Daily Astrological Forecast for March 2001
by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

THURSDAY MARCH 1. We start out this transition month with Moon in Taurus, helping us keep our feet on the ground and attend to our personal business. Practical, yet visionary, communication is the day’s theme. We can start to put into place some of the forward-looking ideas we’ve been tuning into during this past month. By 10:57 a.m. EST we can pin down a plan or proposition. The Moon goes VOC for the remainder of the day, opening us to the unexpected. At 7:36 p.m. Moon enters Gemini, and the evening can be fun and lively.

This evening look for quarter moon between yellowish Saturn and bright Jupiter.

FRIDAY MARCH 2. First Quarter Moon occurs in Gemini tonight at 9:03 p.m. Mars in Sagittarius opposing Moon In Gemini keynotes both this day and the next week. This means action in wide-ranging, far-spreading information, ideas, and principles, as well as people and other circumstances. Whatever is in the air, including our thoughts, will be disseminated far and wide. Many seeds will be sown now, many of them not to be harvested until December 2006, when another step in revolution will be building, much of it based on information which is circulating this month.

Seeds for this Quarter Moon were sown in June 2000. Then President Clinton was visiting President Putin in Russia and European leaders in Berlin, trying to sell them on the U.S. missile defense shield. They were not sold, and opposition in the rest of the world has been building.

But that is not deterring the Bush Administration from creating reasons to rapidly move ahead with the missile defense, a bonanza for defense contractors.

Strategist Pallas Athena accompanies Mars (and Pluto). She will help promote invention, research, engineering, and design. Defense is one of her specialties.

All kinds of defense will be major issues now, including our own immune systems, drugs to defend the body, AIDS, DNA, and the uses of genetic modification for defensive purposes (e.g., Bt corn). Even birth control—defense against pregnancy—is one of Pallas’ areas.

North Node is a point of destiny, and it is now in Cancer, a sign of defense, where it draws in support for Pallas’ work. This month the Node conjuncts the Suns of the U.S. and of George W. Bush, showing that George W. Bush is the agent at this time for the defensive destiny of the United States (which has natal North Node in Cancer as well). "Fortress America" is in a rapid growth spurt.

Donald Rumsfeld (7-9-32) is the U.S. Secretary of Defense. It is he who has been the primary promoter of the missile defense shield beginning in the Reagan Administration. This Gemini Quarter Moon is exactly on his Mars, making him very emotional about aggression, and possibly truly fearful. His Mars conjoins the U.S. Descendant, which is where we meet the world, how we behave in partnership. He exacerbates fears of aggression in the U.S. and its partners, and increases national and world insecurity.

Venus, now moving very slowly in bold Aries, dominates this Moon chart set for Washington DC. She conjoins Colin Powell’s warrior Sun in Aries, where she shows her appreciation of his warrior nature by helping gather tools and support.

The saber-rattling is on the move. And the stock markets will react. We—or someone—may be up late tonight planning strategy. Tonight, continuing through Monday, the wheels of transformation are turning around the world, and in each of our lives.

Special hotspots are Israel, the Middle East, eastern Europe, Moscow, Japan, China, the Philippines, Australia, and western United States.

SATURDAY MARCH 3. Gemini Moon is running back and forth, helping to connect the pieces and set yesterday’s action into place. This is a busy day, with lots of communication. Moon goes VOC at 10:45 a.m. Have a friendly, spontaneous, people-filled day. Connect with the women in your life.

SUNDAY MARCH 4. Moon is in Cancer, and home and family are important. Disenfranchisement and abuse may grab our attention. How do we personally find security?

Have you been watching red Mars head for red Antares early in the morning low in the southwestern sky? (See February Skywatch) This morning Mars reaches Antares and takes on a new shot of aggression as he heads towards his meeting with Pluto. You can see them in the south in the dark early morning sky. Mars is the brighter red body above.

The Last Quarter Moon on March 15 will bravely approach this assertive duo to make an unusual and dramatic triangle—a heavenly announcement just before Mars has its intense meeting with Pluto.

MONDAY MARCH 5. Sun squares Pluto to initiate deep change. This is the first turning point of a cycle begun last Dec. 4. The air waves were flooded with news that day, including the two Court decisions which set the stage for Mr. Bush to take the Presidency. Featured are personal and U.S. security issues plus an aggressive national stance. Relationships in general may see conflicts, and at the same time they begin a process of transformation towards greater independence. Hillary Clinton may again be featured, but the victim may now turn to tigress.

TUESDAY MARCH 6 and WEDNESDAY MARCH 7. We’ve got two full days to create our own dramas, direct them, and star in them. Needs for attention are strong, but at the same time we have the focus to center on a creative project and carry through with it. Energy is steady and enthusiasm is high. Inspired new ideas may flash into our consciousness.

THURSDAY MARCH 8. Moon is in analytical Virgo, and we begin to really look at what we’ve been doing this month. Moon conjoins GW’s Mars, and he is especially emotional about taking the initiative. Perhaps it is this new insight that motivates Aries Venus to stop in her cheerleading tracks and turn retrograde. Venus retrograde is about reworking relationships and values, particularly those having to do with independence and independence within the context of partnership.

Often relationship conflicts are exacerbated when Venus turns retrograde—particularly in the self-centered sign of Aries—and then culminated when Venus turns direct.

For instance, eight years ago Venus turned retrograde in Aries. At its turn, Janet Reno was approved as Attorney General. At its end the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, TX burned to the ground under her direction. Almost every day during the 40-day retrograde period, violence and intense assertion made the news in every corner of the world.

Another aspect of Venus retrograde is that old relationships, perhaps from long ago, turn up again in our lives. There is something left undone, and retrogrades are opportunities to review and redo.

When Venus turns retrograde she is turning back towards the Sun, to renew her connection with home base. She will conjoin Sun on March 29 to pick up her new messages, and will turn direct again on April 19.

Venus is now conjoined by Juno in Aries, and issues of victimization, abuse, and disenfranchisement will take center stage. An angry Juno can wreak havoc with the weather, and can encourage earth changes. Fire signs are dominant now, and fire and heat may get out of hand. Juno is found wherever there is powerlessness.

Venus turns retrograde on Colin Powell’s Sun, and he will have his hands full.

The 40 days of a Venus retrograde period is a perfect time to devote oneself to developing a new habit or point of view, for instance using a set of affirmations, or developing a yoga routine. It is an inward time, and with Venus in Aries we can appreciate ourselves and attract to us what we need to be happy—or what we think we need for fulfillment.

We can also review what we need at this time to help us maintain our independence within relationships. Perhaps we need to develop the courage to speak up for ourselves, perhaps we need to learn the art of negotiation, perhaps we need to organize a support team to be effective, perhaps we just need to do what is in our hearts. We have the next 40 days to figure it out.

Venus in general refers to our needs for emotional connection.

FRIDAY MARCH 9. Full Moon in Virgo occurs at 12:23 p.m. EST. During Pisces time we absorb visions and inspiration which help us to see the whole picture which we will manifest during the coming year. Virgo Full Moon brings awareness of the nitty gritty, the details, which demand our attention to make real our visions.

The primary issues now relate to independence and freedom from oppression on one hand, and security issues on the other hand. The need for world financial institutions to undergo restructuring is apparent.

All kinds of problem-solving is stimulated now. Situations arising around the March 8,1997 Solar Eclipse will re-emerge. It was that eclipse, for instance, which set in motion Ann Buzenberg’s and my partnership in publishing Daykeeper. And now we are offering a download subscription to the Calendar.

Vesta is featured at this Moon. Vesta is a conservative principle, Goddess of the Hearth who protects her home and territory—all of her investments. Now in Pisces, she is dedicated to her spiritual ideals. She combines with Sagittarius to make religion a focal point now. There may be much self-righteousness on the one hand, along with religious fundamentalism, and yet on the other hand a greater ecumenical movement. Chiron is also involved, and he tends to make drastic shifts.

Both Sun and Moon have just encountered Pluto, and they both carry much transformative power. With a Pisces-Virgo Moon, transformation for service is the appropriate channel.

Mercury conjoins Uranus, and new ideas which have been percolating since the Inauguration can now come to expression. Perhaps Pisces Ralph Nader, beginning his new solar year, will speak out. Hillary Clinton may continue to be featured in the news.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Virgo is:

"A CARAVAN OF CARS HEADED TO THE WEST COAST. The need of co-operative effort in reaching any "New World" of experience. Here there is no longer any sense of competition, but an ordered and structured sense of endeavor. A TOTALIZATION OF PURPOSE AND EFFORT."

Look for news from western U.S., Central America, Brazil, Europe, all of Africa, the entire Middle East, India, China, the Philippines, and Malaysia.

This is a long and active day, and much can be accomplished. Now that the bright moon allows us to see where we are, we can begin to spread the word, i.e., to speak our truth—and with Virgo Moon, to demonstrate it in our daily lives.

The Aquarius Mercury/Uranus is much intense energy running through our nervous systems, and sleep may be difficult. Watching an exciting movie or reading a stimulating book may channel some of that excess nervous energy.

SATURDAY MARCH 10. Mercury’s conjunction with Uranus is exact today, and we can be brilliant. Possibilities for the future, new inventions and developments, and reform and revolution are on our minds. Moon is In Libra for the next two days, and we will want to share our insights with others. This is a great weekend for a joint experience, seeing or hearing things which shake up our points of view and give us a new perspective, e.g., a trip or a seminar. A museum experience or any immersion in the arts would also be especially appreciated. Pleasant socializing is favored for the entire weekend.

Yesterday’s fine social vibrations continue, with the possible exception of a brief glitch this morning when the need for independence may hinder easy negotiation. By afternoon all is smooth.

MONDAY MARCH 12. Moon is in Scorpio, square Neptune, and the mystical spirit world calls. We may want to escape into a dream world, and mundane work may be difficult. However, creative and contemplative work is strongly favored. Meditate today, and let your psyche guide you through the labyrinth of life. This is a perfect day to allow the weekend’s new ideas to imprint themselves on your imagination.

TUESDAY MARCH 13. It’s been nonstop action for the last two months. That’s when Mercury went into Aquarius, the sign of social change. It then retrograded in Aquarius, stimulating and restimulating the many bodies in Aquarius. It will leave Aquarius on Friday, just after Last Quarter Moon.

The most important triple aspects it is making in that underlined Aquarian journey are with Uranus and Saturn. Those principles of revolution and of conservatism naturally clash with one another, and challenging aspects between them encourage conflict. They were in exact square at the Battle of Seattle, and this current Aquarian triple-whammy Mercury has been imprinting that rebellion on our minds and hearts—perhaps to find fulfillment at the next hard aspect of Uranus and Saturn in 2009.

Mercury is having its third and final meeting with Uranus and Saturn during these days, from March 9-March 14. It is a historic meeting—such a configuration will not happen again— and many affairs of the world will be crystallized now.

When Mercury conjoined Uranus last weekend, in airy Libra moon, we could dream about a more harmonious future.

Now, today, Mercury squares Saturn during a gutsy Scorpio moon, and we have to get real about possibilities. We face the obstacles and limitations in our path. We know what work we have to do, and we are ready to take it on. A surprising revelation tonight may help us combine disparate urges.

Vesta enters Aries today to add her flame of devotion to Aries’ causes. Already strong independence needs become enhanced for the next two months.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 14. Yesterday’s vibrations are still reverberating when Moon goes VOC at 4:17 a.m. this morning. At 10:16 a.m. EST Moon enters the freedom-loving sign of Sagittarius. The Sagittarian team is gathering, perhaps readying us for a trip. Jupiter is the big guy today, and he brings hope and faith, optimism and extravagance. Jupiter can connect us with people who have influence and are willing to help us. The Jupiter principle is expansion, and perhaps we’re ready to lift off.

THURSDAY MARCH 15. Vitality and enthusiasm reign today. Moon stimulates the fire sign planets, and we’re off and running. Good fortune follows us. Early this morning look for red Mars with Moon low in the southwestern sky, and notice the red fixed star, Antares, near them. This is a very dynamic trio.

It is, in fact, more than a trio. It is a powerful team. Although unseen with the naked eye, Pallas Athena, Pluto, and Chiron are also gathered there. I feel today like Ulysses, setting out on unknown adventures, with the wind at my back. I know that there will be help and difficulty, adventure and transformation, and that I will become a changed person.

Look for a magic triangle in the early morning sky—Moon with red Antares and brighter red Mars.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 3:45 p.m. EST. What do we take with us on our adventure? What can we leave behind? Our most important guide is the wise Centaur, Chiron, who is honored in the southern hemisphere skies as Alpha Centauri, the star which is closest to Earth—only four light years away. Chiron understands human pain and longing.

Chiron will take us on new journeys, into unexplored lands, and he will be there to teach us what we need to know as we call on new parts of ourselves. We will become more whole, which is the meaning of healing. This is a healing journey upon which we embark.

We are on an evolutionary path to join the galaxy, and Chiron is the Rainbow Bridge to help us cross the chasm between our personal, mundane selves, and our transpersonal, galactic selves.

This is true literally as well as metaphorically. Charts for space ventures, launches, and discoveries have Chiron prominent in them. Chiron is now at the degree of the Galactic Center, getting his orders direct from Central Command.

Chiron is associated with the sky god, Jupiter, who was his half brother. In a chart the two support one another. Jupiter is now in Gemini, gathering information, making connections, and attracting the support of influential people. Discerning truth is the key to channeling Gemini energy, and we can leave behind all that is false. Can we do this without arguments and conflict? Pisces and Sag can help us find the larger, more general truths which underlie life.

Mercury in Aquarius, who can visualize utopia and stir us to fight for it, also comes along. This is Mercury’s last hurrah to cap his historic trip through Aquarius, and he is thrilled with this opportunity to seed our consciousness with new concepts.

Saturn in Taurus comes along to keep us grounded. We might resist his advice, but it is Saturn who truly knows how this earth plane works, and how to build things to last. It is Saturn who teaches us how to bring spirit into manifestation on earth, how to create forms that are effective.

Transpluto in Leo is the final member of our crew. Transpluto works with earth materials to re-form them, as in making jewelry, or in creating wealth. She is an alchemist, who can slowly change and resurrect life. Genetic modification is surely her field. Transpluto has been in Leo since Hitler began to overrun Europe, and during these years she has held up a mirror to the ego, showing its power on the one hand, and the terrible destruction of its negative qualities on the other hand—e.g., hubris, false pride, arrogance, tyranny, and separation from feeling.

We also have a powerful ground crew, who send us off with intelligence, energy, and power—Pallas Athena, Mars, and Pluto, assisted by Venus and Juno.

Pallas Athena and Mars have an exact conjunction now, and they will fight to the death to defend their ideas. Ralph Nader was born with that conjunction. Pallas/Mars joins Aries Juno/Venus, and those ideas may have to do with equality and dignity for women. Speaking out against abuse is a core issue of this powerful period.

Bon Voyage to us!

The Sabian Symbol for Moon at 27 Sagittarius is:

"A SCULPTOR AT HIS WORK. The ability to project one’s vision upon and to give form to materials. This represents a creative individual intent on making his mark on society, a symbol of SELF-PROJECTION INTO A WORK."

This day moves along well, a good omen for the future. Late tonight Mercury enters the mystical sign of Pisces.

SATURDAY MARCH 17 and SUNDAY MARCH 18. Moon is in Capricorn, and life is business-like, serious, and very intense. This is a very different mood from last weekend. Deep transformation, perhaps a turning point in life, is possible this weekend. Last Quarter represents a crisis in consciousness, and the issue now is our consciousness of how we harness our energy expression to our strength and power in order to grow and expand our world.

Pluto has been standing still for the last few days, focusing its transformative intensity like a powerful searchlight on everything around 16 degrees of Sagittarius. Tonight it turns retrograde—from the vantage point of earth—and we can spend the next five months assimilating the lessons of power which we have learned since last August. During these days Pluto-related events peak, and we will have plenty to think about.

Pluto makes its actual turn on Saturday night.

Pushy Mars, going full steam ahead, crosses Pluto’s path early Sunday morning, while Pluto is still in its station. This is a recipe for powerful manifestation, and we want to make sure that our channels and our intentions are clear, and ready for a major shift in consciousness. Drive carefully now, literally and figuratively. Steady Capricorn Moon will help with the caution.

Retrograde Venus may be slowly bringing us a new approach to values. Notice top priorities now, and use this energy to junk non-essentials. Do the same thing in your relationships.

This is a good time to complete a project, or a step in a project. We can really thoroughly overturn the status quo now. Clean out your house or garage or garden. Resolve to eliminate unnecessary things and people from your life. Move. Finish a remodeling project. Do your taxes!

Sunday night we may stay up late working, propelled by the momentum of the rushing energy, and the building excitement of Spring Equinox.

MONDAY MARCH 19. Moon goes VOC at 6:40 a.m., and enters Aquarius at 8:36 a.m. Today’s motif is deep growth and good fortune in relationships. At the same time abuse issues are intertwined with power, and may be a major theme of the coming Aries month. Aquarius Moon is friendly, and this is a companionable, harmonious day. We are in the Equinox power window now and tonight is the perfect time to meditate on the Spring season and what it brings us. Tonight do something special to honor spring. Crystal will have suggestions in her Meditation.

Sun enters Aries at 8:31 a.m. EST. Spring arrives early on a Mars-day morning, quite in keeping with our Mars month. Moon is in freedom-loving Aquarius, also in sync with Aries and its ruler, Mars. This is the same sun/moon combination as that of Colin Powell, and we can see an example of its energy in his life and personality.

A difference is that Gen. Powell has Mars, Aries’ planet, retrograde in cautious Taurus. Now Mars is in go-for-broke Sagittarius, conjoined with Pluto’s awesome power.

In Islam this is New Year’s Day, and indeed it is the beginning of our zodiacal and psychological year. This is when we start new projects, new campaigns, and new endeavors.

Moon is in fourth quarter phase, and this indicates that this season will be a time of release and a time of incorporating future visions. Last winter’s Solstice chart had the same phase, showing that the dominant type of activity for the year is release of the old. George W. Bush’s actions in bringing back the old guard and the old failed policies runs counter to this rhythm. However, he is awakening consciousness around the world to the need to throw off the old and to set new paths, and this may be his function.

And perhaps the new is yet to come. Moon has just crossed Neptune, and is filled with visions of reform, and Sun just finished a square with Chiron (on March18) which jarred it into a new point of view.

The chart set for Washington has a wheel identical to the Inauguration chart. There are many harmonious aspects, indicating that things will move along easily for the Administration—as well as for the rest of us.

Neptune is again on the midheaven, as in the Inauguration chart. Neptune is that cloudy, etheric energy of inspiration and spirituality, as well as of oil, addiction, denial, and confusion. It’s like being in a fog. George W. Bush and Al Gore both have Neptune in their third house of the lower, everyday mind. (No sharp debate from these guys!) The U.S. July 4 chart has Neptune close to the midheaven, overseeing this nation.

Neptune is mystical, glamorous, and charismatic. It promises exciting, mysterious experiences. It rules video, photography, movies, and images in general. It draws people, especially young people, into the glamour of smoking, drinking, and drug use. Ex-Pres. Clinton draws people in with Neptune on his Ascendant, as did Marilyn Monroe.

The U.S. Capitol has often been called "Foggy Bottom." Straight Neptune. This is the over-riding energy of this Administration, and this Equinox chart strengthens it.

Relationships remain problematical, but they are undergoing a four-month process of bringing more life and vitality into them, and perhaps equity as well. Change will happen, and we can consciously direct that it be positive. The big pitfalls here are power trips, moral righteousness, and not listening to others. However, for those who haven’t learned to take care of themselves in relationships, this is the time to learn it. We can access extra energy in our own behalf.

Finances will be changeable and unpredictable. Many expenditures will demand our attention. Be prepared to move in and out with the varying tides of fortune. Healing fields, technology, and space sciences will fare best.

The main health issue is the treatment of women. Unequal and abusive treatment of women will adversely affect everyone’s health.

Saturn in determined, earthy Taurus sits on the Ascendant of this chart, just as it did at the Inauguration. It still conjoins the fixed star Algol, often associated with disasters. This Saturn is stubborn, authoritarian, and has a need to control. Its main job is to manage money and resources.

Saturn is still associated with Jupiter, and together they show that our focus is on governing and being responsible for our lives.

This is not a reclusive chart. Outstanding is the development of our personal social roles, relationship balancing, and participation in the political arena.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 1l Aquarius is:

"DURING A SILENT HOUR A WOMAN RECEIVES A NEW INSPIRATION WHICH MAY CHANGE HER LIFE. The need to rely upon inner inspiration and guidance at the start of new developments. What is implied here is the value of keeping open to the descent of spiritual forces, especially when a new period of individual activity is about to begin. The individual should not depend mainly on outer circumstances and on traditional incentives. There is a creative power within which should be allowed to flow into the brain-consciousness or the hands which write or fashion materials into original forms. OVERSHADOWING of the individual consciousness by an inner, yet transcendent, Power."

This is a perfect description of the positive use of Neptune on the midheaven, which is a channel for the descent of spiritual forces.

Neptune on the midheaven also refers to two of the major U.S. businesses, oil and drugs. They are both blossoming now

WEDNESDAY MARCH 21. Moon continues in independent Aquarius. This is apt to be an off-balance day, and we may feel irritable, restless, and/or discouraged. Signals are mixed—high expectations on the one hand, and on the other hand those expectations may be illusory or prove to be impossible to fulfill. Grandiose thinking can be a problem. Today and tomorrow are highly political days, and there are major conflicting forces at work. At 6:03 p.m. Moon goes VOC. It may be difficult, but try to relax for the evening.

THURSDAY MARCH 22 and FRIDAY MARCH 23. Moon is in Pisces, a mutable sign. Whenever Moon travels through a mutable sign, it sets off the signature opposition of the year—which in fact began last September: mutable signs Sagittarius-Gemini. This is a mental polarity which plays with ideas and information. It is connected with promoting, teaching, preaching, politics, travel, the law, and fraternal and religious groups. Sag and Gemini are probably the least shy, most outgoing signs of the zodiac.

We have a full house in Sagittarius—Pallas, Pluto, Mars, Chiron, and Jupiter in Gemini. During the next two days, Moon incites these planets to expression, along with Mercury in Pisces.

Mutables are associated with the nervous system and with the mind, so this is the long way of saying that for the next two days we will feel restless, and possibly anxious and fearful—without any real substance. Psychosomatic problems may be exacerbated. Stress reactions may be intensified.

Since this is the balsamic moon phase, we have released the past and now are envisioning the future. We may feel apprehensive and concerned, without really knowing why nor being able to act on our concerns.

It is important now to tune into universal wisdom—however we do it—and to put into our minds pictures and images which elicit love. We can, for instance, picture love radiating from our hearts to the whole earth, and beyond. Spend some time in nature, and with beauty. Listen to some good music. Take time to smell the flowers. Let compassion flow from your heart. Peace of spirit is good fortification as we move into our Aries New Moon Saturday night.

SATURDAY MARCH 24. Moon is VOC in Pisces this morning. Take it easy, sleep late, meditate, go with the flow. At 11:44 a.m. Moon enters Aries, and we may notice an immediate lift in energy. This is a fine day for using our minds to solve practical problems, perhaps planning our gardens.
New Moon at 5 Aries occurs at 8:21 p.m. EST. This is the month when we set our pattern for the year.

This chart is all about money, resources, and values. There will be manipulation in these areas. That whole money dimension may be strange and erratic. At the same time new financial structures may evolve. Old approaches may end, and new ones commence. (Interesting that this moon covers income tax deadlines.)

The shape of this chart is the reverse of the Equinox chart. The action now is in the private rather than the public realm. (Next month New Moon in Taurus will bring us into the public sphere.) Neptune is at the bottom of the chart rather than the top, showing that the foundation, or base, of this month is ruled by that King of the Seas, Neptune. This is not a very grounded foundation, and we may feel like we are walking on quicksand, or swimming through clouds.

Aries Sun and Moon are in the fifth house of gambling, or risk-taking. They are conjoined by Vesta, guardian of the hearth and home, of her turf—risk-taking, then, for defense of territory. They are helped by expansive Jupiter, King of the Gods. In Gemini he has a silver tongue. Their success is assured by an easy connection to the commanding Leo midheaven, place of purpose.

This chart shows energy to move easily and assertively. It is a bold chart, and yet there is some caution and much strategy.

The Sabian Symbol for 5 Aries is "A TRIANGLE WITH WINGS. The capacity for self-transcending. A NEW DIMENSION of being is envisioned mobilizing creative endeavors."

The triangle in this chart is a grand fire trine, which means much direct action.

Special action centers are western U.S., Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, eastern Africa, the Far East, and Australia.

SUNDAY MARCH 25. This is a day for pleasure, and for physical action.

MONDAY MARCH 26. Moon is VOC in Aries for the entire day, Energy is available, but channeling it is a challenge. Allow your spontaneity to rule. Drop expectations.

Money is the day’s theme, along with fighting for security. High expectations tend to meet with success. Events which are set off now move along quickly for the rest of the month. Hop on the roller coaster.

WEDNESDAY MARCH 28. Moon continues in productive Taurus, heading towards Saturn to complete or pin down the day’s efforts. The revolution is sparked again, along with its counter measures. The day’s thoughts turn towards people, their real needs, and how government can support—or not support—meeting those needs. Education may be on the agenda.

THURSDAY MARCH 29. Venus represents our values, what we want, and therefore what, who, and the types of experiences we attract to us. This month Venus has been in Aries, helping us to appreciate ourselves and to attract challenging experiences which help us define ourselves. It has been retrograde, reviewing what we really want for ourselves and how we attract it. It has been connected with Juno, which says partnership is important, but we must have at least an equal voice in it. And since mid-March Venus has been traveling with Vesta, who asks for security, protection of her turf, and single-minded devotion to work.

Today Sun joins Venus to light up all her concerns, to integrate them into conscious new values, and to direct her into a new path of expression for the next year.

This will be a self-centered Aries pathway, and work will be a major concern, especially work on our own behalf or for our personal causes. There will be a push-pull between the status quo which preserves old securities, and using our courage to forge new directions.

Our beliefs and faith—Sagittarius—provide the foundation for pioneering. Our communication and connections—Gemini—provide the tools. New horizons beckon, and our hearts and spirits are now fortified to explore them.

Moon moves through spontaneous, fresh, communicative Gemini with very harmonious aspects. Life is lively and fun, an auspicious start for our new Venusian cycle.

Notice what attracts you today.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree of the Venus-Sun conjunction is:

"A TEACHER GIVES NEW SYMBOLIC FORM TO TRADITIONAL IMAGES. Revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience. The very concrete emotion-arousing images of the past can now be reinterpreted as "symbols" with a wider scope of meaning. A new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development. ABSTRACTION and emotional allegiance."

FRIDAY MARCH 30. Moon continues in Gemini with challenging aspects. We may use those challenges to open to new ideas and to invite controversial communication—or we may involve ourselves in arguments or power struggles. Detachment is the key. And objectivity—focusing on the problem or the subject under discussion rather than on self or other. A handicap for these next two days can be taking everything too personally.

SATURDAY MARCH 31. Venus’ work of writing a new chapter in self-valuation continues today with her conjunction with Vesta. Vesta in Aries takes us home to ourselves. She assures us that our true home is within us. This means that integrity is a major value, and Vesta in Aries will courageously defend our integrity. This is Al Gore’s birthday. Revived values and a new, deeper self-esteem mark the beginning of his new solar year.

Moon is in Cancer, and we appreciate home, family, and familiar people and circumstances. We may want to apply our courage to nurture what we hold dear.

We’re approaching First Quarter Moon tomorrow morning well fortified with Aries bravery and willingness to take action.

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