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November 2005 General Astrological Influences

Note: These influences are working during the entire month, and form a substrate for each individual day.

November is Scorpio’s month—a time of birth and death, of crisis, and of deep change. Many transformations occur in November. The autumn season is winding down—or—in the southern hemisphere—the spring season winding up—and we are releasing the old as we prepare to move into a new season.

This November does promise many changes. To begin with, five planetary bodies change direction, including Mercury turning retrograde. Mercury turns retrograde mid-month, along with unpredictable Uranus turning direct, all under the light of the full moon in Taurus. This will catalyze a major shift. Economic and earth changes are both likely now.

Notable now is Scorpio’s domination of the November energy field being greatly intensified by Jupiter entering Scorpio, where it will travel for the next year. Jupiter expands and grows whatever it touches—in the case of Scorpio, transformation, deep change, and power.

Jupiter in Scorpio is very interested in money, and good at creating situations where money can grow. Allied with Saturn, real and lasting business results can manifest.

Jupiter expands with vision and optimism into society. Saturn defines a role, a place, a definite responsibility. Together they indicate general social trends in government and economics—the practical glue which holds society together. For each of us they show how we fit into society, e.g., our own work niche. With Jupiter in Scorpio, we expand intensely, emotionally, whole-heartedly, and with a sense of how to profit from the synergy. We are also willing to allow death and decay, for Scorpio knows that they are part of life and growth.

Now Jupiter, freshly into fixed sign Scorpio, is heading for a stressful square (a 90 degree angle in the sky) with Saturn in Leo, another fixed sign. This square, on December 17, will be the first of three such challenging squares during the next year. It will begin a process. On the one hand, we are opening to creative opportunities for new manifestations of power. (Fixed signs signify power issues.) On the other hand, the process is not easy. We will experience delays, conflicts, crises, changes in leadership, and times when the rug seems to be pulled out from under us. Persistence is the key.

This month, then, conflict is building up, in our lives and in the world. Saturn in Leo (from July 2005-September 2007) shows changes in leadership, as accounts are balanced. We are encouraged to find our own command centers, and take charge of ourselves. Here, again, Katrina is a dramatic example of the many social changes signified by the current planetary configurations.

Jupiter in Scorpio usually needs to merge with money and power to truly fulfill itself. Jupiter is also King of the Gods, and does not like its rulership challenged. All of this adds up to stresses in regard to who’s in charge, beginning now, both in society and within each of us.

Up for questions will be integrity, values, and faith in ourselves and in others. Can we be guided by our true centers, and not tempted by short-range benefits which betray that center? Jupiter in Scorpio can be seductive, with its promise of riches. Staying true to our higher selves will be our big challenge, particularly in work and in choosing what and how we build. Releasing what no longer serves is another Jupiter in Scorpio task, which is often difficult.

The other major underlying influence is Mars in Taurus, another fixed sign. Mars is traveling retrograde in Taurus from October 1-December 9. Expressive Mars does not like to move backwards (relative to Earth), nor is it particularly happy in Taurus, which is a bit too slow for its impulsive nature. Outcome: getting things done in the manner and the pace which we would like is not easy now. Taurus asks us to be productive regardless, so we will find ourselves working hard and making adjustments.

Scorpio and Taurus together show a strong focus on resources, e.g., energy, money, and earth processes. Jupiter and Mars together in that polarity show extreme activity. Mars retrograde indicates that much of this activity will be going in reverse—into the past, and against the current. With Saturn, the accountant, also involved, it’s a great time to look at past errors. Scorpio, too, allows us to go deeply into things, and examine what has been overlooked.

On November 6-7, Mars is challenged by both Sun and Neptune, which can both energize and undermine Mars. Neptune rules oil, oceans, and climate cycles. Mars in Taurus relates especially to energizing Earth. Note to Californians and anyone else with elections on November 8: There is also a good chance of cheating in the elections that day. Be sure to vote, but make sure your county provides paper ballots. If they don’t, vote absentee. (An expert estimate of the 2004 elections is that John Kerry was cheated out of 8 million votes, all through paperless machines.)

We are finally through with our weeks of yods, a rare configuration which brought us continuing major adjustments, almost faster than we could keep up with them. We still do have one very close quincunx , showing that adjustments continue, but at a reduced pace. Vesta quincunxes Pluto the entire month, and is also exact at mid-month, at the same time that she stations to turn retrograde! Vesta-Pluto indicates changes in security, in finances, and in the attitudes of the U.S. public. It is likely that the public will come to realize that the Bushista policies do not enhance people’s security. In fact, each of our ideas about our personal security is subject to change. This is a powerful gathering, all in stubborn, conflictful fixed signs. Neptune in Aquarius dominates the skies for the rest of the month. Here we have a water planet in an air sign, perfect for continuing the extraordinary hurricane season.

Retrograde Mars squares Saturn on November 18, again both in fixed signs. Direct-traveling Mars first squared Saturn on July 30, and will do so again on December 30. Similar themes arise on those dates. Likely is a change in command structure, inner and outer.

To add to November’s bubbling pot, we have electric Uranus, stimulating surprising events. Uranus is in Pisces, again emphasizing oil and water. It now works primarily with Mercury in Sagittarius, where it shows brilliance, vision, inventiveness, and risk-taking. Intuition is heightened. Strange weather is likely to be a concomitant. Mercury, especially in Sagittarius, also means news spread far and wide.

Scorpio likes secrets, but Uranus is just the one to open the Pandora’s box. It is likely that much that has been hidden will emerge.

The Uranus-Mercury catalyst is especially active between November 5-21. Both planets stimulate our nervous systems, and vibrations will be high, perhaps nerve-wracking at times. Both planets also indicate movement in general, and November will be busy.

All four of the major asteroids are featured this November. They dominate the aspect picture. This shows that women will be prominent, and that women’s issues and concerns will dominate the airwaves. Ceres, conjoining powerful Pluto in Sagittarius, concerns nurturing, and the entire food chain, including labor. In Sagittarius, she is also involved with the politics of food, and how politics is used to take care of people. Distant places are also indicated by Sag.

Ceres and Pluto, together the powerful mother, both oppose Juno, showing the possibility of the political sphere opposing convivial happiness, Juno’s realm. This is, in fact, happening in much of the world, including the U.S. With Pluto, we always have transformation and power. Juno often shows victimization and terror, particularly here opposed by controlling Pluto. Juno was the abused wife. Ceres involvement indicates disruption of the food chain or, perhaps with Sagittarius, disruption of political nourishment. The U.S. Mars-Neptune square of problematic foreign adventures is at the center of this dynamic. Certainly the conditions of Iraqis, along with the neglected U.S. military, fit here.

Joseph Odom suggests that Juno represents Valerie Plame, at the center of the Rove-White House scandal. This fits perfectly, particularly in light of the Pluto-Vesta quincunx, nearly exact for the entire month. Pluto, remember, represents transformation, deep change, getting to the bottom, and Vesta represents security. Vesta right now conjoins the U.S. Mercury, so the Vesta issue is something that is making important news in the U.S. With Valerie as Juno, rather than her husband being guilty of betrayals, as with Jupiter, it was her husband’s associates in the White House. Vesta now also conjoins GW Bush’s Saturn, hidden in his 12th house. This represents Bush’s evasion of responsibility and accountability.

Ceres-Pluto also indicates that the abortion issue may really heat up. Ms. Miers is likely to be on the hot seat during her hearings, which are due to start November 7. Cindy Sheehan and the Gold Star mothers will continue raising consciousness in the U.S. women’s roles in Iraq may make the news.

Pallas Athena, governor of Athens, finishes her trip in Scorpio this month. Pallas is an expert strategist, and in Scorpio she is exceptionally smart and cunning. Pallas sextiles Chiron in Capricorn, which will give her courage in regard to “handling” the powers-that-be. Pallas and Chiron are a formidable pair. They could pull off a real financial coup, especially towards the end of the month. (Caution: Mercury is retrograde then.)

Besides the asteroids, representing female energy, we have an unusual Venus transit. Venus is out-of-bounds for the entire month, which means she is orbiting outside of the normal plane of the planets. When a planet does this, it indeed tends to act out of bounds, out of the normal. It is relatively unrestrained and unpredictable. Values, affections, and money are some of Venus’ domains.

Venus begins the month by conjoining the Galactic Center, where perhaps she gets new instructions. She then moves into Capricorn, the sign of institutions, and travels slowly out-of-bounds, upsetting the establishment, the powers that be.

On November 19, Venus exactly squares the Moon’s Nodes, which are destiny points, applying to big movements throughout the world. During the entire month, the Nodes are squaring the U.S. Sun. This is a fateful time for the U.S. And Venus, ruler of the U.S. midheaven—which is where it shows its face to the world—is insisting on a values change for the nation. Venus will turn retrograde in late December, beginning 40 days of review and redo time.

November, then, is a month of surprises, action, and changes. It’s ideal for digging into the past, which may not bode well for many connected with the U.S. Administration. Weather and energy will be two major topics. Finances and foreign affairs are also emphasized. Stress is built in, and we will be pushed to practice release and surrender. Work on centering.

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Maya's November 2005 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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(A reminder: the character of a new moon lasts through a four-week cycle.) New Moon at 10 Scorpio occurs at 8:25 p.m. EST. This is the Day of the Dead, and we plunge through the veil—into hidden dimensions of mystery and of transformation. It is the season of Samhain, considered by the Celts and others to be end of the old year, and the beginning of a new one. In fact, in the northern hemisphere, death and decay is all around us, and at the same time the buds are sprouting on the woody plants, even where blizzards are raging. Check out those tiny brave buds for a glimpse of the future. Spring will come. Spring does come. And we have to let the old die, and make room for new growth. Scorpio understands that nothing really dies. Life changes form, and becomes food for new life. Decayed plants, for instance, become soil, food for the teeming microbial world, and nourishment for new plants. We all remain as spirits on other planes, and are vividly alive in the hearts of our progeny. Day of the Dead, when we honor our ancestors, recognizes the richness and importance of this season.

The cycle of life is at its year’s peak now, and Scorpio understands this cycle intimately. Birth and death are its close companions.

Crises attend Scorpio, often life or death choices. Crises are coming booming down on us now, not only because of Scorpio, but also because we begin several months of a more or less fixed grand cross configuration. This configuration is often called “the cross of crucifixion,” because we are forced to make choices which seem difficult or impossible. Whatever we do, we must give up something which is dear to us. That priority list I’ve been talking about will become very useful. And it will change, as life moves on.

Now, at the Scorpio New Moon, we sow seeds of power. What kinds of power? Jupiter in Scorpio can give us magical power, and Pallas in Scorpio is a powerful strategist. Opposite them is Mars in Taurus, pushing to produce and preserve. This polarity is all about the energy cycle—resources and how we turn them into life and into profits. They both tend to hang on. Scorpio can become obsessive, and Mars in Taurus can get stuck in a rut.

The other fixed sign polarity, which can be in conflict with Scorpio-Taurus, is Aquarius-Leo. This polarity promotes interest in the broad outlines of society, as well as in individual personal expression. Mentally-oriented Aquarius can get too theoretical, e.g. Dick Cheney, who thought invading Iraq was a great idea. Ego-oriented Leo can become carried away with arrogance, as did Bill Clinton. Neptune and Saturn now in those signs can either ground us, or push us off the deep end. Our choice.

Squares are for building, and fixed squares are for building something permanent. The potential now is to use the high sides of each of these signs to begin to build a sustainable world (Taurus-Scorpio) which is eminently livable (Aquarius-Leo).

Fixed signs are power signs, and this square can also be used to further develop the corporate-run state in which we live. Question: Can you? Can I assume the power within us? This is what Saturn in Leo is asking us to do, now and for the next two years. This is a time of testing, testing the seat of power. Neptune in Aquarius can help us to gather with others of like mind. Community and organizing are essential.

This New Moon also sets us into a strong Sagittarius energy field, and Sagittarius is the visionary sign. Let us call in sources of vision for a better world. (Again, Crystal Pomeroy’s column is a wonderful help with vision.) Neptune can help, if we quit giving its energy away to state spin.

Fixed squares always mean struggle, and perhaps our biggest struggle now is to reclaim our power, and reconnect with our higher selves. An example of this is Bay Area parents developing attractive programs and jobs for their teenagers to substitute for the appeal of military recruiters.

Scorpio can be the greatest of healing signs, and the time is now:

Jupiter, Sun, Moon, and Pallas Athena in Scorpio—Use for transforming, healing, and asserting authentic power.

Mars in Taurus—Use for going deeply into self, reviewing and redoing how we can best apply our energy.

Neptune in Aquarius—Use for humanitarian visioning, where the individual is central, and for the gathering of those individuals into effective groups.

Saturn in Leo—Use for reclaiming our own command centers.

This configuration has extra power, for it picks up on the energy of the great fixed grand square Solar Eclipse of August 1999. Pallas now exactly conjuncts the Eclipse Mars, Neptune exactly conjuncts its Uranus, Mars exactly conjuncts its Saturn, and Saturn now is in Leo, the sign of the Eclipse. Remember the path of that total eclipse—from New York through Europe, the Mideast, and on to the Pakistan-India border. This has been the path of U.S. attempts at “conquest” including and since 9-11.
Watch it during the next several days, weeks, and months.

This is a very powerful new moon. Saturn in Leo carries the center of gravity, and dominates the chart. Saturn at 11 Leo closely squares Sun and Moon. We can be sure we are in for much work, both destroying and building. Saturn here conjoins an energy-draining black hole, and at the same time is open to a tremendous influx of information through its connection to several pulsars.

In the chart set for Washington, Saturn is in the second house of money, values, and resources. In fact, the entire grand cross sits in money houses. The precarious financial condition of the U.S. may receive a shake-up during this next month. Mid-November is a likely time.

Relationships, particularly governmental, will be stressful. Family relationships, also, may be difficult. Scorpio can aggravate frustration by bringing up buried subconscious urges in all of us.

Juno, a major relationship energy, turns retrograde today. Juno often represents fear, terror, and victimization. She now conjoins the U.S. Mars, and we might learn more about military dissatisfaction with their treatment and their work. Torture is a Juno purview.

November will be a difficult month. However, squares are very creative, and we can use the arena to work towards our goals, with persistence, savvy, and integrity. We can also give ourselves a break occasionally. Remember that great personal growth and soul development can come through our tests.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Scorpio is

“A FELLOWSHIP SUPPER REUNITES OLD COMRADES. The overtones of human relationships based on a community of work or experience. The social feeling of communion, plus all that it engenders, arises after the act performed together. Activity is at the root of consciousness. Activity in common generates social consciousness and cultural patterns which become set in the form of institutions. A group personality emerges, which displays characteristic features and gives birth to collective emotions and values. The value of COMRADESHIP is emphasized.”

This is a provocative idea which is very valid. The Bush gang has used it well.


Moon continues in mysterious Scorpio, and we want to focus on inner levels. Two new dynamics are set in motion today, following the New Moon, and Juno’s retrograde turn. One of them is Sun moving to square Saturn in Leo, energizing Leo’s need to take charge. The other is Neptune in Aquarius today connecting with Scorpio Moon, and preparing to square Mars in Taurus. Tension is building up, and probably apprehension regarding conflict to come. Moon is VOC after 9:05 a.m. EST, and we have many options about how to use today’s energy. Be on the lookout for the temptations of addictive behavior.


Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:55 a.m., and we move right ahead. Promotion, preaching, and propaganda are featured now. This is a good day for travel, and for communication. Our last two days’ dynamics continue, and we will want to talk about what’s going on.


Moon continues in inspirational Sagittarius today, with aspects which connect us to the wider world. Today’s theme is the opposition of Juno to Pluto. (See General Influences for more on this potent combo.) Somebody, lacking power to protest, is on the hot seat. We also get a feel for Ceres in Sagittarius, as Moon crosses over it. It may represent the political nurturing which Harriet Miers has provided to GW Bush—and that he hoped she would continue to provide.


Capricorn is coming into our radar screen, which means getting serious and tending to business. Venus enters Capricorn early this morning, and Moon enters Capricorn at 1:17 p.m. EST. Two respectable and ambitious ladies join this afternoon to share feelings of devotion and affection. With Capricorn, every move has purpose.

This day will feel very good, and loving. At the same time, there will be some startling news or revelation.


Capricorn Moon continues with fine aspects. Continue to enjoy the weekend by doing something which is really meaningful to you. Late tonight and early tomorrow morning, the T-cross of Sun, Mars, and Neptune happens. Music, movies, and sleep are likely activities tonight for most of us. However, lights will be burning in Washington, with Mars on the midheaven activating things. In Washington, Jupiter and Saturn form a mundane square. So we do, in effect, have a fixed grand cross strongly expressing now in Washington.

Moon goes VOC in Capricorn at 3:18 p.m. What might desperate people do? Especially with a VOC moon, and an out-of-bounds Venus removing normal restraints? Neptune can take the easy way out.


Moon is in lively Aquarius today. Our minds will be busy, and we will want to share with friends. Around noontime, Mars squares Neptune. We might feel irritable, or paralyzed in our actions then. This is the first turn of a Neptune-Mars cycle which began last April. At that time the final bankruptcy bill, designed by the credit card companies, was passed. We definitely see Neptune’s undermining hand at work in that.

Tonight, Moon squares Jupiter to make us feel optimistic—perhaps overoptimistic. Perhaps the select few are feeling optimistic, as in the aftermath of the bankruptcy bill. With today’s combination, addictions can attract—and undermine—us. The oil supply may also be in the news.


Moon is in Aquarius, activating the grand square all day long. Both action and frustration accompany this restless moon.

First Quarter Moon at 17 Aquarius occurs at 8:57 p.m. EST. Moon conjoins Neptune, and it would be easy to turn to addictions to quell our disquiet. Sun and Mars oppose one another, referring to the bottom line, and inviting conflict and argument. Moon and Neptune square them both, likely undermining whatever action they may attempt. This is not an auspicious start for the grand cross nor, on the other hand, for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attempted takeover of California government. In Washington, the fixed cross is again in money and resource houses, showing what’s on people’s minds. Vesta rises in Cancer, showing a need to protect resources.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Aquarius is

“A WATCHDOG STANDS GUARD, PROTECTING A MASTER AND HIS POSSESSIONS. The development of the capacity to protect oneself and to safeguard one’s individual rights under complex social pressures. (Ed. Note: this reminds me of pre-revolutionary times in the U.S.) Under present day social conditions, the individual person needs protection against the ever-growing encroachments of society upon his theoretically recognized right to lead a private life free from public interference. It is in contrast to a prior symbol depicting the power of big business and the totalitarian implications of large-scale organization. At a deeper occult level, it also reveals the need to protect oneself against “astral” intrusions and perhaps black magic. The more creative the person, the greater is his or her NEED FOR PROTECTION.”

This is an Aquarian symbol, but particularly appropriate now, for Scorpio is very connected to the occult and to black magic. I suspect that during these times, we do need to guard against black magic.


Moon is VOC in Aquarius today. This is a help in assimilating yesterday’s intense Quarter Moon, with retrograde Mars the standout. This is also an idea day. Talk with others, and write down your ideas. They will give you something to ponder when Mercury turns retrograde next week. At 7:32 p.m. EST, Moon enters Pisces. Flow with the world tonight—maybe through a movie or music.


Moon continues in sensitive Pisces, and we are connected with the universe. Let your imagination flow. Open up your heart to unconditional love. If you can, put yourself in or near water sometime today. This day will feel good, and it’s especially good for travel.


Early this morning there can be a power glitch, as Moon squares Pluto. At 10:33 a.m. EST, Moon goes VOC and spends the rest of the day drifting in Pisces’ mystery. This would be a good Friday to take off for yourself. (Friday is also Venus’ day, time for pleasure.) At 10:22 p.m. Moon enters Aries, and we feel more outgoing.


Moon is in independent Aries—the go-getter, the starter—and we plunge into life again. Much energy is available, and we are apt to feel adventurous. It’s time to take risks.


After an intense morning, Moon goes VOC in Aries at 2:07 p.m. Poke around in the byways today. Find some new place to explore. Be patient and leisurely. Mercury is stationary; it will turn retrograde around midnight. There could be communication glitches, delays, and misunderstandings today due to the station.


Mercury turns retrograde (link accurate on and after 11/1) at 12:42 a.m. EST at 11 Sagittarius. It will back up into 25 Scorpio, and turn direct again on December 3. Mercury stations are in fire signs this year, but still they need to pick up a review of emotions—signified by water signs. Here we have Mercury in Sagittarius, the sign of inspiration and vision, and then Mercury ducks back to Scorpio to check the nitty gritty of the times. And nitty gritty it is, for Mercury’s main input as he turns is the Saturn-Mars square, a harsh aspect. It is close now, and will be exact on November 18. Retrograde Mercury has much to ponder. Basically, where are we? How did we get here? Where are we going? Vesta with Pluto may give our sense of security a shock.

Moon is in practical Taurus, with many helpful aspects. This Moon traveling through Taurus highlights the Mars-Saturn square, particularly after 7:00 p.m. EST.

We are in the Full Moon power zone, and this is the time to get our solid Taurean intentions and future-oriented Sagittarian visions together. What do we want for Mother Earth? How can we cooperate with her?

This is Condoleezza Rice’s birthday. She has some heavy changes in store for her this year.


Full Moon at 24 Taurus occurs at 7:57 p.m. EST. This is the degree of a pulsar, which means that much information will be coming in, and that the media will be involved. It is also very close to the fixed star Algol, which promotes intense and sometimes violent energy. This powerful degree is also close to the Lunar Eclipse of November 19, 2002, which was the day the Senate passed the huge Homeland Security bill.

More emphasis on this Full Moon is given by the degree of Sun now exactly conjoining the Lunar Eclipse of May 16, 2003. This was the day that Bush filed for the 2004 Presidency. Mercury was retrograde then. Indeed we have seen that retrograde theme in action in this Administration. Situations begun with a Mercury retrograde often have changes or corrections with another retrograde Mercury. Revelations concerning Bush’s presidency are in the cards now.

So far this moon family has involved GW’s peccadilloes, and news on global warming. It is likely to be a climate issue and its consequences which brings his mismanagement to a head. A woman—or women—will also be involved.

And of course with Taurus, we have financial issues. Moon just passed over Mars in Taurus to give it oomph, and now it forms a Finger of God with Vesta and Pluto. Fate enters in the form of Juno, the angry and abused wife, conjoining the U.S. Mars and GW’s North Node. More oomph. This chart is a full house, an anything-can-happen kind of chart. U.S. prisoner torture is another Juno issue.

Rising is Cancer, close to the U.S. and GW’s Suns, showing that the nation is personally involved. On the Midheaven is Pisces, conjoining Cheney’s Moon.

As if this isn’t enough action, Uranus at this moment is turning direct. Uranus is an unpredictable energy, full of surprises, and a direct station, as now, is his strongest position. It turns direct conjoined the U.S. Ceres at 7 Pisces. Hopefully national sympathy and compassion will be re-aroused.

This is Uranus’ final pass at 7 Pisces. It is now on its way to squaring the U.S. Uranus at 9 Gemini for the 3rd and final time. With every pass there have been very negative (extra negative) actions by the Bush Administration, especially of a kind which isolate the nation (e.g. appointing John Bolton as UN Ambassador). The last time this square occurred, Katrina came. The final square will be January 27.

Well, what surprise does the Administration now have in store? (Patrick Fitzgerald may be able to tell us.) I must say that when I first heard the Valerie Plame story, a couple of years ago, I thought that this is the incident which will backfire on them. We’ll see.

The Sabian Symbol for 24 Taurus is

“AN INDIAN WARRIOR RIDING FIERCELY, HUMAN SCALPS HANGING FROM HIS BELT. The aggressiveness of human instincts when fighting for their earthly base of operation. The symbol seems to imply that violence and aggressiveness are basic components of human nature at the level of the emotions along with a deep-seated identification with a particular culture which insists on regarding men of other cultures as potential enemies. At the emotional level man apparently still has to believe in VIOLENCE FOR SURVIVAL.”

Uranus and Pluto lines run right down the Mississippi Valley. This indicates that this New Moon stimulates much energy there.


We have a snappy Gemini moon today, and the whole world is on the move, lasting well into the evening. Time to communicate.


Quicksilver Gemini Moon continues, with lots of action. The ladies continue to be prominent. Yes, these four big asteroids are archetypes for women, but they also refer to what we often call feminine concerns—but are really everyone’s concerns: safety of the home and home territory, harmonious co-operative relationships, nurturing of everyone, and running a “tight” ship, so that society works. Quality living, we might say. When these asteroids are prominent, daily life, life as we actually live it, is impacted. That often indicates a big event, which changes society. For instance, high-priced gasoline, heating oil, and gas WILL change our daily lives this winter. We will be challenged in every one of those four departments of living.

Venus trines Mars to make this an extraordinarily creative day. Good communication is favored. So is working out a strategy to deal with the challenges of the season. With Mercury retrograde, we can review what hasn’t worked in the past, and plan more astutely now.


Moon is VOC in Gemini until 2:42 p.m. EST, when it enters the family sign of Cancer. Within the next 12 hours it will create a grand water trine, and emotions will flow freely. Within that context, Mars squares Saturn to give a very hard push to an authority which doesn’t want to budge. However, the many greased wheels today will help effect a turn. Mars freshly into Taurus, and Saturn freshly into Leo have already squared one another—at the end of July. More U.S. prickliness was furthered then, with Bush appointing John Bolton, who hates the UN, as UN Ambassador, and Condoleezza Rice creating a department for the “demise of Cuba”—a Cuban Transition Coordinator. Venus in Capricorn tells today’s story. She is in the sign of government, but opposes the U.S. (and Bush) Sun, and squares the Nodes in the sky. What she does will be noticeable, challenging, and it will have far-reaching consequences. This is a Venus, remember (General Influences), that is out of control.


Moon continues in Cancer, with easy aspects. Enjoying home is very appealing today, maybe including cooking a special meal.


Moon in Cancer does make for a stay-at-home weekend, perhaps including time with extended family. This is a good day for completing a project, also good for bringing up serious subjects with family. In addition, this is a day of illumination, perhaps through intimate conversations, or more likely through the news—or a combination of the two. The night will be exciting.


Moon in Leo puts us through the tension of the fixed cross again. Four times each month, when Moon moves through a fixed sign, we feel this tension in some form. Leo tends to be confident, and with Moon through Leo, conjoining Saturn, we’re not quite sure of where we stand. Are we acceptable? Are we doing OK? Is our domain safe? We will therefore work hard to prove ourselves. We will expend much energy today. Tonight Sun enters Sagittarius, and the energy field is lighter for the next month.


Moon continues in Leo, and Sun is now in adventurous Sagittarius. They are both fire signs, and both approach life with enthusiasm and passion. However, that passion is dampened. For one thing, Saturn turns retrograde, and its contracting influence is very strong today. For another thing, Moon not only conjoins repressive Saturn, but also opposes Neptune (fixed cross). Neptune is associated with oceans, fog, and clouds, all of which dampen fire. There will be a lot of steam. Sagittarius is a time of travel, exploration, and broadening of horizons, and our lives become more expansive on the one hand (Sag), and more restrictive on the other (Saturn retrograde). Perhaps the cue is to broaden our inner horizons even though our outer horizons may be restricted. Neptune is excellent for connecting with the mystical and spiritual.


Moon is VOC in Leo, and spontaneous expression is favored. Nobody up here is telling you what to do, Leo—just how you like it. But this afternoon we buckle down to work, as Moon enters Virgo at 1:41 p.m. EST.

At 5:11 p.m., Moon at 2 Virgo makes its Last Quarter encounter with Sun in Sagittarius. We have here two mutable signs, both changeable and flexible. They are also both communicative, and there will be news to share, perhaps surprising news. The month’s important aspects persist, and although this may be last quarter, we are not through with anything. We can contemplate, however, what we have learned in the last three weeks, and what we can carry into the future. Sagittarius is, after all, a visionary sign.

In Washington, Gemini is rising, the degree of the U.S. Uranus, an emotional, defensive energy. This is also the degree of fixed star Aldebaran, which confers strong aggressive energy. This can result in success, but only if there is no compromising of integrity. With moral compromises, negative results are likely. A tendency toward turmoil may accompany Aldebaran, and we do see that with the U.S.

Neptune is on the midheaven, which promises deceptive propaganda, and a pursuit of visionary ideas which are likely illusory. Remember, Neptune is also associated with oceans and oil, both universal and hard to pin down. Neptune in an air sign shows that the hurricane threat is still with us.

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Virgo is

“A LARGE WHITE CROSS DOMINATES THE LANDSCAPE. The wisdom and compassion which only the experience of suffering and isolation can bring. The individual must have gone beyond the state of ego-subjectivity in order truly and objectively to “see” and to discriminate. He must have learned detachment, and it is a lesson that no one can learn without the “crucifixion of the ego-centered emotional life. In the occult tradition, the eye that “sees” must be washed by the blood of the heart. The mind itself has to be left behind and seemingly destroyed in order that compassion and understanding may rise from the depth of the innermost being: a LIBERATING ORDEAL.”


This will be an interesting Thanksgiving. A few things stand out in terms of a traditional family gathering. One is that Virgo likes to cook, and serve too (and be recognized for it), and those of us who are lucky are likely to have a great meal. And a healthy one, for Virgo is tuned into health. Perhaps for some it may be their first all-organic, or vegetarian, Thanksgiving meal. Virgo is also very discriminating, and if we are with family, we may see them with new eyes, especially in light of the Sabian Symbol for this Quarter Moon. We will be active, and maybe traveling, for planets in tow today are energetic. And we will come to some new conclusions, for Retrograde Mercury conjoins Sun. Retrograde Mercury also gives the potential of people from our past coming into today’s experience. It will be a good, and perhaps revealing, day.


Moon continues in Virgo, and we are motivated to clean up any remaining mess. We may find ourselves irritable this morning as we experience a T-cross in mutable signs, which may be overly stimulating to our nervous systems. Women are featured today, in tense relationships. Take time for centering. Moon goes VOC in Virgo at 1:09 p.m. EST.


Moon is in Libra, and the vibe is much more sociable than it was yesterday. On the other hand, Mercury has returned to Scorpio, and our tongues may be much sharper. This Mercury is great for digging into things, especially any historical issues with Mercury retrograde. This would be a wonderful weekend for an illuminating seminar, where participants shared and discussed subjects important to them, perhaps their own lives.


Moon is VOC in sociable Libra until 11:33 a.m., when it enters Scorpio and thereby takes its plunge into the dark depths. And begins its trek of stimulating the fixed cross. Exciting news will come through the communication channels today. It might have to do with world economics and climate. How much do we love the earth? Our families? Our lives?


Moon continues in intense Scorpio, and this day is dominated by Neptune, the planet of mystery and meditation. We may not be as mentally alert as we’d like to be, but intuition is working well. Dreams tonight may be vivid.


Moon and Mercury have an emotional conjunction this morning (10:16 a.m.), and then Moon goes VOC until it enters Sagittarius at 5:32 p.m. EST. We begin then our countdown for the New Moon tomorrow morning. Tonight is arguably the most visionary night of this year. Keep your intuitive senses open.

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