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General Influences, September 2004

September will be a dilly. We start out the month with three planets turning direct, which is like stepping on the gas hard. One of those planets is Mercury, which, after its retrograde session, is all ready to move things along again with a revised agenda. It turns direct in Leo, which encourages us to act from the heart as well as from the mind.

Slower Chiron moves direct at the end of the month. In the meantime, during the entire month it hardly moves, making its influence very strong. Stationary at 21 degrees of Capricorn, it anchors the month. Chiron heals by realigning energies. It often does this by showing wounds, because that is how we know what needs healing. Now in Capricorn, sign of government, and opposed Saturn, planet of structures (including our skeletons) and of the establishment, it is re-aligning government.

Chiron’s action can be documented everywhere in the world (and in our lives) in many ways. One Chiron activity that dominates the news now is prisoner abuse. Chiron this month is particularly important for the U.S. See the September retrograde column and the feature article for more information.

The outer and the inner planets are both highlighted in September. This means big events in the external world which are reflected in changes in consciousness, along with much movement in our personal lives. At the end of the month, we have many new beginnings.

Social energies dominate, as we make a gradual transition during the month from relying on problem-solver Virgo to focusing on partnership-oriented Libra. Mercury’s direct turn in Leo will help us to be true to ourselves in regard to our partnerships.

Autumn Equinox traditionally is set for our entry into Libra, the sign of balance. The balance of light and dark marks our own time to find balance in ourselves, in our lives, and particularly in our relationships. Sun enters Libra at Equinox, and Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter all enter Libra during the following week. By the end of the month we have a great convention in Libra which lasts well through the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Libra on October 14.

This means a very big emphasis on partnerships of all kinds. Justice and peace will be important, but so will fighting against injustice. It is important to remember that partnerships are in part mirrors of ourselves.

The transition into Libra is sudden. During the first three weeks of September, Virgo dominates the heavens. At New Moon in Virgo on September 14, we have five planets in the sign of Virgo. In Virgo we deal with work, health, problem-solving, and developing our skills. Virgo is an earth sign, and analysis for the sake of improvement and practicality is a Virgo talent. In Virgo we need to find our right work or service.

Several planets will square Pluto in Sagittarius as they move through the sign of Virgo. Pluto deepens and regenerates all that it touches, and growth in Virgo departments of our lives is promised. Virgo is a healing sign, and Pluto can be a healing planet. September, then, is a great month for healing. (Healing means "making whole.") Virgo planets will work constructively with the month’s anchor, Wounded Healer Chiron.

So we take a big step in healing. And then at Equinox we plunge into the airy Libra pool. Suddenly we have a focus on equity, on fairness in all aspects of our lives. We are ready to stand up for ourselves and for our needs. In Virgo, for instance, we might have been willing to work under an unfair boss if we liked the work itself. In Libra, we cannot abide unjust working conditions. Egalitarian, civilized, and harmonious relationships take top priority. It is Libran urges that push us to fight for peace and justice, to say "not in my name." Libra is a fighter, as well as a peacemaker.

Libra’s entrance during the last week of September is not only sudden. It is also intense.

Mars entering Libra pushes it into immediate action, and competition of all kinds blooms with renewed energy. Libra is an extraverted social sign, and many truths will be hung out on the line, without inhibitions. Mars will be in Libra until after the election.

At about the same time, Jupiter also enters Libra, for a 13-month stay. Jupiter expands things. Jupiter also brings in the religious and philosophical dimension. Jupiter with Mars can be a fervent fighter for a cause in which one believes. Jupiter also relates to the law, and the courts are apt to be a battleground during this next year. Politics is also Jupiterian.

Libra is an air sign, and is most at home with words and social discourse. Put all this together, and Equinox will be the signal to turn up the volume of public discourse. Much of it will be confrontative and feisty.

Mid-September will be a time of physical transformation. The last 10 days in September will be a period of starting new cycles, lasting either one year or two years.

Sensitive degrees, from Equinox on, are from 19-22 degrees, and from 29-3 degrees, i.e., the cusp of a sign. The four cardinal signs are most impacted, but all signs at those degrees will now receive much stimulation. The cardinal signs are those which usher in the seasons—Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer.

Before Equinox, mutable signs in the 19-21 degree zone, are featured. They are mental and flexible, and include Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces, and Gemini.

GW Bush’s chart emphasizes cardinal mode, as does the U.S. chart. Both John Kerry’s and John Edwards’ charts show mutables as being prominent.

September is a very interesting and very important month. Pay attention to yourself, others, and the wider world. Gird yourselves with the sword of justice, and play the spiritual warrior.

Libra Sun signs, in particular, now come into their own.

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Maya's September Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

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We follow through on yesterday’s messages from the universe. We can easily draw on divine guidance for our personal quests and challenges. Goal-oriented energy will be high. Juno turns direct today, and issues of relationship, and particularly abuse because of inequality in relationships will be in our consciousness. With Moon in Aries, we will want to do something.


Mercury turns direct at 9:09 a.m. EDT. The early morning may be tense, and we may feel insecure. Arguments and self-sabotage are possible. Pluto has just turned direct, and the Virgo planets begin now to challenge Pluto’s power. Our main concern is about jobs and security, and improving our status. Harmony may prevail by the time Moon goes VOC at 12:17 p.m. An energetic VOC Aries moon allows us freedom of action during the afternoon. At 8:16 p.m., Moon enters sensual, magnetic Taurus. Moon tonight can help us calm the day’s Aries-Virgo-Mercury-Pluto tensions.


This is a fine, productive day. Ground your new approaches in reality so that they can bloom. Evening might be a bit chaotic. A good meal and an entertaining movie might fill the bill.


Taurus Moon continues to give us both harmonious vibes and good results. Activity starts early and ends late. Put on your running shoes. Afternoon and evening will be especially active. It’s a great party night, especially for entertaining at home. Be sure to provide good food and drink, but be careful about overindulgence.


Yesterday’s energy of relatively mellow, indulgent earthiness has shifted to a matrix of excitement, electricity, urgency, and apprehension. Something important is on our minds. What is it we have to do? It is major, and it involves communication and a shift of consciousness.


Last Quarter Moon at 15 Gemini occurs at 11:10 a.m. EDT. Autumn’s changes are now being rolled into manifestation with a bang. Warrior Mars has the starring role, and it is bringing powerful, transformative Pluto into the action. Within the next week, Mars, Sun and Moon square Pluto to release enormous regenerational energy. Virgo’s concerns are emphasized—health, improvement, work, service. Virgo also refers to the military services. Ceres is now in Virgo as well, and Ceres is the harvest goddess. What are our workers harvesting now? What are working conditions for those who do the labor? Virgo is a sign of perfecting ourselves as we prepare for the future.

All three of the outer planets are important today. This means major change in consciousness. We’ve talked about Pluto’s dynamic role. Neptune, the cosmic channel, is featured by being at the base of the chart, the foundation. We find our security with Neptune’s glamour. Neptune seduces and fools us, and we can expect the blankets of propaganda to swath us ever more tightly. Moon itself trines Neptune, showing that we, the people (Moon) are exceptionally gullible now. However, we can also tune into messages from spirit with Neptune. Uranus, the third of the outer planets, has its final fling with the Moon’s Nodes. This aspect has represented a spiritualizing of world values, and it has been in orb since mid-July.

Venus moves into Leo, helping us to appreciate the "show," and the rulers now on the stage of the world. Leo is GW’s ascendant, and he will appear in a favorable light for the next month. His Commander-in-Chief role will probably star in the media.

The degree of this Gemini Moon is close to the Venus transit of Sun last June, and I think it indicates the resurgence of the feminine. Perhaps of the arts as well, for Neptune is prominent now, and it trined Venus as it crossed Sun. Also, this moon sits between important influences (north nodes) of both Venus and Uranus, indicating reform of the feminine. This energy will also raise intuition, consciousness, and give a push to the arts.

Venus also represents money, and Neptune oil, so those thought patterns will be enhanced.

This Moon family began with the Solar Eclipse of June 10, 2002. Many significant events occurred then, as well as at each subsequent phase—and now we enter the final 9-month phase, where priorities become clear, and consciousness changes.

The degree of Moon now is close to the U.S. Mars in Gemini. Events around each of the prior phases centered on the U.S. pushing ahead with its neocon agenda of imperialism and militarism, regardless of contrary facts and indicators, which also came out during those past phases.

The Sabian Symbol for 15 Gemini is:

"TWO DUTCH CHILDREN TALKING TO EACH OTHER, EXCHANGING THEIR KNOWLEDGE. The need to clarify one’s experiences through actual contact with like-minded individuals. OBJECTIVITY."

This Gemini Moon is in the Libra decanate of Gemini, and its Sabian Symbol is very Gemini-Libra, i.e., youthful, naïve, and using social intercourse as a way of mirroring self.

It’s notable that as we go through this great cultural change period, the 4th Quarter Moons are usually the most significant moon phase. Fourth Quarter is a time of release, of letting go, and it shows how rapidly we are relinquishing the past.


Moon continues in lively Gemini, and it’s an excellent day for all kinds of communication. Moon goes VOC at 2:08 p.m. EDT, and we can be spontaneous during the rest of the day. This is a good time to play. At 6:50 p.m., Moon enters quiet Cancer, and we may be ready to go home, or at least be with family-type friends.


Moon is in Cancer, and we are receptive and sensitive. We may want to be alone today. We definitely want to do our own thing. Taking care of ourselves is important.


We are serious and hard-working today. Issues that relate to our personal security and our everyday life are important. Strategy is important now. Apply it to your own life as well as to the public arena.


We start September’s roller coaster ride today. Moon is in Leo, and we dramatize life, including ourselves. Mercury returns to Virgo, and our imaginations may center on health concerns. Our major challenge of the month occurs, as Mars squares Pluto, stimulating the power of life and death. This aspect is part of a stressful T-square, which centers on Pluto, and besides Mars, includes two of the asteroid goddesses, Ceres and Vesta. They relate to caring for ourselves, our families, and our nests. Asteroid involvement always means an involvement in real, daily life.

Pluto has just turned direct, and has a lot of punch. We are still in close orb to its direct station, at 20 Sagittarius. (See August archives of Daykeeper for more detail on Pluto’s turn.) This is Pluto’s final stop at this potent degree for another 250 years. Black Hole Ereshkigal, at 19 Sagittarius, is waiting for this final visit. Ereshkigal was the Mesopotamian (Iraq area) Queen of the Underworld. She was married to Nergal, God of the Dead. She was the sister of Inanna, Queen of Heaven. They were inextricably tied together—the light and the dark, the right and left sides of the brain. Inanna was ultimately at the mercy of Ereshkigal, and Alex Miller-Mignone says that the image of the conscious mind being ultimately at the mercy of the subconscious is apt for the human condition.

We have had time, as a nation, to explore those dark shadowy places since the autumn of 2002, when Pluto was first sucked into these transformative black holes and the U.S. said that it was going to invade Iraq. Alex Miller-Mignone says that this conjunction "should impel a massive healing of right brain functioning, and a return to the consciousness of the circle."

Consciousness is now being raised quickly, and today’s transit is one of the big steps along the way. Mars involved shows that the warrior is important, Ceres shows that how we nurture is part of this healing, and Vesta shows the importance of the home fires, and the fuel and devotion which keep them going.

This is a crucial transit for the United States, and for GW Bush. For Bush, Pluto now indicates the loss of something which was important to his security, perhaps in a sudden way. For the U.S., we begin a revisioning of our overseas conquests. Do we really want to put most of our resources into the military as a way of ruling the world? (Shall it be "guns or butter" was Pres. Johnson’s great dilemma during the Vietnam War.)

Pluto continues its challenges throughout September. Pluto will conjoin the New Moon at 21 Sagittarius on December 11 to set in motion a vast new cycle. Today’s action is a preview.


Moon is still traveling through dynamic Leo. We can be creative, courageous, and generous. Yesterday’s explosive plutonic energy reverberates today, as Sun squares Pluto. Here in these two days, two dynamos of the zodiac, Mars and Sun, join together to stimulate that powerhouse, Pluto. Today begins the last three months of a power cycle which began last December, when Saddam Hussein surrendered, and GW Bush signed the Homeland Security Bill.

Heavy changes are occurring now. All of these cycles, including our lunar cycle, are in their final quarter. We are surrendering bigtime. (This is what Inanna had to do when she visited her underworld sister, Ereshkigal.)

Juno sits exactly at the top of the chart set for Washington. Victims have top billing, and it’s possible that more torture stories may surface. It also may be that on this terrible anniversary, the Administration is working fulltime on scaring the public with terrorist tales. Remember that these transits keenly affect Bush’s chart.


These days have been very hyped up, but relax today if you can. Moon is VOC in sunny Leo, and the day is ours to enjoy. At 5:16 p.m., Moon enters Virgo, and it’s a very talky and busy night. We feel energized until late. However, we are in dark-of-the-moon time, and visioning and planning are more appropriate than action. Tonight we begin another series of transits, all of which relate to security. Sun conjoins Ceres to begin a one-year cycle in activating nurturing in regard to Virgo issues. All kinds of services, including the military, are revitalized now.


This is a day of revelations and truth-telling, perhaps part of our letting-go of things from the past which we no longer need. It’s interesting that this surrender, which emphasizes Virgo energy, occurs just before the Virgo New Moon. We can start our new lunar cycle with a relatively fresh slate, which comes from a heightened wisdom about Virgo energy. Dark-of-the-moon is a vulnerable and sensitive period surrounding a new lunar birth. However, vibrations are intense now, and we may feel much nervous energy, with some anxiety and apprehension. Nurture yourself now.


New Moon at 23 Virgo occurs at 10:29 a.m. EDT. With Virgo New Moon we begin a cycle of perfecting and improving. Service is the core of Virgo, and thus work is central. Developing proper skills is a challenge for which Virgo has an affinity. Planets in Virgo have a talent for analyzing problems.

This Virgo cycle will continue for four weeks. However, much of the Virgo cycle will emphasize Libra, which is an energy of partnership and egalitarian relationships. So we build up skills in Virgo, and use them to serve partners as the lunar month moves on. Libra can bring peace and resolution to situations.

Wow! Since the ninth, we’ve had a dilly of a week! We are still in the vortex of change, and it may yet be too soon to understand what it’s all about. Look back at those projects which occupied your attention during the Mercury retrograde period (August 9-September 2). The days around August 18 were particularly telling.

The general focus is major new starts in Virgo concerns, particularly as related to expansion and security. (See archives for details on Virgo.) Virgo is a sign of purification and re-alignment.

Again, the U.S. is centrally involved. And thus so are all of us. This New Moon conjoins the U.S. natal Neptune in the ninth house, and squares the U.S. natal Mars in Gemini. This means a new deal in our foreign policy and foreign adventures. With the great involvement of Pluto and Mars, deep aggressive power is part of the picture. New uses of nuclear firepower could be among the Administration’s initiatives now.

This New Moon is close to the degree of the New Moon on September 17, 2001. That Moon followed the events of September 11, 2001, and set in motion the neocon juggernaut. Perhaps that lopsided cycle is what is ending now. Libra, in the works now, does want balance.

Today’s energy moves very well, and all kinds of healing have support. However, healing what? Intention is always the central determinant.

The Sabian Symbol for 23 Virgo is:

"A LION TAMER DISPLAYS HIS SKILL AND CHARACTER. The need to tame one’s vital energy in order to fulfill one’s destiny. We see here the development of the concept of training. The true aristocrat is the person who is in complete control of his vital and emotional energies. At the spiritual level, this includes the overcoming of pride—pride in one’s strength and mastery, and the pride attached to an exalted status or social Office. Implied in any successful process of taming and training is RESOLUTENESS AND PATIENCE."

Astro*Carto*Graphy shows planetary energies strong on the West Coast for both new and full moons. In addition, today is California’s birthday, which means that California starts a new solar cycle.


Moon is in Libra today, and people are drawn to connecting with other people. Libra is a very social sign, and we have a desire to please others. However, issues of justice and injustice may have high priority, for Mars, the fighter, joins Sun. This nearly completes our very strong gathering in Virgo of the last week. Mars with Sun in Virgo can be good at solving tough problems. This is, in fact, Mars’ directive for the next year. Tonight a good movie or video is apt to appeal to us.


Moon continues in Libra, with good creative work aspects. The night will be serious.


Moon is in penetrating Scorpio, and we may want to probe mysteries. Vesta squares Pluto today, to mark the first quarter of a four-year security cycle. I believe Vesta now is very connected to U.S. investments in Iraq, both monetarily and militarily. Vesta is very prominent during this month of September. Today’s action has about three more years to go before its initiatives are completed. Vesta now is in Pisces, and dedication to work and families is enhanced for Pisces people. Moon in Scorpio arouses intense feelings about those things and people about which we care most.


Moon continues in emotional Scorpio, and our feelings run deep. Lunar aspects run continuously from 2 a.m. today until 8:30 a.m. EDT tomorrow. A kaleidoscope of strong feelings moves us during those 30 hours. Among those feelings can be transcendent love and an overwhelming connection with our spiritual centers. By afternoon this translates into practical action. Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday would make an excellent retreat weekend—in preparation for Wednesday’s landmark Equinox.


Moon goes VOC at 8:24 a.m., and enters outgoing Sagittarius at 10:30 a.m. The rest of the day is adventurous and exciting. Try hiking a new trail.


Let your artistic creativity fly today. We appreciate the beauties of the world. Tonight we’ve got our Pluto challenge to Virgo energies going again, and things could get a little heavy. Moon in fire sign Sagittarius pushes us to speak our truth.


First Quarter Moon at 29 Virgo occurs at 11:54 a.m. EDT. Virgo Sun is cautious, careful, detail-oriented, and perfectionistic. Sagittarius Moon balances these qualities with expansiveness, optimism, and a philosophical attitude towards life. Sag’s attitude can help Virgo move through its inhibitions into a more expressive space. Judgmentalism, however, can be a problem with either of these signs, and when they are combined, moral righteousness can block them from finding their creative potential. Watch out for religious extremism.

Moon squares Mars, Sun, and Jupiter this morning—a lively gang. We say good-bye to Virgo in grand style. Within the next few days, all three of these energetic planets will have entered Libra.

In the meantime, this afternoon Sun and Jupiter conjoin in the final degree of Virgo. It’s interesting that they begin their annual cycle in Virgo, but the entire remainder of that cycle will be in Libra. It looks like Jupiter is meant to carry some Virgoan purification into its coming partnerships, Libra’s domain. Sun and Jupiter together relate to the law, politics, religion, education, and expansion in general. Our relationships in those areas will dominate our lives during Jupiter’s one-year journey through Libra.

Mercury in Virgo has moved into opposition with Vesta, and a square with Pluto. Mercury’s analytical abilities can serve us very well now in figuring out what is happening. Mercury is on the midheaven in Washington, and it is likely that significant communication will be emanating from the capital. Money, investments, and foreign expansion may be topics.

After it squares Jupiter at 12:19 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC. However, it very soon enters Capricorn—1:35 p.m.—to ground this challenging first quarter energy. Later in the day, Sun and Jupiter conjoin in Virgo, another earth sign which helps with making today’s action practical and realistic.

Tomorrow we experience Autumn Equinox.


Sun leads the parade into Libra, the sign of balance, at 12:30 p.m. EDT. Jupiter will go into Libra on the 24th, and Mars enters the sign of the scales on the 26th. Days and nights are equal now, but only for a split second. Immediately the days begin to shorten, as the night force overtakes the day force. This is Libra’s dilemma—constantly aiming for that ephemeral moment of perfect equality, but never being able to hang onto it. I often think that Libra must be the most frustrating sign in the zodiac.

Well, now we all enter the Libra energy field, and we all aim for fairness and justice in our relationships and in the world. Idealism gets a big shot in the arm, and Jupiter helps to expand it. At the same time, the Virgo energy keeps us grounded, and so does Moon in Capricorn.

Capricorn relates to government, authority, business, and structures in general, including our skeletons. Moon sits between Juno, the abused wife, and Chiron, the Wounded Healer. Moon in Capricorn is ambitious, and here the ambition is to heal abuse. The abuse which our own joints and bones remember may also come up for healing now.

Moon represents the people, and right now it exactly opposes the U.S. Sun. This looks like the people taking a healing path in opposition to the government. Saturn transiting the U.S. Mercury can lend more authority, backbone, and seriousness to the national discourse.

Jupiter conjoining Sun is very significant in lending support, hope, and optimism to our autumn season. It also injects the subjects of politics and law into our thinking and discussions. Expansion is also a theme.

The chart wheel set for Washington DC is similar to the U.S. chart, with Sagittarius rising. Powerhouse Pluto is in the first house, showing that the nation will continue to throw its weight around. Mercury in Virgo is again on the midheaven, and Vesta on the nadir. I think this prominent and stressful square indicates that Iraq continues to have priority, and that it continues to be a problem.

Energy now sets the pattern for our autumn season, as the Sun sets earlier and earlier. The nights become longer now, as we descend into the darkest time of the year.

The Sabian Symbol for the moon at 14 Capricorn is:

"AN ANCIENT BAS-RELIEF CARVED IN GRANITE REMAINS A WITNESS TO A LONG-FORGOTTEN CULTURE. The will to unearth, in our culture as well as any culture, what has permanent value, and to let go of nonessentials. At a time when in nearly every land, people are questioning and challenging traditional beliefs and customary attitudes, it becomes necessary to separate permanent values and great principles or symbols from the many individual habits and the socio-political developments which more often than not have perverted or even negated the original ideals of the culture. We must strive to free these ideals from the wild growth of personal and class selfishness, from the greed and ambition so prevalent in human nature, and learn to appreciate the excellence of what is the immortal seed-foundation, s well as the spiritual harvest, of any culture—and by extension of every sustained and complete work produced by humans’ indomitable efforts to achieve creative perfection. What is needed is a penetrating and courageous insight founded upon a valid HISORICAL PERSPECTIVE. This applies to the past of an individual’s life as well as to the history of a nation or a group."

Capricorn Moon can help us to look at the ancestors, and retain the best of the heritage of what they wrought.

Nighttime is lively, and we are apt to stay up late.


This day we are serious, hardworking, and successful in our endeavors, a good start for our new autumn season. Evening will be social.

The fifth and last of the heaven’s Virgo planets transit over the U.S. Neptune today, at 23 Virgo. The emphasis has been on foreign policy these last two months, and preparing for a new stance in the world. As these planets begin to move into Libra, the U.S. will find a new direction. We can pray that it comes closer to a respect for humanity and for humans.


We are tuned into the spheres today and tomorrow, as Moon travels through Aquarius. This can be a deeply loving day, and at the same time it is active. Our ideals are stirred now, and we want to do something to help promote human rights. Just treating with loving consideration those people in our lives is a good start.

Late tonight, Jupiter enters Libra to begin a 13-month journey through that sign. Jupiter is about our beliefs and philosophies, and teaching or preaching them through the media, through higher mind institutions, such as law and education, or through foreign journeys. Jupiter is about relating to others through our beliefs. It is closely connected with spirit, and is the planet which guides specific religions. With Jupiter we can have faith in a higher power, and allow it to guide us. It is when we open to those higher realms, that Jupiter brings us the luck and success for which it is famous. We can do anything because we just know that we have help from the other side.

Libra is a social air sign. It is most comfortable with ideas, ideals, and with social discourse. It deals with and enjoys human relationships, and prefers them to be harmonious, although competition is also acceptable. With Jupiter here, we seek opportunities through cooperating—or maybe competing—with others. And we find success through partnerships and through all relationships. Negotiating and all kinds of wheeling dealing will thrive. Jupiter in Libra is excellent for working with the law, or even in the legal field. It’s also great energy for a politician. Both Bill Clinton and GW Bush have Jupiter in Libra. They both depend on a partner, Bill on Hillary, and Bush on Dick Cheney.

Jupiter brings us growth and expansion, and it will bring growth now to one-to-one relationships.

Jupiter now has Mars in the last degree of Virgo conjoining and energizing it. Jupiter and Mars together are the quintessential warrior. This is especially true now, with Mars in Virgo, the sign of military services. Mercury and Ceres, also in Virgo, are backing up Mars and Jupiter. Again, I believe that working on the huge dark issue of torture, most of it still under cover, will be a major theme for the year. Add to that securing U.S. investments in Iraq.

In the Jupiter ingress chart set for Washington, willful and unpredictable Uranus is at the top of the chart, spreading its vibes over the nation as we welcome Jupiter into Libra. Transiting Sun and Jupiter both conjoin the midheaven of the U.S. natal chart now. This is the place of goals and purpose. We do not have a quiet Jupiter year ahead of us.

In some ways the energy today feels similar to full moon energy. We are building to a climax which includes Moon and Venus, who embody feminine archetypes, and Mars and Jupiter, decidedly masculine gods. Expression is bold.

The skies are active tonight, and so are we likely to be.


Today Moon is VOC in Aquarius. We don’t have much time to relax during these dynamic days, so take advantage of today’s opportunity. It’s a great day to visit with friends, or to indulge in your favorite sport. Moon goes into the watery sign of Pisces at 6:55 p.m. EDT. Enjoy the bright light of a nearly full Harvest Moon.


This is an exciting time—between Equinox, which marks the Sun’s annual rhythm, and Harvest Moon, which marks Moon’s monthly and seasonal rhythms. With Moon in sensitive Pisces, we can easily tune into these special vibrations. Take time to open to them, preferably by yourself, and in nature.

This morning Mars enters Libra, and puts together a strong Libra trio—Sun, Jupiter, and Mars. Tonight Mars and Jupiter join at 1 degree of Libra, the potent Equinox degree.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is:


Dane Rudhyar, in his book, An Astrological Mandala, has written inspiring pages about this symbol (pp.172-4). Libra is the sign of moving from the individual to the collective. It is in the collective that we fill our individual and destined roles, and Libra is a major life marker. Through our ideals we keep that role in mind, while allowing ourselves to be immersed in the collective. We begin that immersion in Libra by recognizing and honoring the humanity of "the other" in one-to-one relationships. I think of Libra as where we leap into the spiritual dimension of life, where we can truly recognize the soul.

Collectively, we move onto a more spiritual plane with this massive entry of planets into Libra. Our rebirth is aided now by Transpluto at 28 Leo, the energy of Resurrection, who is being aspected by the Leo and Virgo planets. (I have first house Neptune at 28 Leo, and I personally am feeling resurrection of all aspects of my being. Transpluto’s work is a long, slow process. Pres. Clinton is just finishing with transiting Transpluto over his late Leo Sun, and we can see how that process has worked with his identity over the last few years.)

At the time of this Mars-Jupiter conjunction, 8:17 p.m. EDT, a powerful Chiron is exactly overhead in Washington, about to turn direct. Look for more revelations of improper—we can say immoral—behavior of the Administration. Libra is very idealistic, and the national outrage will grow.

Politics receives a big boost now, as more people begin to understand its relevance and the importance of democratic participation. Two national politicians who were born while Sun was traveling through Libra are Dennis Kucinich and Jesse Jackson. Both of them are passionate voices for justice and respect for human dignity, the essence of Libra.

With Moon in Pisces, we can be receptive now to our guiding spirits.


Moon continues in Pisces, with aspects which encourage us to communicate about our roles in society—and perhaps revise our expectations. Enjoy the excitement and the beauty of the full moon tonight.


Full Moon at 6 Aries occurs at 9:09 a.m. EDT. This is the Harvest Moon, and it occurs only in autumn when the full moon rises obliquely, and casts its bright light on the earth during a long evening.

With all this Libra, do we have peace on earth? Hardly. Full Moon in the militant sign of Aries reminds us of the importance of self-assertion. Aries’ ruler, Mars, is conjunct Sun, Jupiter, and Mercury now, and that’s enough energy for any challenger. With Aries Moon, the battle now begins! The battle to put heart and soul back into the public arena.

Sun now conjoins John Kerry’s midheaven, energizing his idealistic, conciliatory public nature. In fact, all of these new cycles beginning this month are close to Kerry’s midheaven. His place in the world, and his goals, are illuminated and stimulated. Aries Moon lights up Kerry’s nadir, which shows his heritage as a fighter. This is also the degree of GW’s Aries Vesta, which gives him his lone wolf, aggressive stance. It is in Aries that he finds his security (Vesta). Neptune for those people born during 1945-46 is now stimulated by the revealing Sun of this Full Moon. Their ideals will be newly activated.

Aries and Libra are both cardinal signs. Cardinal signs initiate new developments, and here we go, folks. We begin to put our ideals, whatever they may be, into action.

The chart set for Washington, DC has Neptune at the bottom. This shows where we are coming from. On the one hand, it is an idealistic, visionary place. On the other hand, Neptune spawns delusions and fantasies of grandeur. Whatever it brings now is powerful, for it sits on the midpoint of Pluto/Moon. This combination shows deep feelings, super-sensitivity and sudden impulses. With Aries Moon, we may have a chip on our shoulder and find that our aggressive responses are quickly aroused.

Our march into Libra continues during this Full Moon. Mercury enters Libra this morning, and conjoins Jupiter tonight. All of these planetary conjunctions this month begin new cycles, most of them for about one year. With so many close together in the zodiac, they all support one another. We can make a strong new, more idealistic, more humanistic, start in our lives. October will usher in a new deal for all of us.

This day starts early, and ends late. Energy flows well.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Aries is:

"A SQUARE, WITH ONE OF ITS SIDES BRIGHTLY ILLUMINED. The emotional desire for concrete and stabilized existence as a person. The desire for individualization operates at first as a one-pointed or one-sided drive focusing itself upon an exclusive goal. All emotions are at first possessive, and all cultural manifestations operate on the principle of exclusion. All that does not belong to the tribal sphere (one blood, one land, one folk) is the potential enemy. This is a necessary phase, for the first attempt at building an inner realization of integral being may be defeated at any time by the regressive pull toward undifferentiation and the prenatal state of nonindividualization within the vast womb of nature or within unformed space. A ONE-SIDED URGE FOR INNER STABILITY."


Moon continues in enthusiastic Aries with still, again, good aspects. We move right along. And we experience another conjunction! Mercury, freshly into Libra, conjoins Mars today to add to the Libra wallop. Mercury is like a crowning piece. With Mercury we understand and communicate the Libra energy now moving like a great stream through us. Uranus and Chiron are both prominent now, and they bring changes and surprises.

When Mercury conjoins Sun on October 5, we will finish fixing Libra in our consciousness. (This is Teresa Heinz Kerry’s birthday!) We are now laying excellent groundwork for the Libra Solar Eclipse on October 14.


Moon is in Taurus for the next two days. Taurus is a receptive sign, and we have a bit of time to assimilate the Libra onslaught. Taurus is also productive, and work will appeal. So will the abundance of the Earth.

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