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June 2006 General Astrological Influences

Note: These influences are working during the entire month, and form a substrate for each individual day.

June is when we make one of our major seasonal transitions. In the northern hemisphere, it seems the days have just begun to lengthen, and winter is leaving. And suddenly in June, daylight begins to wane.

Spring has been a time of the sap rising, like the first quarter moon, when energy increases. As we feel the coming of the climax of Full Moon. We have the urge to accomplish goals, to grow things, and to get projects moving.

Now on June 21, at Summer Solstice, we make a shift. Summer Solstice is like the Full Sun of the sun's yearly cycle. Tides, always high at full moon, are extra high now, for we have the Sun's gravitational attraction strengthened in addition to that of Moon.

Gemini, the sign which dominates in June, specializes in communication and information. It helps us prepare intelligently for opening the door to the last half of the year.

Emotional tension, which has been growing since the last Winter Solstice, now breaks out into the open at Summer Solstice. The information exchange which dominates June will help us understand and pinpoint some of those sources of tension.

Underlying all of the energy throughout the year is powerful Pluto, Lord of Evolution, now sitting at the hugely energetic Galactic Center. Life is changing, and our consciousness is changing. Increasingly, people are empowering themselves, understanding that they do not need to accept tyranny. June's Gemini planets will oppose Pluto, highlighting its transformational qualities—especially via Gemini's communication channels.

The big news this month is an exact Jupiter-Saturn square, the first turning point in a cycle which began in May 2000, with their 20-year conjunction.

This turning point will occur as the square repeats over a period of 10 months, from December 2005 to October 2006, giving us time to make that big breakthrough.

Jupiter and Saturn are the big guys who run society here on hearth, attending to its institutions such as government, church, law, and business. Personally, they represent our social roles, especially work, career, vocation, and status. Their conjunctions every 20 years show shifts in the mundane affairs of earth

For instance, the first air conjunction (Libra) in 500 years occurred in 1980, when the Neocons took over. The last earth conjunction for another 600 years took place in Taurus in 2000, ushering in the last hurrah of corporate greed.

Three squares mark this turning point. The first occurred last December 17, with Saturn retrograde and Jupiter direct. On that day, Bush publicly admitted to his secret and illegal NSA program of spying on Americans. The NY Times also admitted that it had withheld that information for one year at the request of the government.

The second square occurs this month on June 22, on the heels of Summer Solstice. Now Jupiter is retrograde, and Saturn is direct.

The third and final square between these two gas giants will occur on October 25, 2006, and both planets will be traveling direct. This will be the grand finale of the square which opens us to a new social perspective.

When Jupiter is direct, its expression is strongest. When Saturn is direct, its expression is stronger. When both are direct, we feel their full force.

Jupiter symbolizes vision, expansion, socialization, optimism, and luck. Saturn symbolizes boundaries and structures. Saturn is the voice of authority; it makes us accountable, and keeps us in line. When they are square, we have Saturn putting the brakes on a resistant Jupiter, whose idea of expansion has no boundaries. Saturn insists on caution and care, while Jupiter takes foolish risks. Proper timing tends to be difficult when they square one another.

These two planets are the core of the fixed sign cross, which I've been discussing all year.

Saturn is traveling in Leo, ruled by the Sun. Leo has a need to be in command of its world. Planets in Leo can become arrogant and overbearing as they insist on asserting their will. Saturn can help Leo structure its projects so that they are successful. It also provides some failures so that humility can be assumed. Leo is a strong and stubborn sign, full of pride, and Saturn there may be forced to come down hard on Leo's faults. Saturn is the great accountant in the sky. (This month we will watch Saturn's work as it passes over GW Bush's dominant Leo energy.)

Jupiter is passing through Scorpio, where it expands by reaching for power, money, and sex. Saturn will hold Jupiter accountable in its various power grabs, money manipulations, and sexual exploitations.

Jupiter and Saturn relate to hopes and fears. We need to face them both now, and put them on a realistic, workable basis. Regardless of their aspect, Jupiter can assuage Saturn's fears, and Saturn can ground Jupiter. Whenever they connect, we can develop further our place in society. But we must be real.

Squares give us both crises and opportunities.

This Jupiter-Saturn square is not as simple as the foregoing would lead us to believe. Fixed cross means that 3 fixed signs are involved. This year the third sign is Aquarius, and the planets are Neptune and Chiron, now traveling in Aquarius.

Now, during June, Chiron opposes Saturn and squares Jupiter, which adds Chiron's disruptive energy to the mix. Chiron is about realignment, and Aquarius is a sign that deals with the larger society. It is not only our roles which are in a creative state of flux, but the orientation of the wider society. We have many challenges to deal with.

Chiron is the Wounded Healer, It is wounds which expose our disharmonies and allow us to realign ourselves in healthier ways, to heal, which means to make whole. As part of this whole system approach, Chiron is an ecologist, very much in touch with nature and with the flow of energy.

With Chiron in Aquarius, our societal wounds are now being emphasized, both in regard to mistreatment of one another, and to mistreatment of the natural world. At the same time Aquarius is a universal sign, and opens us to cosmic mind and will.

Leo's strong personal will is challenged to sublimate itself to the larger universal will. We are being called on our numbers: no longer can I blithely cut down an ancient forest to add profit to the corporate coffers. A realignment is called for, and it is wounds which clue us into this necessity.

The wounds of Jupiter in Scorpio are those of being stuck in the sensationalism of the instinctive self, e.g. greed. Chiron in Aquarius can awaken both Saturn and Jupiter to "higher" goals, to goals which serve humanity. Our attitudinal changes need to include serving others along with promoting our own interests.

It is very interesting that in this year where Jupiter and Saturn are forced to face one another and to face reality, to face a combination of grandiose expectations and groundless fears, that Healer Chiron is here to disrupt the status quo, and push for a deeper resolution. Jupiter and Saturn are conventional. Chiron is not. Chiron forces them to expand consciousness of their dilemma beyond the box, to find new answers.

(Saturn and Chiron had a long opposition over the whole autumn of the 2000 presidential election. During that opposition, we saw a breaking down of myths of the U.S., specifically that voting rights were for everyone, that elections were fair, and that the Supreme Court was independent.)

Another complication to the Jupiter-Saturn square is a fixed Grand Cross this month, with all four fixed signs occupied, adding to the pressure cooker effect. Venus is in fixed sign Taurus, completing the cross. Venus is in orb from June 4-15, finishing with a loving Venus-Neptune square. Venus can add great grounding and practicality, and help us to know what we want. On the other hand, Venus in Taurus can get very stuck in her preferences, habits, and routines. She mightily resists change.

Venus in Taurus works hard for security. Money is one of her mediums, and thus money and values are also up for change.

We need to remind Venus in Taurus that life is change, that nothing is permanent. An appropriate symbol is a Buddhist sand painting. Monks can spend days carefully creating this exquisite painting with grains of sand. And when it is finished, they wipe it away.

Energetic Mars, too, becomes part of the fixed cross. Mars enters Leo on June 3, where it is transformed into a strong-willed, confident warrior. It greatly energizes the Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron cross from June 16-20. Before it leaves Leo, it will oppose Neptune in Aquarius on July 5, at the same time as Mercury is stationing retrograde. This is a very impressionable moment for Mercury. This is the last of Leo Mars stimulating the fixed cross, and its message should be very clear as we awaken from July Fourth celebrations.

With Saturn in Leo, we can "get ourselves together." Mars in Leo will give us the energy and drive which we need.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, we can expand through a focus on sharing resources, and joining forces.

With Venus in Taurus, we can attract what we want.

With Chiron in Aquarius, we can work at healing, and move towards a "better" world.

The central cross includes 6-12 degrees of the fixed signs—Scorpio, Aquarius, Taurus, and Leo. In individual charts, that whole region of all the fixed signs is very stimulated. The square itself is at 10 degrees. These are the degrees of GW's Pluto in Leo, his need for dictatorial power, and of Cheney's Sun in Aquarius, his egocentric world vision.

The Jupiter-Saturn square occurs during the Solstice powergate. There is a prelude of difficult aspects from June 16-20. After the square on June 22, energy temporarily levels off.

We still have our grand water trine for much of the month. Emotions will flow, and flow freely. So will water. This is a great opportunity to develop our compassionate natures. Moon moving out of bounds during Full and New Moon will add to the excitement. Mercury is also out of bounds for the first half of the month. Our nervous systems may feel somewhat out of control. The weather, too, may run wild.

There is an important change this month: Moon's Nodes, after 18 months in the Libra-Aries polarity, will shift to the Virgo-Pisces polarity. This polarity is about healing, service, and re-alignment. It has a great affinity with Chiron, and can support Chiron's healing work for the next 18 months. Healing, both personal and social, will pick up.

The T-cross demands changes in our perspective and in our actions. Grounding is one key word. Integrity is another. We need both.

June's activity will be the fuel for Mercury's retrograde journey in July.

June is another super interesting, and important, month. Action is more overt than it was last month, but not nearly as overt as it will be this autumn.

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Maya's June 2006 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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We start June with a burst of intensity, and plunge right into the month's fixed sign work of dancing with power. Moon is still in dramatic Leo, which she entered yesterday, and she continues to energize the grand fixed cross throughout the day. Mercury in silver-tongued Gemini opposes Pluto, and transformation is afoot, both through physical movement, and through information. School is out, and we break into our new summer schedules. Many will be moving. Many will be signing contracts. And new political revelations will emerge. We are still in the first quarter of the Gemini moon cycle, where we start new things which give us new perspectives.

Today's Mercury-Pluto opposition is the next step of the long Mercury-Pluto square of February 27-March 6. That was when Mercury was nearly still in the sky as it stationed and turned retrograde. A station of any planet means its energy is powerful.

That period was when Bush went to India, and sealed a nuclear agreement with India which freed India to expand its nuclear development. This effectively cancelled the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, and opened the world to a nuclear race.

In contrast, Iran is a signatory of the NNPT, and is following its restrictions, overseen by the international community. Again, the Administration's rationale for a proposed invasion holds no water.

Ceres has a major role in this opposition, indicating movement and communication in regard to labor, and all parts of the food chain. Worker empowerment continues, and will continue, to be a theme. Unions are joining forces with the immigrant fight for rights, perhaps realizing that the race to the bottom has reached a dead end for workers.

Saturn begins to cross Bush's Ascendant, and over the rest of the year he can no longer hide from personal responsibility. Saturn is also on the U.S. North Node, asking for responsible government for the nation.

Tonight's energy is excellent for a social gathering. The get-together could have political import, or it could be simply relaxing with music and partying.


Leo Moon is friendly to Mercury and Pluto, and we awaken with enthusiasm to tackle our projects. At 1:34 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC. It's still in Leo, and we can give the universe the gift of our heart's love, without being tied up with preconceived plans. At 4:17 p.m. Moon enters Virgo, and we may find ourselves scrambling to prepare for tomorrow's intense First Quarter Moon in Virgo. Virgo wants to cover all the bases, a challenging goal, especially during this time.


First Quarter Moon at 14 Virgo occurs at 7:06 p.m. EDT. In the meantime, the day is full of exciting developments. Mercury enters patriotic Cancer to shift our thinking to home ground. Mars enters indomitable Leo to help us push for what we want. And Moon connects with Jupiter and Uranus to give us optimism in pursuing our goals. This is all excellent timing, for at first quarter we push through obstacles to get something new going—in this case our Geminian information activities.

This is a very Uranian Moon. We will be awakened to new revelations, coming from Washington. This First Quarter Moon is also prescient, for it is connected to upcoming eclipses, on next September 7, and on March 3, 2007.

Sun sits on the U.S. Descendant, vitalizing the nation's partnership relations. Issues of fairness may be prominent.

The fixed square is doing fine, enhanced by Mars moving into Leo to push willfulness into action. Stubbornness and determination increase. Centers of power, both without us and within us, continue to shift. Priorities are changing, and this Moon will give that process a big push.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Virgo is

"AN ARISTROCRATIC FAMILY TREE. A deep reliance upon the ancestral roots of individual character. Stressed here is the fact the power available to any person has very deep roots in the past, whether the past of physical ancestry or of previous physical embodiments. True spontaneity and creativity are always based on a structured sequence of antecedents if they are genuinely spiritual, i.e., if they are able to meet a collective need. Only the actions that are necessary, even if only in the long run, for meeting such a need can truly be called "spiritual." ROOT POWER is essential to seed-achievement."


Moon continues in problem-solving Virgo. This is helpful, because Saturn sets obstacles in our path. We may face relationship problems, or roadblocks in getting what we want. Money difficulties may show up. Later in the day, Moon squares powerful Pluto, an emotion-upsetting combination. We may find ourselves in power struggles. This can be a difficult day. On the other hand, Virgo is savvy and willing to work, and a project which requires some hard labor and persistence can use these energies productively.

We are still in the field of yesterday's moon phase, which continues into the early morning. We may be wakeful tonight.


Moon enters Libra, the sign of mediation, at 5:08 a.m. However, that is not to say that everything is calm and peaceful. Sun squares unpredictable Uranus to continue a weekend of wake-up calls. This cycle, too, began with GW's trip to India to make a nuclear dispensation for India, and essentially destroy the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

The NNPT was created in the 1960's by the nuclear nations, principally the U.S. and the USSR, as a move towards disarmament. Peaceful use of nuclear energy was allowed. It went into effect on March 5, 1970, and currently has 186 signatories. It is considered the treaty which has prevented a nuclear weapons race.

The NNPT was created during the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction. Uranus and Pluto in Virgo, improving things, opposed by Chiron and Saturn in Pisces, world healing through government.

Bush's disregarding the NNPT is a very big deal, and opens the world to nuclear holocaust.

We start the day with a great deal of goal-oriented communication activity. We want to make connections with people, with a focus on those connections which have a useful purpose. We can begin projects which we may not finish until Tuesday or Wednesday. The evening may be sober.


We have easy, loving aspects today. In fact, we may feel rather laid back. We can trust in providence to give us good outcomes. Overly excessive expectations can, however, be a problem. This is a very sociable day, and night, and we can perhaps resolve Sunday's difficulties.


Libra Moon goes VOC at 8:15 a.m. EDT, and remains VOC for most of the day. Best not to make great plans today. VOC times are not purposeful. With Libra, spontaneous socializing would be pleasant. This is a good day to take a little time out from this stressful month. At 4:41 p.m. Moon enters Scorpio, and the mood shifts to become directed and energetic. We have something urgent to do. The fixed-cross pressure cooker is being brought to the fore, and we may be wakeful late into the night.


Moon continues in hard-driving Scorpio, with a whole day of terrific aspects. We'll feel good, and optimistic, and thorough—willing to get down to the nitty gritty. Let's do the essentials today, for tomorrow the entire day is VOC, and it will be more difficult to achieve our aims.


Connecting with others still takes center stage. Today our contacts are deep, far-seeing, and emotional. Moon is VOC, and unscheduled activities are best. This is a great day for research, and work on the net.


Moon shifts out of Scorpio's depth, and into the adventurousness of Sagittarius. Far horizons attract us today. We can feel the unity of all life, and yet appreciate the differences. We prepare for an exciting transformative Full Moon tomorrow. Again, as with so many of the year's moons, transformation is the theme. Tonight we might do something exciting and enjoyable. Sagittarius especially appreciates music.


Full Moon at 21 Sagittarius occurs at 2:03 p.m. The Gemini moon cycle is about information, contacts, and messages. Sagittarius Full Moon adds understanding and perspective by making relevant connections out of a mass of data. Moon connects with all three of the outer planets today, which means intense emotional input. We could feel confused and anxious.

For several months, the full moons have aspected Pluto. Pluto renovates, often abruptly and thoroughly. We have had the opportunity to make major personal changes in ourselves and in our lives. There has also been a stepped-up pace in the revolution of U.S. government, as well as very major social changes throughout the world.

Now Moon conjoins Pluto, indicating a strong eruption of heavy, renovative energy. Moon and Pluto both transit Bush's South Node, showing the end of something. They also oppose U.S. Mars, giving emotional power to aggression.

Moon and Sun also aspect Neptune, showing that this is a broad-based, universal situation. Mercury is on the U.S. Sun, suggesting that special news comes to the nation. It could well be about oil, one of Neptune's domains. It could also be about Bush personally.

This moon family began in December 2004, which was a big turning point in the loss of civil liberties in the U.S. Congress passed legislation to require States to surrender their regulatory rights in regard to both drivers' licenses and birth certificates to Homeland Security, thus setting the stage for universal microchipping of the citizenry. At the same time, Bush signed into law a huge "intelligence" overhaul which set into place a militarized nation.

The U.S. military had war games in China, as well as simulating an invasion of Iran.

This Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is not afraid of risks, and can be wild and reckless. It is an important polarity in the U.S. chart.

And we do feel the pressure of the fixed cross. Saturn opposes Chiron, and both of them square Jupiter to expand everything, so that events are bigger than life. Problems with your partner? Obstacles at work? Your body showing signs of wear?

The fixed cross demands (1) work and (2) surrender. It won't let us ignore the pressure, so we need to resolve it.

Here's a personal example: Problem: I have too many books stacked on my floor. I feel the pressure of either getting rid of many books, or getting larger bookcases—which would visually crowd my space. The best solution is to get rid of books, which is very hard for me to do. The work of sorting, and the sacrifice of disposal, are requirements. This is coming to terms with reality, which it is time to do.

My books are full of information—Gemini. And I need to transform my collection to preserve only the most relevant—Sagittarius. The strong fixed cross and the illuminating Full Moon can come together in this work.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Sagittarius is

"A CHILD AND A DOG WEARING BORROWED EYEGLASSES. The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development. By imitating features of consciousness as yet unreachable, the process of growth may be accelerated. Eyeglasses symbolize intellectual development. This is similar to the process of growth by identification with a "master" or guru. Growth is always a hierarchical process, even if the entity is not aware of it. The value of LEARNING THROUGH IMITATION."

In my life I have the example of people who are able to dispose of no longer necessary things. They are an inspiration to me. I do know that everything we need to know is within our own beings, guided by the Higher Self, and is fed by the light of spirit. But my attachments are strong, and I have to constantly remind myself of how superficial they are. These "guru" images are a great help.

The power that will be enhanced by this conflicting process is spiritual power.


Moon is traveling through hard-working Capricorn, and we can make yesterday's new awarenesses real and practical. Take care of business now. Monday could be another late night, as we tune into communication channels.


Moon is in independent Aquarius, and we want to do our thing. We may run into trouble with some opposition, especially later in the day. Public meetings tonight could be cantankerous.


The fixed cross continues to dominate the skies, with Chiron, the Wounded Healer, central today. The general theme is energy, personal and social, the purposes for which we use it, and how we develop it. Both oil and sustainability receive special attention now. We have many political ramifications to discuss, and with Moon in Aquarius, that is exactly what we want to do. This day is about how our values relate to our politics.

Venus conjoins the U.S. Vesta in Taurus to highlight the nation's investments. Neptune in the heavens squares Venus (and also U.S. Vesta). Neptune acts by dissolving mundane values, so that we can grow spiritually.

At the same time, Mars and Vesta are joining Saturn in Leo to push U.S. accountability in regard to finances. The chickens are coming home to roost. Financial power centers are shifting. Our own accountability is also on the line.

Mars—assertion, Vesta—protecting investments, Juno—victimization, and Saturn—government and discipline—are all very closely conferring now in a dramatic gathering in early Leo. Their conference will last through Solstice, and will have permanent repercussions.

This major gathering is at degrees of two star groupings, both associated with Mars, one also with blindness, and the other with recklessness and pride.

They oppose Chiron in the freedom-loving sign of Aquarius. It looks like various battles (oppositions and squares) are shaping up.

We now enter an extremely challenging week as we approach a stage of the year's major aspect, Jupiter in Scorpio squaring Saturn in Leo. These two fixed signs generate a lot of energy as they emerge into the ring for another round. We can use it for difficult change in our lives.


Moon is VOC in Aquarius this morning, a great time for brainstorming, by yourself or with a group. At 12:05 p.m. EDT, Moon enters gentle Pisces, and makes no more aspects until very early tomorrow morning.
Powerful ideas for change can come to us today, for we have a dynamic, once-a-year solar aspect. At 1:22 p.m., Sun opposes compelling Pluto to vitalize its evolutionary work. This is the peak point of awareness of a cycle which began last December 15, with the full moon opposite our current full moon. The U.S. government then had its hands in many repressive endeavors, too many to assess here. They included revelations of secret spying on Americans by both the Pentagon and the National Security Agency. Congress OKed torture, voted for the "Patriot" Act, and passed a crushing immigration bill.

At the same time, Latin America made big steps in loosening itself from U.S. imperialism. Brazil and Argentina paid off their IMF loans, major oil companies accepted Venezuela's new oil terms, which gave more ownership to Venezuela, and Bolivia elected an indigene, Evo Morales, to the Presidency—with the promise of an end to colonialism.

It looks like consciousness of both government tyranny and revolt against it are strong themes now. Sun-Pluto shows a striving for power. With the opposition, we see opposing forces arrayed against one another. This will be a public display in Washington.

Personally, what is the kind of power for which we are striving? What are the forces hindering us?


Moon continues in that most universal of signs, Pisces. We are one with the world, one with humanity. With the dominant Pluto, this means mass power is flowing. This is an ideal day to join with others in a humanitarian cause.

Moon occults Uranus today, emphasizing mental power, and needs for independence.

At this time, the natal U.S. Mars-Neptune square is energized, very publicly. This square often shows misdirected energy, and self-sabotage.

Vesta has her exact conjunction with Saturn, who pours cold water on her attempts at financial security. Mars, too, is right there, holding the pitcher. All three in this group have just passed over Juno, and they are filled with inner fear and insecurity. The whole group—Juno, Mars, Vesta, and Saturn in the commanding sign of Leo—sit on the U.S. North Node, defining the nation's destiny for the next thirty years.

They also sit on Bush's Ascendant, that most personal place in a chart, and on his Mercury and Pluto—his hypnotic effect on the masses.

Leo can have a large problem with excess pride and hubris, which is increasingly the case with the U.S. Government.

These days are the very last days of the 18-month period of Nodes in the Libra-Aries polarity. There is a desperation now for balance and justice. Emotions are high, and people will fight for their rights.


Last Quarter Moon at 28 Pisces occurs at 10:08 a.m. EDT, after which Moon goes VOC until it enters feisty Aries at 2:54 p.m.

Pluto, agent of transformation, is the operative energy here. At last quarter moon, it is time to release unnecessary baggage, and Pluto is just the one to help us do it—whether we want to or not.

These are all mutable signs, and the mutable signs operate on a mental-spiritual plane. Gemini is mental, Sagittarius is mental and spiritual, With Pluto and Gemini, we continue to deal with transformative revelations via information. And with Chiron in Aquarius prominent, ideals guide us.

Moon comes to this last quarter filled with Uranian energy, another help in letting to of the past. Now a crisis will help us to release much.

This day starts early in the morning. At 2:03 a.m. EDT, Mars conjoins Saturn. The brakes and the gas peddle combine. This combination can be very destructive—or it can represent endless endurance. Aggression is being disciplined, often in the service of the Saturnian government.

During these days, Mars in Leo is really pushing the fixed cross buttons. It crosses Juno, fears, Saturn, insecurity, and Vesta, protection of finances. There is a lot of scrambling to take care of the bottom line as these evolutionary changes envelop us. This is another support for release.

Vesta in Leo now has its exact opposition to Chiron. Investments must face re-alignment. Jupiter in Scorpio helps this to be a creative process, one which supports growth. Vesta now conjoins GW's Mercury. He is brimming with realizations about financial conditions. Lies may be his way of handling it.

28 Pisces is at the degree of Black Hole Quetzalcoatl. Black holes have the quality of reversing the status quo. This Black Hole is associated with special events of both Christianity and Communism, both of which are associated with Pisces. Sagittarius, in fact, is a sign of religion, whereas Pisces is a sign of communal efforts. Gemini connects the two.

This is a very significant degree, with ramifications for the immediate future. It is close to the eclipses of last March 14, next September 22, and March 19, 2007.

Sun conjoined 28 Pisces to open the weekend of March 18-19, which was a weekend of anti-globalism demonstrations.

Moon goes VOC after Full Moon at 10:08 a.m. EDT. It enters martial Aries at 2:54 p.m., and the excitement continues.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Pisces is

"A FERTILE GARDEN UNDER THE FULL MOON REVEALS A VARIETY OF FULL-GROWN VEGETABLES. The full satisfaction of the individual's basic needs. What is stressed now is the full moon's power to call forth the instinctive urge for growth. Many things respond in different ways. This is a symbol of ABUNDANCE, an abundance fitted to individualized requirements and wants."

We are apt to be wakeful tonight, with a couple of high vibration events in the early morning.


Aries Moon moves right along with its mission, and Aries does have a mission. That mission is connected with yesterday's Mars-Saturn conjunction, and follow-through is easy. We have a lot of fire, a lot of spirit, in the sky today.

Mars itself makes an exceedingly dynamic T-square with Jupiter and Chiron. Chiron in Aquarius holds the power here. Not only is idealism very stirred, but Chiron does disrupt the status quo. Chiron also is associated with technology, including nuclear, with heroes and with teachers, and with adventures into space. Star Wars is a Chiron-type story. Mars and Jupiter together are the quintessential warrior.

Vesta and Saturn are also part of this T-cross. They are now right on Bush's Mercury. He will be feeling and speaking in a very defensive, as well as assertive, manner.

We also have two yods, or "Fingers of God." Mercury, conjoining the U.S. Mercury, is at the apex of one of them. The U.S. mind is in charge of that yod. The other yod has Pluto, the great Renovator, at the apex. Pluto is still opposing Sun to create a great deal of explosive power. We can easily slip into paranoia.

Fingers of God are so-called because related events tend to happen in a sudden, often drastic, and fated manner.

To top off the heavy action, Uranus is stationing and turning retrograde today. A stationary planet is like a laser bearing down on events. Uranus is the first of the outer planets. With its energy, we move beyond our conventional world. Uranus breaks through old barriers to catalyze revolutionary change.

Every planet today is stimulated.

Take time out for some deep breaths.


Enthusiastic Aries Moon continues on its merry way, easing the pathway for today's activities. The energy of the last few days is still with us. Transformative power is in the air. Sun and Moon come together nicely to encourage progress. It is an outgoing, extraverted day. Physical activities would satisfy.

Moon goes VOC at 5:20 p.m. EDT, and enters Taurus at 6:23 p.m.

Catch up on your sleep tonight!


At 8:26 a.m. EDT, Sun enters Cancer to officially begin our summer season. This is Summer Solstice, when Sun in the northern hemisphere is at its highest point of the year, and in the southern hemisphere at its lowest point. (This was the Incas' center of their year, when they celebrated the birth of the Sun, just as we do at Winter Solstice.) From now until Winter Solstice, each day becomes gradually shorter. I think of Summer Solstice as the full sun of the sun's cycle, like full moon is a culmination of the moon's cycle.

The night force now takes over, and the moon has charge for the rest of the year.

Cancer is, in fact, the moon's sign. Moon rules emotions, and our work now is to dig deeply into ourselves, and uncover and listen to our true emotions. This takes attention, respect for feelings, and walking through the fear of being vulnerable. It's a scary journey, and thus Cancer seeks protection and security. The U.S. is a Cancer nation. GW Bush and Donald Rumsfeld are both Cancer persons. So is Cindy Sheehan.

Moon is in earthy Taurus now, and it makes the fourth arm of the T-cross, so that it becomes a grand cross. The heat is turned on high, and during the summer, the steam rises in the pressure cooker. We are all pushed to work hard at making major changes. If there's anything we're working on, or a project we have in mind, we'll be very motivated to get into it. With hard, and creative, work we can use this energy productively.

Lively energy continues throughout the day. With Taurus Moon, we want to be practical. And yet, with the fixed square, we see obstacles to overcome.

The Sabian Symbol for Moon at 9 Taurus is

"A FULLY DECORATED CHRISTMAS TREE. The ability to create happiness in dark hours. This symbol suggests the ever-present possibility open to transfigure the darkness and deprivation of the low point of a life cycle by incarnating within it the antiphonic response of ever remembered and always expected high moments of life. FAITH IN CYCLIC RENEWAL."


Moon continues in creative Taurus, who likes to grow things, especially beautiful or valuable things. Moon conjoins Venus, and love is in the air.

This nurturing energy can be applied to the world today, for we have the second pass of our Jupiter-Saturn square, which is a turning point for society at large, as well as for each of us individually. Our social roles are at stake here. What part do we play in the fabric of our society? What part do we want to play? What are our priorities? Now we can make some breakthroughs which bring us closer to our ideals.

This has been a very complicated and intense week, and this chart reflects every bit of it.

Today, though, we have a big change. After 18 mo. In the Libra-Aries polarity, the Moon's Nodes today shift into the Virgo-Pisces polarity. This an axis of service and of conscious re-alignment. We become aware that this is one world, and that we are all connected. Compassion will slowly replace the "me first" of Aries.

All of the planets now are closely connected. This gives us good opportunities for integration, and for making necessary attitude shifts to meet new conditions.

Consciousness is important in order to make the best use of the great swirling currents of energy in which we now live. Part of the challenge of consciousness is to separate illusions, fantasies, possibilities, and realities. They are all connected, as we learn to stretch our minds in new days.

This transit finishes on October 25, when we shift into a new phase of interfacing with society.

Moon goes VOC in Taurus at 8:44 p.m. EDT, and enters sprightly Gemini at 10:49 p.m.


We have divested ourselves of some old attitudes, and now it is time to talk about it all. Moon is in Gemini for the next two days, and tonight Venus also moves into that talkative, relating, busy sign. Communication of all kinds occupies us—internet, telephone, running around. We'll have things to share with whomever we run across. We are wanting to peer into the future. How can we best prepare for that unpredictable future? Tonight and tomorrow are fine times to envision possibilities.


Yesterday's energy continues, but at a deeper level. We may need some time alone today. New Moon in Cancer occurs tomorrow, and it is now dark-of-the-moon, a very vulnerable time. This is especially so with moon in sensitive Cancer. Let your feelings flow. Follow intuition instead of mind.


New Moon at 4 Cancer occurs at 4:48 a.m. EDT. Moon now rules the sky, and Moon is Cancer's planet.

This is the yearly cycle when we explore our feelings. A major guide is our level of comfort. (Yes, Cancer likes comfort, and gives comfort.) If we are uncomfortable in a situation, we can know that something doesn't give us the satisfaction which we need, and we can check it out. This is the month to practice following our intuition and our psychic hunches. Our feelings can guide us.

This is a very subjective approach, and it can be difficult to expose ourselves. But we can practice trusting ourselves, and being true to our unique inner selves. Mercury also in Cancer can help to communicate our sensitivities and impressions to others. In fact, Mercury retrograde in Cancer during July can keep us on track.

Cancer is one of the best signs for writing, The talent is exploring this inner emotional sensitivity, and the compassion and empathy which result from developing emotional understanding. (And of course we all have Cancer somewhere in our charts.)

A grand water trine in the sky also moves us right along the feeling path. Navigating the sea of feelings into which we are all thrust now might be a challenge. It's important to share time with people we know and trust, where we can find emotional comfort and support. Sometimes that is family, but often it's friends, lovers, or compatriots.

At the same time, we maintain all of the last week's aspects, with proud Leo dominating the scene. However, the intensity is winding down, and life isn't quite so frantic. Furthermore, now we react emotionally, and get a whole different take on events. We might feel a bit weary of all the drama of King George's reign.

This day feels good, and flows well. Although much work still faces us, we are optimistic. Perhaps we feel free enough to take a Sunday off and enjoy ourselves.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Cancer is

"A CAT ARGUING WITH A MOUSE. An attempt at self-justification. We are still involved with the results of an act which brought about a radical re-orientation of life. (Very true!) The drives of the bio-psychic organism are still not easily conquered. A multitude of lesser decisions inevitably follows the grand gestures of repudiation and re-alignment. The desires of the body still drown the voice of the "new" person. One argues with oneself, hoping to convince oneself that the old impulses are still legitimate. Hesitancy and conflicting motives are still inevitable. The mind is very clever at not facing the consequences which follow from desires or even from restlessness. Attempts at RATIONALIZATION are experienced and should be understood.


Cancer is FEELING very good. Moving with emotions, affinities, and comforts is a happy experience, and there is freedom in it.


Deep and intimate conversation is called for this morning. At 12:02 p.m., Moon goes VOC, but only for an hour. Don't plan to settle things over lunch, unless it's a late one. Moon enters Leo at 1:09, and here we go again! Action energy overtakes us for the next two days. Tonight can be passionate and loving.


With Leo moon plus Saturn, we're now working on structures in our lives, creating a foundation which suits the Individual that is me. Moon here gives us the energy, determination, and drive to accomplish what we set out to do. Our WILL is strengthened. Positive use of Leo energy feels good, because it comes from the heart.


Moon is still traveling in active Leo, and today is a day of deep creative growth. At 2:24 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC for the rest of the day. With Moon in Leo, express yourself. When Moon is VOC, there is a feeling of freedom. We are not being pressured by the universe.


Moon is in Virgo with expansive aspects. Sun, too, is feeling very optimistic. We can get a positive spin on things today, and play expert in solving difficult problems. Yes, I can! Is the key. And we can. Practicality plus optimism is a winning combination. Moon is still in its creative first quarter where we set new things in motion, and today we can set some very large things in motion. (Washington will be sure to do just that.)

Chiron in Aquarius, the Wounded Healer, is one of the day's strong forces. It is still involved with Saturn, still aiding in making unpredictable structural changes, and still conjoining Bush's descendant, perhaps the influence which diminishes his communication talents. Descendant is where we connect with others.

We move into a turbulent summer.

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