Maya del Mar's Daykeeper Journal: Astrology, Consciousness and Transformation

Daykeeper's February 2007 Daily Success Guide
by Nina Bouska

Nina Bouska and Maya del Mar became dedicated astrology students together about 40 years ago, and have met regularly with others from their first class ever since. While Maya went on to pursue astrology as a career, Nina still calls herself "an avid student" who does readings only for friends and family. We think she is far too modest. We are delighted to welcome Nina Bouska to the Daykeeper family.

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That unpredictable Jupiter-Uranus square mentioned last month remains in effect all year, making its third and last exact contact October 9. So continue to be alert, ready to take advantage of sudden opportunities and/or sidestep unexpected disruptions.

The Saturn-Neptune opposition (see Maya’s August 31, 2006 forecast) is a dominant feature of charts through July. It has let up only a little on its nitpicking away at ideals while suffering diminished self-discipline and is now becoming stronger as Saturn backs up into an exact aspect again the last day of this month.

Pluto rides the top of the chart, coming up on the midheaven, suggesting slow but surely significant changes in our view of the world and the world’s view of us.

Except as otherwise noted, all interpretations here are based on a natural chart, using the beginning of Aries as the ascendant, and times listed are Pacific Standard Time (PST). A Void of Course Moon makes no significant aspects until it enters the next sign. Its VOC or void period is thought to be a poor time for starting new projects or making concerted effort toward existing plans.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1. The day starts off placidly enough. Both Jupiter and Pluto form benign trines with Saturn, stretching between the ninth house of understanding and the sixth of service and labor, so it may even feel good to get back to work. Saturn’s oppositions to Neptune and Mercury are somewhat shushed by the positions of those two in the twelfth house, where things are generally quietly closeted and where Uranus is also stilled a bit despite his square from Jupiter. To all appearances our world is pretty well under control. But Moon is just getting into gear in Leo, preparing for a provocative Full Moon late in the day. It becomes exact at 9:45 pm on the west coast, so it’s exact in the first hour of tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 2. Influences recognized with the New Moon two weeks ago, and building ever since, should be peaking now. Work seems more manageable; we’re probably feeling better overall. A group activity helps forge a more cohesive set of mutual goals and ideals. If some kind of bummer reared up last Sunday, it can be healed now with only a modest amount of courteous consideration and an attentive ear on your part.

Mercury moves into Pisces at 1:20 am PST this morning, and we may want to keep many of our opinions to ourselves. Mid-afternoon, Moon eclipses Saturn (which it does in each of the next eight months), which can be a bit of a downer or simply be a drain on our discipline and resolve. Just be on the lookout for trigger points that could question your personal values or upset your sense of security; recognize that those areas could be feeling a little raw today.

Switching to the Full Moon chart at 12:45 am in Washington, we find Moon and Saturn straddling the midheaven. In personal charts, Moon indicates one’s internal personality, emotions, intuition and ingrained habits. In mundane charts, which aim to interpret the aspects for countries and governments, Moon is generally considered to represent the common people and public opinion. Saturn is seen as the elder generation in charge, and is sometimes considered to reflect the national death rate. Its position in this chart could indicate the death of another elder statesman. It certainly reflects the people’s growing indignation about the death rate in Iraq.

Saturn on the cusp of the tenth wants authority. It is still within orb of its opposition to Neptune, which for some time has been exercising its nebulous (sometimes nefarious) confusion-producing influences and diluting Saturn’s sense of responsibility and order. Neptune here sits less than one degree from the nadir, the exact bottom of the chart, making questions about the “insecurity of our security” a serious matter.

Moon coming up onto the midheaven wants to be seen, heard and paid attention to. It, as a Full Moon must be, is exactly opposite the Sun, representative of the country’s leader. There’s obvious tension here and, as Saturn is still within orb of Mercury’s opposition, probably some harsh language.

The cropper is an extremely tight yod or Finger of God, the set of two 150° quincunxes springing from Mars at 12:6 degrees Capricorn and Uranus at 12:59 Pisces to point directly to the Moon at 12:59 Leo. Coincidentally, Sun is beleaguered, sitting exactly midway between the harbinger of all forms of energy and concerted action (not merely on the part of the military) and the restless beacon of rebellion, technology, impetuosity, the unanticipated and the welfare of the future.

A quincunx needs to merge the across-the-board differing viewpoints of an opposition and the blending facility of a trine. It tries to tie together planets and houses that have little in common. The double-quincunx yod is often referred to as “fated” and virtually always insures a need for adjustment and the diversion or redirection of efforts to bring positive results. (Today’s yod is at work in personal charts also.) This one tries to blend the characteristics of fire, earth and water. Since it’s in a Full Moon chart, it relates to summing up efforts that have been going on since the New Moon, and before, in preparation for a new beginning.

How will it play out? Your guess is probably as good as mine. But a headline at the time of the last New Moon read “New Resolutions Lay Ground for Iraq War Showdown on Capitol Hill,” bringing to the forefront of public attention the political conflict that continues to dominate the news. I’m hoping to see the new congress and other consortiums devise a plan that could really put the skids to George’s plans. We should know in about a week.

The Sabian symbols deserve reflection. For 13 Aquarius:

“A barometer; the ability to discover basic natural facts that allow us to plan in advance for action.”

For 13 Leo:

“An old sea captain rocking himself on the porch of his cottage; the quieted mind’s recollections of crises and joys long past.”

Both suggest that thoughtful consideration, and reconsideration, of all that has been happening is the best road forward.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 3. Moon is Void of Course from 2:55 to 6:34 am PST, causing little trouble except to easterners who may not want to start new projects early in the morning. Less than three hours after getting into Virgo, she opposes Mercury and communications are the loser. Emotions and intuition may trump reason, for better or more probably for worse. A good day to double-check your tongue before loosening it. On the other hand, it’s a great day for exploring our own psyches.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 4. This morning Moon and Uranus tangle, or tango, as the case may be, as they face off across the chart. They morph into a t-square with Jupiter a bit later, escalating a devil-may-care optimism. You may be feeling a need for excitement, but try to make it full of memories you can enjoy for a long time. It would be all too easy to say or do something off-the-wall that could upset an important relationship, or let Moon’s persnickety Virgo-ness right now become overbearing. On the contrary, if the surprises come to you from others, recognize that it’s probably a fleeting aberration and make allowances.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 5. The t-square’s fading away, but both Moon and Uranus are still bouncing off Jupiter, so caution and self-control are still advised. Then a square to Pluto, her last aspect before Moon goes VOC at 2:36 this afternoon and finally moves into Libra at 6:15, leaves people primed for a flare-up. It’s important to keep reminding ourselves today that Uranus also foments inventive solutions and Pluto supports long-overdue changes—their influences do not have to be disruptive.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 6. Moon in Libra today makes no exact aspects. Here, where appearances seem especially important, she’s ready to “make nice.” The Saturn-Neptune opposition headlines today’s chart, admonishing us to depend on our own sense of responsibility and persistence, without getting overly swayed by idealism.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 7. Moon squared Mars before you were out of bed this morning—pretty good timing; maybe you even got a chance to let off steam a bit in a dream. At any rate, with an early trine to the Sun and then another to Neptune, the day is looking rosy. Venus steps up to join hands with Uranus, still in the twelfth house so it may be on the sly. Something unexpected is in the works today. Venus denotes something related to love and fun, art and money, and Moon’s sextile to Saturn says it should be welcome.

Even the stars aren’t paying attention today—maybe they figure you’ve got enough going already. Moon’s VOC again early in the morning, 3:38 to 7:09 when she heads into Scorpio. Sun’s exact conjunction with Neptune headlines the day, and it’s kind of hard to remember who we are and why we came into this room. That’s been building for several days, but it should start getting better now.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 9. That Scorpio Moon hogs the spotlight in today’s chart, so expect some manipulative maneuvers, whether on your part or others’. She casts flirting glances toward Venus and Uranus (desires and independence) to stir up a bit of fun and games, and challenges Sun (self) and Neptune (ideals) to a battle of egos. Venus has egged Jupiter (read boss, supervisor, teacher, judge) into taking a stand, or indulgently throwing a bit of weight around to help her get her way. Moon and Venus together have lured Mars into exercising his muscle from the house of status and stature—public opinion could make itself felt strongly. Who’s holding the reins? Only sedate old Saturn, keeper of the tried and true and traditional, is minding the store and making any attempt to keep things grounded. And he’s really got his hands full. (“Besides,” he moans, “I feel sick. I’ve never been comfortable in Leo and those unrealistic Neptune vibes just keep attacking me.”) It’s all a precipitous display of Quarter Moon prowess.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 10. Moon reaches its waning Last Quarter phase just 48 minutes before she goes void, at 2:39 am. Her last aspect, a square to Saturn, leaves her at the powerpoint of a t-square, with Sun on the other pole, conditioning her boxing gloves while she takes the day off until 7:01 pm. It may look like a do-nothing VOC day, but things are churning behind the scenes. Shortly after Moon goes into Sagittarius, Sun directly opposes Saturn. It can feel pretty lonely, for both parties.

Not much new today. But things may get remarkably emotional. It may be hard to make yourself understood, either because we’re overly moody and inclined to add emphasis where it’s not needed, or because we’re just feeling sassy and compelled to do exactly the opposite of what anyone expects. Maybe it’s the other way ‘round, but in either case, keep the subject matter light and transitory.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 12. The tension tightens. Moon has joined the restless Jupiter-Uranus square, which still promises unpredictable outcomes. Mercury has slowed to a standstill, ready to turn retrograde tomorrow. Today there’s virtually no worthwhile dialogue, or news. There’s another fate-full Finger of God yod, this time pointing to Saturn, from Venus and Mars. I find it easy to picture this pattern as the demands of Pelosi and Patraeus besieging the Senate, the energies that will have to hammer out the compromises and modifications that can produce results.

In personal charts, both our unspoken wishes and our acceptance into our world demand diligence in our work ethic. Our required adjustment is, no doubt, to acknowledge that now is the time to “put the shoulder to the wheel.”

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 13. Moon goes Void of Course with her conjunction to Pluto 45 minutes after midnight, an aspect of intensity that holds through the day—even after Moon enters Capricorn at 3:42 am. It won’t be easy trying to keep secrets today as Moon is on the midheaven for everyone, as is Pluto. There they sit, buttressing the highest point on the chart, watched by the whole world. And the yod goes on. Mercury goes retrograde, playing his tricks for the next three weeks to unsettle communications, travel, appointments, and miscellaneous plans. Sun in Pisces and Pisces rising types will especially feel the effects.

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 14. Moon nuzzles up to Mars today, and everyone’s irritability is growing. It’s hard to keep a sense of perspective, and objectivity is long gone. Hasty action is definitely ill-advised. Best to just keep on truckin’—like that stubborn yod. Moon gives up and goes void, until tomorrow morning, at 7:24 pm. Happy valentines.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 15. It’s still there! For my part, I’m just going to accept the shoulder/wheel bit, like forever, and hope that’ll make the yucky yod go away. I’d advise you do the same. Moon slid into Aquarius at 8:34 this morning, but doesn’t get into anything with anybody all day.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 16. The finger is still pointing when we start work this morning, but by the time Moon catches up with Neptune at 5:48 in the evening, Venus has either thrown in the towel or decided she’s winning, and that hard work and perseverance can make those closely held wishes come true. Moon shines her almost submerged light across the table at Saturn a couple of hours later, where Mars is still petitioning for reconsideration and changes, more energy, more dedication.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 17. NEW MOON AT 28° AQUARIUS, 8:14 am PST. Happy Chinese New Year! This New Moon initiates the Year of the Pig (more traditionally known as the Year of the Boar), which is generally considered to be a pretty good year, especially good for business and having fun.

Moon goes void with the conjunction that marks the New Moon, until she moves into Pisces, at 10:30 am, where she’ll make no aspects until tomorrow.

The bucket pattern that has been predominant so often since late last year, with Saturn as its handle, has grown even tighter. All of the other planets are bunched across the chart, contained within a square of Venus and Jupiter, an aspect that can be self-indulgent or careless or both—so be watchful over the coming weeks. If your plans and strategies call for doing things the way they have always been done, you’re standing alone. If you think you know what’s going on, think again; six planets have congregated in the 12th house.

Some ideas for modifying the direction of your life may be brewing in your subconscious. As you follow the New Moon cycle of consolidating old efforts and initiating new plans, keep an alert ear cocked for those whisperings.

The New Moon chart set in Washington shows Gemini on the ascendant, so communication is the watchword for the coming month. Saturn now sits in the fourth house, anchoring the array between peace-loving and diplomatic Venus in Pisces and Jupiter. In mundane charts Jupiter represents the judicial, financial and religious communities, and he’s now strong in his own sign, Sagittarius, in the house of “others.” Could that Jupiter placement suggest help coming from a foreign nation, whether with intent or merely circumstantial? Which brings up a nagging question: Why hasn’t the U.N. called for a ceasefire? And, what might happen if China threatened sanctions until the U.S. withdrew from Iraq?

In a New Moon chart, Sun and Moon are of course 100% in the same place. But I doubt, in this instance, that means the Prez and the Public are seeing eye-to-eye; more likely that, in the 10th house, each is equally seeking attention and approval.

Mars still sits aggressively in the house of law, religion, education and long distances, still negotiating with Saturn. Pluto on the cusp of the 8th shows little hope of improvement in the death rate.

Mercury, the media, is still backing away from its meeting with Uranus—individualism, breakthroughs and discoveries. The most hopeful note is that Chiron, the Wounded Healer, sits on the midheaven overseeing all.

The Sabian symbol for the degree of the Sun-Moon conjunction is hopeful:

“A butterfly emerging from a chrysalis; the capacity to utterly transform the character of one’s consciousness by radically altering the structural patterns of everyday living and the types of relationships one enters upon.”

Transformation starts with actualizing the adjustments and realignments we have been considering.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18. Not a lot going on today. Moon skids across Mercury and Uranus in the early hours and later throws a square at Uranus, briefly firing imaginations. Sun moves into Pisces, and the natural 12th house, at 5:09 pm. Egos need to be closeted for the coming month, and intuitive perception moved into the front seat.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 19. The situation remains little changed, except that today Moon joins Venus in its square to Jupiter and an even closer square to Pluto. People are getting impatient. Moon goes Void of Course at 8:43, then charges into Aries at 11:06 am. Which puts her into the first house, emphasizing her presence—and her emotional nature—again.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 20. A grand Trine develops today between Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, a hopeful situation for making progress in resolving differences. Venus is in the last degree of Pisces. It is said that a planet in 29° makes a strong last-ditch effort to utilize the characteristics of the sign, in this case, Pisces’ compassion and sympathy. She’s still square Pluto, often a sign of power struggles in relationships. Are you on solid ground in what you’re demanding?

WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 21. Venus goes headstrong, moving into Aries just minutes after midnight. Moon squares Mars, flexing her muscles a bit before turning VOC at 9:41 in trine to Pluto as well as Jupiter and Saturn. Her stubborn emotionality picks up again as she moves into Taurus three minutes after noon, so you may need to work at keeping a bit of rationality around as ballast. Things mellow a bit by evening.

THURSDAY FEBRUARY 22. The tie is broken between Moon and Saturn and she spends most of the day dangling with only the weakened Mercury and Uranus as support. There is some hope of healing help from Chiron, who challenges us to draw on insight and make every effort to be helpful to others. We need to search out what it might take to reorganize the bonds of long-held customs and conservatism while maintaining a realistic, functional viewpoint. We need to find ways to convince those who have power and position and money to join our cause.

A new, undeniably challenging, approach to connecting with those in authority surfaces with the square to Saturn, late at night when we should already be sleeping.

FRIDAY FEBRUARY 23. The First Quarter Moon occurs just before midnight on the west coast, early tomorrow in Washington, 5° into Gemini. Moon went void this morning at 11:47 with a trine to Mars, and doesn’t edge into Gemini until 2:42 pm. A day good for wrapping up loose ends and regrouping.

The First Quarter Moon chart set for Washington shows Jupiter and Pluto flanking the ascendant, both trine to Saturn in the eighth house. Could that suggest that Saturn, the entrenched lawmakers, could be waffling? Is more “classified” information coming to light?

Saturn and Neptune are both at 20° now, only 29 minutes from their exact conjunction February 28. The administration’s tactics of using lies and deceptions to make threats appear larger than life continue to be exposed. And, now that Pallas has joined Neptune, the forces backing liberal political ideas may turn to strategic use of gussying-up the facts.

New advances in mobile communications devices and networks are playing a big role in the news this month, triggered today by Moon’s t-square pattern linking her and Jupiter to Uranus. It increasingly seems that the younger generation cannot move without having at least one example of the miniscule marvels attached to their bodies.
Government interest in controlling these means of sharing information is also likely to come to the fore now.

Growing evidence of global climate change is also hogging the news and the desperate need to address sustainability becomes more apparent with each passing day, both also facets of the struggle for balance between Saturn and Neptune.

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 24. Moon’s square to Uranus becomes exact this afternoon, and her opposition to Jupiter late tonight. Women’s organizations are making a show of their power now, and issues around abortion surge into attention again. But overall it’s a quiet day, with no other exact aspects.

SUNDAY FEBRUARY 25. The day starts with Moon trine Neptune and sextile Jupiter, offering a dreamy, perhaps overly optimistic and not too realistic point of view of existing situations. She goes Void of Course with an opposition to Pluto exacerbating emotional components at 5:21 pm and sashays into Cancer at 7:48. Mars, meanwhile, heads into Aquarius where he can assume a far more humanitarian stance than he has had since he entered Capricorn in mid-January, and will be looking toward more emphasis on technology and innovation.

MONDAY FEBRUARY 26. A provocative day with Moon trying to gain approval from Mercury, Sun and Uranus, and, in a mirror image across the chart, Saturn still soliciting the support of Jupiter and Pluto. They’re not talking to each other yet, so it will still take time to merge the resolve and the understanding to work through issues. Mercury has backed up all the way into Aquarius again, rehashing old material. Moon goes void after leaving a trine to Uranus at 10:03 tonight.

TUESDAY FEBRUARY 27. A fleeting yod is out early this morning, with Neptune and Jupiter challenging Moon to make her case, clearly stated. Otherwise, Moon makes no aspects and is Void of Course all day.

WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 28. Saturn makes its second exact opposition to Neptune at 4:01 am. Its first was August 31 of last year; it third and final pass will culminate June 25. This is the “Full Moon phase” of a cycle that began in 1989, and events during this period represent the fruition of trends and activities that began then. Look back over your own history and try to recall what was happening then. What coalesced? What changes were begun? How have they been building? There should be clues to laying plans for consolidating gains and plotting the paths to new achievements.

It was a big year for the world at large. Not only were Saturn and Neptune conjunct, Uranus was there also. That was the year the Berlin wall came down; the protests in Tiananmen Square turned into a horror that rocked the world; a call for apartheid was made in South Africa; the U.N.’s new Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change prepared its first report on global warming; China imposed martial law on Tibet; Solidarity achieved landslide success in Poland; Czechoslovakia voted in a non-Communist leader; Hungary and Romania overthrew totalitarian governments; Oliver North was convicted in the Iran Contra scandal; a $5 million bounty was put on an author for alleged blasphemy; the Dow Jones average witnessed its second-largest one-day drop in history; 96 football fans were crushed to death in Liverpool; 11 million barrels of oil were spilled into the gulf of Alaska; an earthquake in San Francisco killed 273; Congress okayed $166 billion to bail out the savings & loan industry; the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan and US troops invaded Panama and overthrew its leader (not long before considered a friend).

It’s a tortuous path to try to follow the developments of most of these trains of interest, but a number show fascinating correlations to the events in the news today.

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