles; the cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfillment. This image should remind us that as delightfully evanescent and appealing those soap bubbles can be, they are short-lived. We need to take time for fun and imagination, but we need to keep our feet on the ground and make sure our efforts toward progress are based on realistic appraisals.

The Sabian symbol for the Sun’s position at 13 Aries: An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest; an immature evaluation of the possibility of transforming suddenly the status quo. “Suddenly” is the critical word in this image; the power of available “weapons” is defused if the evaluation of possibilities is impracticable or less than complete and all encompassing.

TUESDAY, APRIL 3. In the midst of everything else, today’s aspects advise us to be sure we’re paying adequate attention to our own health and welfare. A yod from Moon and Saturn to Uranus, and another from Moon and Jupiter to Venus frames our personal center with a lopsided star, which suggests some adjustment is necessary to maintain our equilibrium in order to perform well. It’s a reminder to hang in there with the diet and/or exercise routines we’ve contemplated, and to pay attention to and embrace the changes that are trying to force their way into our psyches. Take it easy this evening while Moon is Void of Course from 7:29 pm until she enters Scorpio at 9:36.

WEDNESSDAY, APRIL 4. A probing sort of intuition spurred by Moon in Scorpio is strengthened by an all-but-psychic connection to Pallas in Pisces. Pallas is renowned for her problem-solving abilities. Moon is positioned to consider how best to take advantage of resources available from others. Keep a notepad handy to grab some of those quirky ideas that flit through your mind today; there could be one that holds real potential. Sidestep a short-lived flurry of temperament either from or toward a companion or colleague late afternoon or early evening.

THURSDAY, APRIL 5. Yesterday’s patterns hang on through today, except that the chances for meaningful dialogue have improved as Mercury connects with Jupiter, and Venus with Neptune. We’ll need to make the effort to stay focused and determine which is more important to our particular interest, the big picture or the immediate details. Don’t be surprised if it puts a depressive overlay on the upbeat outlook that’s been predominant, it will only last a couple of hours or so and you’ll be on your way again.

Jupiter turns retrograde this afternoon (6:24 pm PDT), introducing a sensible restraint and objectivity to Jupiter’s buoyancy. This retrograde period, which lasts until August 6, gives us a chance to reflect on the directions we’ve chosen and their suitability to our current circumstances. In his own sign of Sagittarius, as Jupiter is now, this generous, kind, outgoing influence can lead us overboard. We may have taken on too much, set too many goals, muddled our priorities. Now, as he slows down and backs up, comes the time to sort it out. It may be advisable to postpone legal matters and travel for a few months if that is possible.

Moon goes void at 7:54 this evening, and goes into Sag at 9:57 tomorrow morning.

FRIDAY, APRIL 6. Everybody wants to get into the act today. There’s a great box in the sky with Moon and Venus facing off, in square to the Saturn-Neptune opposition, and all the other planets in the crowd egging them on. Reduced to its simplest, it suggests a conflict in two divergent streams of desire—a need to decide which of two outcomes you truly want right now, because you can’t have both (perhaps the alternate can come later). The charts suggests you aim for the one that seems most well grounded and most truly your own rather than what is expected of you.

SATURDAY, APRIL 7. Understanding is what we’re after, today and tomorrow especially. Remember “What’s It All About, Alfie”? You’re right to be searching for things you’ve thought about long ago and since forgotten, and by late afternoon you could strike pay dirt. If so, it will need considerable analysis and polishing. If not, tomorrow’s another day and Moon will be even more closely connected to both Uranus and Mercury mucking about in your memory banks.

SUNDAY, APRIL 8. Easter Sunday. A day for taking it easy and enjoying time with family and friends, and making a point of tallying up all the things you have to be grateful for. Moon has added her nurturing nature and emphasis on comfort to that persistent optimistic trine, and conviviality reigns. If you can find time for reflection, try to remember last night’s dreams. Could be some clues there. Moon comes up on Pluto at 6:35 pm, increasing the odds for mining useful information, and goes Void of Course until 8:36 when she sidles into Capricorn.

MONDAY, APRIL 9. A bit of testiness, on your part and others’, could mark the day as a Moon-Mars aspect holds from midnight ‘til after 5. Moon in Capricorn is apt to look at the Jupiterian assurance that’s been hanging around as sheer nonsense. Sun perfects its trine to Jupiter today, marking the beginning of the decline of all that rose-colored optimism, though it should hang around for the rest of the week at least.

However, Sun has moved into a sextile with Neptune, forming a forceful kite pattern that strengthens that helpful trine (view today's chart). The kite pattern will hold for at least a week and marks this as really being the time to aim for accomplishment in whatever you’ve been working on and lay plans for gains in the future. The key planet is Saturn, so the essential tools are self-discipline and thoughtful observance of rules. The dissident is Venus square Neptune and Mars, suggesting a potential for illusionary or even destructive goals. Be sure you know where you’re aiming.

TUESDAY, APRIL 10. The Last Quarter Moon at 21° Capricorn is exact at 11:40 am.

The Sabian symbol: A relay race; the value of competition in developing group consciousness. In his interpretation, Dane Rudhyar opines that “one must seek to relate to and adjust one’s strengths to the challenge presented by competitors.” Good advice, certainly, for individual enterprise. But in a chart set for Washington DC, it seems especially appropriate. The kite pattern upright, with Neptune at the crest, all the other planets except Venus at the top of the chart, encompassed by Sun and Jupiter, and all are aimed at Saturn at the base. Cooperation among all the entities striving toward a worthy goal could be hampered by the stubborn immobility of “Me-Mine” determination indicated by Venus in Taurus.

Looking at other aspects, it’s time to get down and dirty about the financial considerations of whatever it is you’re working on. Today’s the day, certainly no later than tomorrow, to make whatever alterations are called for in methods and means. And, in the manner of a really good teacher, Saturn is insisting that we meld the benefits of unemotional efficiency and intrepid imagination to bring on some generalized “healing.” Recalling how past situations or maladies have been satisfactorily remedied should offer insight into methods.

It can become pretty emotional, as Moon in Capricorn—where she sometimes seems to have no emotional quotient at all—ties in with Venus in Taurus in the second house, where she wants everything! Venus is in a tight quincunx with Pluto, so it looks like her desires are where the adjustments will have to come. Priorities have to be established if you haven’t accomplished that already.

Mercury finally makes it into Aries at 4:07 pm. Perhaps our thinking will become a bit less fuzzy-headed, a relief even though we’ll have to beware of impatience.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 11. Moon is void from 2:57 to 4:23 am, when she enters Aquarius. So the day finds you still focusing on what’s really most important, in terms of your own personal value system, and how to support those desires. Venus hies into Gemini at 7:15 this evening, where she is less unyielding and more rational, and therefore easier to negotiate with.

THURSDAY, APRIL 12. The kite pattern is exact again, which means it’s starting to fade, and Moon has joined Neptune, bringing renewed emphasis to its opposition with Saturn. Productive discussion in regard to conflicting interests can happen between you and mates or colleagues. Both sides appear a bit more willing to make concessions, although everyone seems a bit testy under the influence of Venus square Mars.

FRIDAY, APRIL 13. The day may be off to a sluggish start, although Moon’s void period lasted only from 6:50 to 8:39 am. Moon in Pisces can be overly sensitive and its square to Venus mid-day could bring friction with a friend or difficulty dealing with an organization. At 6:32 pm, Moon occults Mars, so remember to keep the softer caring side of your nature dominant over the need to achieve. You can be both skillful and charming in essential communications today, so long as you take the time to think before you speak. And, of course, as always, Friday the 13th is not a good day to walk under ladders or cross black cats.

SATURDAY, APRIL 14. Not much going on today. Moon occults Uranus (that’s like an eclipse) and you may feel a bit repressed and moody, sometimes even questioning your own actions and aspirations. If you haven’t finished your taxes, that’s probably why. Otherwise, it’s a good day for settling in with a good book or catching an upbeat movie. Try to avoid being extravagant.

SUNDAY, APRIL 15. Another quiet day that starts with a void Moon from 8:02 to 9:47 in a square to Pluto—this one aimed directly at those who are still slaving away for the IRS, as it brings “intense emotional moments” and a “lack of interest in material matters and petty details.” Moon in Aries is somewhat impatient even without Pluto’s influence, but it lightens up when she gets in touch with Venus late afternoon.

MONDAY, APRIL 16. ‘Round midnight, Moon conjuncts Mercury, setting the stage for a fairly cheerful and productive day. At least half of the challenging aspects that have been haunting the month have moved away. Moon slid into position to form yet another ease-making grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. Days this comfortable don’t come around all that often, so make the most of it.

MONDAY, APRIL 16. ‘Round midnight, Moon conjuncts Mercury, setting the stage for a fairly cheerful and productive day. At least half of the challenging aspects that have been haunting the month have moved away. Moon slid into position to form yet another ease-making grand trine with Jupiter and Saturn. Days this comfortable don’t come around all that often, so make the most of it.

TUESDAY, APRIL 17. New Moon at 27°05 Aries, exact at 4:36 am, finds a chart as clean and unchallenging as yesterday’s, with the kite and two grand trines. Moon goes void at 7:26, trine to Pluto, which elicits strong willpower and an inclination to clear the decks of clutter in order to get to the heart of things. Moon goes into Taurus at 9:11.

The Sabian symbol seems a bit obscure in relation to the chart: A large audience confronts the performer who disappointed its expectations; the necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism.

The chart for the exact conjunction in Washington DC at 7:36 am brings it more into focus. A large audience is represented by the cluster of planets at the top of the chart, the area of striving, all knotted to Saturn and its ballast of tradition. Objectives seem to be coalescing. All that remains is to incorporate the self-serving aspects represented by a Venus-Mars square and the “me first” attitudes seen in the Uranus-Jupiter square. It’s probably advisable to remember that concept in dealing with personal interactions also.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18. Pragmatic is a keyword for today. The down-to-earth sensibility of a Taurus Moon leads us through a variety of worthwhile efforts with a fair amount of grace and cheerfulness. It gets a bit onerous this afternoon with Moon square Saturn, but inspiration sets in when Moon goes Void of Course on a square to Neptune at 7:29 pm.

THURSDAY, APRIL 19. A Gemini Moon makes its entrance at 8:51 this morning, bringing on a casual need for adventure and a free-wheeling curiosity about a lot of things. Challenges are moving in again, but they’re interesting and in a way rejuvenating. These feel like things we can handle. We may seem a bit quixotic or flirtatious from time to time, but it’s all in fun. Beneath the surface, we’re making real progress.

Sun is trine Pluto for a few days so concentration and insight can make investigation and research more constructive than previous efforts.

Saturn is on his feet again, heading forward toward Virgo, turning direct in motion at 2:26 pm. The grand trine now includes Mercury rather than the Sun, bringing more dialogue into efforts to resolve differences and achieve mutual goals. Mercury moves considerably faster than Saturn, so the longevity of this helpful aspect is only about a week.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20. Sun goes into Taurus today at 4:07 am, and Moon is busy all day. She first meets up with Venus and both oppose Jupiter, forming a double t-square with Mars and Neptune as the focal points. Watch out for hair-trigger emotionality but also keep your eyes open for a flash of ingenuity. You’re feeling creative and generous, or at least sociable. Moon trine Neptune could mean a romantic evening.

SATURDAY, APRIL 21. For a Saturday, it may be a bit hectic after Moon’s Void of Course period from 8:51 am until she moves into Cancer at 10:50. She’s opposing Pluto, a good sign for getting to the bottom of things, but as she becomes Cancerian she may bring about an overly solicitous attitude or a stripe of jealousy. Mercury trines Saturn early in the day to promote disciplined thinking and serious effort, and later trines Jupiter to put a “feel good” cast on everything.

SUNDAY, APRIL 22. It’s Earth Day, and that Saturn-Neptune opposition should make it an especially meaningful one. Many of the earliest environmental and ecological programs were initiated under the rays of combinations of these two planets. Saturn intensifies Neptune’s compassion and love of natural beauty; Neptune softens the strictures of Saturn. A Cancer Moon is devoted to nurturing, people and earth alike. She casts agreeable trines to draw in the muscles of Mars for restorative labor and the innovative technology of Uranus to enhance efforts to maintain the health of our planet, and ourselves.

Even if it’s not possible for you to participate directly in Earth Day activities, the day is made for taking good care of yourself and the people and things you care about. By late evening, when Venus exactly squares Mars, you should be feeling pretty satisfied with the way you’ve spent your time.

Moon is Void of Course most of the day, leaving a square to Mercury at 2:10 am and meandering along until she reaches Leo at 4:38 pm. So this is a day for tying up loose ends, sorting, filing and organizing, reviewing and trying to re-infuse new commitment.

The First Quarter Moon is exact just before midnight on the west coast, at 11:35 pm.

TUESDAY, APRIL 24. The First Quarter Moon is exact at 3:43° Leo in Washington DC at 2:35 am. As Moon squares Sun, building toward its opposition at the Full Moon, we need to make a conscious effort to balance the longings of our ego and our inner needs.

A chart set for that moment has Aquarius rising, good for humanitarian efforts and for “thinking outside the box.”

The Sabian symbol for 4° Leo: A formally dressed elderly man stands near trophies he brought back from a hunting expedition; the masculine will to conquer his animal nature and to impress his peers with his skill in performing the ancient traditional power rituals.

The message is a reminder to keep striving to overcome foolish pride and move beyond mindlessly following archaic traditions. From time to time, we should try to analyze the things we habitually do to see whether they are based on current reality and practical common sense or whether it’s merely that they have “always been done that way.” There is an old wives’ tale about the generations of women in a family who always cut the tail off the Thanksgiving turkey because “that’s the way my mother always did it.” A young daughter discovers great-great-great-grandmother’s diary in the attic, in which the old lady mentioned that she had to cut the tail off the turkey this year because the turkey was bigger than the roasting pan. Bet she never dreamed she was starting a tradition.

Many of us think, with good reason so far as I can see, that military offense is one of the hallowed behaviors that should have long ago become obsolete in contemporary society; it seems obvious that far more efficient control of our enemies could be achieved in other ways. Economic sanctions have of course become common, but we have not done a good job of updating our public relations and propaganda methodologies, or our efforts to make friends of those who see us as threatening.

Equally problematic are the outdated efforts being made to fight the threat of sneak attacks at airports, etc. Even children can see that, even if perfect, the measures being taken could prevent only one thread of destructive activity and would do little to stop determined terrorists from wreaking havoc in our country.

On both a national and a personal level, the chart offers hints for modifying our attitudes in order to progress toward our chosen goals. Cohesive efforts among differing personalities are suggested by yet another grand trine. This one may require more effort to see the other points of view, as it involves staid old habit-ridden Saturn, effusive let’s-just-get-it-over-with Jupiter (moving into a liaison with controlling Pluto), and catch-me-if-you-can Mercury. Communication, and the reliability of it, is the substance of this predominant figure. Be sure you’re sure of your facts, and double-check those that come to you.

Also prominent is a forming t-square of Venus opposing Jupiter, squaring Mars, Uranus and the Node. It portends problems with self-importance, and a reliance on assumed privilege and taken-for-granted well-being, getting in the way of the objective consideration that is needed to resolve difficulties.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25. Moon occults Saturn at 3:14 am, in its ongoing series of occultations this year. In archaic fables it was said that the Moon “eats” Saturn when she makes it disappear as she passes between the earth and the planet. In our political lives, it’s a good omen for genuine gains for the interests of the people overpowering the set routines of “the establishment.”

In our personal lives, it’s a dichotomous influence. If we’ve set ourselves up as overly emotional or invariably dependent on intuitive rather than rational decision-making, this overshadowing of the chaperone could lead us into errors of excess. If, on the other hand, we’re consistently conservative and bound by tradition, letting the resources of the Moon take over for a bit could feel very liberating. In Leo, Moon can be pretty out-front and demanding.

In general, these occultations should be less depressive than ordinary meetings of Moon and Saturn, but the current ties to Neptune, Mars and Uranus could make us a bit erratic and frustrated.

THURSDAY, APRIL 26. Moon is void from one minute after midnight, carrying Pluto’s more kindly rays, till 2:24 am when she slides into Virgo. Mid-morning, Mercury also trines Pluto, so digging into what hasn’t been apparent and paying attention to details are the order of the day. The evening promises some unusual or unexpected delights.

FRIDAY, APRIL 27. Whew boy! Boxed in! A red square and a blue rectangle in the chart today (view today's chart).

What contemporary astrologers prefer to call “challenging” aspects, rather than “hard,” are delineated with red lines, in this chart linking Moon opposite Mars-Uranus (compromise seems out of the question, everyone is easily offended, no one’s response can be depended on) and Venus opposing Jupiter (Venus’ budgetless insistence on getting exactly what she wants can be blown all out of proportion by Jupiter’s unthinking support).

Moon is also at odds with both Venus and Jupiter. In Virgo, Moon is intent on the nitty-gritty work of problem solving, diligently trying to make all the pieces fit together. Mars and Uranus are working together closely now, hatching up revolutionary schemes and technology-based solutions that seem farfetched, and totally out of synch with Jupiter’s optimism and the faith in solicitous words exhibited by Venus.

On an easier note, the blue lines show easy teamwork, incorporating the aesthetic appreciation of Venus, the idealization of Neptune, the far-reaching enthusiasm of Jupiter and the discipline of Saturn, making it a good day for artistic pursuits and creative endeavors of all kinds, albeit with the risk of their becoming overly sentimentalized. Should be a pretty romantic weekend too.

SATURDAY, APRIL 28. Moon is void from 12:14 pm until its entrance into Libra at 2:45. The Venus-Jupiter and Mars-Uranus aspects tighten into exactness today. Yesterday’s interpretations hold through the weekend.

SUNDAY, APRIL 29. There are no exact aspects today.

MONDAY, APRIL 30. Moon’s journey into mid-Libra eases the tensions and adds insight and emotional depth to creative activities.

Energies (and possibly temperament) are expanded by the exact Mar-Jupiter square today. However, the unpredictable influence of Uranian eccentricities continues, only moderately checked by Saturnian reserve. It’s back to work, but in a somewhat more compatible mode than Friday’s.

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