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General Influences, October 2002

October is a complicated, many-faceted month.

It is as though the planets are doing a complex, twisting dance in which they take many turns connecting and interconnecting with each other. In addition we have five bodies making stations as they change direction. These act like changes of signals in our lives.

Life this month may be likened to a labyrinth. To thread our way through the kaleidoscope of October’s energies, we need to pay attention, and to be clear about our aims. It would also help to develop the arts of shapeshifting and tightrope-walking.

This is a Libra month, and general aims are fairness, balance, equality, and justice. This is the month we work to right wrongs, and to redress injustice. Most things are out of balance, and so this is a very busy and challenging month. Libra seeks harmony, but first disharmony must be addressed.

During October we continue with our air and fire emphasis. This means talk and action dominate. Literal wind and fire danger is also high. During the entire month we live with two grand trines in air signs—Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra; and one in fire—Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries.

All six of these signs are well supported throughout October. Together they create a hexagon which lasts all month, and is a wonderfully integrative configuration. Magic can happen. Either negative or positive goals can use this energy; it’s up to each of us to stay on a high wavelength.

In all signs, the degrees around 10 degrees, and between 24-30 degrees are particularly activated. Check your charts to see what bodies you have in those degree zones. They will show what type of activity is especially stimulated for you.

October is a month of change, rather than of endings and beginnings. Many cycles are now at turning points. Some of them will end in December, and others will be completed next May or early June.

Juno, the partner, stars during October.

Juno is one body which does begin new cycles now. Juno was the wife of Jupiter, and she indicates committed relationships. She strives for equal partnerships, but often finds herself left powerless, or betrayed. Then comes anger and revenge. In mundane charts Juno indicates victimhood, and I am finding Juno definitive in terrorism acts.

Juno’s behavior certainly describes the growing state of U.S. partnerships since WWII.

Juno was overhead as the planes soared into the towers on 9-ll. Juno conjoins the Sun of Ariel Sharon, and the Moon of Yasir Arafat. Juno also exactly conjoins the Moon of George Bush. If Juno shows where our fears, perhaps terror, of others lies, George’s terror was of his mother. (I, too, have Juno conjoined my Moon.)

GW’s Juno conjoins the U.S. Juno in Libra, which enables the nation to hook into George’s personal subconscious fears of terrorism. Moon represents the people, and so terrorism (or, at a higher level, egalitarian and harmonious relationships) is how he best communicates with the public.

Juno has an approximately four-year cycle. During this month she returns to her home place in both GW’s and the U.S. Sibly chart. This means that we will be deluged with talk of terrorism now and for the next four years.

Juno also has her annual meeting with the Sun during the first week of October. Sun gives directions for the year. At this time Ceres in Aries opposes Juno, and in warrior-sign Aries Ceres will support Juno for the next year in her fight against terrorism.

Juno was once the great goddess, and among her teachers were the Seasons. Juno is also thus associated with weather, and particularly with catastrophic environmental problems, and accidents. I’ve noticed in mundane charts that weather upsets seem to be one of her ways of revenge, of fighting back against lack of respect and equality in relationships.

Juno’s disposition alone this month fulfills the promise of conflict in the Equinox chart.

We also have Black Holes active for the entire month.

Apsu and Tiamat, Lord of the Abyss and Goddess of Chaos, native to the Baghdad area, are activated from the time Saturn goes retrograde on October 11, through to the end of the month. Black Holes are areas of intense energy transformation, and tend to be draining. This same first decanate of Virgo is also the area of much energy for GW. Both his natal Mars, and his progressed Sun sit there.

The Libra New Moon is conjunct Black Hole Nemesis, who extracts payment from those who are not grateful enough for their good fortune to use it well. Nemesis was rising at the time of the first crash into the World Trade Tower on 9-11.

For the entire month a trio of Black holes is active—Quetzalcoatl, who brought the conqueror Cortez to Mexico; Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of fiery volcanic transformation; and Hecate, who relates to prophetic knowledge, virtual reality, and the use of reason.

When Mercury turns direct on October 6, she is communicating directly with these three Black Hole archetypes.

And then there is Chiron, the Joker in the deck. Chiron bobs along close to 5 Capricorn, where Black Hole Durga hangs out—AND the degree of GW’s Pallas Athena. Durga has her protective side, and is one of the most popular goddesses in India. Her role is the removal of negative energy and toxins from the physical body.

Chiron now traveling in Capricorn connects with healing the establishment. GW now has the potential to aid in this process, as well as the potential to clear his own body.

A few other October highlights include:

  1. A fixed T-cross, with Jupiter in Leo, Neptune and Pallas in Aquarius, and Venus in Scorpio which leads to inflated and determined expectations.

  2. The Moon’s North Node now conjoining the U.S. Uranus, which is where the nation moves out gung ho for what it wants. This is a destiny point, and there is no holding the U.S. back. This aspect lasts into January 2003. An eclipse at this point on May 31, 2003, shows great change to come in the U.S. willfulness.

  3. Neptune conjoining GW’s descendant , his Ceres, and the U.S. south node. The nation remains in a dream world, with a focus on oil. This lasts all the way through 2003.

  4. Mars conjoining the U.S. Neptune, supporting the above aspect. Mars is traveling across the top of the U.S. chart during October, stimulating aggressive relations with the rest of the world.

  5. A very effective fire trine flowing between Jupiter and Pluto. This is a strong magician aspect, and lasts through December. It indicates growth and success in the world.

  6. There are many quincunx aspects. These call for constant inner adjustments, and then suddenly bring on a major shift in circumstances.

  7. A prominent Vesta, which shows that money and security are issues. Venus stationary in Scorpio relates to desire, money and ruthlessness, and supports Vesta’s drive to protect her assets.

  8. A host of planets transiting GW’s many Libra planets. This will be a super-active month for him, and his balancing challenge is huge.

October can be a month of great accomplishment under changing conditions. Stay on your toes!

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Maya's October Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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This is a simple, fun, romantic, creative day. Let your imagination soar, and enjoy the flow. Evening is great for parties.


The good vibes continue, but now we feel an undertone of seriousness. This week we are completing things, and today we are good at figuring out exactly what is happening, and just what we need to do. It’s good work energy.


Moon enters Virgo at 10:52 a.m. EDT, and this afternoon retrograde Mercury in Virgo squares Saturn. We are finishing up the powerful Virgo moon cycle, and all of this means that the next three days are excellent for making final cleanups, final healings, final repairs, bringing things back to good shape before the Libra New Moon on October 6. It’s like our last hurrah in Virgo.

Mars and Vesta, also in Virgo, add energy and dedication to this process. Get out your metaphorical scrub buckets!

This superb cleanup energy sets the background for the Sun-Juno conjunction at 11 Libra, which sets in motion a new 15-month cycle of partnership.

The last Sun-Juno cycle began in Taurus around May 1, 2001. Bush notified Europe then that the U.S. was beginning missile defense construction, and he discarded the ABM Treaty. Cheney announced the "new" domestic energy strategy of using gas, oil, and coal. The U.S. go-it-alone, support the big corporations, to-hell-with-the-people policy was made official then. Taurus is a sign of money and resources.

Libra, the sign of the Sun-Juno cycle which begins now, is the sign of war and peace. It’s the sign of Sunday’s New Moon, which will mark the real start of this cycle. Social justice, at every level, will be a top priority for the next 15 months. This includes our personal relationships.

The opposition to Ceres in Aries will give us all a bit of a chip on our shoulders, making us ready to fight for our "just cause."

(The next Sun-Juno conjunction occurs on December 5, 2003 at 13 Sagittarius, conjunct the U.S. natal Ascendant! That brings issues of partnership/abuse home to the nation. The chickens will come home to roost in 2004 based on how we treat the rest of the world during the cycle which begins now. Both Juno and Libra want equal-power relationships, where each party can claim his/her own power spot. This is the portfolio which we carry from now through 2003. The U.S. Administration is still stuck in dominator mode, and it will take a lot to change it.)

Chiron now squares GW’s Vesta in Aries, which is a mark of his finding satisfaction in the lone cowboy, or macho, role.


Yesterday’s cleaning, fixing energy continues.


We may continue our projects through the work-oriented morning. At 10:51 a.m. EDT moon enters Libra, and we can let go and relax for the rest of the day. Give yourself a reward for work well done by doing something you really enjoy, with somebody you really like. Try a balloon ride for perspective.


New Moon at 14 Libra occurs at 7:17 a.m. EDT. We have a month now to begin work on rebalancing those things—particularly partnerships—which are out of balance in our lives. Libra is a people sign, and for the next month our focus is on relationships—all kinds of relationships.

This is the high time of the year to negotiate and mediate. Ex-Pres. Jimmy Carter is a Libran who has traveled all over the world negotiating difficult situations. It’s a time also when negotiation is especially needed, for issues of unfairness, inequality, and injustice rise now to consciousness.

In the world we are moving from dominator to cooperator modes of relating, particularly as we enter the third millennium. Libra season is always a time to highlight that shift. On the one hand we have the progressive push for equality, and on the other hand the resistance to it stiffens up, as the status quo mode of power-over feels itself threatened.

This is where the "war" part of Libra’s peace and war theme comes in. Gandhi, also a Libran, combined the paradox of fighting for peace by pursuing a non-violent war for a more just society.

This Libran New Moon is extraordinarily potent. It has a perfect sextile to Jupiter in Leo, and this guarantees success during this next month. Jupiter is now beginning its magical trine to Pluto (which lasts through the autumn), which gives Jupiter the spirit, will, determination and power to accomplish its aims, whatever they may be. Sun-Moon sits right between them, directing this powerful show.

It is the U.S. Administration’s show, for this New Moon conjoins the Saturn of the U.S. Sibly chart, which identifies the Administration. The Libra Saturn is in the tenth house of the U.S. chart. This is the area of authority in the world, and shows that the U.S. always has a strong executive.

In addition, this Libra New Moon occurs at sunrise in Washington, which gives it tremendous energy, even compulsiveness. It squares the U.S. Sun in Cancer, which means that the U.S. makes a breakthrough into a new arena of partnership—probably becoming more unilateral, since that has been the direction of prior movement.

This New Moon conjoins Black Hole Nemesis, whose function is to give retribution to one whom the universe has blessed, and is unwilling to share their largesse. This describes the U.S. (Small examples: The U.S. is by far the lowest in foreign aid contributions of all the industrialized nations, the U.S. has never contributed its fair share to the United Nations, and the U.S. has by far the greatest percentage of its population living in poverty of any of the industrialized nations,)

Mercury, Saturn and Mars are all big players now, and they’re all working together.

Mercury turns direct today, which is the signal to move ahead. On October 2, Mercury backed up into analytical Virgo, and has been squaring Saturn, the voice of law and order, ever since. Law and order, crack the whip, be the boss, is her message now. On October 11, the equation will change—as Mercury returns to Libra, and Saturn turns retrograde to rework its position.

Mars in late Virgo—the sign of "the services"—is moving to square Saturn on October 15. This is an aspect of the application of power and endurance, good for military campaigns, but at the same time subject to accidents. Also on October 15, Mars conjoins the U.S. midheaven, showing an aggressive connection with the world.

Transiting Saturn connects with Black Hole Quetzalcoatl, a legend which ended with Cortez’ invasion of Mexico.

Mercury’s degree now is the same as the Full Moon of September 21, which marked the election in Germany where the current government was returned because of its strong opposition to a war in Iraq. Mercury now hanging around Saturn is going to give many governments pause for reflection about allying with the U.S. and its destructive unilateralism.

This Libra month will be a real turning point in the direction of world affairs, particularly in regard to alliances, and questions of war and peace.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Libra is:

"IN THE HEAT OF THE NOON HOUR A MAN TAKES A SIESTA. In today’s emotional-cultural level, humans are not able to maintain constant activity. Social structuring cannot be maintained healthfully without breaks. This emphasizes the need for RELAXATION, to allow the functions of the body and psyche to "digest," free from external pressures, the complex experience of social living."

In other words, TAKE A BREAK, GEORGE!

Europe, particularly Berlin and London, is very stirred by this New Moon. So are India and Pakistan.


Moon enters Scorpio at 9:57 a.m. EDT. Scorpio stirs intense emotions, but confusion dominates. Ideals and fanaticism are strong, but human relations are hidden and cloudy. Success can come from using intuition in the service of good will.


Moon continues in deep-feeling Scorpio until 10:21 a.m. tomorrow, when it enters Sagittarius. Moon conjoins Venus between 10 a.m.- noon today. Notice your feelings then; get a handle on how Venus in Scorpio manifests for you. Venus in Scorpio can show in heightened creativity, enhanced insight, anger, intense desire for someone or something, greed—too muchness, focus on finances, deep sadness, need for revenge, high physical energy, or other intense and probing expressions. Venus goes retrograde in a few days, and this is a good time to start a deep research project.


You might awaken early, ambitious to get to work. Moon goes VOC at 8:38 a.m., and enters Sagittarius at 10:21 a.m. Mercury traveling direct squares Saturn today to complete a whole week of Mercury squaring Saturn, making us all think about where authority really lies, and how we want to promote it. Sag does like to promote.

Mercury in Virgo is basically about how we use communication and analysis to serve. This includes "the services,"—the military—and the services has been a major focus of this last week. It is reported that most of the generals are reluctant to commence a war on Iraq. We can be sure they’ve been thinking hard about it.

Terrorism looms in some minds, especially GW’s and those whom he influences. Sun today energizes GW’s Moon-Juno conjunction, highlighting his fears. Pallas Athena exactly opposes GW’s Pluto, stimulating his defensive use of power. I picture a rattlesnake poised to strike.

We begin today a very unstable week.


Moon continues blithely in Sagittarius. Just after Moon meets Pluto to receive a jolt of power, Venus in Pluto’s sign of Scorpio turns retrograde. Venus now connects most closely with Pluto, who can give her the power to achieve her desires. This may represent for Venus, however, making a pact with the devil. It may be that Venus considers the price she must pay, and now turns inward to review her instructions. Jupiter has been filling her with hubris, and today she may be aware of her over-expansive adventurism. Or at least she will begin the descent to its surrender.

Venus will be retrograde in Scorpio for 40 days. She turns direct with the Taurus Lunar Eclipse of November 19. This is a super-important Venus retrograde period. Venus represents our desires, our loves, our values and priorities, and she is being sent now to the depths of being where, like Inanna, she must relinquish all ego attachments.

This is an excellent time to begin a 40-day period of a spiritual practice. It’s a time of great inner transformation.


Moon is still traveling through free-wheeling Sagittarius, and it gives us a lot to think about before it goes VOC at 12:07 p.m. This morning moon stimulates the battling Mars-Saturn square which will be exact in a few days. We get a preview of that tough aspect, and perhaps practice in how to deal with it. Just as moon squares Mars to make us all super sensitive about having our feelings hurt, or being stepped on, Saturn turns retrograde at the very end of Virgo, where he has been stationing in hard aspect to Black Hole Quetzalcoatl.

Retrograde Saturn gives us the opportunity to rethink and review all aspects of authority, social institutions, and the structures which form a framework for our lives. Saturn will turn direct again February 21-22, 2003, and we can move out then with renewed authority.

Mercury this morning returns to Libra, just in time to give Saturn’s underworld journey an underpinning of ideas of cooperation. Moon now conjoins the Galactic Center, and the Galactic Federation may be delivering messages of cooperation. During the months of Saturn traveling retrograde, we can develop our personal authority, rather than giving it away to, for instance, the government. Or in the case of many nations, they may cease giving their authority away to the United States.

Moon enters serious Capricorn at 1:45 p.m., and we may find ourselves thinking about all the structures in our lives, with an emphasis on partnerships and relationships.


Moon in Capricorn encourages us to work, and to accomplish something.


First Quarter Moon at 20 Capricorn occurs at 1:33 a.m. EDT. Capricorn Moon in the Libran moon cycle says that we must take responsibility for our partnerships. First quarters are action times, and this is a dilly of a moon for action. Most of the planets now conjoin points in the charts of the U.S. and GW and/or involve Black Holes.

The wheel is similar to the chart of GW. The Leo ascendant conjoins GW’s Pluto, his bully-boy power expression. Jupiter there promises success. The midheaven, where we’re exposed to the world, is in the challenger sign of Aries—opposed to George’s progressed Juno and Black Hole Pele, who personifies the female power of destruction. With his progressed Juno conjoined Black Hole Pele, George is REALLY scared. And thanks to his position, the whole world gets to suffer his projections and reactions. This is a long-term progression.

This Moon family began with the New Moon of last January 12, when the Milosovich war crimes trial opened at the Hague. Perhaps George Bush will someday be on trial. This may be why he so fears the International Criminal Court and has tried to destroy its effectiveness.

Moon goes VOC at 6:42 p.m., and enters Aquarius at 8:51 p.m. The Mars-Saturn square occurs early tomorrow morning, and will likely keep us awake. Pull out your spiritual practices tonight. Connect with divine love. Visualize world healing.


Moon is in Aquarius, where we are concerned with social issues. There’s good reason right now. Mars squares Saturn at 2:56 a.m. EDT to set in motion a difficult, hard-nosed action. Military attacks are traditional with this configuration. In Washington protective Vesta in Virgo is rising—along with GW’s Mars, his progressed Sun, and Black Hole Tiamat, a vigorous combination which indicates protective action on the part of George.

Most illuminating is the pair which crosses the Ascendant and Descendant in Washington. Transpluto in Leo is exactly rising, and Uranus in Aquarius is setting. This aspect began last March, when Bush gave his official speech preparing us for a long and sustained war. It will last through January 2003, and dip in and out during 2003.

Because Transpluto moves very slowly, and Uranus somewhat slowly, it is a long aspect. These planets acting together are also extraordinarily transformative, and in Leo-Aquarius the indication is for social transformation. Transpluto is the alchemist, involved in transubstantiation of very earthy circumstances. I find it to be involved in long processes of resurrection. Uranus is an agent of reform, progress, revolution, and freedom.

We have been witnessing the obvious deep change of the U.S. into a military-security state. This may be what Transpluto-Uranus represent.

On the other hand, it may be that the reckless actions of the Bush Administration have set in motion the process of democratic reform around the world. It may be that whereas we once led the world in democracy, the rest of the world may now have to lead us back into it.

This heavy-hitting Mars-Saturn square is powerfully angular over the Middle East. Mars is overhead there when it occurs, and Saturn is setting. Also overhead is the fixed star Denebola, the Tail of the Lion. Exciting events, including major catastrophes, can be triggered by it. For instance, Denebola was prominent when the Titanic was launched, and when Hitler assumed power.

Moon conjoins Neptune today to stir imagination and ideals, as well as to facilitate connection with spirit.


Moon continues in air sign Aquarius, which rules airplanes, space ships, and other flying bodies. Mars enters Libra to give us 7 of 10 major planets traveling through air signs. The air waves are littered with talk, chatter, communication of all kinds, electronic signals, and all things that travel through air. Mars in Libra likes to do things with (or against) partners, and the partnership urge will be strong for the next six weeks.

Transiting Juno exactly conjoins the U.S. Saturn to put fear into the U.S. Administration. Mars begins now a transit of the U.S. midheaven, to stimulate the world purpose of the U.S.

Mars, in fact, for the next 6 weeks will activate the assortment of celestial bodies which GW has in Libra—5 natal and 6 progressed. His balancing acts will be difficult.


Moon is in mystical Pisces for the next two days, and we can let our imaginations wander. It’s difficult to attend mundane tasks, but intuitive, creative activities can flow nicely. This is the time to practice trusting the flow.


Moon continues in dreamy Pisces, and among our fantasies are likely over-expectations in regard to what we want. Pluto will, however, show us what is realistically ours. Instant karma.

Assertive Mars aspects abound, but Pisces moon can be very ungrounded and throw Mars off course. Spiritual endeavors are successful.

Work to get your goals clear today and tomorrow, for the full moon in a few days will open the path to fulfilling them.

Changing economic fortunes are in the skies now.


The next few days are critical. Moon is still in Pisces, and in many ways there is a heavy Neptunian influence, which always clouds issues. Later today Mars has his say, and it’s like striking in the fog. GW, filled with terror-and-power-motivated aggression, is straining very heavily at the leash. There are several destiny aspects hurling us towards the Full Moon on Monday.

Moon goes VOC at 5:16 p.m. It enters Aries at 7:13 p.m., and we are off and running. This is an energetic night. Plan something active and positive. Watch your drug/alcohol (and propaganda) intake for the next few days.


Neptune turns direct tomorrow morning, and Full Moon occurs early Monday morning. Add to this the energetic Aries moon, and our nervous systems are really revved up. Aries moon adds spirit, enthusiasm, initiative, and eagerness to take on challenges to the already very outgoing energies now dominating the heavens. Action, indeed. Make sure it’s for a constructive purpose. Yoga, dancing, sports, and exercise can help siphon off the excess energy. We’ll probably be awake late tonight. Strenuous exercise today can also help us sleep better.


Moon continues with Aries’ compelling energy flow. At 9:51 a.m. EDT, Neptune makes its exact station to turn from retrograde to direct. In the case of slow planets like Neptune the station, where it changes direction, lasts a week or so. The planet is barely moving then, and its influence is especially noticeable.

Neptune is the Cosmic Channel. It rules things that are part of the cosmic flow…which means everything, in essence, and Neptune does rule unity. In nature special realms include oil, water, chemicals, drugs, and microscopic life. Cloning and genetic manipulation are connected with Neptune.

In more subtle realms, Neptune rules images—such as in dreams, art, and photography. It rules dance, music, and poetry—reflections of the Music of the Spheres. Its symbol is the trident—the crescent of soul set over the cross of earth. Neptune brings soul to earth, and its influence is ultimately mysterious and ineffable.

Our lives—and world events—will reflect a strong Neptunian influence during these days. Notice the news. Neptune does not have limits, and crazy dreams, and fanaticism, along with high ideals, are part of its expression. It can clothe any idea or image with a glamorous sheen, and make it exciting…so that consequences such as danger or destruction become irrelevant.

Neptune works most easily in spiritual realms. Although if aims are clear, and we are open to the flow, it can manifest magic in material matters. Everything is, after all, first a dream or vision in our minds. Clearing the channels to manifestation is the key. Strength of intent is a large part of the secret.

Crystal Pomeroy’s column in Daykeeper is a wonderful tool for working constructively with Neptune.

Neptune is now traveling through Aquarius (1998-2012). Neptune is "the dream," and in Aquarius the dream is of progress and a more ideal society. Problem: Earth is a Tower of Babel, and many of these dearly-held dreams conflict with one another. Libra could be a season for negotiation of competing dreams. Can we picture that?

Notice the images which now pepper us. What dreams do they express? What are your dreams and ideals?

Neptune’s direct turn gives us the signal to actively pursue our dreams and visions. It’s good to know what they are so that we are less subject to being pulled into others’ dreams. (When Neptune entered Aquarius, Sec. of State Madeline Albright was traveling around Europe trying to drum up support for a Clinton war against Iraq. She didn’t get it.)

This is a day connected with big changes, with GW heavily involved. Upcoming eclipses are activated (in November and in May), and GW’s Mars, Juno, Moon and Jupiter are exactly transited. Together they can play the Warrior King.


Full Moon at 28 Aries occurs at 3:20 a.m. EDT. Libra says to cooperate. But she needs the balance of Aries self-interest to remind her to assert her own needs. Here we balance self and other.

Both GW and Al Gore have late Aries at the top of their charts, and this Full Moon will put them both in the public eye. This moon conjoins the Mars/South Node of Iraq, activating the nation’s ancient fighting spirit.

Sun and Moon are in the second and eighth houses of the chart set for Washington DC, indicating that the issue now is resources and money. This is supported by Vesta, protector of investments, rising in Virgo. GW’s Mars and progressed Sun in Virgo, and Black Holes Tiamat and Apsu are all clustered together with Vesta on that very personal place, the Ascendant. The financial system may not be responding well to an Iraqi invasion. The involvement of Neptune shows that oil is a focus.

This is George’s Juno return. He begins today a new four-year cycle in how he handles partnerships. We can notice how he initiates this cycle as a sign of the character of relationships coming up for him during the next four years.

At 7:57 a.m. Moon enters determined Taurus to swing us into a grand fixed cross in the sky for the next three days. We can feel crucified, unable to move.

The Sabian Symbol for 28 Aries is:

"A LARGE AUDIENCE CONFRONTS THE PERFORMER WHO DISAPPOINTED ITS EXPECTATIONS. The necessity for mature preparation and self-criticism. Great hopes, excited expectations, cannot be sustained. The issue is how to handle this situation. What is implied here is the need to be more than "obsessed by potentiality" and subjectively involved in the use of new powers. The objective results have to be considered, i.e., what this use will do. The individual is not alone concerned, for in a sense humankind as a whole will be affected. What is required, therefore, is an objective inclusiveness of the whole environment; thus a sense of RESPONSIBILITY for what one’s actions will produce."

Listen up, George!

At Full Moon, Mars is on the midheaven through Baghdad—also through Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan. Mars is descending in Tokyo, and rising in Brazil.

Full Moon itself is rising in Japan, on the nadir in Pakistan and Afghanistan, setting over the UK, and overhead along the U.S. Rocky Mts.

Pluto is rising through Israel, Egypt, and all of Africa. That powerful planet is on the nadir through Latin America, and is on the midheaven through Beijing and Indonesia.

Uranus, the energy of surprise and reform, moves through all of the continents.

Latitudes near 50 degrees North are especially stimulated. This includes London and Berlin.


Taurus Moon aspecting the 5 planets in fixed signs during the next two days is a grounding influence. It makes a two-day grand earth trine, and we need it. With Jupiter in Leo there’s some very high expectations floating around the skies these days. Taurus Moon says, "Hey, be real!" A fixed cross always means power struggles, even if they are just within oneself. To create movement, something has to give. And with fixed signs, it’s always with reluctance

Nevertheless we are moving. In part the urge is to move ahead into a new world, to do things differently, and in part we want to hang onto the old symbols of power. Mars squares Chiron to give us a big shove into realignment. It has to do with changing the state of relationships and alliances within the establishment.

Watch GW. Sun is on the sensitive degree of the election in November 2000, and Mercury now exactly conjoins his natal Chiron. Can he make up his mind?


Moon continues to travel in productive, possessive Taurus all day. At 10:14 a.m. it goes VOC, and doesn’t enter Gemini until 8:17 p.m. Just after Moon goes VOC, Sun enters Scorpio. For the rest of the day we can best be guided by Sun, our conscious purpose, rather than by Moon, our habits, needs, and instincts. Sun in Scorpio’s challenge is to evolve, to gradually let go of layers of false ego, like peeling an onion. The coming lunar eclipses of both November 20 and May 16 will help us to do just that. They are connected to this morning’s entrance of Sun in Scorpio. Consciousness is high today.


Consciousness continues on a roll. The focus is on terrorism, and fighting it—at least in the U.S. and by George Bush.

Moon continues in lively Gemini. This afternoon it exactly conjoins the Moon’s North Node, to highlight for us the meaning of North Node in Gemini, now conjoined the U.S. Uranus.

North Node now in Gemini means that for the entire world we focus on communication, relationships, and information for a period of one-and-one-half years. U.S. Uranus in Gemini is now the focus of this nodal funnel. Uranus is quick and inventive. For the U.S., natal Uranus in Gemini gives qualities of cleverness, ingenuity, agility, restlessness, commerce, and an interest in scientific discovery. Uranus is also a planet of disruption, and for the U.S. it is in the area of partnerships. Thus the go-it-alone attitude is one quality of the U.S. natal chart. This afternoon we get to look at all that, in today’s context.

Energy moves along easily and quickly today. Communication is featured. Moon opposes Pluto in the early morning hours, and we could be wakeful then.


Moon continues to bubble along in Gemini, and communication is lively. This is a terrific day for accomplishment, although distraction can be a pitfall. Spirits are high, and optimism and energy can move things right along. U.S. Mars in Gemini gets a boost from Moon.


Moon enters Cancer at 7:10 a.m. EDT, and attention turns to caring for home, family, and country. A lot of energy, perhaps fierceness, is available for our Cancerian protectiveness this weekend. It’s a good weekend both to take care of home and business, and to be out on the streets rallying for the welfare of the nation and of the world. We can realize that we are, indeed, one big human family.


Daylight Saving Time ends at 2:00 a.m. Remember to turn your clocks back one hour. Moon continues in Cancer. Emotions run high in regard to security, defense, and financial issues. Again, there’s lots going on, both for GW and for the nation.

Jupiter finally makes its exact trine with Pluto—that aspect of the magician. This is especially connected to corporate expansion and "success." The "New World Order" (which is really old—at least back to the Roman Empire) moves right along. A scheduled visit by Jiang Zemin to the Ranch in Texas marks this new stage of corporate rule.

There are apt to be protests, but the U.S. corporate elite exerts its iron hand. Mercury is on GW’s nadir, and he has new realizations about security. The U.S. has its Juno return, and begins a new four-year cycle of alliances, as well as a shift in its attitude towards terrorism.


Moon is VOC in Cancer until it enters Leo at 2:20 p.m. During the VOC hours, there are other integrative aspects, and things can come together then, especially in the arena of relationships and new ideas related to Cancerian concerns, such as security.

Moon in Leo lends optimism and good feeling to the afternoon and evening. Moon is heading for a square with Sun around midnight, and we may find ourselves wakeful tonight.


Last Quarter Moon at 6 Leo occurs at 0:28 a.m. EST. Last quarter is surrender time, but Leo and Scorpio are not about to let go without a crisis pushing them into it. At last quarter, that crisis can be one of consciousness. This is the final turning point in the Libra moon cycle, and the subject is justice in relationships. Can we let go of some behavior which creates imbalance in our relationships? With Leo, it could be excess pride. With Scorpio, it could be excess possessiveness and need to control. It’s time to look carefully at ourselves, and see what we have learned during the last three weeks.

Sun and Moon are now intimately and creatively tied in with Ceres in Aries and Chiron in Capricorn. Ceres and Chiron have been very involved in the entire month’s action, and now we see them focalized by Sun and Moon.

In Aries, Ceres supports independence and self-assertion. Aries is the sign of the warrior, and Ceres there would make sure that warriors have abundant supplies. Have you been supporting yours and your partner’s healthy independence this month? Have you been excessively independent, to the detriment of your relationships?

Chiron in Capricorn involves throwing a monkey wrench into the workings of the establishment—in order to ultimately heal it. Can we deal with unpredictable changes in alliances? Can we realign the structure of our relationships to fit new conditions?

It’s time now to release excess baggage in regard to our relationships.

Nationally, this will be another step towards the developing military-security state, perhaps the final nail in its coffin.

This moon family began with the Solar Eclipse of July 31, 2000, which stamped Bush and Cheney for the presidential office. It continued with First Quarter Moon on April 30, 2001, when Bush threw out the ABM Treaty, and its Full Moon was on January 28, 2002, when Bush gave his State of the Union address laying out the Warrior State. Now we see the conclusion of this cycle being set in motion, lasting for the next nine months—until the birthdays of the U.S. and of GW.


Moon continues in dramatic Leo with excellent business aspects. We can complete something by tonight. At the same time retrograde Venus in Scorpio squares Neptune to stir imagination. Consequences can include altruism, excessive desire, and confusion regarding reality—perhaps all at once. Use your reality checks today.

Moon goes VOC at 4:51 p.m., and enters Virgo at 6:59 p.m.


Sun conjoins Venus today to begin a new 10-month cycle of priorities and values. With Venus retrograde, there will be a lot of rethinking during the coming months about what is really important.

Virgo Moon is intrinsic now, and means that for most of us the issue is how do we direct Scorpio’s transformation power towards right work, right service, and right living? Since we are in the last quarter, it is time to let go of the irrelevant.

For the U.S. government, seemingly disconnected from daily lives of real people, the focus will be on secrecy, power, and the use of the military. This is a strong fire and air chart, and shows that propaganda is a breeze. GW’s charm, shown by his Venus in Leo, dominates the heavens now. Critical alertness is imperative in all of our connections with the media.

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