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Maya del Mar's June 2002 Daily Success Guide

by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
Updated every Monday.

SATURDAY JUNE 1. You read about reformer Uranus and strategist Pallas Athena holding hands for the entire month of June in Aquarius, the sign of the future. As the month enters, they begin immediately to cozy up to each other, and we will feel it, for they are joined today by Moon in Aquarius. Sun also trines Neptune in Aquarius to fill us with new visions. This is a very mentally creative combination, especially good for new beginnings in the arts, technology, or healing work. We may be restless today, and find it hard to stay present. This day is all about the future, what we want, and how we will go after it. Our ideas and plans might be quite long-range, and inventive as well.

Our dreams and plans will revolve around structures and foundations. We’re building something new, and it will relate to security, especially in the areas of technology and science. We may see changes in established traditions, and in large institutions. Changing finances are also a topic now.

Change, especially in the idea sphere, is the name of the game during this first week of June, as we prepare for the Solar Eclipse on June 10, which will propel us onto a new path.

We start this month with a spectacular sight. Look low in the west about 40-50 minutes after sunset to see radiant Jupiter and brilliant Venus next to one another. Dig those vibes of expanded love and beauty. This may be our farewell to Jupiter, for it will be difficult to see until it reappears in the morning sky in late summer.

Tonight we may be wakeful and full of ideas. Our nervous system is highly stimulated.

SUNDAY JUNE 2. Catalytic Uranus, together with his dearly beloved Pallas Athena, who urges him on, dominates the heavens today. There is electricity in the air, and we may receive shocks from it, for Uranus is slowly changing direction today. For the next few days, Uranus and Pallas are inseparable, providing an incomparable period for leaps ahead in both technology and ideas of freedom and of democratic government. During this period Britain celebrates the Golden Anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. Look for surprises.

Last Quarter Moon at 13 Pisces occurs at 8:05 p.m. EDT, and coincides with Uranus’ turn. At that time there are difficult fixed stars rising, setting, and on the zenith, indicating widespread harsh influences.

The historical record of this moon is all about GW becoming the selected President, and the increasing arrogance and pugnacity of the U.S. and of Israel. This chart indicates a big show of U.S. defensive muscle. Look for lots of strutting and posturing in the name of security.

Earth changes are also possible now; for they often coincide with directional changes. The Mississippi Valley shows much activity during this period. With many water signs in the heavens, we could see flooding.

In fact, with Moon in Pisces, we might prefer to be near or on water today, where we can absorb the woes of the world. Wherever we are, we feel restless, and need to take action. But what action? And towards what ends? Perhaps will, rightly directed, can guide us.

The Sabian Symbol for 13 Pisces is:

"AN ANCIENT SWORD, USED IN MANY BATTLES, IS DISPLAYED IN A MUSEUM. Through the effectual use of will, a consecrated person can become a symbol of courage. Will power is the ultimate spiritual weapon, and its undeviating use is the symbol of individual worth. This symbol emphasizes the imperative need to make use of the will in meeting the basic challenges of the inner life as well as outer adversaries. WILLPOWER, which is God’s will operating through the individual mind."

Night will be full of action in the heavens. Added to Uranus’ zapping of the nervous system, we are apt to be wakeful.

MONDAY JUNE 3. Take the day off. We worked hard enough last night. Moon is still in dreamy Pisces, and it is, in fact, void of course for the entire day. Expect surprises and unplanned events. Go with the flow. It’s a fabulous day for artistic creation—desire, intuition, and ability are all tops now. Let your spontaneity roll. Love flows well today, especially for family and dear ones.

The Pallas-Uranus "technology for the future" energy is at a peak today, and we will all get to see it. Rebellion against the "new world order" is also strongly felt.

TUESDAY JUNE 4 and WEDNESDAY JUNE 5. After a chaotic, somewhat nerve-wracking weekend, we march ahead now with renewed energy and clear vision. We are enthusiastic, and the universe falls into place for us.

THURSDAY JUNE 6. Fast-moving Aries energy continues to push us right along. At 5:47 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC, and we can relax, just in time for a quiet dinner. Moon enters sensual Taurus at 8:07 p.m. EDT (just in time for a tasty dinner on the West Coast).

Around midnight Pluto—power—and Sun, Commander-in-Chief—oppose one another. This is a turning point in a cycle begun last December 6, when the agreement for an interim Afghanistan government was signed, and when the House passed Fast Track for the trade agreement for the Americas.

This opposition, with Pluto at 17 Sagittarius, and Sun at 17 Gemini, is superimposed on the historic transformational Saturn-Pluto opposition of the last 10 months, and gives it strength and direction. Anyone with planets at 16-18 degrees of the mutable signs (Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces, and Virgo) is given special guidance now. Also, what is set in motion during this week has extra powers of endurance.

Uranus in Aquarius, our "new world order" energy, continues to be featured.

FRIDAY JUNE 7. Moon is in practical Taurus. Morning is energetic and productive, but by afternoon we become dreamy and escapist. TGIF. Tonight do something that pulls you into other worlds—music, video, reading, dancing, something which stimulates your imagination.

SATURDAY JUNE 8. Mercury turns direct around noon today, just in time to propel the show on the road at New Moon two days from now. The show continues to be a Gemini-Cancer performance featuring the U.S. In Cancer we search for security, and with Gemini we do it through our connections and relationships. Gemini is a trading sign, at home in the marketplace, and pushing through the "Free Trade Agreement of the Americas" will be a priority. This FTAA is an expanded version of NAFTA, expanded in terms of both geographical and legal coverage. It expands the scope of freedom for corporations, and inhibits freedom for small businesses, consumers, workers, the environment, and the free exchange of ideas.

Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini, the sign of information, connections, and communication. We’ve had a chance to review our perceptions and the information which fuels them, as well as our relationships to various facets of the world. We put it all together now to make a new start in regard to our interactions with the world. This cycle will last until the next Mercury-retrograde period in September-October.

U.S. financial investments, which always have top priority anyway, are featured now. The themes of the month—security, technology and defense—are also emphasized, both in national policy and in each of our lives.

With Mercury now turning direct, offense is added to the mix.

Those difficult situations which we’ve been slogging through for the last year are open now for resolution. New Moon on June 10 will give us the green light.

SUNDAY JUNE 9. We’re coming up on New Moon tomorrow, and today both Sun and Moon are in lively, spontaneous, fun-loving Gemini. Gemini is also a dual sign, always holding options, elusive and hard to pin down. And yet today is the day when we finalize plans for the new future ahead of us. We can see now what we will set in motion with the New Moon. Vision is much more prophetic now than it will be tomorrow, when we dive right into the new soup. The crystal ball now shows the future clearly, so take the time today to isolate yourself, look deeply into your inner self, and clarify your renewed goals.

Watch impulsiveness today. We are especially sensitive, and can lash out rashly to defend ourselves. This behavior can be especially noticeable on the road. In general, anger today can have unwise, but enduring, consequences.

MONDAY JUNE 10. The New Moon Solar Eclipse at 20 Gemini occurs at 7:46 p.m. EDT. The Sun-Moon energy field is now set for the next month in the restless, versatile sign of Gemini. This is the month when we reach out for connections and information. We’re curious and communicative. We process much information, and our nervous systems can be on overdrive.

This an annular eclipse, with a ring of light visible around the dark center. Its path crosses the Pacific Ocean, from Indonesia to northern Mexico. It is visible, as a partial eclipse—where the Moon takes a bite out of the Sun, in the Far East, and in much of Canada and the United States, particularly the southwestern coast. Puerto Vallarta should see a spectacular ring of fire around the setting sun.

Check out the coverage at

Gemini is The Twins, and deals with dualities. We now have a special opportunity to look at the dualities in our lives, and to make choices where necessary. (We can see the bright Gemini Twins in the evening sky, above brilliant Venus and Jupiter.)

This is a very significant day, with ramifications from the past and into the future. We start many cycles in Gemini. First of all, we begin the yearly Gemini cycle, with a month of New Moon in Gemini setting the Sun-Moon energy field.

Sun and Moon here conjoin Saturn, the Builder, to set in motion a new annual building, grounding cycle. They all conjoin North Node of the Moon, which shows the direction of the collective, and will return to this spot in about 18-19 years. Saturn, meanwhile, returns to this place in about 30 years, and Saturn-Node join again in about 11 years.

Saturn was last at this degree of Gemini during the breaking of the Watergate Scandal, in 1972-73. North Node was last at this degree in October 1983, when the U.S. Marine base in Beirut was bombed, perhaps the first big step on the steady path of terrorism directed towards the U.S during the last 20 years.

And North Node and Saturn last conjoined in January 1991, when the U.S.began bombing Iraq. Saturn relates to government, and also to something foundational and structural, and which endures.

We also have Mercury in its own sign, beginning a six-year Gemini cycle.

The point is that events whose consequences are enduring will be set in motion by the energy of this Eclipse. In Gemini they may be impulsive. Trade and communication channels will surely be solidified.

Specifically, for each of us, whatever we have worked and struggled for during this last difficult year can now break free and find form.

This is especially true for GW, for this Eclipse conjoins his own North Node and his Uranus, which tell us that he is destined to be a reformer—in his own image. This quality now receives new impetus.

He is reforming the U.S. military, for this Eclipse also conjoins the U.S. Mars.

The chart wheel set for Washington DC is almost exactly like that of the Last Quarter Moon of a week ago, with challenging fixed stars rising, setting, and above.

Pluto is in the first house, showing transformation of identity and the wielding of raw power. (GW is an example of Pluto in the first house.) The pileup of Gemini energy is across from Pluto, in the seventh house, where it sets new paradigms for partnerships and relationships.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Gemini is

"A MODERN CAFETERIA DISPLAYS AN ABUNDANCE OF FOOD, PRODUCTS OF VARIOUS REGIONS. The assimilation of multifarious knowledge through the synthesizing power of the mind. From the One, the Many arise in due time. The Original Source gives birth to the mountain stream which, gathering to itself the downflow of rainwater, becomes the large river around which cities are built. These in turn pollute the river on its way to the vast ocean. This modern symbol expresses the fact that humankind, now at the close of a cultural cycle, is able to gather foodstuffs—mental as well as physical—from many regions of the globe. Our diet has acquired a planet-wide foundation. Our search for food has provided the impetus for global trade and thus eventually for a planetary consciousness. The results may be satiety and indigestion, and mental confusion caused by lack of discrimination. The keynote here is ASSIMILATION; the negative potentiality of the symbol is WASTE."

This Eclipse, together with heavy-hitters Saturn, Pluto, and Mars, shows lines throughout the world. Specific cities targeted are Chicago, London, Paris, and Rome.

The Suns of the Italian and of the Russian Republics are at this degree, and thus subject to particular change. This is supported by Astro*Carto*Graphy lines centering on both Moscow and Italy for the remainder of 2002.

TUESDAY JUNE 11. We already feel the eclipse change, especially through a new integration in our work. We are free to do what we want to do. Moon becomes VOC at 12:04 p.m. EDT, and at 2:15 p.m. it enters Cancer. We are very sensitive now, and defensive—quick to strike back at a perceived threat. Our energy is directed towards protection of home base.

WEDNESDAY JUNE 12. Moon in Cancer eclipses Mars this morning—to add to the change energy already applying to the U.S. armed forces. In Cancer, Moon is usually introverted and home-loving, but with Mars emphasized now, she is prone to strike out in self-protection. Take action to secure your home base and your finances. Moon conjoins lucky Jupiter late tonight, and we may stay awake appreciating our family and loved ones. This is Poppy Bush’s birthday, right on the heels of a solar eclipse which puts restrictive Saturn on his Sun.

THURSDAY JUNE 13. This is a loving, receptive day. Feelings flow through us, and perhaps they can fuel artistic creativity.

Pallas Athena will be emphasized, for she turns retrograde today to join Uranus retrograding at the end of Aquarius. Pallas is the pattern-maker and the defender. Strategy will turn within for the next three months while Pallas works on building the next stage in her plans for the future. One clear project, scheduled to begin construction now near Fairbanks, Alaska, is missile defense, prelude to Star Wars, intended to ultimately rule the world and space.

(Pallas Athena was governor of Athens, and she knows how to rule. She prefers peace to war, but can handle both.)

Moon goes VOC at 5:44 p.m., and enters vivacious Leo at 7:30 p.m. The evening promises enjoyable conversation.

Look at the western sky just after sunset for a special treat—see delicate new crescent moon just above Venus, jewel of the sky.

FRIDAY JUNE 14. Leo Moon fills us with energy and drama. Like the Sun, Leo has star quality. Leo is the sign of the U.S. North Node of the Moon, and shows that the destiny of the U.S. is to command. Moon crosses that North Node today, and opposes visionary Neptune. The U.S. vision of commanding space begins its roll into manifestation at this super-significant time. Venus enters Leo today to help push the process along.

SATURDAY JUNE 15. Moon continues in sunny Leo. Energy is high, and our projects come together nicely. The evening is lively until Moon goes VOC at 9:17 p.m. Moon enters Virgo at 11:23 p.m., and it’s time to sober up. Early morning may be wakeful.

SUNDAY JUNE 16. Moon is in the work-oriented sign of Virgo for Father’s Day. As a gift you might offer to help Father with some project dear to his heart. Mars in homey Cancer adds to Virgo’s fix-up motivation, and this is a fine day for working around the house. Pluto strong tonight may indicate some heavy power-tripping. Again, sleep may be difficult.

This day, too, is work-oriented, although the focus is on our work in the world instead of our home repair work. We are ambitious, and we can accomplish much.

First Quarter Moon at 27 Virgo occurs at 8:29 p.m. EDT. Gemini Sun squared by Virgo Moon is a restless, jumpy combination. Both signs are changeable, and both are ruled by elusive, quicksilver Mercury. The combination can be moody and unpredictable, and may lead to conflicts.

Where are we going with all this Gemini power set at the New Moon? There could be some problem now with lack of clear follow-through, perhaps caused by a disruption in relationships.

The crux of this chart IS partnership expansion—for the purpose of actively accomplishing something tangible and practical.

Moon conjoins the fixed star Benetnash, which Ebertin says relates to "hired mourners." This was the midheaven of both of the last two Moon charts, which gives it added significance.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Virgo is

"A GROUP OF ARISTOCRATIC LADIES MEET CEREMONIALLY AT A COURT’S FUNCTION. Even now in this age of crisis and world transformation, there may be times when honoring formal procedures can be of great value for the disordered and rebellious mind. The undisciplined need to learn REFINEMENT."

TUESDAY JUNE 18 and WEDNESDAY JUNE 19. Moon is in sociable Libra with excellent, harmonious aspects. Make your people connections now, while we have a desire to be accommodating with one another, and smiles come readily. Both nights may be wakeful, for they are filled with stimulating aspects. However, afternoons are relatively quiet. Take a nap if you can. Conversation with others is particularly appealing during these two days, and goes well. Plan your joint ventures now. Projects begun since New Moon can be completed by Wednesday night—and we may be working until late to finish them.

THURSDAY JUNE 20. Moon in the X-ray sign of Scorpio today can challenge our fairy tales of the future which we’re now building. On the other hand, it can use those dramas, which now have a firm grip on us, as stepping-stones to increased power. And Scorpio Moon is into gathering and maintaining power. Feelings are intense, and drive is ruthless. We have to make adjustments today, and resolve difficult paradoxes. Stay very aware, so that (1) you don’t adjust to overdo your obligations to others and verge towards doormat status, and (2) you don’t adjust to take advantage of others. Physical energy may be low. Take care of your body, and get your rest.

FRIDAY JUNE 21. Summer Solstice begins as Sun enters Cancer at 9:24 a.m. EDT. In the Northern Hemisphere Sun reaches its zenith at this moment, and from now until Winter Solstice the days grow shorter and the dark gradually takes over. I feel a kind of inner sadness throughout the summer, as the light inevitably diminishes. The plants themselves quickly burgeon and blossom and flower and fruit, as through desperate to flourish while the nourishing Sun is still with them.

The Southern Hemisphere, on the other hand, experiences Winter Solstice now, and days there begin to lengthen. Light, life, and hope are on the rise.

This Solstice is extra potent now, as will be our future solstices, because a total solar eclipse at the last Solstice, on June 21, 2001, has sensitized this point for many years to come.

The chart set for Washington DC is hung on a fixed wheel, with Leo rising. This shows an accumulation and stabilization of power for the next six months, with the Administration in charge.

Emotional water sign Cancer is supported now by Moon in tough water sign Scorpio. Feelings will run strong and deep during this next season, and so will water itself. Water issues will come to the fore. Big projects to which there is emotional attachment can be pushed through.

We will feel keenly the woes of the world, and the woes of the earth. This is a good summer to grow our awareness of how we can make the world a better place.

This is a very fertile combination, not only for conceiving children, but for starting and growing whatever grabs our heart.

Perceived threats to security will be intense, and we could get stuck in fear. Government solutions will revolve around strengthening the military, the police, and enormously enhancing secrecy and physical protective measures. Most of the action is undercover or behind the scenes. Venus, the lover, is on GW’s Leo Ascendant, and he will appear in a very good light. He is another Teflon President. (Don’t forget that Teflon is made of fluoride, a deadly poison.)

Mercury is at 8 Gemini, the "nuclear" degree, and increasing nuclear weapons, or their use, is in the works. This is also the degree of the U.S. Uranus, and the native ingenuity and inventiveness of the American people is now stimulated.

Moon is in a building phase, and the season’s action will revolve around working to fulfill our visions, particularly our visions of power and security.

The energy at this time is excellent for us to connect with divine power, and also to realize that its expression in ourselves is our only true security. We have a great deal of guidance available to us now. We need only form our intent to be divinely guided, and then ask for help.

Spending time alone is important, in order to listen to the inner voice. Crystal’s meditations are a very effective way to clarify what that inner voice is saying. They spring from her continual work with students, and are practical and proven.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 17 Scorpio is

"A WOMAN, FECUNDATED BY HER OWN SPIRIT, IS "GREAT WITH CHILD." A total reliance upon the dictates of the God within. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the Ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God. The human person becomes a "mother of the Living God." This is the TRANSPERSONAL WAY OF EXISTENCE."

SATURDAY JUNE 22. Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius, and after yesterday’s big reorientation, we are rarin’ to go. This is a day to move, to be busy, and to connect with others. Night is sociable and fun, and is apt to run late. This would be a good night for celebrating Solstice, for love and joy prevail.

Moon is still in enthusiastic Sagittarius, which lends an overall feeling of optimism to the day. But in other ways, this appears to be a difficult day. During the day Moon crosses Pluto for a power jolt, and then opposes Saturn, the Great Teacher. This gives us an aftershock of the difficult Pluto-Saturn opposition, but more than that—Saturn now conjoins the June 10 Eclipse point to set in motion structural changes.

In addition, Pallas and Uranus join exactly for the next few days to show us a climax in their reform work. Venus opposes Neptune to cloud vision and perhaps run amok with fantasies.

This evening Mars and Vesta have an exact conjunction square the U.S. Mars, which unleashes much aggression in the service of protecting the homeland against threats to security.

The Washington DC chart wheel for this conjunction is similar to the chart wheels for all of the three preceding moon phase charts, which is most unusual. The fixed star Antares, the bright red star in the constellation of Scorpio, is rising. Setting is the bright reddish star in the constellation of Taurus, the "eye of the bull." These stars are associated with high energy and aggressive behavior.

Above is the fixed star Benetnash, associated with catastrophes.

Tomorrow, right in the vortex of these aspects, we experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

MONDAY JUNE 24. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 4 Capricorn occurs at 5:42 p.m. EDT. This is the third eclipse in 6 weeks, which means we are in the midst of a great change time. This eclipse is visible in most parts of the world except the United States.

We recently had a Solar Eclipse at this same degree, on Christmas Day 2000. This eclipse brought tech stocks crashing, and California energy prices skyrocketing. It was visible in California. Today’s Lunar Eclipse is like a full moon, a culmination of the events set in motion by the Solar Eclipse.

Sun is now in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn. This is the family-security-business polarity. It gives focus and grounding to our Gemini sun-moon cycle. Gemini can have a million ideas, but manifesting them is more difficult. Cancer-Capricorn is real and down-to-earth, and will help these new forms take shape. Moon now conjoins Chiron, and the business is unusual, and is apt to relate to science or technology. Health and healing are also important now, as are the arts.

Moon is VOC this morning, and enters Capricorn at 12:01 p.m. It heads right for fullness, and the Full Moon dominates the skies for 36 hours.

Outstanding locations for this Eclipse energy are central Europe, central Africa, southeast Asia, and Latin America—exactly where the eclipse is visible.

The Sabian Symbol for 4 Capricorn is


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