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General Influences, August 2002

Leo the Lion is August’s dominating sign. And I do mean dominating. Roar, Leo! Let the jungle know who’s in charge! Leo is all about finding our own command centers, and using them. Leo is a fixed fire sign, and like all fixed signs, holds its position and attracts power to it. Fire gives Leo spirit, action, and enthusiasm. Leo is the sign of the sun, and like the sun, comes on strong. Thus August is often a month of conflicts, as competing power interests vie for dominance.

Furthermore, August 2002 is extra-loaded with Leo energy. Besides the usual Sun and Mercury, we have Mars, Vesta and Jupiter adding energy to Leo during the entire month. They add up to aggressive expansion in the name of security.

Jupiter spends about one year in a sign. It has traveled in security-homeland-oriented Cancer since July 12, 2001. That was when Asst. Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz announced that strategic missile defense would begin in April, with the building of facilities in Alaska.

Now, on August 1, expansive Jupiter enters shining Leo.

Jupiter in Leo thinks big, and can have grandiose ambitions. Jupiter in Leo radiates charisma, and it will bring public appeal to those whose charts are touched by it. All Leo people have special opportunities for growth and good fortune during this next year.

Leo is a leadership sign, and leadership is now emphasized. Usually, competition for being in charge is part of the territory. With Leo, the play’s the thing, and we will see much drama during the coming year, particularly beginning during this heavy Leo month.

Leo also likes to have fun, and all kinds of entertainment will thrive. Leo particularly loves the challenge of games, and look for games to be played in all arenas of life. Creativity is enhanced. Luck travels with Jupiter, and this will be a lucky year for Leo energy.

GW has a Leo Ascendant. A major Leo pitfall is becoming boastful and arrogant. For GW, who already has such tendencies, these qualities are apt to expand.

With Jupiter traveling in Leo for the next year, all of us will increase our creativity and self-esteem.

Leo is greatly strengthened this month by Sun’s conjunction with Mars at the Leo New Moon on August 10. With Mars, action towards Leo’s goal of being the center of attention (like the Sun) is imperative. Furthermore, this New Moon occurs on the sensitive degree of the powerful Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Its energies run through the U.S. in a stripe just east of the Rocky Mts., and through Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Europe.

August’s big contingent of planets traveling in Leo oppose the three planets in Aquarius—Neptune, Uranus, and Pallas Athena—off and on during the month.

The Leo-Aquarius polarity is very expansive and outgoing—even without Jupiter and Mars. We will be enthusiastic, motivated, ready to take risks and meet the world. Humanitarian causes, the fate of humanity, and the arts and humanities in general will get our attention. Anything is possible, and we can smile through our tears. President Clinton is a consummate Leo, with Ceres in Aquarius.

Leo and Aquarius are fixed signs, and both tend to be involved in activities which have potential, and whose results will endure. Fixed also means they are stubborn and determined, like all fixed signs. (Taurus and Scorpio are the other two fixed signs.) They also both like excitement. Leo is creative, and Aquarius inventive, so innovation is likely.

Uranus in Aquarius opposing Transpluto in Leo shows a rebirth of technical and social reform. The U.S. Moon is involved, which means the people as a whole are very stirred by this process. This aspect lasts for the entire month, and indicates a great creative movement towards the future.

Pluto, that planet of intense and deep transformation, also stars this month.

I call Pluto The Recycler, and the Lord of Evolution. Pluto collects energy in deep, dark places, and then brings it out to the light to change life, e.g., as in volcanoes, nuclear explosions, compost heaps, or revelations of corruption.

After five months of relatively peaceful retrograde time, Pluto turns direct on August 26. Power-moves always explode during the week Pluto turns direct, as Pluto releases its pent-up energy, which steams ahead through us, now unimpeded.

As it turns direct, Pluto conjoins the U.S. Ascendant for its final pass, and we can expect big change, especially in the identity of the United States. An element from the past will be lost, because Pluto also conjoins the South Node of the Moon, which indicates habits and approaches from the past. Changes in attitudes, relationships, and relationship perceptions are the subject matter. And personal power is the concern.

Ceres remains at 18-19 Aries all month, and turns retrograde on August 13.

Ceres in Aries promotes fighting spirit, the military, and taking the initiative on all fronts. These qualities will be emphasized during August, and further stir up Leo’s fire. Aries Colin Powell will be especially pressured. Labor conflicts may come to a head.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, continues in the sign of Capricorn. Chiron opens wounds in order to promote healing and realignment. Capricorn is the sign of business, of institutions, and of authority.

The wounds in the corporate world, government, the Catholic Church, and the legal system, all Capricornian, are becoming very apparent. Chiron this month is at 4-5 Capricorn, opposite the U.S. Venus and Jupiter, sending its centaur arrows right into the heart of the good fortune of the U.S.

Chiron will travel through Capricorn until early 2005. The realignment of institutions will continue throughout these years. During 2005, Chiron transitions back and forth from Capricorn to Aquarius.

During these three years, all Capricornian energy will undergo new awarenesses which lead to change.

All in all, August will be an active, passionate month. Leo rules the heart, and it is time to speak up and act out what is in our hearts.

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Maya's August Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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We begin this dynamic month early this morning with a catalytic Last Quarter Moon at 10 Taurus. Leo is full of creative ideas, and Taurus moon helps to make them grounded and practical. At Last Quarter we make changes oriented towards the future, and based on our consciousness development since the last new moon, which in this case was New Moon in Cancer on July 10. Cancer refers to security and family.

Now we have a strong, prideful, and impulsive Mars in the picture, insisting on action. The fixed signs are not easily detoured, and dangerous aggression is possible.

Action can be not only impulsive, but misguided. Neptune, spinner of dreams, is at 10 Aquarius, thus challenging both Sun and Moon. Such a Neptune can be treacherous. One can blindly follow visions and fantasies which have a big gap with reality. (On the other hand, one can be led by benign visions of progress and reform.)

This Neptune exactly opposes GW’s Leo Mercury, which represents his mind. It is very close to opposing his Leo Pluto, giving him visions of power.

With these three fixed signs involved in a T-square, there will be conflict among Leo’s pride and grandiosity, Taurus’ practicality, and Aquarius’ vision of the future, particularly compelling now at this final quarter.

Neptune is the major planetary energy behind fanaticism, where nothing is forbidden when one is pursuing a dream or a myth. Trying to make real the dreams of fanatics will be one of the major goals which we carry ahead into the new Leo cycle to come.

Neptune also carries the collective along in its prevailing myths, by providing the images and charismatic figures to express them. It is important to choose those myths and images which further positive growth and loving service.

Clear goals, discrimination, and reflection are keys to using this potentially-insidious energy well. Neptune also refers to the highest ideals, and we can commit now to working to create a better world.

This is a destiny-making Moon.
The destiny is connected to disenfranchisement, victimhood, terrorism, and fear, because of Juno’s influence. With the Pluto-South Node we are letting go of something. The timing, at the end of two moon cycles, emphasizes this release. Perhaps, due to fear, we are letting go of our freedoms. Or perhaps we are learning to let go of fear and embrace freedom.

At the same time, with fixed squares, there is resistance to the action initiated now. Fixed squares indicate deep, enduring conflict. On the other hand, work to resolve those conflicts can engender great creativity.

Jupiter enters Leo this afternoon to add to our heavy-hitting Leo lineup. We now have expansive Jupiter, security-minded Vesta, radiant Sun, pushy Mars, conscious Mercury, and Transpluto, the Alchemist, all moving through Leo. As planets move through the Leo energy-field, they always gain much vitality, and manifest very strongly.

Leo now has the stage to forge its own creations.

This moon family began on May 3, 2000, when the second UN Human Rights coordinator resigned over the cruelty of the Iraqi embargo maintained by the U.S. (At least two others have since resigned for the same reason.) At that time President Clinton let biotech companies off the hook re public disclosure of genetic engineering. The moon cycle continued on February 1, 2001, when John Ashcroft was voted in as U.S. Attorney General.

The most recent phase of this cycle was on November 1, 2001. At that time GW issued an executive order allowing the CIA to assassinate people in other countries. The Justice Dept. arrested 1000 immigrants without charges and kept them in jail in total secrecy. It also issued regulations permitting unilateral, secret interception of attorney-client phone calls. The U.S. also rejected the UN Protocol to Ban Biological Weapons, which had been 10 years in the making. The U.S. was the only country in the world to oppose it. (What could be the karmic results of this stance?—and, in fact, many other U.S. stances.) The U.S. also began carpet bombing of Kabul at that time. (And we wonder why we are arousing strong world opposition?)

All planets at 10 degrees are caught up in the action shown by today’s configurations. Included are GW’s Mercury and Mars—stimulating his thinking about aggression.

Events during the next nine months, characterized by today’s Moon, will complete this 36-month cycle. Near that time of completion, in May of 2003, a Solar Eclipse at 10 Gemini will close old doors, and open new ones—related to these issues.

This is a super-significant Last Quarter Moon. Events during the next week, the next month, and the next nine months will have the underlying motion of a changing of the guard. The old is leaving, and the new is emerging. We can say that the Solar Eclipse in May 2003 will represent our real entrance into this new millennium.

This is crisis-in-consciousness time. We begin our final preparations now—choosing what to release from the past, and what to carry into the new century.


Moon continues in productive Taurus, and we want to accomplish something tangible. A prominent Saturn can help us to focus on our goals, and ground them. It can also expose realistic obstacles, perhaps in communication or in understanding. Clarification, both to ourselves and to others, is important now. Issues can focus around money, land, loved ones, or a pet project. Moon goes VOC at 6:58 p.m., perhaps with some excitement then.


The weekend is full of communication, sparkle, and stimulating new ideas. Reserve it for doing something special that is oriented towards social activities or teaching-learning processes. Revelations, insights, and inventive ideas will be abundant.


These next two days are very odd, perhaps like time-outs. Moon enters Cancer at 8:02 a.m. EDT, and immediately goes VOC. It remains VOC until it enters Leo at 12:27 p.m. Wednesday.

VOC times indicate that plans made or fulfilled now tend to not materialize as expected. Spontaneous activities work best. One way of seeing VOC times is that we can break through the filter of the world’s conditioning, and listen more clearly to higher messages. Intuition and psychic attunement have greater play. Cancer is sensitive, receptive, and deep-feeling anyway, and these two days can be a time of loosening our attachments to our normal activities and tuning into the Great Spirit. We may feel as if we’re in a dream. On Tuesday Mercury enters Virgo, sharpening our powers of analysis. During these two days, the transformative power of Pluto is active, and a great deal of growing is possible. Also, fire danger is high, as well as firepower danger.


Venus enters Libra at 5:09 a.m. EDT, bringing money, the arts, balance, and love into sharper focus. At 12:27 p.m. Moon enters Leo, and we conclude our two-day VOC period. We begin now our dark-of-the-moon period, those few days around New Moon when we are extra vulnerable—like a newborn baby. Nurturing ourselves is important. Aspects make for a pleasant and harmonious afternoon and evening. Tonight take time to yourself to meditate on the lessons of this weird and dreamy week, and on what you want to bring into the new Leo cycle which starts tomorrow.


New Moon at 17 Leo occurs at 3:15 p.m. This is the year’s new start in taking charge of ourselves. Leo refers to the heart, to the command center, and it is time now to come from our hearts, to do what we love and what feels right.

Leo gets a good start. As Moon rolls through Leo today, positive aspects give this Leo cycle a fine opportunity to put the Leo creative powers into play. (Notice Leo the Star—I can’t stop repeating Leo!)

This New Moon is Mars all the way—action, action, action. Mars in Leo creates its dramas—and then acts them out. The fire of Mars is intensified in Leo, and steadied. There is here enormous steady drive—to go after one’s personal vision—and achieve it.

Any currently smoldering fire could be set aflame with this Moon—and new ones will be set smoldering. There will be a great deal of insistence on taking charge, on being top of the heap, which will surely lead to conflict—overt or covert. With six bodies in Leo, practical creativity is powerful. But attitudes can be overbearing and arrogant.

This New Moon is at a historic degree. It is close to the Great Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999, which opened us to the outlines of the new century. It is exactly opposite the Solar Eclipse of February 5, 2000, which set up GW’s meteoric rise to the presidency of the U.S. (It was then that John McCain beat Bush in the New Hampshire primaries. GW has always had a temperament such that no matter what he had to do, he would never lose.)

Consequences of actions set in motion now will be worldwide and long-lasting.

Featured at the top of the chart set for Washington DC is Juno in Virgo. Juno refers to committed relationships, but in mundane—or event—charts Juno is usually connected with fear and disempowerment. Terrorism is a Juno domain. This position of Juno at the top of the chart means that terrorism is at the top of the list in the eyes of the authorities and the public.

Simply—fear disempowers. It separates us from our heart centers, the real source of power. The tremendously strong action taken this month is apt, then, to be motivated by fear. This alliance of fear and strength is a constructive combination only if the strength is used to work with our internal fears and to better conditions within and around us, rather than to fight an outside enemy—who will keep popping up in one form or another as long as we hold the fear within us.

When we break through the fear, we can speak and act from the heart. The heart is where we radiate unconditional love. (Try it now—doesn’t it feel warm and good?)

With Pluto on the Ascendant of this chart, and on the Ascendant of the U.S. chart, we in the U.S. have the power of deep personal transformation now. Pluto can be the greatest healing power, or the greatest destructive power.

Venus is now in Libra, on the midheaven of the U.S. chart, and the U.S. has the potential of being a force for balance and moderation.

If we intend Healing as our primary goal, we can accomplish lasting miracles during this Leo month.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Leo is:

"A VOLUNTEER CHURCH CHOIR SINGING RELIGIOUS HYMNS. The feeling of togetherness which unites men and women in their dedication to a collective ideal. Religion is an attempt to give a transcendental character to the feeling of community. The fellowship of common work needed for substance and security in a dangerous world is exalted in periodic rituals in which the co-workers participate. At such moments the consciousness and feelings of human beings flow into a common mold in which they become refreshed by the experience of shared values and beliefs. The symbol expresses the idealized aspect of TOGETHERNESS."

This Sun-Moon-Mars combination is on the publicly-oriented midheaven through western Canada and United States. It is rising through all of Europe, setting through the Far East, and on the sensitive, security-oriented nadir through central Asia.

The two cities singled out are San Francisco and Washington. As I sense the vibration here, and see many signs of positive change, I feel the San Francisco Bay Area can be a center of light for the Better World movement.


We awaken early this morning with work to do. Best to get to it, for at 9:36 a.m. Moon goes VOC. Motivation and purpose will decrease until 2:03 p.m., when Moon enters Virgo, and we find ourselves gung-ho to get with the program. We may find ourselves scurrying around like ants, with much on our minds and much to do—into the evening and through tomorrow.


August tends to be an especially important month in world history. And this August 10 is a very significant day. Mars conjoins Sun today in courageous Leo—at the exact degree of the potent Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Ancient conflicts will be mightily stirred. There is also the potential for healing. Mars can be a healer with its direction action, and Pluto and Chiron, both of them healers, are also activated today.

All of the Aquarian planets are activated, along with the Leonian, showing action motivated by strong ideals, backed by persistent strength, and involving new technology. Uranus in particular is transiting right on the U.S. Moon at 28 Aquarius. This transit began in April of 2002, and will finish in January 2003.

Moon represents the U.S. people. Uranus signifies a time of great psychological change and emotional turmoil. Uranus shocks us into new revelations, which lead to new ideals. Uranus also introduces changes in our daily lives through science and technology. And it can incite a new sense of reform, and desire for freedom. It helps us to see what we are really feeling. Uranus activates and enlivens us as a people.

Juno in Virgo squares the U.S. Mars and opposes the U.S. Neptune, which together represent our national infatuation with violent behavior. This says that fear of terrorism motivates U.S. aggression at this time.

For all of us this day is apt to have power struggles and surprises. Virgo Moon provides excellent work energy.


After a push at 8:01 a.m., Moon goes VOC until it enters Libra at 2:38 p.m. Energy flows harmoniously and successfully for the rest of day. We feel optimistic and loving, and connect easily with others. This is a good night to do something fun and romantic with your partner.


This is strategy day. Sun and Mars oppose Pallas Athena, the master of defensive strategy. Ideals are also strong today, for Moon is in justice and harmony-seeking Libra. Neptune also opposes Vesta, which infuses ideals into security issues. Much can be accomplished today, particularly in the way of communication, connections, and clarifying new ideas. Harmonious energy continues into the night.


This morning we complete a new synthesis of our thinking and attitudes. At 11:01 a.m. Moon goes VOC, until it enters Scorpio at 4:01 p.m. Take a leisurely and companionable lunch, and then prepare for a provocative evening.

Ceres in Aries turns retrograde today. It appears that we went to the brink, and now turn away from or redirect the aggressive impulses which have been building up since New Moon. Ceres, the Great Mother, in Aries promotes and nurtures assertive behavior. Now she pulls back and rethinks what she’s been doing, or how she’s been doing it.

Ceres may begin now to prepare for a more well-thought-out project during the time she’s retrograde—which is until November 23. At that time we have Venus freshly direct in Scorpio, and we are working with a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus—a volatile and potentially ruthless time.


This is a day of deep analysis, wonderful for probing research. Our intuitive channels are also wide open, and we can use reason and intuition together to arrive at deep new truths.


The intense First Quarter Moon at 23 Scorpio occurs at 6:12 a.m. EDT. Leo and Scorpio are both passionate and determined—think Bill and Hillary. This is a combination that can steamroller through anything. First quarter is time to break through obstacles, and we’ve got the oomph to do it now. Thoughts and perceptions are a very big deal now. We can use our minds to transform reality, and at the same time our thoughts will be of intense change. Choose your change goals, and make them happen.

This is the first turning point not only of the New Moon on August 8, but also of the New Moon in Scorpio of November 15, 2001. That was when GW issued the Executive Order which established the military tribunals which have complete power over prisoners. Prisoners can be held incommunicado and without charges indefinitely, for life if the military or Justice Dept. desires. When judged, they are judged and sentenced in secret proceedings by military people. Sounds like Soviet Russia and the KGB.

Moon goes VOC at 2:13 p.m., and enters Sagittarius at 7:25 p.m. Suddenly we are in a freewheeling and buoyant mood, and we may stay up late partying.


The change process which we engineered yesterday zips along and is set firmly in place by Saturday night. With Sagittarius Moon we can keep our eyes on the distant goal and travel directly to it, like the Centaur’s arrow. Moon goes VOC at 7:39 p.m. Saturday night.


Moon travels in serious Capricorn. Partnerships are the focus today. There may be jolts or revelations which shift their alignments. Stay centered.


Moon continues in ambitious Capricorn until tomorrow morning. At 4:13 p.m. it goes VOC, but we are not apt to relax in the evening. Sun opposes Uranus to clarify a new enlightenment, and signal a change of course. This annual cycle began when the House passed the Chaise-Meehan Campaign Reform Bill. This opposition is during VOC time, and thus the future of this cycle is unpredictable.

We can feel excited, restless, or filled with nervous tension today. We are, in fact, entering an extremely enterprising, assertive six-day period, which includes an explosive full moon.


We are preparing for our second Full Moon in Aquarius, and as the tidal pull rises, we feel rising tension. People are open, friendly, and interested in public affairs. Discussion with like-minded people is favored. On Tuesday idealism dominates, and on Wednesday we get down to the nitty-gritty. Love and desire can be very intense on Wednesday night, and we may stay awake until late.


Full Moon at 30 Aquarius occurs at 6:29 p.m. EDT. Our first Aquarius Full Moon, July 24, was the climax of a Cancer Lunar Cycle. Security and family were highlighted then. Now we are in the climax of the Leo Lunar Cycle, where projection of true self is in the spotlight. Aquarius reminds us that there are many true selves, each with a right to thrive in dignity and self-respect.

This is an unusual degree for a full moon. I only found two others in the years from 1900-2050. Science, technology, and the humanities were emphasized in the years with this double dose of Aquarius.

The Leo-Aquarius Full Moons are great for parties. People enjoy people, and they also like to show off and entertain and be entertained.

This is a very exciting month. New Moon was Leo plus Mars, Mars, Mars. Full Moon is Leo and Aquarius plus Uranus, Uranus, Uranus. Uranus means surprises, breakthroughs, freedom, independence, reform. Spontaneity is the hallmark of Uranus.

This is a fine full moon. Almost every astrological body in this chart is harmoniously and productively aspected. Emphasized are vision and prophecy, and ease of social relations. It was worth waiting for a second full moon in Aquarius!

There is one stress aspect. Mercury conjoins Juno, to put fear into the collective conscious. Saturn squaring them adds insecurity and defensiveness.

Moon-Uranus is a high vibration, restless combination, particularly in Aquarius. It is very inventive and high tech. Alternate realities, virtual realities, and the ability to influence things from a distance can manifest. Future vision is possible, and we can be very far-seeing now.

Moon and Uranus now conjoin the U.S. progressed Sun in Aquarius. This means a new infusion of the Aquarian dispensation into the U.S. nation. The seeds of a new revolution, in which the struggle is for a real democracy, may be planted now, as well as new technologies.

Old institutions are crumbling of their own corruption, and these two Aquarius Full Moons are allowing us to see a new path before us, to look at new forms of social participation.

Indeed it is an exciting time!

There are three other major happenings at this time. Pluto and South Node of the Moon now conjoin exactly, to indicate a surrendering of an old, habitual way of being.

And two important U.S. progressions, which are very slow symbolic movements, happen to be exact at this special Full Moon. Progressed Moon on the descendant represents a new debut into the world, a turning point in U.S. relationships. U.S. progressed Mercury, traveling retrograde, enters Aquarius, after spending many years in Pisces. This greatly enhances the Aquarian influence now bombarding us.

The Sabian Symbol for 30 Aquarius is:

"DEEPLY ROOTED IN THE PAST OF A VERY ANCIENT CULTURE, A SPIRITUAL BROTHERHOOD IN WHICH MANY INDIVIDUAL MINDS ARE MERGED INTO THE GLOWING LIGHT OF A UNANIMOUS CONSCIOUSNESS IS REVEALED TO ONE WHO HAS EMERGED SUCCESSFULLY FROM HIS METAMORPHOSIS. The ability of a person with an open mind and a deep feeling for self-transcendence to come in contact with higher forms of existence. It is a symbol of spiritual group fulfillment—of CONSCIOUS TOTALITY OF BEING.

Moon is VOC after it reaches fullness. At 7:11 p.m. Moon enters mystical Pisces, which provides good support for exploring this symbol.


After an exhausting full moon, the vibe becomes more receptive. Moon is in gentle Pisces, and Sun enters practical Virgo. Take a deep breath while you can.


Mars and Uranus, the vibrant stars of the month, face off and oppose one another early this morning. These two challengers can make a lot of noise. Just try to stay out of the crossfire. This combination can be impulsive and accident-prone because it must take action, no matter what, and nothing will stop it. Best to stay away from machinery today, especially cars.

A strong sense of justice motivates today’s action, which continues until late tonight. With Moon still in Pisces, this day could feel chaotic.


Moon enters martial Aries early this morning. We feel positive, energetic, and ready for anything. Do something active and adventurous today.


With Moon still in the sign of Aries, the Challenger, Pluto turns direct at 15 Sagittarius. Power is on the move again, ready to undertake a new journey of transformation. Very often energy which is building up will explode when a planet opens the gate by turning direct. This is particularly true of Pluto, and we can expect to see power explosions during this week. Pluto has made some major evolutionary connections during its 5-month retrograde period, and we can begin now to work with those transformations and complete some old issues during these autumn months.

Pluto turns on the U.S. Ascendant, and this is the final turn of the screw in regard to the major identity transformation of the United States since 1999. For most of that time the nation has been under the governance of the plutonic Bush Administration. Government corruption is a major Pluto issue which has been emerging into daylight during this period.

The fire signs dominate the day. This means spirit, action, passion, and sometimes actual fire. Transformation of attitudes, beliefs, and perspectives is the goal. Security and defense continue to be the focus, and something new will now be set in place.

Mercury goes into Libra this afternoon, and thoughts of justice enter the collective consciousness. Notice your thoughts now. You will have a chance to change those ideas next month when Mercury goes retrograde in Libra. Mercury, usually in a sign for three weeks, will be in Libra through the end of October.

Tonight the whole idea of equality and fairness may keep us up talking.


Moon continues in pioneering Aries. Today’s aspects promote construction of something relating to social ideals which is truly of and from us. We can make positive waves. This is the last of our great fire trine; take advantage of it to engage in effective action to further your goals.


Idealism fights practicality today. With Moon in Taurus we have to tend to our gardens, and yet our minds may be off in the wild blue yonder. Watch out for extravagance and poor judgment.


Moon continues in earthy Taurus and we want to be productive. Mars entering earth-sign Virgo this morning will be happy to be greeted by Taurus’ common sense vibe, which helps him buckle down to effective work (Virgo’s favorite thing). This is an active day. Mercury squares Chiron to produce more revelations about institutions. Saturn squares Juno to put some stress on partnerships, and to bring up fears and insecurities. We may find comfort in work and solutions through problem-solving.


Moon enters busy Gemini at 7:45 a.m., and we find ourselves rushing around and getting all sorts of connections made and little chores accomplished. The world comes in to us, and we go out to it. Nervous energy propels us to take care of many things today.

At 10:31 p.m. EDT Last Quarter Moon at 8 Gemini occurs. Last Quarter is release, and this chart shows the U.S. to be releasing something big now—namely its power.

Under current political conditions in the U.S., this looks like a war chart. There are literally dozens of partile (less than a degree) contacts between today’s chart and the U.S.A. natal and progressed charts. Partile aspects, not common, are very dynamic.

Remember that power-monger Pluto has just turned direct, conjunct the most personal spot in the U.S. chart.

The midheaven of this Moon chart conjoins the U.S. Pluto. Pluto is raw power, here directed into the wider world. Aspected to this midheaven, and to the U.S. Pluto, is Saturn, which refers to authority and to government. Pluto and Saturn together are The Law. Pluto is the law of survival, and Saturn is the law as laid down by earthly conditions. In this chart, The Law, as seen by the U.S., is enveloping the world.

Moon now conjoins the U.S. Uranus, which tends to be associated with war. Sun now conjoins GW’s progressed Sun, caught in the grips of this Quarter Moon.

North Node of the Moon, a destiny point, now conjoins the U.S. Descendant, which is where we open the door to meet the world. The U.S. progressed Moon is exactly on this point, signaling a new cycle of engagement for the U.S. The nodal cycle is 19 years and the progressed Moon cycle 28 years, so these are not events that happen every day, let alone in tandem.

Jupiter, at 7 Leo, is exactly on the U.S.A. North Node. With Leo North Node, the U.S. destiny is to rule. Jupiter here now is willing to take risks, and at the same time assures success. Important people, like generals, are also connected to Jupiter. At this moment, the gambler rules.

Juno, who shows victim involvement, trines the U.S. Pluto and conjoins the U.S. progressed Neptune, which refers to spreading dreams and images throughout the world.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, exactly squares the U.S. Transpluto in Aries, which refers to the resurrection of this nation through warriorhood and heroics.

And of course for war we need Mars. Mars, just into Virgo, has for the last few days been directly opposing the U.S. progressed Mercury. This means the nation has been thinking about enemies and about fighting. Virgo is the sign of the military ("services"), and Mars now has the backup for professional conflict—the soldiers to do the work and the generals to direct them.

There are dozens more contacts, but this is enough to tell the story.

This Moon Family began on June 2, 2000. President Clinton was traveling around Europe, trying to sell the dismantling of the ABM treaty and the construction of the strategic missile system. The Europeans did not buy it from Clinton, any more than they did from Bush later. So of course Bush characteristically just went ahead unilaterally and did it.

First Quarter occurred on March 2, 2001, when the hoof and mouth disease scare resulted in the slaughter of masses of cattle in Britain. Ariel Sharon became leader of Israel then.

Full Moon was on November 30, 2001. The U.S. was then having a debate about how much torture of prisoners was allowable. Ashcroft was very busy undermining civil rights, among other things erasing all constitutional rights in regard to investigations. In Geneva the U.S. undermined the Global Tobacco Treaty, in Iraq the U.S. did some bombing, and the rising violence in Israel, financed by the U.S., was barbaric.

Now we enter the final quarter, during which time we complete this process. The conscious slaughter of life seems to be a basic theme.

The Solar Eclipse of December 4 will be opposite this Last Quarter Moon, and will close the door. A related door will open around the Lunar Eclipse of May 31, 2003.

The Sabian Symbol for this Moon at 8 Gemini is telling.

"AROUSED STRIKERS SURROUND A FACTORY. The disruptive power of the ambitious mind upon the organic wholeness of human relationships. We are dealing with man’s consciousness and aggressive mind. We see a pictorial indication of what the use of this energy inevitably leads to: industrial unrest and violence. As man manages to rape the earth in order to demonstrate his power and intensify his pleasures and his sense of proud mastery, conflicts and disruptive processes are inevitably initiated. This leads to A REVOLT AGAINST PRIVILEGES."


Moon continues in spontaneous Gemini, and communication continues to be featured. We may focus on thoughts of power, and the media’s power.

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